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Strategy Session September 6th, 2017

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  • bRobert: $LEN .Blow out numbers on top/bottom line. As I said yesterday, the COMPANIES are fine, the STOCKS are in trouble. Until sock buying sentiment/perceptions changes this dichotomy will persist. $Z $HD $LOW , and housing related discretionary have outperformed . $WSM $RH $W . I will be watching $MHK $LL $BECN $TREX $OC and others for positive pin action.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $LGIH and look at $CGC ---- Thanks and I understand....but I always like to try and figure out..#why...a stock is doing, what this stock is doing...and that was the reason that I came up with. Risk is all around us and you can't get away ...
  • bRobert: $Z $ZG Not many good entries . $80 target. Many housing related names are acting perky or have put in a nice base. eg $BECN $OC $LL others. There is a severe shortage of homes. $LEN earnings reaction may kick start the builders. $LGIH at a great low risk entry level.
  • bRobert: $BECN moving through 50d. Trget 1 $50. cheap growth
  • bRobert: @champ $LGIH $VNQ $DRN #timing #Only Many housing related names have perked up . eg $OC, $BECN, $TREX, $MHK, $LL, $BCO $ESNT $ESNT They may be the canary in the coal mine
  • bRobert: $BECN $OC $ LL $MHK (basing) perky home building related names
  • steve71: ...
    $SPY 2409 2500 2700 $BCC 28 35 39 $BECN 49 52 64 $CBPX 24 26 28
    $CVCO 116 150 150 $EXP 96 106 117 $GDI 23 28 32 $GNRC 36 48 50
    $GVA 47 59 65 $HD 155 174 189 $HDS 33 36 40 $LGIH 33 ...
  • steve71: $BECN $OC Roofing stocks moving, probably in anticipation of the first Gulf Storm of the year. Expected to slam Florida, which already has sinkholes and pythons. Long both stocks. Likely will sell Friday before the close.
  • debeers: @steve71 $BECN $OC --I imagine there will be a plethora of selling before the long weekend. As long as the 8 ema holds, I'll be long most positions.
  • champ: @steve71 $BECN ----- We posted yesterday... @stairm01 and I on $OC @ $64....this is entry.
  • champ: $DJI @ 24,816 ---- The Markets have been really getting spooked, on every little thing lately, that is always hard to ignore and many are forced to sell investment positions and their is never anything wrong with that, as long as they add back...beca ...
  • champ: $BECN --- Reported earnings and they beat on all lines and guided higher ....nice bounce in the AH's but that doesn't really mean anything because volume is low...still holding this long term position but only 1/2 size...took profits last week.
  • champ: $OC $BECN $TREX ---- These 3 #Hurricane positions...will or should beat on earnings, is my guess.
  • champ: $BECN up about 3% and I'm still holding this #Hurricane position ...along with others.
  • champ: $BECN @ $61 new ATH today RHRN but was even higher....strong but traders are taking a little off, as it slowly zig-zags higher, on this #BreakOut. The stock is in their strongest season and is really the best time of the year, for them and also $OC, with all of their normal business all of the #Hurricanes and Tornados, that both business, have also been capitalizing on, in this current quarter. The Tax Reform Bill, if it passes, will send all stocks, to the top of the roof.
  • bRobert: $BECN Squeeze breakout / follow through
  • bRobert: $BECN $OC . $USG . $LII Holding stocks, nh's or close. LII setting up . BECN Don't lose sight just because of gap and crap.
  • champ: $OC --- #Roofers ---- $BECN @ $58 they just reported and had a nice bounce up to..$$59.87 this morning but holders took profits and the stock fell back to $ its trying to climb back up. Sold near the hi but I'm back-in now ...these roofin ...
  • mopick: @champ $OC $BECN #Roofers #Hurricanes #CASH, I assume you're still holding $OSB? I liked your thesis on this stock, however, the performance so far has been pretty dismal. Thanks!!
  • debeers: @champ $OC $BECN #Roofers #Hurricanes #CASH ---tells you housing and commercial construction is having a renaissance.
  • bRobert: @champ $OC $BECN #Roofers #Hurricanes #CASH ADDED on the gift dip BECN . OC Leap calls . Walking to $100
  • champ: @bRobert $OC-- $BECN #Roofers --- I know, you don't miss much, Yes, should be a nice nice #XMas gift, we can buy our wives new cars...just a lot of quality choose from....really too many.
  • champ: @debeers $OC $BECN #Roofers #Hurricanes #CASH --- Thats for all the repair and replace business. One main reason to own Roofers is, the roof replacement business, is always on going and #Never ends....and new Home and Business construction is just another big plus. Its sad but the weather disasters help out these large roofers also and these are the biggest companies...Tornadoes and Hurricanes. For those who don't know about $BECN, just pull-up their WebSite and with this New company, Allied...they cover just about all of the U.S., especially all the weather related states, that really need roofers.
  • bRobert: @debeers $OC $BECN #Roofers #Hurricanes #CASH XHB nh's
  • champ: $BECN @ $56.. Roofer...they report AH's #Today, this stock has already backed off of HOD because most took profits on part or all but could bounce going into the close --- $BURL and $LOW report in the morning --- $CAL reports tomorrow, after the close and I'm still holding my full position ---- I will be holding positions in these stocks into earnings....I have downsizes the other 3 to..20%. I believe most have their position size, already set going into earnings but these 2.. could bounce going into the close..$LOW and $BURL....because their competitors have already beat on earnings.
  • champ: $ULTA, reasons why I'm holding --- #RetailPositions ---- #Investment Positions ---- #ExitStrategy ---- On $ULTA, why I have been trading and posting on this stock, over the last 10 days but I have been posting more than a few times monthly on this ...
  • champ: $TRHC @ $34.30 --- I posted on this Health company, a small cap growth stock and it keeps climbing and volume is always thin and if you were to look are all the small/mid cap growth stocks, that I have been posting about, with thin volume, all are higher and some are much higher...these are a few $OSB $LGIH $TREX $GVA $USCR $EXP $BECN $GNRC $CBPX $VMC $MLM $ALGT ...I'm just saying just because volume is thin, it doesn't mean that the stocks can't move up. I'm holding most all of these positions and on a few, I'm coming in and$MLM $VMC $USCR and their are others.
  • DAN: @champ $TRHC $OSB $LGIH $TREX $GVA $USCR $EXP $BECN $GNRC $CBPX $VMC $MLM $ALGT The thinly traded stocks can sometimes the the stocks that go up the most.. There is risk in buying the thinly traded stocks. But if institutional traders start to buy, a small cap, thinly traded stock can make very very big gains.
  • champ: @DAN $TRHC $OSB $LGIH $TREX $GVA $USCR $EXP $BECN $GNRC $CBPX $VMC $MLM $ALGT ---- I said something like that this morning. Thanks, for saying it correctly.
  • bRobert: $BECN squeeze
  • bRobert: $BECN next leg
  • champ: $BECN @ $56.36 ---- HOD and another new ATH....This Roofer is also still moving up...and I'm still holding and not even thinking about selling...only adding. All of these type of #Hurricane positions are going higher, much higher....but with zig-zags.
  • champ: $BECN $53.50 HOD and another new ATH this morning on positive news...still holding core and I added a little to my trading position..
  • champ: $OC and $BECN....Both of these roofers, are HOD and ATH....RHRN and I'm still holding my full positions, no real reason to sell...only many, many reason to add or buy.
  • champ: #HurricanePositions that made new Aug-Sept highs today....$URI $OC $BECN $TEX $GVA $HDS $GNRC $ECHO $CBI $MDR $F and $LGIH but turned. $F and $GNRC are NewPosition from last week, that I forgot about....because they are starter positions but I added on both today. #NewPosition today $YRCW. Took profits today and I'm out for now.... $TREX @ $89.10...$USG $32.24 $LL @ $38.43
  • champ: #HurricanePositions at #New ATH's this morning $OC $BECN $TREX $URI and $TEX and all the others are also working. Only 2 fell back this morning $OSB and $LPX because the markets drop but they will recover and move even higher.
  • champ: #HurricanePositions list #Updates as of today..... 10/7......$URI $OSB $LPX $BECN $OC $LII $LGIH $EXP $CBPX $HDS $TEX $CBI $MDR $F $GM $GNRC $$XPO $ECHO $DSKE $YRCW .....I took profits on $USCR on 9/25 and $TREX and $USG on 10/2 but will add back at ...
  • bRobert: $LII $BECN $AMWD Rebuild plays continue
  • champ: #HurricanePositions ---- #RePost --- Reasons to Hold because they haven't really started their main move but they will soon. ---- $URI $LPX $OSB $BCC $BECN $GVA $EXP $URI $HDS $ECHO $CBI $MDR $BC....These are some of my #Hurricane plays that are at o ...
  • champ: $BECN @ $48.90 up $1 ----- I had a post yesterday on the close about this #New position and its working this morning.
  • champ: $BECN @ $49.60 up $1.78 now.....I posted already today on this stock but ...I just want to say one more time, this big roofer is going higher, as repairs starts in the coming weeks and then the chatter on these stocks, will #Really pick-up...this is ...
  • champ: $BECN is hanging around $47.74 LOD RHRN and I'm Back in with a 1/2 position. Their was News on this stock and I had a Post the other day on this stock also, about this #Hurricane play, with info on the number of locations they have now, 590 or so... and why I was buying a position.....but I sold, forced out because of #News and I'm now back in with a lower entry. They paid $2,625 bin cash, for another company and then they sold $300m in stock, to add back $$$$, for cash flow and I'm thinking that the bottom is now around this level because the stock hit a high today... of $48.61. A new swing position going into the close and I'm looking for a bounce tomorrow but it might not happen. However, that OK because I'm alright with this Spec entry level.
  • champ: $OC @ $75 up $3 from yesterdays low, for now ....FoxBusiness News said that just about every structure in the Florida Keys, need new roofs...but their are many other areas thru-out the whole state and thats not even counting Texas and Louisiana, along with all the Inlands. $OC is one of the largest manufactures of roofing and insulation products, in the U.S., in all price ranges. I'm also stilling holding $BECN..and they are still also climbing but with zig-zags, its just a matter of time, going into the rainy season ....hold positions and be rewarded....for those who aren't in any hurry.
  • champ: $BECN $48.50 ---- Normally going into the winter months, Roofers business really pick-up, going into the rainy season. Now with these #Hurricanes, business should really bounce. They just bought Allied Building Products, with over 200 locations, thru-out the U.S. That gives Beacon 593 locations now and they just received many new Upgrades. They are also a a Building Product Distributor with around 30,000 products, for contractors, with site delivery service. See their website at for info, they were privately owned. New positions this morning near the low, I was waiting for entry. This stock will be much higher by January, a hold and reward position.
  • bRobert: $BECN Roofers Their business is looking up. +
  • debeers: @bRobert $BECN -Well considering they are in the roofing business....................I hope so!
  • bRobert: @debeers $BECN Meant to be bad pun
  • champ: $UFPI climbing but I can't find anything... up about 8% ..NP....I posted earlier that the housing and building sector is working today...$XHB and $ITB....I went back in $MAS this morning. $BECN reports ER in the AH today...NP but a good report will help kick this sector even higher IMO...just saying.
  • woodman: Don't forget #BuildingMaterials - $CBPX $AWI $APOG $USG $SUM $NCS $PGEM $CX $TREX $MDU $BLD $BECN $VMC $MAS
  • Trixie: @woodman $CBPX $AWI $APOG $USG $SUM $NCS $PGEM $CX $TREX $MDU $BLD $BECN $VMC $MAS #BuildingMaterials $CREE I can't endorse buying any here.. However I do think it is in the process of heading higher over time. Over all the more common ma's hasn't been over the 200ma in ages.. They do the #LED lights and a few other things.. I have picked up $AYI for a while also in LEDs /lighting.. One can choose either one near 52 week lows or highs..
  • woodman: @debeers $MHK $MAS $M - #BuildingMaterials sector has a lot of nice charts - rebounders/reversals. Of interest (at least to me) in the sector: $SUM $CBPX $CX $USG $APOG $TREX $BECN $AWI $NSC $PGEM $MDU $BLD $VMC
  • cmac: #shorts starting to look at adding some shorts. $FCX $BECN $LII $MTN $XLU are all on my list. May consider $COST too. Currently short XLU
  • Bridget: @cmac $FCX $BECN $LII $MTN $XLU $COST #shorts why short $MTN? The long term uptrend is still intact and the company is growing like gangbusters.
  • Matt0311: $BECN this is in a longterm up-trend, but the 50 day isn't exactly support, where would you put a decent entry point or is the chart too convoluted? You can draw a upward channel and that can work.
  • cmac: @Matt0311 $BECN on the weekly chart, I see your trend line, meaning a trailing stop around $37.50 or so. But it also depends on where you bought this. In this type environment, I'm keeping trailing stops at around 3-4%, which is tight. If I look at the daily, BECN looks like a decent short just below its 50 day, and making what may prove to be a lower high. Could be rolling over. good luck
  • Trixie: @Matt0311 $BECN haven't verified,, Only on tos/prophet charts.. Earnings on the 5th?
  • mradams0621: ...
    $BECN Beacon Roofing Su... 40.93 -5.17%
    $ABY Abengoa Yield Plc... 14.13 -4.85%
    $LULU lululemon athleti... 50.18 -4.42%
    $CTSO Cytosorbents Corp... 6.78 -4.24%
    $BBL Bhp Billiton Plc ... 23.56 -4.19%
    $TCK Teck Resources Lt... 3.90 -4.18%
    $TSU Tim ...
  • SierraJW: $BECN Gapped up Breakout on volume - Earnings, 4th Q, +56% compared to last year 4th Q. Pulling Back, watching, NP
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Been in an uptrend and consolidating for the past month and is forming a #squeeze. Sitting right at the 20dma. Watching
  • jdaniels: HOUSING - $BECN, $MHK, $LL, $MAS, $USG, $LPX, $CX & $PCL These stock are all catching a bid today.
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Reported numbers this morning and missed. Stating weather, higher expenses due to buy out and building inventory. Up almost 4% on the day. Long July 40 call #options bought several months ago
  • jdaniels: $PCL @ginny - Yes the new motherboard seems to have me up and running for now but my heath issues are keeping me away from the market. That along with all the negative news and lack of cash. Your right about the housing stocks, most have been crush ...
  • jdaniels: HOUSING - These stock look healthier today. Most companies I follow have not reported earning this quarter. They have all had major declines in value over the last 4 weeks or so. These have been testing my conviction for some time and am wondering if today is my day to capitulate and reduce my exposure as this is the first green day for these tickers in a while. Long $BZH, $MHK, $LL, $PCL, $BECN, $MAS, $USG, $URI, $CX and LPX
  • jdaniels: $USG @bybyjanice @Ginny - Just my 2 cents which is currently not making me any money. This stock has run long and hard. It tested the 200dma April 3rd and held. The banks loan originations are not growing fast enough which could be keeping the ske ...
  • jdaniels: @Dan - SPECIAL REQUEST ? Following a long term theme with diversity. @Dan, I am hoping you may see a training theme here for your purpose and one I believe will be helpful to the form participants as well. I would like you to add this to the weekend update "Titled Housing Plays" and track through year end. This is my idea: Using HOUSING as the theme and following a basket of ancillary stocks that create diversification within the space. I am long these companies and it is diversified across these sectors as well Consumer discretionary - $BZH, $MHK & $LL Financial - $BAC & $PCL Industrial - $BECN, $MAS, $USG & $URI Materials - $CX & $LPX
  • jdaniels: HOUSING - Over the past week and a half it appeared that the big boys rotated out of housing and took stocks to the wood shed mine included. Friday it looks as though the trend has reversed again. All the housing plays I hold are moving up again for the second day and up a minimum of 1% although volume is light. Earnings will be the key to continue the trend. Long $MHK, $LL, $PCL, $BECN, $MAS, $USG, $CX and LPX.
  • jdaniels: HOUSING, $SBUX - Housing plays are still doing well, actual very well IMO. $BECN, $MAS, $LL & $MHK hitting 52wk high again and then there is $SBUX who must be drinking the decaf today.
  • jdaniels: $WHR @jltrader - I do not hold or trade $WHR, but I am very bullish on the housing sector. I have listened to earnings calls from the companies I own. The companies I am long and would add to on a pullback are. $BZH, $MHK, $BECN, $MAS, $USG, $CX, $LPX and PCL. Each of these have reported recently except $MHK which reports 2-21. $LL I exited way to soon and would love to re-enter however it does not give me a good entry. $LL reports on 2-20. The Ceo's of all these companies are all saying the same thing. Housing is coming back and strength seems to be building. $WHR, the chart looks great to me both on a daily and weekly chart. I would not be afraid to enter this stock #RHRN with a small position
  • jdaniels: $BECN, $BZH, $CX, $LL, $LPX, $MAS, $MHK, $USG HOUSING PLAYS OBSERVATION - All these companies closed closer to there high of the day rather than the low of the day. $PCL closed in the middle of the range. If your not in the housing sector, I believe you are missing an opportunity. Just one mans opinion. Long all the tickers mentioned in this post with $LL as an exception.
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Wow I could not get an order placed prior to a rebound. Hope the morning rotation allows it to retest. I'll be waiting in my fox hole
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Added to position @35.77
  • jdaniels: $BECN LPX - Reminder, both report in the morning
  • jdaniels: HOUSING - Companies I follow and earnings. There are many more that I do not follow. Watch these and pay close attention to earnings guidance. These companies represent a theme. A theme I am investing in and each company might not be the right company for the exposure I'm looking for. I will sort this out as the theme plays out. So far they are all working for me $BZH - reported 1-28 $MHK - reports 2-21 A $HD - reports around 2-26 (unconfirmed) $LL - reports 2-20 $B $PCL - reported 1-28 $BECN - reports 2-08 $B $MAS - reports 2-11 A $USG - reported this morning $CX - reports 2-07 $B $LPX - reports 2-08 B
  • ginny: EARNINGS DATES OF INTEREST $USG 2/6 $LPX 2/8 $BECN 2/8 $CMI 2/6 $LL 2/20 $HD 2/26 $CAB 2/14 $DECK 2/19 PM 2/7
  • jdaniels: $LONG TERM @GraceBull - My current theme is on housing coming back and there are many signs pointed in the correct direction. I am building positions gradually in these. $LL, $MHK, $PCL, $CX, $BECN, $LPX, $USG and MAS. Just one mans idea Start all your posts with a ticker or a theme in all CAPS
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Added to position @35.86
  • jdaniels: $PCL - Began a starter position today. The stock made a 52wk high yesterday after earning and basically traded up and thru the upper BB, then pulled back and closed in the middle of the range. Today it violated yesterday intraday low by 13 cents. I believe housing is coming back and this position helps round out the ancillary plays on this theme. Long $BZH, $BECN, $CX, $MAS, $USG and LPX. Looking to re-enter $LL and @Tricia mention a ticker in flooring that I have interest in doing research on but I did not write it down and will go back and look thru yesterdays posts. Million dollar question #RHRN is did I top tick it
  • jdaniels: Housing plays _ Yesterday they all pulled back and today they continue the uptrend. Long $BZH, $CX, $BECN, $LPX, $MAS, USG.
  • jdaniels: HOUSING - Added today on this minor pull back. All stock in a decent uptrend $BECN earning out 2-8 $B $MAS earning out 2-11 A $LPX earning out 2-8 $B $USG rolled cover call option up and out, earnings out 2-6 B
  • jdaniels: $LL @ginny - Good morning. Yes that is why I like the space and have been in and out over the past 6 months. Currently out of these and stalking them for re-entry. I sold too soon because I let politics get in the way and I sold them while they were very profitable. $CX, $BECN, $LL, $MAS, and $LPX Still long $BZH and $USG common stock and these are also very profitable. I have an upside call position in $CX expires Jan 2014. Sold Feb 31 covered calls against partial position of $USG for premium. Seems like the whole space just won't come back to earth. I seems too close to earning to buy #RHRN and with the $S and $P also at these levels.
  • jdaniels: $LL @dagdag - I agree with you that $LL is a stock to own, but I do not feel the pull back has been sufficient yet unless you caught the mis December down draft. Have been stalking since I sold my position in November close to the high (sold @ 57.68). On of my biggest challenges has always been buying to early and I am convinced I am going to overcome it. Earning out around 2-20 I also like $USG very much and I am long the stock and have sold upside Feb 31 cover calls on a portion of my position. Let it come in. It has been right to buy at/closer to 50dma. Earning out on 2-6 after the bell I could add $BECN, $CX, and $MAS to the list of housing plays I'm stalking. Sold out bull on these as well.
  • Tricia: ...
    It seems much work has been stalled and I thought it was the insurance companies being cheap but it is also infrastructure ( eg we have multiple small bridges that provide the 2nd egress connection to communities ....some will not be done until spr ...
  • jdaniels: NEXT CLIFF - I will be trimming some positions this morning lightly after the big move Friday and the big pop this morning. Need to raise cash as I have been one of the few that has remained fully invested over the past few weeks market break down. Call me brave or call me stupid as I had no edge on the outcome or the markets reaction. The next negative news/cliff will set up for the next buying opportunity that is right around the corner. Looking to add on positions in housing. Currently held or on my radar continue to be $BECN, $CX, $LL, $USG, $MAS and LPX
  • jdaniels: TRIMMED/SOLD close to the morning highs. - $BAC $10 calls trimmed, $AMT sold all, $USG sold upside calls, $CLNE sold IM calls, $SWHC trimmed $8 calls, $ESRX sold upside call, $LTD $47 calls trimmed, $BECN sold upside calls, $CY sold IM calls. Looks like the excitement is over for now, time for breakfast
  • Tricia: HD: entered this am - other Hurricane Sandy and home building plays .... $OC up 14% since mid Nov .... is down today, maybe is resting? Also have positions in $LL,BGG, and $HOV which has been insane (up 29% in a month). Got bounced out of $WHR and legal issues are keeping me from re-entering. $MAS is also on watch. Neighbors are finally getting FEMA and insurance checks ....... watching delivery trucks from high end lumber stores and $HD etc ..... people are starting to rebuild ...... these stocks and $WY, $MHK, and $BECN are all worth watching. The damage up here is so severe ..... such dense population - permits at the 5 local town halls are up for all aspects of repair .... contractors are very happy! All you technical guys - get your charts on !
  • jdaniels: $HD - Good stuff @Tricia. You should add $USG to your list as wallboard is doing great. Long $USG, sold out of the following but are still on my watch list looking for re-entry. $BECN, $CX and $LL which are all housing plays
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Earning not as good as I anticipated and the price action has me concerned. Sold out of this position with a nice profit and will just watch the price action going forward.
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Hard to believe that this has not ran up prior to earnings. Good sector and even hurricane Sandy should have been good for the roofing business. Earnings out tomorrow before the bell. Anyone have an opinion that I can not see
  • murfields: ...
    Murfield says the only play in the game is $VHC with it's law suit coming to an end. Of course Sandy's needed stocks are players: $LL, $KBH, $PHM, $USG, $HD, XKB, $LOW, $BECN And the drugs: $ESRX and $CVS, both with #Doji.
  • murfields: SANDY'S STOCK. Murfield's up-trending stock just added to my conservative portfolio which should all benefit because of restoration of Sandy's damages. $LL, $USG, $BECN, $WHR, $XHB, $PHM, KBM, $HLSS, $HD and LOW. I am betting on an increase rate of up-trending for these stocks until the next several quarters reports.
  • jdaniels: SANDY'S STOCK @muffields _ Great list, I sold part of $USG today, $BECN yesterday and sold all of my $LL on the 24th. I missed the re-entry on $LL which occurred on 10-26. I am not in any of the others. You may want to add $MAS and $CX to your list. All these companies mentioned here are not only Sandy plays but on a broader theme a "Housing play" which is coming back
  • ginny: HD. First my thoughts to all affected by this storm. I am on the Outer Banks. Much destruction. We will survive and rebuild. We were lucky our canal did not flow into the house. From Irene rebuild, we had 4 feet of water in the house, here are some stocks to watch. USG. $LL HD $LOW WHR $MHK MAS $BECN OC. These are all companies that we bought from to rebuild, repair after Irene. good luck to everyone. Roads here ripped up, houses in the ocean, electric out in some areas. and everywhere.
  • jdaniels: $LL - Blew away there quarter and raised guidance. Up over 10% premarket. All my housing plays are all working well. Long $BECN, $LL and USG
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Added to position at 28.01. Sitting right on top of 50 dma
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Added to one of my housing plays @ 29.30
  • jdaniels: $BECN - Added to my starter position of my housing plays. At 28.50
  • jdaniels: USG@ginny - Yes it has been a great run. I'm a sold out bull for now. I'm just complaining as it won't let me back in. $BECN and $CX still performing for me. Even my $BZH (spec stock) is doing well. The housing stocks are for sure making aa statement. As I recall you have $LL too. I have my eye on that one
  • jdaniels: $LTD @petethefisher - Something I do is when I see a post regarding a ticker, I'll go look at it to see if maybe It should have interest to me. I do not try to buy or sell all tickers. I have a large list to choose from based upon the current marke ...
  • ginny: $BECN @jdaniels I totally missed that move although a buy today with a stop under 27 may be profitable @Ginny
  • jdaniels: $FAST @Dana2010 - I'll have to research that. Thanks, I'm looking for housing plays. Started a small position in $USG yesterday. Also looking at $CX and $BECN, but the latter needs to $PB first
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Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc, is a distributor of residential and non-residential roofing materials in the United States and Canada.

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