Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGO)

Strategy Session March 14th, 2019

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Strategy Session
March 14th, 2019
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  • champ: $FAS $BAC $AVGO $URI $XOM....a few Spec-day-trades...that might work
  • champ: $AVGO ---Out...1/2 near the high for +$7
  • steve71: $AVGO Can't find any news, but Broadcom is very green today. Radically better than $QQQ and $SMH for the last three months
  • champ: @steve71 $AVGO...I had a couple of great trades today on it and it could be setting up for another trade.
  • Robert1965: $AVGO up to 259.10 $4.25, 1.5%
  • Robert1965: $SOXL up $AVGO $MU up 2%
  • champ: @woodman #Santa --- Don't really look at the markets all that much, a Santa Claus rally might not even happen, just look a a few stocks...and there are many that #could be way-over-sold, there are a few names in the retail sector also....but daily market timing, is the key on most all targets, in sectors.....however, there is really know real reason to be in any hurry....but there is a lot of $$$'s, moving around. The rally might be with just a few manes....really hard to know...#anything...I'm watching stock turn off of lows....RHRN. Here is a Spec low $XPO $45,59 ...on$TTD on a upgrade ...$FIVE was another one this morning....a lot of targets for those who were ready....$AVGO, is still working also..
  • issues: Sold $AVGO at this altitude I get a nose bleed. Will buy after it comes back to earth. Remember tonight $COST and $ADBE report!
  • veghead: Thanks@issues $AVGO $COST $ADBE
  • Robert1965: I am looking at these $MSFT ,$TWLO $TTD $AVGO all up in PM
  • StochasticCross: Volatile markets --- $SMH looks like it found support, $QCOM had good news out, $AVGO had strong earnings out recently, $AMD looks to found support on the 200 DMA. In other news --- $FB announced a big buyback and is holding up well. The media was asking if we could see a Santa Claus rally or a big dip... in this market, we can see both :P
  • steve71: @StochasticCross $SMH $QCOM $AVGO $AMD $FB Add $INTC. The Intel chart has outperformed $SMH for a couple of months. One of my few remaining longs.
  • Robert1965: $AVGO did anyone buy this today
    LONG FORM-Within the S&P 500, the information technology (-3.5%), consumer discretionary (-3.1%), and industrial (-2.6%) sectors underperformed the broader market.

    Apple's (AAPL 168.49, ...
  • Robert1965: $AVGO anyone shorted this
  • drotars: @Robert1965 $AVGO Who would have thought to after those numbers. just goes to show you no one nows anything. i sold off my remaining shares this morning once it started dropping and didn't look back until now. ouch!
  • drotars: $AVGO reported earning after closing bell. I had 500 shares I bought this morning @$223.57 and sold 300 of them minutes before the market closed. I like this company and Dan turned me on to them back when they dropped 50 points in one day after buying $CAL I've been in and out of this stock for several months now and I've always made money (Thank You, Dan.) It might be a good buy tomorrow morning. Let's wait and see. I know I shouldn't have held shares before earnings announcement but I figured the profit I made off today's trade would cushion any negatives. Also, I liked the way the stock bounced back today from $217
  • Robert1965: Anyone looking at $AVGO 3.8% I think it is a earnings run earnings 12/6
  • traderbren: $SMH $KWEB, $AVGO, $SWKS - all showing signs of life following the "tweet" this morning. Interesting to observe at this point. NP
  • bsafriet: @grcjr $NVDA class out $AVGO and $ANET
  • greenpatrol: @bsafriet @Issues $AMD $LRCX $MU $NVDA $INTC This chart shows how reliant each chip company is on China sales. $QCOM has the highest, followed by $AVGO. Note that $AMD has a higher percentage of sales in China than $LRCX.
  • drotars: @drotars $avgo thank you, gentlemen, for your insights. Am holding until $250 and then running a 2.5% trailing stop from there.
  • Wolf: $AVGO Back above the 200DMA closing near the HoD on light volume. Watch for heavier volume and direction in coming days. Formed a cup/handle within the downtrend, but not sure if that is meaningful?
  • phgruver: $SMH, $AVGO, $MU, $TXN, $INTC, $TSM, $NVDA Chip stocks are getting hammered, this morning. Looking for opportunity....
  • bRobert: @phgruver $SMH $AVGO $MU $TXN $INTC $TSM $NVDA $QCOM strong in the storm. Long
  • bsafriet: @drotars $avgo Post E/R run on a beat. Has closed the gap and now must chew through a lot of overhead. $AAPL is one of their largest customers and that whole picture is getting pretty foggy. POTUS isn’t helping to clarify the situation. $QC ...
  • champ: @bsafriet $avgo $AAPL $QCOM ----- On $AVGO @ $240, looks like the recent move was because of $BAC/Merrill and at Cowen, they raised their target to $255 from $245...both had new upgrades on 9/7, when the stock was at $216....looks like the main move, could be over....could have a little left... maybe a short term spec swing trade at this level, might work for another Day or 2 but only if the markets were to bounce....but I would move on, if I missed this last move....because Friday was entry.....however, the stock was strong again today and closed almost right at HOD....have to check the stock out, in the the morning, to see if it is actionable.
  • phgruver: @CHOFF $SMH $SOXL $NVDA $AMD $INTC is a dog, along with $TXN and $MU but other chip makers are looking good. $QCOM, $AVGO, $TSM $NVDA have all had pretty good runs of late. Being an election year does throw some things off, but 4th qtr. is traditionally the strongest qtr for technology.
  • drotars: $avgo, your thoughts please.
  • drotars: $avgo thoughts anybody?
  • drotars: Dan, any thoughts on $AVGO after it reported excellent earnings this evening? I started accumulating it back when it dropped 50 points last month but it seems to have left your radar. Your insight would be appreciated.
  • Brian_M: $AVGO looks like a higher low could be in place
  • rmarcin: @Dan $AVGO - Do you think there is more upside before earnings? Add on this pull back or exit the position?
  • DAN: @rmarcin $AVGO Impossible for me to say, rmarcin. The stock is below last week's selling. There's no real "base" to speak of, so I would be concerned about selling into any strength. That would give me some heartburn. I'd just be guessing. ;:-\
  • DrScience: $SMH in a volatility squeeze and getting pretty deep into a triangle pattern. Semiconductors seem to be in a holding pattern, and waiting for the 200 DMA to get danger-close before making a move. But Hey! Only 144 days to Christmas. $MU Stock having trouble with the 8 EMA for a ninth day. $NVDA squeezing at the 50 DMA. $AMD flag after best earnings season in many years. $INTC into the earnings gap and above the 200 DMA. $SWKS marking time to ex-div next week. $AVGO downtrend and money flowing out; a couple more bucks down to support. All in all, looking more and more like a soggy bag of chips for the time being.
  • bigbartabs: @DrScience $SMH $MU $NVDA $AMD $INTC $SWKS $AVGO ... semi-conductors have lately been lethargic at best. I went to a full position in $SOXL with the pullback this morning. We'll see what happens from here. Small cap at large is really weak today... not sure why.
  • tigerjohn8: @issues $PAYC $ULTI $MB $ZEN $IQ $BIDU $AVGO $SWKS $QRVO $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL $FNGU $FNGD $PAYC up a bunch this morning .
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $TNDM STO 8/17/18 29.0 CALL @1.75 $TNDM STO 8/17/17 30.0 PUT @3.10 CLOSED $AVGO, $URI, $FB, $PAYC BuPS'ies for small profits, except $PAYC for bigger profit, Thanks to @Bridget. ;>)
  • issues: @GOOSE $AVGO going into phase 2? Maybe... Still holding 1/2 position.
  • DrScience: @issues $AVGO Phase 2 of what? After the CA Tech fiasco, I'm thinkin' phase 2 must be in approaching $TSLA for its $SCTY assets.
  • Robert1965: $AVGO up in AM 2.89, on $AAPL earnings
  • issues: IBD 50 news: Paycom Software $PAYC spiked past a buy point. Highly rated Ultimate Software $ULTI, $MB, $ZEN also moved late on earnings. So did recent Chinese livestreaming IPO iQiyi $IQ and its search engine parent Baidu $BIDU. Apple iPhone chipmakers have lagged in 2018, but Broadcom $AVGO, $SWKS and $QRVO rose late. So did FANG stocks Facebook $FB, $AMZN, $NFLX $GOOGL. BTW the etf for FANG stocks is $FNGU and the opposite (bear) for FANG is $FNGD, as Dan mentioned.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AVGO STO 8/3/18 217.5/210.0 BuPS @.90
  • Joe757: $AVGO is on an uptrend on decent volume. My calls are working. :)
  • Gary: ...
    7. $AVGO – working on that gap.
    8. $URBN – Defined risk entry for URBN. Stop at $43.35. (May want a tighter stop at $44.35 (Moving VWAP 50)
    9. $IRBT – 59 minute trade...short squeeze.
    10. $TORC – 59 minute trade. Gap and ...
  • Wolf: @issues $AVGO It was at 217.40. I bought the calls near the end of the day for 2.00.
  • grcjr: $AVGO bought a starter.
  • Robert1965: $AVGO sold my add of yesterday of 215.50 at 220.00
  • MtChet: $AVGO - Filling the gap - long calls
  • Wolf: $AVGO Watch for a break above 14.50, may start filling the gap down.
  • Wolf: $AVGO Starting to run..
  • gig1: @Wolf $AVGO Agree. Been buying last few days and today. Working.
  • mopick: @Wolf $AVGO, sadly, I think I dropped the ball on this one. Seemed pretty obvious that $200 was support. What is your target price now?
  • Wolf: @mopick $AVGO I am optimistic for 230.
  • baronp0329: @mopick $AVGO Maybe you're not too late. AVGO may have intermediate resistance around 223 (May lows). It just broke above the 8Day EMA of 214.93 and may push for more upside. Today RBC Analysts say that acquisition of CA has more positives than negatives, and that Sell-off is overdone. Have Aug 210 Calls for 6.15.
  • Wolf: @baronp0329 $AVGO 8/17 210/220 strangle doesn't look bad either. *corrected.
  • Amykris: @MtChet $AVGO Great call followed you in this morning with bullish position. Thank you
  • MtChet: @Amykris $AVGO - $RACE is another one I am watching. I took a small position and will add above 135.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AVGO BTO 7/27/18 210.0 PUTS @.65 $AVGO STO 7/27/18 215.0 PUTS @2.07 A BuPS
  • Robert1965: $AVGO still going added 215.50
  • Wolf: $AVGO Stopped out. BTO 7/27 217.50 calls @ 2.25
  • issues: @Wolf $AVGO Don't we wish it was only $14.5???
  • Wolf: @issues $AVGO LoL I was only off by $200.
  • issues: @Wolf $AVGO where was your stop?
  • issues: @Robert1965 $AVGO excellent thanks Mr Robert. I put in a buy/ to add at the open tomorrow. Hope you are right!!
  • Gary: ...
    8. $AVGO – Starting to fill the gap. Patience has been rewarded.
    9. $URBN – Actionable? Alert $47.40
    10. $FIVE – not a trade; A lesson. The high breakouts that don’t work...won’t work! Don’t hold them an ...
  • Wykeman: $AVGO slow grind..looking for 225.
  • baronp0329: Trade: $AVGO. Bought at 204, 204.75 and 205. Stop moved a little below R1 (206). Also bought Aug 210 Calls at 4.70.
  • wijimmy: @debeers $AVGO Got to have a sense of humor... If your not laughing....Your not Living....
  • stairm01: $AVGO Looks to be bottoming.
  • efrain007: $AVGO stopped out of remaining shares 206.50
  • mradams0621: $AVGO short term falling knife, possible bounce soon?
  • tigerjohn8: @mradams0621 $AVGO bought just a little at 203.48 think I'll set stop at 201.9
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $AVGO – best not to overstay your welcome on these. Be happy with what you get…and move on.
    $SPX – right at resistance. Risk is high here. You should be protecting, not risking. Sorry – that’s just the way th ...
  • Henry: $AVGO everybody and their brother has downgraded this stock. Stock is down $33 in pm
  • stairm01: $AVGO Watching for opportunity. Down $43, 20%
  • efrain007: @stairm01 $AVGO I took a little @200.50 for a trade. 200 nice even number. I'll add on a 5min close over VWAP and over day high. Stop at 190.50 and will move it up if the trade starts to work.
  • DAN: $AVGO -- took a trading position on this with a stop at 197.40 (below today's intraday low). I can'say whether the selloff is "overdone" -- only time will tell. But I do view it as a low risk buying opp. I'll hold it as long as it allows me to...but this is really just an oversold bounce trade rather than something more meaningful. Rubber Band Snap!
  • baronp0329: @DAN $AVGO Dan, bought a few hundred for starter position at 200.8. What price do you add more?
  • DAN: @baronp0329 $AVGO Not til it gets above the opening print for me. There is still a LOT of pressure on this stock. Volume is dropping...but there is really no discernible rebound. I would be very careful on this, baron. Don't assume that a 17% drop must rebound. It might not. As I write this, it's testing $200. I'm staying very small. Only add to a winning position, and I'm in at 201. So this has a ways to go.
  • baronp0329: @DAN $AVGO Thanks Dan. Will keep it small. Currently close to VWAP of 201.61
  • kt4000: $AVGO alos, $INFY moving, adding small amount to to $DOCU, sold my $IQ - great channel trade this last 2 weeks.
  • DAN: @baronp0329 $AVGO I added, baron. Stop is now at 199.95.
  • baronp0329: @DAN $AVGO Did the same. added more at 202.50.
  • DAN: @baronp0329 $AVGO Make sure you've got your stop adjusted to account for the extra shares.
  • baronp0329: @DAN $AVGO Thanks Dan. Moved my stop loss to 199.95 per your recommendation.
  • efrain007: $AVGO added at 203.50. Stop on initial buy moved up to 195 and stop on add 199
  • stairm01: $AVGO Thanks to HENRY posting on AVGO at a little after 9:00 this morning bringing this to my attention. What a great family here.. Entered at 200.66 with stock and options. Added more options at 10:05. Super nice trade. I continue to move my account to new highs. Can't thank all of the contributors of this forum enough. I retired in January and by being able to participate full time since then, I have by far been able to move my accounts by leaps and bounds. Should've retired a few years back.
  • efrain007: $AVGO sold half at 208.50 stop on remaining moved up to 202
  • baronp0329: @efrain007 $AVGO Sold 1/2 at 208.25. Moved stop to 206.
  • kt4000: Sold 1/2 $AVGO @ 207.50 nice gain - bought $GPN starter position
  • DAN: @baronp0329 $AVGO Moved mine to $203.45.
  • stairm01: $AVGO Still outside of the 3 standard deviation BB. Mathematically 99.73% of the time the stock should be contained within these points.
  • baronp0329: @DAN $AVGO Had 3 buys on AVGO (200.80, 202.5, 204). Got a lot more shares than I originally anticipated but it paid off very well. Sold at 1/2 at 208.25, 1/4 at 208. Only 1/4 remaining with a tight stop 205.90. Thanks again for heads-up on this trade and @Henry too for mentioning it earlier in the morning.
  • wijimmy: @DAN $AVGO.... THANK YOU !!!! @DAN.. Wish it was this easy everyday ..... Got in and out real fast just like sex with the wife..but i made a profit here... Looking Forward to your next trade... Thx Again
  • DAN: @wijimmy $AVGO LOL. Happy to help....with your trading.
  • Wolf: $AVGO STO 08/17 210/195 BuPS 5.15 credit.
  • DAN: $AVGO -- I closed my position on AVGO. Just a quick trade for a few bucks. Nothing more was expected. 8-)
  • PJMR11: @DAN $AVGO Sorry I missed it. Maybe next time.
  • stairm01: @DAN $AVGO This is the biggest one day drop for AVGO according to Fidelity news, as they attempt to acquire $CA. This drop was not due to earnings. Analyst still have targets on $AVGO of $245 to $308. I was in and out on stock this morning as well as with options. I have a nice profit on remaining options that I'll hold to see what the next few days bring for this stock. I feel this drop is over done. Time will tell.
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Stock Price $USD 292.65
Change -1.40%
Volume 2,324,540

Avago Technologies Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing semiconductor products such as optoelectronics, radio-frequency and microwave components, and application-specific integrated circuits.

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