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  • twinvest: $SAVA $LLY $BIIB
    $SAVA treating AD via their single drug candidate Simulfilam and possible future competition to $LLY $BIIB $PFE in the AD market
    summary from their website:
    Simulfilam targets the altered Filamin A protein in the brain which interact ...
  • bla00109: $LLY $BIIB - Recent CMS news about coverage of Alzheimer's amyloid antibody drugs - going to be restricted to clinical trials. CMS proposes to: --Use a Coverage with Evidence Development to further study the drug. Amyloid therapies will only be covered by Medicare in the context of CMS-approved randomized controlled trials or trials supported by the NIH -- Restrict trials to hospital-based outpatient facilities -- Require trials to meet diversity and inclusion standards to ensure traditionally underrepresented populations are not excluded -- Allow for one PET scan for amyloid in the patient’s lifetime to be performed on participating patients to confirm amyloid positivity -- Apply the coverage determination to all amyloid monoclonal antibody therapies for the treatment of AD, not just aducanumab. Multiple therapies within the same class are working through the approval process right now
  • Pokersmith: @bla00109 $LLY $BIIB and your conclusion as it relates to $LLY ?
  • bla00109: @Pokersmith $LLY $BIIB The same CMS ruling will apply to Solanezumab -- the LLY monoclonal antibody which is in developement. None of these agents will be widely available for a while. I don't think that any of antibody drugs impact earnings/revenue in 2022. But I may be wrong.
  • Pokersmith: @bla00109 $LLY $BIIB No, you are correct. Virtually no impact on earnings or revenues this year, at most , about $153 million according to consensus estimates. Eli Lilly’s donanemab is superior to Biogen’s Aduhelm, and what will add conviction in their treatment is the data from the ongoing Phase 3 TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 2 study. The readout of this study is a catalyst event that should help the industry better understand how its benefits outweigh the risks. The readout of this study is expected in the first half of 2023 and according to JPMorgan analysts, Eli Lilly believes a successful phase 3 readout will address any reimbursement hurdles. >>source: AAP<< Thx for the response πŸ‘
  • Pokersmith: Re: Alduhem The drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in June in a decision criticized by many experts because clinical trials showed it had significant safety risks and unclear benefit to patients. Whether Medicare ends up covering Aduhelm is considered pivotal to the future of the drug, which is priced at $28,200 a year per patient. See: $BIIB Np
  • debeers: $BIIB-One advantage in getting up in the middle of the night here is you get to make a 600 buck mistake instead of a 1700 dollar one as Samsung denies any interest in BIIB purchase. This was in a regulatory filing. Guess i can cross the Korea Times off of the sources to be believed list.
  • bRobert: @debeers $BIIB Yesterday was a sell the news event As is most news
  • debeers: @bRobert $BIIB -'cmon man. Hindsight is always 20-20. I have now done 5 of these "buyouts" and have made money on 4. The last was the Tiffany one and, because LVMUY had lusted after it for years, it seemed very credible to me. That was a huge win as i already held $TIF stock.
  • Carpe_Diem: $BIIB - Biogen shares are trading higher following a Korea Economic Daily Global Edition report titled 'Samsung Group in negotiations to buy Biogen.'
  • woodman: @Carpe_Diem $BIIB - and this was back in September. Related?
  • Carpe_Diem: @woodman $BIIB - Where there is smoke ....... Short Term options volume spiked up today.
  • champ: @woodman $BIIB --- Yes that was the FDA approval....however now todays News is that the Samsung Group #is in talks, this new News today confirms, that negotiations are underway to buy #BIIB,....everything, old and new, all sounds positive.
  • bRobert: @woodman $BIIB Big speed bump Expect a pullback Better entry
  • woodman: @bRobert $BIIB - No way would I touch BIIB now. Np.
  • bRobert: @woodman $BIIB That post wasn't for you ;) Breakouts are ALERTS to get your attention To follow Most are sold into and lead to better low risk entries
  • woodman: @bRobert $BIIB πŸ‘
  • roddog101: @debeers $BIIB got lucky on it today, saw it starting to pop & thought something was up, grabbed some then the news started to hit on twatter. Got about 18 bucks from it but was only 250 shares.
  • debeers: @roddog101 $BIIB -congrats! i waited for the close AFTER i looked at what WAS the BIIB premium at the high. Samsung wouldn't have to pay nearly that but shareholders will have a very nice New Year with 17% up from here. So we'll see.
  • debeers:
  • Pokersmith: @roddog101 $BIIB Wow !!..definitely didn't see THIS happening....Samsung??? πŸ€” 🀷‍♂️ Nice pull, congrats πŸ‘
  • champ: @Pokersmith $BIIB ....Just turn the lights-on, that way you can See better, in real time, not lag-time. Hit 'Em Straight. LOL
  • Babutters: @debeers $BIIB it’s crazy to see how on the monthly it’s been flagging for 8 years. Granted an extremely wide spread (220-400). Glad to pick some up on the bottom of the flag.
  • woodman: @debeers $BIIB
  • achiever: @brobert good place to start position in $BIIB?
  • bRobert: @achiever $BIIB NO Bear flag bounce to $240 You missed that nimble trade Why even touch it now ? It CAN hit $200 Not for my $$$
  • jsdpie: Bloomberg: $ANTM and $BIIB improved forecast
  • woodman: $BIIB - after a huge spike up in June followed by a sustained pullback, it's been consolidating and edging higher for weeks just under the rising 50d, following under it closely. In the last few days, the 50d finally turned down after digesting the big spike up. Price is now moving up above the 50d, and the 8dEMA is about to cross above the 50d. This one may slowly continue to grind higher.
  • woodman: $BIIB interesting. It's forming a big base/bowl, but hasn't been able to get above the rising 50 day over the last month. But over the last 3 weeks, it has been holding the rising 8dEMA. The weekly shows a clearer rise since around mid July with good room to potentially move back up.
  • Momentariness: $BIIB LOD looking shaky
  • scottto_2: #InsideBarList - My OCD kicked in hard on this one - Thanks Sir @Aragorn - $AAL $AAOI $AAPL $ABC $ABT $ABUS $ACAD $ADI $ADS $AEM $AES $AFL $AGCO $AGIO $AIG $AKAM $AKTX $ALE $ALGT $AMCX $AMN $AMP $AMT $AMZN $AN $ANET $ANGI $ANTM $AON $APA $APD $APRN $ ...
  • Wykeman: $BIIB had earnings this am. vol coming in. low risk reward imo
  • Henry: @scottto_2 $MRNA like the $BIIB drug for Alzheimers? ;-)
  • debeers: @Henry $MRNA $BIIB -i am very concerned about the Moderna one. Supposedly there is a pericarditis issue as a side effect. When/if i ever have an inflamed heart it better not be from an illness. Of course, compared to Guilanne Barre----geez!
  • woodman: @debeers $MRNA $BIIB - Pfizer version is mRNA too. In US, there've been about 1,050 cases out of hundreds of millions of doses administered. Mostly in male adolescents and young adults age 16 years or older, but connection to mRNA vaccines is still being investigated. With Delta variant causing numbers to spike again, and unvaccinated people making up 99% of the covid deaths, I'm 100% fine with my decision to get vaccinated.
  • debeers: @woodman $MRNA $BIIB -Well Woody, after consulting with Bo this morning, i am 99% sure i got the right one too(moderna)..
  • woodman: @debeers $MRNA $BIIB :-)
  • jvee: The FDA is looking into the $BIIB alzheimer drug causing both $SAVA and $ANVS to tank. SAVA may have stopped dropping. ANVS may be close.
  • Mnatale: $BIIB mentioned yesterday, working this morning.
  • lostsheep: $BIIB weekly reversal
  • Mnatale: @indigo1948 $SAVA oddly enough I have a smidge of $BIIB the first one to get FDA approval on Alzheimer drug.. its doing well today after being hammered with bad news on the appalling price they are charging for treatment... guess everyone is jumping on the FDA band wagon for this now...
  • bla00109: $BIIB " Aduhelm (Biogens Alzheimer's drug) approval was far from unanimous and in fact, controversial enough that three members of a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee have now resigned in protest. The latest resignation of Harvard Medical School professor Aaron Kesselheim, who called the Aduhelm approval "probably the worst drug approval decision in recent U.S. history," follows the resignations of David Knopman, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic, and Joel Perlmutter, a neurologist at Washington University in St. Louis." -- Cramer's comment today.
  • bla00109: @champ $LLY $LLY's Alzheimer drug might be more convincingly effective (based on the recent published phase2 trial) compared to $BIIB drug (where clinical effectiveness was questionable). In my opinion, I don't think $BIIB should have been approved. Therefore, the approval of the $LLY drug by the FDA is likely if phase 3 trial confirms positive results from the phase 2 trial. But, as I've post before, the pipeline drug, tirzepitide, for diabetes and weight loss will be a monster..
  • champ: @bla00109 $LLY $BIIB ---- Thanks Doc and I have been following your posts...
  • joelsg1: $BIIB Alzheimer drug approved, halted but upside explosion due momentarily.
  • dagdog: @joelsg1 $BIIB Such great news!!!!
  • traderbren: $XBI - punching through the 200 dma overhead....on the back on $BIIB news.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $XBI $BIIB $LABU. $85. target $XBI was setting up with. tight consolidation pinch
  • Mnatale: can anyone confirm if the $BIIB is still in Halt mode?
  • scottto_2: @Mnatale $BIIB - yes (as of 12:18 EDT)
  • bla00109: $LLY $BIIB I am honestly surprised to see the FDA greenlight Adacanmab, the $BIIB Alzheimer's monoclonal Ab treatment. Based on my reading of their trial, I didn't think Adacanmab was very effective. The two Adacanmab phase 3 trials were contradictory and the results were inconclusive at best. On the other hand, the recent phase 2 trial of Donanemab (the $LLY antibody) did show statical benefit . $LLY up 12.6% today in concert. I expect that $LLY' s drug will be approved also. I'm in $LLY long term for other things in their pipeline. (Namely, Tirzepetide looks like an amazing diabetes drug and probably the best weight loss potential of any oral or injectable therapy).
  • joelsg1: @bla00109 $LLY $BIIB Trading again, up 160.
  • bla00109: @joelsg1 $BIIB trading above 4 SD above 20 d MA. That's nuts. Possible 60 minute trade tomorrow AM. Like to see what @Dan says about this.
  • bla00109: $BIIB Oh God!!! I'm already had my first patient wanting me to treat him with Adacanumab. I expect my front desk is about to be inundated by phone calls.
  • stairm01: @bla00109 $BIIB Just human nature if you need help to try anything that will help the cause.
  • Forexpro: @bla00109 $BIIB Thanks, Bla00109, This one was kind of a binary, with quite a few informed observers leaning toward the view that the drug wouldn't be approved. So, this is a legitimate surprise. The Rand Corp, which did a study admittedly commissioned by $BIIB, estimated the initial market size as 2.4 mio, with an estimated treatment cost of $30k. Even if there are some rounding errors, that's a pretty big number (details via I love selling into ephemeral strength, but these are strange times. Tough short, it seems to me, but if I was long, I'd be selling with both hands. Already 60 bucks off the intraday high. Be lucky!
  • Roadrunner: $PRTA $DNLI $ATHA up on $BIIB news
  • scottto_2: @bRobert - $BIIB - What do you think. Other opinions welcome as well, of course!
  • scottto_2: $BIIB - Weekly chart shows the story/potential. Thus the inquiry to @bRobert....
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $BIIB That is one messy chart. with. many speed. bumps.on the daily as well I would. watch it if you like. I. think there are easier places to. make money. right. now Focus on. stocks making the new high. list Look at their WEEKLY. charts to estimate measured moves Look for. pullback. bounces to enter. Stocks making new 52 week. highs tend to repeat. Select the best of the best They may have a long way to. go. Technically. unleashed. No resistance and a long term chart that projects much higher. targets. I look through the bargain. bin but am very selective and have a long time frame You field a team with the strongest players You may take an ocassional flyer on one that had reconstructive surgery
  • scottto_2: @bRobert $BIIB - Thanks for the thoughts!
  • Roadrunner: $SAGE reported. Clinical trials look promising for multiple studies in areas such as depression, essential tremors, parkinsons and other neurological disorders. Collaborating with $BIIB. Ran up 5.98% today. Up in after hours.
  • 1winkie: Earnings today - $ABBV, $EBAY, $PYPL, $SPOT, $MET, $ IAC, $APO, $SAVE, $ELF, $BIIB, $YUMC, $HUM, $QCOM and $QRVO.
  • traderdl: $BIIB nice and steady +8% today
  • Ajax4Hire: Yes, $MRNA-Moderna(a CoronaVirus vaccine developer) is in the $IBB. Looks like $MRNA, $NVCR and $TECH is the real reason $IBB looks so appealing. Hold% $IBB iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF - Top 15 holdings 7.31% $GILD Gilead Sciences, Inc. 7.13% $AMGN Amgen Inc. 6.02% $VRTX Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 5.63% $REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 4.70% $ILMN Illumina, Inc. 4.62% $MRNA Moderna, Inc. 3.45% $BIIB Biogen Inc. 3.09% $SGEN Seagen, Inc. 2.89% $ALXN Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1.90% $INCY Incyte Corporation 1.61% $HZNP Horizon Therapeutics Public Limited Company 1.56% $ALNY Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc 1.52% $BMRN BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. 1.26% $NVCR NovoCure Ltd. 1.25% $TECH Bio-Techne Corporation Data from:
  • funfl: $BIIB ....kinda surprisingly no bounce in this one at all ..........just yet
  • Motorman: $BIIB wow, NP gladly
  • DAN: ...
    $BIIB -- can’t do anything with this.
  • Motorman: $BIIB Rockets up on Alzheimer drug news, NP, but holding $LABU
  • Bwhitty: @Scottrades The day got crazy yesterday and I did not get to respond about the computer equipment. Thank you for sharing. I bought a 5 year old computer from a $BIIB worker yesterday. Intel I7 3.9, 24 GB DDR3, Nvidia Card, Hard Drive 256 SSD 2TB SATA. He also had a Think Pad Thunderbolt HUB that lets you add monitors. If I wanted to go crazy I could have 8 screens! What made you go the two laptops route?
  • scottrades: @Bwhitty $BIIB Nice work! Sounds sweet. I went with Laptops for portability reasons. My wife gets summers off and likes to travel. We also have family on the other side of the country, this way I can still work while on the road if I have to.
  • Bwhitty: @scottrades $BIIB Smart, you can bring your entire setup with you without any changes. I have a place in Florida with a standing desk. I just bring laptop and one extra monitor. Encourages me to trade less and take a break 😎
  • Bert953: $BIIB has been weak but holding support here.
  • wijimmy: $BIIB ... Biogen Earlier Reported Q2 EPS $10.26 Beats $8.04 Estimate, Sales $3.68B Beat $3.44B Estimate solid #'s this morning and worth watching.. Good news on earnings,,, But .. Bad news.. CFO stepping down... with no explanation of why.. ... Biogen (NASDAQ:BIIB) reported quarterly earnings of $10.26 per share which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $8.04 by 27.61 percent. This is a 12.13 percent increase over earnings of $9.15 per share from the sameBiogen (NASDAQ:BIIB) reported quarterly earnings of $10.26 per share which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $8.04 by 27.61 percent. This is a 12.13 percent increase over earnings of $9.15 per share from the same period last year. The company reported quarterly sales of $3.68 billion which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $3.44 billion by 7.03 percent. This is a 1.80 percent increase over sales of $3.62 billion the same period last year.
  • wijimmy: $BIIB ...... earnings due out 7/22 Wednesday morning before opening bell.. Anyone know what the potential downside. move is ?? Trying to decide to hold or not....
  • bRobert: @scottrades $TSLA $MSFT $KO $SNAP $LMT $HAL $TWTR $T $AAL $LUV $INTC $BMRC $PM $CMG $VZ $PLD $NDAQ $NVS $UAL $MAN $LOGI $IBM $CALM $OGI $AXP $PHG $BIIB $TSCO $LII $ONB $TMO $SYF $TXN $KEY $CIT $MKTX $CTXS $ISRG $CMA $CHKP $LLNW $HCA $CDNS #Earnings Welcome back Scott !. You were missed. Dan sang O Canada on one of his strategy sessions in your $SWKS. 7/23. Large position. Great set up. and 5G play. If you're board buy some $OSB. and support your Toronto peeps. $50 target Get some $VFF. too. Nice tight wedgie. They're smokin.
  • Bert953: $BIIB may be looking for a bottom. Its been weak since May. Below all MA's - in fact looks like a death cross today, but may be worth stalking.
  • Ajax4Hire: Bio-Technology; Bio=Life; Techno=art/craft/skill; logy=study of BioTechnoLogy=Life-Craft-Study, aren't we all bio-technologist. Hold% $IBB iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF - Top 15 holdings 7.93% $AMGN Amgen Inc 7.87% $VRTX Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc 7.45% $GILD Gilead Sciences Inc 6.51% $REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc 5.54% $ILMN Illumina Inc 3.37% $BIIB Biogen Inc 3.11% $SGEN Seattle Genetics Inc 2.68% $ALXN Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc 2.57% $MRNA Moderna Inc 2.43% $INCY Incyte Corp 2.31% $BMRN Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc 1.83% $ALNY Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc 1.38% $SRPT Sarepta Therapeutics Inc 1.24% $NBIX Neurocrine Biosciences Inc 1.21% $SNY Sanofi SA Data from:
  • Herb: @scottrades $IBB interesting that it's breaking out with $BIIB looking so bad. . . . .
  • SparrowS: @bRobert, what do you think about $BIIB? It lost a patent challenge filed by $MYL. BIIB dropped $20, has recovered some since. Wondering if this is an opportunity for a long term entry.
  • bRobert: @SparrowS $BIIB $MYL You like bottom fishing < $260 stop Not my trade but ok
  • SparrowS: @bRobert $BIIB $MYL it's like bottom fish, but for biotech one needs stomach for big swings, by picking on spot like this, I can set a very tight stop. As I typed it came back to the vWAP, maybe I should give this stock a break see where it settles from news. Have been making a few $$ off options when it swinged to the lower or upper of the range.
  • SparrowS: $BIIB touched 200 ema and moved up now above VWAP, it's also above weekly 50 ema. If you like to own it for long term, this may be a good entry with a clear stop, today's LOD or the MA line. I own it, but adding to it would make my position too big.
  • Sparrows: In the last 8 days, $BIIB has touched 299 everyday before going back a few $! What tends to happen to this type of chart? Thanks!
  • issues: @Sparrows $BIIB It's consolidating. That's it!
  • Sparrows: $BIIB, $GH, $GILD, $REGN, $TMO: A few major biotech names I follow, all got above VWAP for the day, may worth watching. Those few are different from those small one-trick ponies. Some of us are good at chasing break-outs, but it's easier for me to buy pullbacks, easier to set a tight logical stop.
  • bRobert: @Sparrows $BIIB $GH $GILD $REGN $TMO Easier/safer to buy pullback/bounces. Stop just below
  • glens13: $BIIB - down 5 days in a row (one-time framing to the downside) but made its first higher high on the daily. 20day sma is $309.03. buystop hod $309.07. penant forming on the 5 min now.
  • glens13: $BIIB - big red "textbook" bearish engulfing candle (opening above prior day high and closing below prior day low) but the good news is its coming into the 200ema daily ($293.26) where it has bounced . same candle with $BYND but last week was an inside week so support is last weeks low $128.81 - if that fails next support is around the 20sma daily $122.71 and then 200sma. looking for both to rebound tomorrow as end of month window dressing.
  • glens13: @shoredriver $TSLA i look for ones with potential moves on the day to post. you can always "Hide User" i am currently in $BIIB $ISRG $CRM $WORK $TWTR $BYND $CHEF $SEAS $ROKU $SPCE $TLRY $X $USO $GLD $SLV $GOLD $CLF on a longer term time frames.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Hemal I like $BIIB-BioGen Inc. and $CHE-Chemed Corp for their 20day-MA,50day-MA convergence. Although, I like $CHE less today as last Friday was the breakout. $CHE is a Nursing Home and Septic Tank company; 2 orthogonal businesses. $CHE seems to be well liked by ToS analysis groups. don't like a company with split personality(VITAS/Roto-Rooter) but that shouldn't stop me from considering $CHE. Thanks for the analysis and list.
  • Auto: $BIIB working added long
  • glens13: @Auto $BIIB - took out the 61.8 Fib at $331.92 - $350.86 is the 71.6 Fib. Trend line resistance $342ish . Next Gap Fill $$339.41
  • traderbren: $ZM - working here. $BIIB - into gap filling mode.
  • Auto: $SDC $AMD $BIIB $GILD $WORK $AVYA working added
  • Margi1983: @bigbartabs $XBI $LABU . Trying to break ATH of101.60 from 2018. These are the companies that might save the world and our economy from a prolonged COVID-19 death spiral. Long $BIIB, $CODX,$MRNA
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Biogen Idec Inc., is a global biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets therapies for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and hemophilia.

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