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  • debeers: $BA-@champ, apologies for the typo, sir! also i should have put an @ in front of bRobert so @bRobert. There--hoping to clean up a mess.
  • debeers: $BA@champ, bRobert- Cancellations are ramping??? There is a five year wait for the planes, champ. The fixes are pretty much petty cash for this market moving stock. I cannot quanmify the training yet and yes, the cozy relationship is over with the FAA. That having been said, bRobert and i both know that in tewrms of testing and training Boei g has far more resources than the FAA. Here's a did you know, champ-Didja know that only 1 in every 20 persons on the planet has ever been in an airplane. With all the New Yorkers trying to show that they spend 4 out of 7 days in Florida to avoid NY taxes, the number of flights should triple. Ditto the Calis claiming Nevada.
  • gmj: $BA pos news 2pm briefing addressing issues popped vol + seems to have a new floor for support at 373 area. Added another 10% to my long pos. Cautious.
  • debeers: $BA- update--here's what i see. I'd bet the house that the fixes will be approved and scheduled and new pilot orientation in the emerging markets will be in place by the earnings date because no co wants to face analysts without a positive update. Last week of April is the conference call. As soon as the last ignorant dog barks you are good to go. I am good to go now because the FAA guy basically folded like a cheap suit and i think that was the worst of it already. A close above 380 for the rest of you could work to 425-500 depending on to whom you choose to listen.LONG
  • bRobert: @debeers $BA LONG term hold. WEEKLY my chart. This could be bought here.(SMALL) . Stop <20week . or just below last week's low OR . wait for flag break > . $380
  • Motorman: @bRobert @Debeers $BA Do you think any future lawsuits will cause a pullback?
  • champ: $BA...on this stock, lawsuits haven't even started yet. Can't start until they know the news and how much liability they will have... and also how long the plane will be grounded. ........For now, this is only mostly traders in this stock. For most investors, large and small, this is a wait and see. However, professional Spec traders are all over this stock
  • debeers: @Motorman $BA -FWIW-are you talking about investors or traders--and yes, it's important. I went back on the Forex Fib retracement and that held up just fine. The stock has repair work to do but i actually think the worst is over as respects the price. Let me ask you this, Motorman, this was an Ethiopian Airlines plane. Ethiopian Airlines confirmed that they were not cancelling future orders which will be well equipped with backup fire extinguishers and software updates. The training part is trickier but they will compromise on that. No matter what, no airline wants to stand in line for 5 to 7 years, which is what the wait is.
  • bRobert: @champ $BA Ultimately, it is petty cash assuming the worst scenario. Flight resumption / .sales more important.
  • bRobert: @Motorman $BA They can easily absorb any settlement. $JNJ has a wider exposure. Almost back in the channel. There are many good stocks to buy. This is only 1. You can make live very easy and chose ones with less headline risk. $HON . $IR . $UTX . $MMM
  • champ: @bRobert $BA --- Cancellation, have been climbing daily. Robert, before we post in the #Forum... we should try to be accurate and not assume that we are right. WE need to take post slow and easy, because I'm just saying, there is risk everywhere we look in this market. .....All entries are high risk, in this market. I'm holding many positions and I'm aware of all the risk and I want all #Forum-members, to also be aware of risk. .....On $LGIH, even this stock, after a move of 42%, has risk. Saying that it has move side ways for 3- months, is not accurate. I have a position in this stock. .....Just saying and only pointing out risk, very important. LOL
  • bRobert: @champ $BA $LGIH #Forum #Forum-members Sideways is accurate, It's a fact, not an opinion. LGIH broke out in Jan and consolidated the move. I have a position from below ($40) that is profitable. I don't trade this. I hold it and use the WEEKLY as a guide. There is a bullish WEEKLY reversal pattern in place. This is not new info. I don't understand your post. Please clarify. As far as being right, the chart/price action is what I follow. The rest is noise. I'd rather make money than be "right" . What I state as an opinion is clear. It always takes a back seat to the price action, particularly in the short term.
  • bRobert: @debeers $BA The only fault I have with $BA is making any of the safety systems optional on a commercial aircraft. Particularly given the different flying characteristics. You always have to look at the worst case scenario. Price it in. If it's unaffordable for one customer, sell to the next customer in line. It's a very long line. I have seen many scenarios where patients think more with their pocket book than their health. The responsible adult in the room (physician)has to act in the patient's best interest and do what's safest . Do no harm.
  • debeers: $BiiB-Good co that had an epic fail in one area. Hadn't owned it in awhile and needed for it to rebound a bit. $CYBR-rebought $COP-added this one to $VLO $BA-I think the self-named Mr. Wonderful is wrong and my price point wasn't violated thanks to Forex(my Mr. Wonderful).
  • champ: $DJI...up 144 points, The markets had a nice close and bounced 90 points, in the last 15 minutes. As always traders, took some profits off of HOD, you have to pay yourself a little daily. It seems like the markets react, to just about everything. Tha ...
  • debeers: $BA-been more or less out of the market for personal reasons but this just gobsmacked me this am especially given the tragedy :

    ADDIS ABABA/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Boeing Co will brief more than 200 global airline pilots, technical experts and regula ...
  • debeers: @champ $BA #tonight -Wouldn't you think that Ethiopia Airlines would NOT have made the statement this am that their president did?
  • champ: @debeers $BA #tonight ---- Don't really know but I will be Day-Trading this stock, whenever I feel I can. LOL
  • debeers: @champ $BA #tonight -I want to see a meaningful turn to get back in as an investor not a trader
  • shoredriver: @debeers $BA #tonight .....same.....
  • champ: @debeers $BA #tonight --- High risk swing....without the back-box results. However, I have alerts set. I Day-Trade, swing-trade and if those first 2-steps work out, the trade will continue. If the stock is working, I want to have a position...but I need a few reason before I take on a new overnight swing.
  • DrScience: #Airlines still having $BA 737 MAX troubles. $ALK rolling to new 52-week low.
  • Reif99: @DrScience $BA $ALK #Airlines Don't think that's the issue. US airlines don't have all that many 737 MAX's, and ALK doesn't have any.
  • DrScience: @Reif99 $BA $ALK #Airlines I agree with the author of a Friday Barron's piece who avers that order cancellations offer a window into future airline prospects. Longer-term investors use capacity, revenue per passenger mile, etc. to arrive at a discoun ...
  • debeers: $BA@Forex-apparently your Fib retracement on Boeing didn't fib at all. Thanks, Forex
  • champ: $BA ....#Not positive news... about China, signing a deal with Airbus, dealing another blow to $BA...reported by Bloomberg.
  • gmj: $BA 5min chart getting a pop in up vol is there pos news somewhere that I missed ?
  • champ: $BA looking really nice.
  • grcjr: $BA #SANS - interesting reading. For those not familiar with SANS, it is the premiere public security training/blogging/more group. Although not a member any more I still take time to stay somewhat current. In a weekend post I found interesting their comments regarding the $BA "software" issue.
  • PhilHarmonic: @grcjr $BA #SANS The greed factor is one of the reasons why we regulate businesses and industries. Human lives are ignored by some greedy executives. And it is possible that $BA will escape without punishment that fits the crime.
  • grcjr: @PhilHarmonic $BA #SANS - greed! how much of history is just a variation on that theme? Reminds me of the writings of Charles Beard.
  • grcjr: @PhilHarmonic $BA #SANS - IMHO, I expect you are correct. Some congressional reviews. Some fines but all the new MAX's will come "standard" with the "upgrades" for a new built in purchase price. Older planes with get the "upgrades" for a "discount" fee. The legal investigations could be a curve ball but likely Boeing will do just fine. Will the Indonesian airline still get the MAX after a protracted negotiation?
  • champ: @grcjr @PhgilHarmonic $BA-is-at-fault, IMO and this is why......It appears that the pilots, didn't know how to correct and pull-out of that emergency, that cause them to be unable to control that aircraft. They didn't know how or about disengaging. I ...
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $BA #is #correcting-procedure #held-liable #News Correct short term trade only. This will go on and on for a long time. Profits/earnings will be effected by a number of companies other than $BA.No way knowing.
  • Wolf: @PhilHarmonic $BA #SANS I'll bet more have been killed by cars that didn't have anti-lock brakes than were on both planes. Car companies didn't upgrade older cars for free when ABS came out and they were optional for a long time on new cars. I would put the blame on the airlines for not buying a safety feature on the aircraft. A skilled driver just as a properly trained pilot can handle not having anti-lock brakes and sensor upgrades. Not to diminish the tragedy of either, but plane crashes make bigger headlines than car wrecks.
  • grcjr: @PhilHarmonic $BA #SANS ---- lets imagine. {not saying I believe that Boeing should be let off the hook ... but you can NEVER tell what would happen in legal actions }

    Q: So $BA How did this happen? A: We followed the industry and FAA standards f ...
  • champ: Also.... even more negative news #tonight on $BA, more future orders being canceled and cancellation could continue.
  • fuentele: $BA anybody considering going short today?, looks like it could break $363 support with this weak day. I got in with a starter position with stop at today's high
  • champ: ...
    ......The larger names are dropping the markets....$AAPL $BA $AMZN $GOOGL $CAT and all the others. This could only be a surprise move, off of news out of Europe. Don't really know...but watching..$HD and $LGIH, for direction in the sector.
  • bsafriet: $BA Update on crash investigation from pilot friend of mine — faulty angle-of-attack sensors in both aircraft,also Boeing offered an override feature of the stall prevention system that neither of the aircraft had. Penny wise, pound foolish.
  • DAN: @bsafriet $BA I understand "optional" equipment. But safety options? Give me a flipping break! There should be nothing optional about safety. Comfortable seats? Sure. Big bathroom so you can manspread? Fine. But safety features? For crying out loud, I wonder if they ever considered optional ailerons or landing gear.
  • Reif99: @bsafriet $BA Not what I'm hearing at all. I recommend waiting until someone official says something before coming to any conclusions.
  • Reif99: @DAN $BA Safety is rarely about "safe" or "unsafe,", it's almost always a matter of degree of safety vs. cost. You could make cars virtually indestructible (think "tank"), but the cost would be prohibitive. If you limited highway speeds to 25 miles an hour there's no doubt fewer lives would be lost. Whether we like it or not, safety is all about tradeoffs.
  • champ: @DAN $BA --- Funny, Yes that would be important.
  • bsafriet: @Reif99 $BA Just passing on what I found out. Makes sense though as both aircraft had similar flight profiles all the way to zero altitude. What else would drive the aircraft into the ground?
  • bsafriet: @DAN $BA Up to the airline to make that call not Boeing. I also question why pilots were not sent to Seattle to practice on Boeing simulators given that EA did not have a simulator. Very puzzling why a pilot deadheading flying in the jump seat on t ...
  • debeers: $BA-update;The White House announced Trump has selected former Delta Air Lines pilot and executive Steve Dickson for the post, which has been filled in an acting capacity for 14 months by Daniel Elwell. Dickson must be confirmed by the Senate. He is the real deal: a pilot himself and very well versed in plane requirements.Fixing software or a wayward tail is easy. the differentiation in western hemisphere flight hours and pilot expertise is a real problem as training here is so rigorous that there is an ongoing shortage of experienced pilots as so many wash out. Boeing will get through it but it will be a slog so make sure you have a partial position and then add when the decisions and changers come in.
  • indigo1948: @debeers $AMZN $FDX $LEVI - I may live in a disadvantaged area as I see deliveries nowhere near the extent you are discussing where you live. We just have massive traffic commute problems across our one connecting bridge. Thank you for the $LEVI information and I am watching $BA for a safe re-entry. All the best.
  • grcjr: $AMZN $BA - both positive.
  • debeers: @grcjr $AMZN $BA -$BA-nice to see the company getting its footing again.
  • debeers: $BA-Just in- 11:22 AM EDT, 03/20/2019 (MT Newswires) -- Boeing (BA) said Wednesday that it has appointed Marc Allen as senior vice president of the company and president of Embraer (ERJ) Partnership and Group Operations and John Stallery as president and CEO of the joint venture's commercial aviation and services. Upon closing of the transaction with the Brazilian planemaker, Allen will chair the board of the new commercial aircraft and services joint venture. Allen will also serve as Boeing's lead representative to the KC-390 joint venture's board. Both companies expect to close the transaction by the end of the year.
  • champ: $BA spec on this last drop, might have entry RHRN.
  • champ: $BA @ $375.60 ...this last drop could have been entry, for a trade.
  • champ: $AMZN $BA $URI......this is the move that I pre-positioned for, with these and my energy positions. Now we will see if these have legs.
  • bRobert: @champ $AMZN $BA $URI Took some $URI . off of prior $115 flag area /bounce .
  • Henry: $BA FBI starting a criminal probe
  • champ: ...
    ........$BA, took nice profits on this of negative news.
    ........$AMZN, took profits today. $BA, will not be positive for the markets tomorrow.
    The bottom line for me is.....#Market-Direction is uncertain at this point. I'm gu ...
  • debeers: $BA-Boeing as front page is replaced by Bezos' tushie photos. That's your sign that the pain for the stock is limited. Further read on the B section of the Wall Street Journal shows that a few of us were right: software fix and training issue. Boeing clearly should not have sold a plane that demanded pilot sim hours because it took 2-pilot and co pilot to implement fix. Additionally, today, Lockheed lost a big order to Boeing for military aircraft. I was surprised by this one and pleasantly so.
  • champ: $BA and $AAPL., along with Oil... backing-down a little now...dropping the markets....don't know if this slow drop will continue. I took profits on $AAPL this morning....came close to my $190 price target.
  • PJMR11: $BA Information flow continues to be negative. Still watching. Still a long way down to 52 week low of $292, but do you think that is a possibility?
  • PhilHarmonic: @PJMR11 $BA Depends how many countries wish to punish the company. It seems that there was a high probability of malfunction regarding their design. And that the company knew about this and decided to gamble for the profits. Anything is possible.
  • Forexpro: @PJMR11 $BA

    Hi, PJMR11,

    Hope you're doing well. The price action in this stock is going to be headline driven; if, for example, there are indictments, fund managers aren't going to say "Wow, that's pretty bad news, but it looks as though ther ...
  • PJMR11: @Forexpro $BA Thanks for your analysis. Your contributions are always appreciated. I will likely stay away for now.
  • Kid2old: $BA From The Seattle Times, Mar 17th. “Boeing engineers authorized to work on behalf of the FAA” -
  • champ: $ still jerking us... and the Markets around...$AMZN, mostly follows the markets....along with many others. Know real reason to sell but there are reasons to add to certain positions.
  • debeers: $AXSM-Recommended at 9.20 on March 8th. Now 11.31 on March 18. Target was 18. Target still 18. $BA-UPON FURTHER REVIEW;Minimum flying hours in the US for the Max is 1700 pilot hours AND THE COCKPIT SIM TRAINING. The airlines with troubles had neither. Why? Because this stuff costs a lot of money. Let us review: you don't give a kid a Ferrari when he has had 6 mos driving experience. You don't learn how to steer in a skid unless you learn the hard way or someone teaches you. I think its a good idea to see what the fix and liabilities are first. OIL AND BANKS- little rotation
  • debeers: $BA-Was the FAA unduly influenced? Probably not. FAA cannot do all the tests that are really needed and it never could. Did Boeing pressure the FAA--i don't think so but it will take time and a correction to reinstate faith. I think no matter what, more pilot training should be needed and proved.
  • Reif99: @debeers $AXSM $BA No pilots in the US have trained for the incident suspected in the recent 737 Max crashes, mainly because Boeing, you know, forgot to tell anyone they'd changed the way the anti-stall system works. Boeing is going to (probably) eventually do fine, but they are lucky a) neither of these crashes happened in the US and b) no US airline has a whole lot of these planes yet.
  • Sher: @Reif99 $AXSM $BA - Incomprehensibly scary!
  • debeers: $BA@bRobert-The market will tell us when confidence is restored. Until then, sadly, cannot be involved. It is, nevertheless, unthinkable to me that Boeing would deliberately sell an unproven plane. There's a test for DNA for people and, given the stability in the leadership of Boeing, they pass that test. All i meant was that the markets will tell us when it is safe to fly with the shares.
  • debeers: @Sher $AXSM $BA -YES.
  • traderbren: @debeers $BA - agreed.
  • bRobert: @debeers $BA It is the final judge and jury.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $BA #News #ReCap #1 #rumor-only #forum #Breaking-News #2 #3 #voice-alert #news-voice-alert-trade #Think Thanks for the share. How many stations do you have? Would love to see your set-up. Need to check out No current accurate news source that is that reliable in my system. Been trading China but faked out a number of time. Overall China trades have been good to me, small source of income, no big winners yet.
  • champ: Example how trading off of #News can work. ----- $BA...#ReCap on my Trades....with 3 buys and sells...
    .......#1...I entered the trade within 2-minutes after the news was posted on sold that trade 14-minutes later, with huge profits. ...
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $BA #News #ReCap ----- You really have to expect, the #Fake-Outs because that is really... just how the markets work. It helps to know about the news because if you know and others don' investors will add off of other losses.. ...
  • PTinME: @debeers $BA $COUP $LRCX

    I'm no pro but it seems that BA "fairly" low-risk long at around 370. Not charting this but look at how it has traded sinse the crash. It went down as low as 365, has high as 400, and now we are around 370. I cert ...
  • PJMR11: @PTinME $BA $COUP $LRCX Sometimes I think stops are like the "prevent defense" in football. They prevent you from winning. I have found it really difficult to set an effective stop, although I keep trying. My stops seem to act as magnets for the price. Tried all kinds tight stops and loose stops.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds ---- I agree...the markets are just more or less flat not really very much to do.. except watch, it zig-zag. Just planning and watching for any opportunities. .....$TNA and $KWEB...these 2- ETF's are looking positive, I'm holding spec positions...zig-zagging. .....$TME, is still working, even on a rest day...ER on 3/19/after/confirmed. ......Risk-Management day... ......$AMZN, looks like it wants to move-up...needs the market but $BA, is still holding the markets back...or the market would be up. I have a position. ......$AAPL, is still working...still holding. .......$WWE, still looking positive. .......$EXP, is now up around $3 off of the recent LOD. Infrastructure stock finally gave investors entry.
  • traderbren: $BA - worked its way back to even today.
  • lostsheep: @champ $BA #Breaking- News look at the move up in the stock and the market
  • champ: $BA....#Breaking-News...going to roll out new software in 10-days..for the 737 Max-8. Could be entry, I'm in..
  • champ: $BA...up + $3....this is what the markets needed....positive we will see if $BA, can turn the markets...this should or could be a buy set-up...for the stock and other names...$DJI... up 100 points.
  • champ: $BA ....this move could continue...I just added again.
  • champ: $BA-----OUT.... near the turn.....watching for a lower entry now.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $BA You are sure on the "news entries" and the "turns'. Way to go.
  • champ: $BA @ $380....looks like it could maybe, be around a new place for another entry....#Spec-Hope-Trade...for me. Stop around entry....
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $KBE $KRE $FAS ---- Bank ETF's, have more risk than a bank position....but they are working today, with the market...$BA, is helping everything. I have a position in $BAC and I'm thinking about adding $C.

    Stops have in the past cost me more money then made me more money. Then again, I break rules and do some risky trade that I should have learned in over a decade, have cost me small fortunes that have cost me in the end. My t ...
  • BigOx: @Dan Good day, Dan could you comment on $LUV please in light of the $BA scenario and the technical outlook please?
  • DAN: @BigOx $LUV $BA Hey BigOx. I really don't have any kind of useful knowledge about $LUV and how it's impacted by the $BA $hit $show. LUV is bouncing a bit, but there's no money in buying the stock here -- at least that's the way I see it. $BA also is rebounding a bit, but I have no feel for whether the stock is going to rebound more. Too many unknowns. It just feels like gambling to me. Sorry I couldn't be more encouraging...but I hope I've been helpful. --Dan
  • DrScience: $RYAAY has climbed back into the bottom of the uptrend channel. After last Thursday's high volume selloff and Friday's Brexit-related stock restrictions for British shareholders, the Boeing glitch has had little affect. Ryanair's flight schedules will not be affected by the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX, and their delivery schedule of 153 of $BA's 737-200's shouldn't be affected. Near term deliveries include 2 in April, 2 in May, and 2 in June, with 50 more for the 2020 summer schedule. I'm long again against the $75 level looking for $80 to reassert the uptrend channel.
  • BigOx: @DAN $LUV $BA $hit $show yes it was many thanks Dan
  • champ: $TNA $AMZN $BA $DG $WWE $FANG...took profits on these positions today. Partial profits on 1/2 of $TME and $KWEB. I'm also swinging my other full positions. .......$SPY @ $281.34, on the close and was up $6.87 for the week and the weekly HOD, was on Wednesday @ $282.38. The markets had a nice week....and my accounts closed on the YTDH's, today. ........Now it is up to the Asia/Pacific markets, mainly China, will start the week--out., on Sunday night. Our markets will be following China, on Monday morning and along with the markets in Europe. However China, will be following our markets and we had a nice close today.
  • PTinME: @PJMR11 $BA #Hope-Traders Yes, Thanks for pointing that out! I don't think I should edit that as it will bring it to the top again. Turns out it work out ok. I sold for 374. But this was 100 shares so I made 200 bucks and the downside was obviously a lot greater. At one point I was down 1,000 dollars on a trade that I was "lucky" enough to make a few bucks. I was a bad trade that I got lucky on. The temptation is there again today to swing trade this as the volatility is insane. But like Dan has said about BA and TSLA, these stocks are coin tosses.
  • bsafriet: $BA Treading water and managing to remain afloat. No new news.
  • CraigReynolds: @bsafriet $BA Interesting take that every one (everyone on financial shows I heard yesterday and today) believe $BA has hit its low. Kind of scary that the heard is mostly always wrong. Seems there are a number of "betters" out there.
  • debeers: $BA/$COUP/$LRCX-Boeing wil be dead money until the fix is done and it is deemed airworthy. Could take weeks and weeks. So i traded it for Coupa and Lam Research which will work now.
  • issues: @debeers $BA $COUP $LRCX Good move. Cramer interview the CEO of COUP last night. We are longer term holders of COUP> Welcome to the club. I am looking at diagnostics, since I just had my blood taken for analysis. The IBD group is 12, with the following: $NEO $BEAT $JYNT(flag pattern) $NVTA $GH (too extended). We are holding NEO and BEAT. NVTA looks good! $AVCO has an interesting chart. Perchance another ride up? NP
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Boeing Co, together with its subsidiaries designs, develops, manufactures, sells, services and supports commercial jetliners, military aircraft, satellites, missile defense, human space flight and launch systems and services.

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