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  • Vehid: $AKCA back on ATH #ipo but too extended for this environment I think
  • Allen: $AKCA Down 20% this morning on earnings report. Possible 59 minute trade? Low of $15 in premarket trading and now at $18.
  • Allen: $ZAGG just posted new ATH. $AKCA continues to walk along the upper BB band higher going on 3 weeks (doubled since a breakout on 8/22)
  • Allen: $SOI $AKCA IPO $SOI breaking up from a two week consolidation and looking to make the next leg higher. $AKCA also continues higher, not exciting but keeps chugging along making new highs
  • Allen: $AKCA Sold my position in $AKCA for a nice 25% gain. It might move higher, but wanted to bank a solid gain .
  • Bridget: @Allen $AKCA I also sold mine today using a trailing stop. Might have been too tight but out with a good profit.
  • Bridget: #Notes: earnings: $NKE $DRI $CCL In a Squeeze: $GOGL $EXPE $HCA $ALXN $LQD $ADP Breaking out: $CL $OEC $EMN $FISV $TWX $VAC $GES $HPE $CLDX $ANET - bearish engulfing after new high $BMA - phase 2 $EA $ATVI - breaking down from squeeze $XAR - defense stocks seeing pullback, even with N Korea issues $MCO - working $MON - working $ABT $HD - new high after flag New lows - $DGX $INCY CHinese stocks taking a hit - $FXI $BABA BIDU SINA EDU TAL $PYPL $SQ $V - getting sold today $XLK - tech stocks took a big hit $MSFT $AVGO $LRCX $XLI - extended $EEM - dropped $GDX - finding support Oil stocks still running $MOD $LEA $DAN - auto parts working IPOs $AKCA $SOI
  • Allen: $AKCA continues moving higher. New ATH.
  • Vehid: @issues $AKCA today poped but I did not sell on time :(
  • issues: @Vehid $AKCA I would hold this baby. Why sell?
  • Vehid: @issues $AKCA true. at one time it was up 7% and I wanted to sale. I could sale and buy it later. I have been watching it for a few weeks. It moves up and down
  • mharps: $AKCA back in with starter
  • Vehid: ATH #IPO $VERI (two-folded in two weeks w/o me :( ) $AKCA $PLNT $URGN $SNNS $KALA $TRTX
  • Bridget: @Vehid $VERI $AKCA $PLNT $URGN $SNNS $KALA $TRTX #IPO Also $SOI and $SGH
  • Bridget: $AKCA your stop should have been set at yesterday's low. If you aren't out yet, you should be.
  • Vehid: @Bridget $AKCA I got in in the morning and stopped out quickly and I am happy that I put tight stop on this. It is either going up or down and I am out if it is not going up.
  • gwenzee: @Vehid $AKCA I just looked at the chart in the Forum. Why did you buy this particular stock?
  • gwenzee: @Vehid $AKCA This is an IPO. According to Dan's IPO trading you should have bought around $16.40 after the initial exuberance. You then would have had a nice little profit. Make sense?
  • Bridget: $AKCA #ipo continues to run higher
  • Vehid: @Bridget $AKCA #ipo I have always been tempted to start position but always thought it is extended.
  • Bridget: @Vehid $AKCA #ipo I got in yesterday on the break of the prior day's high. Buy near the prior day's closing price, and use the prior day's low as your stop. That should keep you in it as long is there is still an uptrend.
  • Vehid: @Bridget $AKCA #ipo will keep that in mind thanks. Too late for today
  • mharps: $AKCA took a starter
  • Bridget: #Notes: $XLP and some $XRT getting crushed on AMZN news. $COST $KR $TGT $WMT $SFM Seemed to take $KHC $K $MDLZ $HAIN $SJM $CAG down with it Earnings moves today: $PVH - gap up but spinning top $ANF - gap up $DLTR - gap and crap $HPQ - set new 52 week high, then pulled back $HRL - down big but bounced Earnings AMC and BMO: $VEEV $AVGO $GME $ULTA $CCI - working $SODA - good volume, decent buy point $DVMT - new high $SC - breakout $COL - new high $USCR - breaking down IPOs $PETQ - still up buy swings pretty big $AKCA - working, but day 3
  • tjv821: $akca
  • Bridget: $AKCA #ipo breaking out to new high.
  • Bridget: selling my $AKCA. This was a nice run.
  • Bridget: I bought some $AKCA this morning. This is still going. Buy in the morning if it surpasses the previous days close.
  • Bridget: $AKCA this #ipo is on a tear
  • Bridget: #Notes: earnings moves today: $QCOM $KMI - gap and run down $AXP $PM $AA - unchanged $BX - down a little $SNA - bearish engulfing candle $ABT - breakout $CHKP - gap down $XLE - small pullback today $XLV $XBI - breaking out $GILD - moving higher after flag, expected move to $77 $JNJ - back up to highs $JAZZ - trying to breakout breakouts: $ABBV $FIZZ - phase 3 $THC - day 2 $RCL - new high $AGN - almost holding above $250 $MTSI - nice volume today $ESIO $HIMX - day 2 $HD $LOW - down on news $AKCA - #ipo on a tear $RACE - hitting $100 earnings after close: $V $MSFT $ISRG $EBAY $SLB
  • Bridget: #Notes: $SPY - up again on lower volume $QQQ - new all time high $IYT - transports were the only sector I saw that were down $OIH - getting a bounce in oil, $MPC new high $HACK - cyber security stocks doing well today $FTNT $PANW $FEYE $XLB - new all time high $KEM - continues, very extended now $AAOI - up again $CHKP - breakout, ER tomorrow $TTD - breakout, you can buy tomorrow near $54 $ADBE - continues to climb $NTRI - continues $HIMX - attempts to breakout $SYMC - continues $LOW - at a good buy point $CIEN - at a good buy point, coming off support $CSX - breaking down $IBM - at lows $GWW - breaking down IPOs $RACE $PLYA $AKCA $CVNA - in a squeeze $BL $TRVG $SOI $HCC
  • Bridget: #Notes : $RUT - new high $XME - big moves today $NFLX - earnings tomorrow Multiple banks reporting tomorrow $GS $SCHW $TWTR - breaking out $ATHM - working but don't chase it $NTRI - breaking out $SODA - breakout $CENX - new high $ALGN - starting to breakout $KKR - breaking out $OTIC - breaking out $OLLI - new high $YRD, $YY - now you're chasing $JKS - best performing solar stock today $KRO - cup and handle $DRH - breaking out on the weekly $LUV - good buy point $KMB - holding at support $TGT $WMT $JCP $SHLD - retail getting a bounce IPOs hitting new highs $SOI $ATNX $AKCA $HCC
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Stock Price $USD 27.85
Change -5.40%
Volume 212,323

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  • May 2nd, 2019 - 2019 Q1 Earnings
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