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  • tssanti: #Minervini #TOS Trend template ThinkorSwim scan This TOS scan is MY attempt at duplicating Mark Minervini's "Think & Trade like a Champion" Trend Template Criteria on pages 119-120. Rule 7 requires a Relative Strength no less than 70. I used AAII Stock Investor Pro and filtered for 52 week Relative Strength of 70, 80 and 90, then created three respective Watch lists that I use as the Scan Tab "Scan in:" parameter. Data as of 6/1/2018 Relative Strength >= 70 (1800 Total) +2 from 5/25/2018 Relative Strength >=80 (1190 Total) 1 from 5/25/2018 Relative Strength >= 90 (580 Total) No chg from 5/25/2018 Lastly I exclude tickers with an earnings release in the next 10 bars (days), and added a volume filter, though these two filters may eliminate tickers YOU may want to see. Focusing on smaller cap tickers. Long $HFC $SYNT $HLI $ATRA
  • rachel: ...
    2. $ATRA – cup and handle? No. I just see a squeeze that popped.
    3. $EDU – Phase 2 move. Worth watching…but lots of pain now.
    4. $PCTY – drifting higher…but I don’t see an entry here. Just a rising support at ...
  • tradeforfamily: $ATRA This bio-tech is moving so much that it is hard to get in 30% in 3 days!
  • mradams0621: ...
    -37.32% $ATRA Atara Biotherapeut 20.81 30770
    -22.21% $GBSN Great Basin Scient 4.42 254390
    -11.30% $BIND Bind Therapeutics 3.14 100
    -10.92% $PSTI Pluristem Therapeu 1.06 59780
    -10.86% $UGAZ VS 3X NAT GAS 1.56 1580000
    -9.02% $BCLI Brainstorm Cell ...
  • pcotton: ...
    IPOs I'm watching: $ADMS $AFMD $ANET $AXTA $BLUE $CLLS $CYBR $DBVT $ERI ...
  • pcotton: ...
    $ATRA - novel biomolecular therapies - ESRD, CA clinical stage. Currently NP but maybe pullback reversal at the 100 today.

    $PRTA - Monoclonal antibodies for protein diseases: amyloidosis, Parkinson's, psoriasis, other inflammatory.
    I recently bough ...
  • judysteiner: $ATRA--would this be in a squeeze? been in this one
  • msb: @judysteiner $ATRA - Was in a volatility squeeze, now in a volatility expansion. Nice position to be in!
  • gwenzee: @judysteiner $ATRA More like building the rt. side of a cup.
  • philharmonic: @judysteiner $ATRA DAN says there are 3 phases to a squeeze. Phase 1, which is the breakout. Phase 2 which is a pullback, and then phase 3 which is a continuation of the expansion to a new high.This stock is very close to an all time high, so I would wait for a breakout of that high before buying. The stock is over extended right now, in my opinion.
  • janner0814: Thanks J. I put in a entry bid; none of my bids taken yet on other $Hack ers. Hey check out $ATRA (not on my watchlist); breaking out of a Volatility squeeze. @Aragorn: "$PANW = flirting with VWAP trying to stay above it. 175 whole number here, that means something. $CYBR I picked some up in my IRA Friday, it feels good to have that move in your direction given the action of the SPY."
  • Aragorn: @janner0814 $ATRA - that is an ugly candle Janner, unless it reverses and hammers but top of tri resistance, here is my take on the broadening formation for ATRA
  • janner0814: Thanks J! Nice assessment. This market is not retail trader friendly. You might have prevented others from moving into this stock. I liked the base following that IHTRC... however, you are right... pretty ugly. @Aragorn: "$ATRA - that is an ugly candle Janner, unless it reverses and hammers but top of tri resistance, here is my take on the broadening formation for ATRA "
  • jltrader1: The following are this week's top 20 percentage gainers and top 20 percentage losers, categorized by sectors (over $300 mln market cap and 100K average daily volume). This week's top 20 % gainers Healthcare: $RTRX (22.34 51.36%), $ESPR (112.33 51%), $CORT (5.6 40%), $PRTA (38.66 34.84%), $INO (9.09 29.12%), $FOLD (11.61 25.51%), $JUNO (61.53 24.33%), $ATRA (38.78 23.42%), $AKRX (49.03 18.77%), $ITCI (27.64 17.72%) Materials: $GFI (4.36 18.16%) Industrials: $VLCCF (4.98 20.29%) Consumer Discretionary: $CTRP (57.58 31.31%), $QUNR (36.71 28.76%), $TLYS (16.7 27.09%), $CNV (6.65 18.54%) Information Technology: $VTSS (5.34 37.28%), $RALY (12.93 17.65%) Energy: $EXXI (3.83 25.57%), $WLB (29.25 19.34%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This week's top 20 % losers Healthcare: $RDNT (7.54 -16.13%), $PGNX (6.06 -14.53%), $EPZM (19.91 -13.51%), $NKTR (12.02 -13.46%), $AMRN (2.52 -13.1%) Materials: $MTL (1.15 -25.32%), $SQM (18.86 -15.88%), $CLF (4.3 -12.96%) Industrials: $CVEO (2.41 -17.47%)$$NMM (9.75 -17.16%) Consumer Discretionary: $VNCE (16.77 -19.14%), $WTW (8.6 -17.86%) Information Technology: $DSKY (7.02 -35.12%), $YOKU (13.5 -15.04%), $MTSN (3.99 -14.38%), $HIMX (6.85 -14.16%) Financials: $ASPS (13.33 -25.15%), $EJ (5.1 -14.72%) Energy: $WG (3.07 -45.18%), $HGT (5.79 -13.71%) Hope this information is helpful. Have a great weekend.
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Stock Price $USD 43.50
Change 6.88%
Volume 1,130,830

Atara Biotherapeutics Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. It develops and commercializes therapeutics which focuses on muscle wasting conditions and oncology.

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  • November 8th, 2018 - 2018 Q3 Earnings
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