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  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD BTO STOCK @26.25 Day Trade $50 Stop Loss
  • GOOSE: Day TRADE: EDIT: $AMD STC STOCK 26.20 Lost a nickel.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AMD STO 5/24/19 27.5 CALLS @.44 Covered $AMD STO 5/24/19 28.0 CALLS @.25 Covered $JMIA STO 621/19 30.0 CALLS @1.20 Easy on margin. ;>)
  • rck89: $T, $AMD - Lots of positive talk today on $AMD. I own both stocks, but had to decide which stock to add with some spare cash. I decided (easily) to buy more $T. Reason(s): $T has a good safe dividend and it is over its 200 dma. Finally, there's far too much headline risk in $AMD! So for the short term - say a month - $T was my stock. Welcome comments...thanks.
  • champ: @rck89 $T $AMD --- Maybe, just look at the chart and then you will see, that your decision is the right one, as of RNRN. Look at the one year chart and also the 3-year chart and you will see, that you are getting paid, to wait.
  • rck89: @champ $T $AMD Yes, the charts don't lie on this one - at least RHRN! Now watch $AMD explode to the upside! Just kidding....I hope! Thanks for your comment.
  • TradeOn: @rck89 $T $AMD for my learning exercises, I found $T has a potential to move up, but not for entry RHRN at the resistance level. $AMD is pointing up in the monthly and yearly charts. It’s holding at the support of 50DMA in the daily chart right now. Good for watching n waiting for the entry. Welcome any input and advise.
  • rck89: @TradeOn $T $AMD I reviewed the MACD, volume and moving averages on a 1 year chart. All seem to be moving up. Also, I can't ignore the headline risks for $AMD. In my view, another bad "tweet" on trade or Huawei will push the semis down again. Not good for $AMD.
  • champ: @TradeOn $T $AMD --- $T, could be now going into a positive earnings cycle, after M&A, need to do a little research and also look at the chart. The #chart shows you where entry was and still is and also where this stock could now move. Research, ...
  • TradeOn: @rck89 $T $AMD Thanks. This is another factor that I have to put into my comparison analysis.
  • TradeOn: @champ $T $AMD #chart #Park-Cash Good stuff! I have to read this info over and over again! Thank you for teaching!
  • grcjr: $CRAY (being bought by $HPE) $INTC $AMD - In the recent decade, $CRAY has at times led with $INTC cpus and at other times $AMD cpus. A new post by $CRAY indicatess that $CRAY also supports the use of the #ARM cpu.
  • Bogeyboy: $AMD $IIPR $NOW $WDAY $ZS stopped out on all of these. back in cash. what happened? oh well waiting and watching for new triggers
  • CraigReynolds: @Bogeyboy $AMD $IIPR $NOW $WDAY $ZS Same with losses. Was looking so good, stops placed, thought had good entries, stocks up a hair, then today. Most that were stopped out are recovering now.
  • GOOSE: In for a nickel, in for a dime $AMD STO 5/24/19 27.0 PUTS @.80 An add to my 26.5 puts.
  • GOOSE: $AMD Running
  • grcjr: $AMD nice move this morning. Currently Long.
  • grcjr: @GOOSE $AMD - we were typing at the same time. Best of the day to you. :-)
  • grcjr: @grcjr $NVDA $AMD - I have a small spec position in $NVDA and a half position in $AMD. We will need to listen to see if the recent DOE $AMD and $CRAY win really hits $NVDA. The DOD Jedi procurement could easily be $NVDA for the GPUs. I continue to track this and will post when I have something firm.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $HIIQ BTO STOCK 23.78 $HIIQ STO 5/17/19 24.0 CALLS @.60 Covered Expires tomorrow. $AMD STO 5/24/19 28,50 CALLS @.67 $AMD BTC 5/17/19 28.0 CALLS @.51
  • KeepTheDough: @GOOSE $HIIQ $AMD Trying to understand the are expecting both stock won't hit the call option target, so that you can keep the premium? I'm know very little about option.
  • GOOSE: @KeepTheDough $HIIQ $AMD Hi @KeepTheDough I BTClose the 28.0 AMD calls, so the stock wouldn't be called away. A separate trade. I sold to open the 28.5 call for the premium and I will cover it if necessary, a separate trade. I sold the $HIIQ for the premium. I don't care if the stock hits the option target or not, it's covered. If they take the stock it's ok, if the option expires, it's ok. If expiration occurs, and I keep the stock, I'll do a similar trade for the following week and so on. Yah, I'm Mr. Premium. Premium selling is 90% of my trading. Have a green day.
  • Gary: ...
    11. $AMD – coiling at this level. Alert $28.30
    12. $ZM – buy trigger above $80.25. Alert $80.15
    On GSL...Didn’t cover yesterday.
    13. $EHTH – tightening up, which is good. 50-day MA is good magnet for price action at $60.
    1 ...
  • kt4000: Trimmed up and sold most of what I bought in the depths of despair yesterday, $AMD, $SQ, $GOOGL, $$VIAB, only mistake was $UBER - looking for $LABU on the turn along with $SHOP, $OKTA and more $INGN
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STO 5/17/19 ATM 27.0 CALLS @.56. i also have Covered 28.0 Calls, so, that stock is now covering the 27.0 Calls.
  • grcjr: $AMD an exception to the pattern of most other chips. This one has been holding up/down around yesterday's close. So far.
  • bRobert: @grcjr $AMD Add $QCOM Very strong . . $AVGO . Typical bounce zone . $XLNX . in my view. Tight trading range following earnings drop.
  • coldevinc: @grcjr $AMD Gravestone doji be careful
  • GOOSE: TRADES: Not all posted in a timely fashion. ;>) $IRBT STC 5/10/19 95.0 PUTS @1.35 $AMD STO 5/17/19 25.5 PUTS @.31 $AMD STO 5/17/19 28.0 CALLS @.45 $HIIQ STO 5/17/19 21.0 CALLS @.75 $LYFT STO 5/17/19 48.0 PUTS @.80 $IRBT STO 5/17/19 97.5 CALLS @1.25 $PBYI STO 5/17/19 20.0 CALLS @.65 $LYFT STO 5/17/19 58.0 CALLS @.90
  • grcjr: @coldevinc $AMD - is on my watch list. On the daily, it is squeezing, currently a 6.7% VS. The continuation pattern is up. Wait for it. If it were not for the current wild swings, I would nibble here but the smarter play is to wait for a break above the upper BB.
  • grcjr: @Jazman0013 $AAPL - I'm going to wait and see what happens with China. And wait for a better chart. My only up "trades" this morning are $SPY puts, $UPS puts, and $DIS Calls (ooops $DIS just went negative). I'm in no rush to get back into $AAPL. Chips in general are down. Even $AMD is down despite the new DOD contract.
  • Jazman0013: @grcjr $AAPL $SPY $UPS $DIS $AMD agree, ugly. Not much green in my holdings.
  • grcjr: $AMD $CRAY #DOE - New biggest computer by 2021. This is a tax payer funded buy by way of the DOE. $CRAY price jump this morning. $AMD not that I can see. Will this make a big jump for either company? Depends on how aggressive they had to be to win the contract. $AMD will supply both CPUs and GPUs. Machine to go to DOE's Oak Ridge National Lab. Nice facility. Huge computer rooms. Bring your ear plugs if you take a tour. $AMD to supply the chips. $CRAY likely the system builder. I have not seen storage or network awards. UT-Battelle is the site "manager". Officially this will be a lease from Cray to UT-Battelle who will operate it for DOE. CNBC with Lisa Su shortly.
  • grcjr: #DOE #ARM #supercomputer - An award last year supplies an ARM (not $INTC or $AMD cpu) based Supercomputer for DOE Sandia. This machine is viewed as an advanced architecture prototype platform, not a competitor for the largest. Why ARM? Very good performance at a fraction of the power and heat.
  • traderbren: $AMD - thankfully I covered my short day trade yesterday. Getting a bid today, and got long today.
  • jwstich: @traderbren $AMD CEO was on Mad Money last night. Thought her presentation was pretty positive. My plan is to do some more research and allow whatever post MM effect to dissipate then re-evaluate.
  • spmeyers: @Greendayguy $AMD way to go -- but jeez, you must of had a big position to make $1000 on a $1 move
  • GOOSE: $AMD Reports after market closes today. Still have some stock to get rid of. Ooops, ended in a preposition. Didn't Lincoln say you shouldn't do that.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STC STOCK @27.55 Earnings in 15 minutes.
  • bsafriet: $AAPL $AMD Closed my long stock positions today. Expect to be able to buy bacl in the morning at a lower price. Not enough profit to warrant the risk in holding over E/R.
  • Henry: $AMD AMD (AMD) reported Q1 non-GAAP earnings of $0.06 per share, a decline from the $0.11 per share profit posted in the year ago quarter but in line with the analyst consensus on Capital IQ. Revenue was $1.27 billion, sliding 23% from the $1.65 billion recorded last year but ahead of expectations of $1.26 billion. For Q2, the company is guiding for revenue of about $1.52 billion, plus or minus $50 million, vs. the Street view of $1.516 billion. Price: 28.14, Change: +0.51, Percent Change: 1.85
  • gvianello: @bsafriet $AAPL $AMD I was seeing $AMD... what will you do with AMD tomorrow?
  • Henry: $AMD sold half and collared half, thanks to bRoberto
  • Henry: $AMD For the second quarter of 2019, AMD expects revenue to be approximately $1.52 billion , plus or minus $50 million , an increase of approximately 19 percent sequentially and a decrease of approximately 13 percent year-over-year. The sequential increase is expected to be driven by growth across all businesses. The year-over-year decrease is expected to be primarily driven by lower graphics channel sales, negligible blockchain-related GPU revenue and lower semi-custom revenue. AMD expects non-GAAP gross margin to be approximately 41 percent in the second quarter of 2019.
  • bRobert: @Henry $AMD Kept my $GOOGL boat from capsizing during the storm and heading to calmer waters.
  • bsafriet: $AAPL $AMD $AMD eps inline, small beat on rev, in-line guidance, trading up a/h's approx 1.5 pts. $AAPL Beats top and bottom, guides above consensus, trading at 210.96 I'm surprised by both and wishing I'd held positions. I'll be buying back positions in the morning assuming each survive their respective conf calls. I'll be interested to hear what Tim Cook has to say about 5G and $QCOM as well.
  • Kristine: @bsafriet $AAPL $AMD $QCOM - FYI QCOM reports tomorrow after market.
  • bsafriet: @Kristine $AAPL $AMD $QCOM Txs, I’ll be watching the numbers when it reports and listening to the conference call as well. Long leap options with a short term diagonal trade.
  • bsafriet: @gvianello $AAPL $AMD I will be a buyer of both. Will wait for prices to settle unless they are rocket ships then I’ll be trading options. But I think I’ll be buying back my stock positions. Best wishes.
  • Kristine: @bsafriet $AAPL $AMD $QCOM - I'm thinking of selling the May 17 90 strike on QCOM tomorrow but depending on how the day is going, I'll decide then. Best of luck with your trade.
  • champ: $AMD, dropping now, this is not really the place to be, in the AH's. The volume on this stock is always, over the top, can be very large.
  • grcjr: $AAPL and $AMD beat. Others moving up as a result: $AVGO, $SWKS. $AVGO currently just pennies off the all time high.
  • GOOSE: #Point & Figure Chart $AMD broke a Double Top @29; YETI broke a double top @35.0. Both on buy signals.
  • bRobert: @GOOSE $AMD #Point Sometimes blowing your top is a good thing.
  • petros06: @GOOSE $AMD #Point $YETI reports earnings Thursday AM
  • Henry: @GOOSE $AMD reports tomorrow $3 move per options. I'm thinking of completely exiting. Yeah I know Dan says keep some.
  • bRobert: @Henry $AMD Rent an options . collar .
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STC STOCK 27.72 Earnings tomorrow, AMC.
  • Robert1965: @GOOSE $AMD are going buy to cover your 28 put at .50, or let be assigned since you sold the 29 call for .047 making your basis on the assignment 27.03
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STO 4/26/19 29.0 CALLS @.47 Having an earnings run. Will cover if necessary before earnings.
  • rachel: ...
    $AMD – Alert $30
  • DAN: $AMD -- if this company wasn't reporting earnings next Tuesday, I'd be inclined to start building a position. The stock is printing a pretty tight handle. This would be a good time to start a position with a stop just below support (which is shown on the chart), and then add to it on a breakout above $30. But with earnings next week, I would be making this trade as a pre-earnings move that I'd likely exit prior to the report.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STO 4/26/19 28.0 ITM PUTS @.50 Counting on an earnings run . Also have covered 28.0 calls. Earnings next week, Wed.
  • grcjr: @debeers $QCOM - $QCOM is known for selling chips, modem chips, for smart phones and other uses. For example, chips that make it possible for cellular communication such as CDMA, 3G, 4G, and 5G. Not CPUs. Not graphics processors. $AAPL makes their own ARM CPU for the iPhone and iPad. $AAPL started developing their own graphics chips over two years ago and has been using an $AAPL GPU at least since the iPhone X. Before that $AAPL has used more than one supplier of graphics chips for the iPhone and iPad. At one point $AAPL used Imagination Technologies Group for the graphics processors. For cars, $QCOM may supply modem chips but $NVDA and/or $AMD graphics chips are more likely. CPUs could be $AMD, $INTC, or a custom ARM chip. The $AAPL ARM cpu might be a real winner for auto CPUs and GPUs.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STO 5/3/19 28.0 CALLS @1.62 Trading around a stock position.
  • GOOSE: $AMD @bRobert If you are referring to my $AMD puts, the stock was put to me, so I had a bunch of stock, which I wrote some CALLS against this morning, expiring Thursday. Sorry, just saw your post. Have a great day.
  • Robert1965: @GOOSE $AMD did you get the stock put or did you exit the trade
  • GOOSE: #Point & Figure Chart Yesterday $NVTA double top at 26.0, giving a buy signal. $AMD is on a buy signal too., when it hit 29.0
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD 4/12/19 STO 28.0 ITM PUTS @.45 Want to own the stock a little cheaper. Expires tomorrow.
  • Henry: $AMD Sold 2/3 of my AMD when it started to fill the gap yesterday. It's a stock that when it is trending up, it doesn't have big pullbacks. I'm going to be patient and wait for more of a pullback.
  • Henry: $AMD stop hit Is it going to fill the gap or hold at the 8ema?
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AMD STO 4/12/19 29.0 CALLS @.52 $SYNA STO 4/12/19 38.5 CALLS @.45
  • beachreader: @GOOSE $AMD $SYNA .. sorry @GOOSE so you sold those calls? thx
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STO 4/12/19 29.50 NTM CALL @.59 We'll see if it works this week..
  • bRobert: @gwenzee $NVDA $NVDA . $XLNX $INTC . $AVGO . All solid investments . $QCOM . nice base in place . 5G . modems. $AMD $36+ .
  • gwenzee: @bRobert $NVDA $XLNX $INTC $AVGO $QCOM $AMD I am holding NVDA and XLNX. Sold INTC many, many moons ago. If memory serves me INTC and MSFT split their stock several times when I owned them. As with all things, it caught up with them.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD BTC 4/5/19 30.5 CALLS @.03
  • Robert1965: @GOOSE $AMD Nice
  • beachreader: its $AMD morning...good morning
  • bsafriet: $WDC $AMD $INTC $LRCX $AMAT $IPGP All moving extremely well this morning. Long $WDC, $AMD, $INTC, looking to be there for the other three.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: NTM $AMD STO 3/5/19 30.5 CALLS NTM @.46 EDITED: STRIKE 30.5 not 31.5
  • bsafriet: @GOOSE $AMD NTM??? Please elaborate. Best wishes!
  • rah: @bsafriet $AMD NTM = near the money. A reference to the strike price of the option; chosen as being near the current price of the stock.
  • bsafriet: @rah $AMD thanks! Have never used that acronym. New addition to my vocabulary! Best wishes!
  • rah: @bsafriet $AMD - I am also believing GOOSE needs to flip his calendar as it is now April (not March) - HONK HONK!!
  • rah: @rah $AMD - not a bad little trade. At the moment the option he sold is now worth $0.19 - 0.2. A profit of 60%, in less then an hour !
  • Cokeman1959: $AMD - Blow off top?
  • Reif99: @Cokeman1959 $AMD 29 still holding ...
  • beachreader: $AMD and semi taking out highs
  • spmeyers: $AMD 20-day is good support; will watch that
  • Cokeman1959: $AMD - Needs to hold right around this level, or the breakout will be a fakeout
  • beachreader: @Cokeman1959 $AMD ..$26 that what you mean?
  • Cokeman1959: @beachreader $AMD I’ m looking at closer to the $25 level which has been reistance twice snce early Feb. looking at a daily chart.
  • Robert1965: $MU $AMD $LRCX, anyone looking to short after run up,
  • steve71: @Robert1965 $MU $AMD $LRCX Not those. Any whiff of a China deal and semis will fly. But I did start a short in $KBE yesterday as a partial hedge. Hard to see a catalyst for banks anytime soon.
  • beachreader: @grcjr $AMD what do you think today?
  • bRobert: $AMD . target . $34 . 25% upside . $SOXL . target . $210 . 50% upside
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Stock Price $USD 29.83
Change -6.49%
Volume 68,087,900

Advanced Micro Devices is a semiconductor company with manufacturing, research and development, and sales and administrative facilities throughout the world. It provides processing solutions for the computing and graphics markets.

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