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  • champ: $BJ's Wholesale-Club is now at $63 and LOD was at $61, still doing that zig-zag dance, however now...they will be reporting their earnings on 5/19/am/confirmed. I have a Spec and I'm trailing.
  • champ: @capitalist36 $SSO $LABU...#Thanks for the heads-up....however these are only trading ETF's for me....and currently I have NP's...and I'm still only a Watcher...and Yes sir...I can clearly see all the ETF's.....but still No-hope trades, going into the close..... ......However I'm thinking that I'm going to swing $BJ....into the Twilight-Zone. LOL
  • champ: $BJ's at $62.12 .. has real nice positive Volume this morning, that will close over both the 10 and 90 day average volumes.....because volume is already at around those averages at 1.552M and looks to be still climbing nicely.
  • champ: ......Some of my Green, is turning Red.....the markets are getting nervous again....stay focused and #Wait for Opportunities...don't force any new Trades. .....Harvest Profits..... $IBM $PCAR $DRI $BJ $KMI $PAA $PAGP $GXO $TWTR $YELL $T $LEVI...these are hanging in for now.
  • Mikev200: Retail gaps $TGT $COST $BJ $TGT
  • champ: @natural $LULU ...I'm out and happy, not really watching now....but Thanks for this Alert post, because I will move it back into Watch-list mold........ ......and now I'm only holding these investment Retail positions $ANF $CPRI $TPR $HIBB $LEVI and $LOW $BJ and I'm going to continue, to hold these positions, into there next earnings, if I don't get kicked out.
  • natural: @champ $LULU $ANF $CPRI $TPR $HIBB $LEVI $LOW $BJ Right on, many thanks. Beautiful morning in the Foothills, so I walk around the golf course with a phone, not clubs!
  • champ: @natural $LULU $ANF $CPRI $TPR $HIBB $LEVI $LOW $BJ ....Thats real nice and I always like doing that,....where are you, what area are you near...??, if you don't mind me asking.....
  • champ: $ANF $BJ 's $HIBB, these are other Retailers that I posted.
  • champ: $BJ's @ $69, this is a Wholesale Club and they have 226 huge Warehouse Clubs in 17 states, plus 157 Gas locations, see the new #News... because they are growing Fast......... New highs is pending, in the Short-Term............... This stock is the New Costco. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • CSD: @champ $BJ #News #BreakOut BJ's opened a new location next to me, and I have been a Costco member for a long time. I feel BJs is fine, but I think Costco has many more products than BJs. Although BJs have been around longer than Costco, from the early 90s in Northern VA.
  • champ: @CSD $BJ #News #BreakOut ----- I'm a Costco member also, from Day-1 and I never been in a $BJ's... because they aren't in California Yet.....Thanks for that Info and I'm guessing that there must be positive reasons why BJ's keeps growing....... .....and Now they are doing #Same-day-deliveries, that must be a real plus for their Older customers and their other customers that work long others that hate to shop..... Plus they just acquire #4 New Distribution Centers, from their long time partner Burris Logistics, which now allows them to insource their #Perishables supply chain. The news is, $BJ's has positioned itself between other Warehouse clubs and Grocery stores, so they focus on better locations. #Thanks for your info post from Virginia and I'm in the Monterey, California area. LOL
  • Lou: @champ $BJ #News #Same-day-deliveries - Nothing new there @champ. BJ's is doing just what Costco and dozens of other grocery stores have been doing for some time now - they use #Instacart. Instacart provides good service but in addition to the delivery fee, Instacart charges a few bucks more for each and every item, plus tip of course. A recent order we got cost about $45 more than it would have at the store. Better options are to order online directly from the grocer and have them put it into your trunk when you arrive at storefront.
  • CSD: @Lou $BJ #News #Same-day-deliveries #Instacart BJs app is better than the Costco app since they have express pay, which allows you to pay for items as you shop at BJs instead of waiting in long lines at the end.
  • woodman: @champ $BJ #News #BreakOut - We're a member. I've never shopped there, though. My wife does. Groceries for sure. Folks like Costco too, of course. I guess there's room for both.
  • champ: @Lou $BJ #News #Same-day-deliveries #Instacart ...Yes nothing New, except that #New-News that I posted, that is New for $BJ's,....and I'm currently, not holding any other positions in this sector, so I don't know what is new for others. LOL
  • champ: @CSD $BJ #News #Same-day-deliveries #Instacart ....Nice post because I didn't know thats 2-more +-plus's for this stock...for customers who are on a #budget....and who are also in a #hurry, Thanks and I learn something new on this stock everyday. LOL
  • champ: @woodman $BJ #News #BreakOut ....Locations can make a difference, for many.
  • Lou: @champ $BJ #News #Same-day-deliveries #Instacart #budget #hurry -#YouMissedMyPoint though that may be my fault as I may not have been clear enough. $BJ uses #Instacart and Instacart charges a significant markup for its service. Doesn't matter whether it's Costco or BJ's - count on spending $40-$50 more than store pickup.
  • CSD: @Lou $BJ #News #Same-day-deliveries #Instacart #budget #hurry #YouMissedMyPoint #Instacart I would never use instacart again because they overcharged for the same thing I bought at Costco cheaper during the pandemic.
  • champ: @Lou $BJ #News #Same-day-deliveries....I understand #Thanks, however I never did that before...we just pick out the slow time when we go....but my Wife usually does all the shopping and I do most all the eating.
  • champ: $BJ now at $67.00....this could be a Bounce-Back position....looking for $70 again and then, don't know if it will continue....however it will with a positive market.
  • champ: $BJ at $68..and this stock is in play again, plus over at BriefingTrader also, because they announced a partnership with DoorDash.. $DASH, for local late March and thats a #large-plus for many.......... ....this has many low price positive reasons to continue this zig-zag BreakOut...... ....this is a huge New plus....because of this new News is not fully-out Yet..... ............their Local... #Same-Day-Delivey-Service............ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: Retail-Sales numbers will be reported in the Morning. $SPY on the that those monthly economic reports, both the CPI and the PPI reports are now out...both Traders and Investors are now back at work, because those reports were both as expected and many thought the markets would fall-a-part...... and now after that didn't happen, its Back to Work.... The next Pre-Set-up is...... the #Retail-Sales numbers for the month of March, will be released in the morning.....and I posted my stock plays....$BJ $CPRI $TPR $LEVI $LULU....and I'm looking at many others.....$COST $WMT $TGT $BOOT $DKS $CROX....all are moving..... and it is real easy to see, that most every stock in the Retail sector is moving up today. ......$ANF, now at $ #new this morning..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • woodman: @champ $SPY $BJ $CPRI $TPR $LEVI $LULU $COST $WMT $TGT $BOOT $DKS $CROX $ANF #Retail-Sales #new - Thanks for the info. $LULU is the only one of those that I have. Bought it in the consolidation under the 200d and added more today on move up through the 200d.
  • bRobert: @woodman $SPY $BJ $CPRI $TPR $LEVI $LULU $COST $WMT $TGT $BOOT $DKS $CROX $ANF #Retail-Sales #new $400 speed. bump. may offer. another add
  • woodman: @bRobert $SPY $BJ $CPRI $TPR $LEVI $LULU $COST $WMT $TGT $BOOT $DKS $CROX $ANF #Retail-Sales #new - The weekly looks promising, if the Market can keep itself together.
  • bRobert: @woodman $SPY $BJ $CPRI $TPR $LEVI $LULU $COST $WMT $TGT $BOOT $DKS $CROX $ANF #Retail-Sales #new POTENTIAL is a great. word. I see no urgency. to unload the sectors that have been working well. With. high WEEKLY. chart potential , ai don't need to be super early $LULU. the exception. Classic. low risk set up/trigger . $475. sooner than later A WEEKLY breakout has. $600 POTENTIAL There's that word. $CYBER is. heating up. High potential Biotech. including the vaccine names. $XLV related. still works. Weekly breakout. Retest 20d. early bounce HMOs $UNH. $ etc. Hospital. $HCA. setting up $JYNT. has. my interest Watch list. No. hurry. but I can see this make a run to $50/$70. when it clears the 50d
  • scottrades: $BJ Another Retailer performing well. Low volume right now.
  • champ: $HD $TSCO $BJ..... a few trades going on.....and Traders need to stay focused because entry #timings are must have.
  • champ: $CMC $BJ ...full swings.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Closed slightly above the 200 Day $QQQ Holding the 50 Day $GDX Support at the 21 EMA $XLE Slope $XME Still above 21 EMA $URA Great volume XLP New High $XLV Right at the Highs $GBTC Jack Mallers announcing Strike has Connected with Shopify $AAPL On the 21 EMA $NVDA Close to the 200 Day $TSLA Choppy $MSFT Down the 50 Day. Support at the 50 Week $TWTR $COST Working but extended $BJ Moving out of a short base. $WMT BReaking out of an over year long base. $LMT Curling up. $LXU In the IBD 50. Watch for a Pullback $GWW Right under resistance. $EOG Flag $CNX Flag $ERF At the 50 Day $XOM Watch 85.50 $BRO Short base.
  • champ: $BJ.....for example, this set-up is still hanging in, an entry from the past, so look for Entries.
  • champ: $BJ $CMC $KMI are also other Investment positions,....that are working and all stocks work with Zig-Zags....and there are... No free Rides.... .....$DRI is a New set-up that I posted also....and as always, Expect zig-zags, for sure, always expect zig-zags.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: @debeers $TSCO ....I really like this stock, this retailer, for sure.... but I really hate this Market.....So because of that reason, For me I like $BJ....and I'm running skinny, meaning I'm only holding certain positions. LOL
  • champ: $ the zig-zags, around a Core position, had another nice entry the other day.
  • champ: $ $65.50, is active again today....
  • champ: $BJ.... is at HOD and so is $AMZN, however I'm not going to swing $AMZN but I'm going to swing $BJ.....
  • champ: Energy stocks, Fertilizer stocks and Metals...are hanging in nicely.... .....$AMZN however stocks that follow the Markets, have pulled back.... and $NVDA is the only Tech stock now, that I'm currently holding.... Plus I took profits this morning on the open in these positions $VSTO and $BJ, ...$0.50 cent Trailers took me out...
  • gtr89: @champ $AMZN $NVDA $VSTO $BJ $NVDA is my only tech stock as well
  • champ: @CrazyTrain $boot ....$BJ...on strong how do you like this one.....
  • bigbartabs: @champ $boot $BJ ... BJ... one crazy looking chart. Looks like the Himalayas
  • champ: $AMZN $BJ I have positions in both of these, however both of these are also working...$TGT $COST, plus others... .....large $$$ stock but just look at the 5-day chart on $AMZN....
  • wanda1616: @champ $AMZN $BJ $TGT $COST $DG as well. yahoo.
  • CrazyTrain: $BJ seems to be wedging, daily candles show rally on lower volume is that a concern?
  • champ: @bigbartabs $boot $BJ ---- For those looking at this chart.....they can easily see that this stock is in play and they can also easily see that #Computerized trading is also in play...and they always drag profits off and then get right back-in, at a ...
  • CrazyTrain: @champ $boot $BJ Liitle concerned about $BJ seems to be wedging daily candles show rally on decreasing volume would love to see a polite PB or some consolidation before taking a position
  • champ: $BJ's at $64.50 ...HOD and I'm still long off of that low risk entry that I posted about.
  • champ: $ of the #best times to buy a stock is... after a stocks drops, after they reported earnings,...for example like I posted on this stock..... ......and the reason Why is...because some-times....many just don't take enough time to read their earnings report....and others are forced-out only because of #CopyCat-sellers. This stock is a perfect example, on how #Low-Risk entries can work, off of #News...for a Back-up the Truck type of Entry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • champ: ...
    ....and I also posted about these positions that I got back-in .. $BJ $VSTO...... I did get back into these stocks also $SIG and $ I'm still holding my pipeline investment positions $KMI, $PAA and $PAGP and all are down today, pl ...
  • champ: $BJ's...HOD-L..this Investment position is still working.
  • champ: $BJ....HOD and this is Day-4 on this move off of the Low-turn-back up, Watch for Entry, off of that earnings report, see that info that I posted which was positive..... .............#see that Info post that was on 3/3......expect zig-zags, still has entry-timing and I added....investment position.
  • champ: $BJ's... LOD was at $56.06 and this stock is getting a nice turn...Spec investment position....Watch for a Low-Risk Entry....
  • cmaxwel1: @champ $BJ (I changed from SAMs club to BJ last year) better selection of products.
  • champ: @cmaxwel1 $BJ ...that Info is nice to know, #Thanks, we don't have one out here...and I did get back-in this stock, with a #Low risk entry, Investment Position.
  • champ: ...
    $BJ.....however when they do turn, they will zig-zag, just like this stock is doing.

    ~~~ However stocks in the energy sector are still working but entry timings are getting harder and harder and many have all ready ran too far, too fast and others ...
  • champ: @Pokersmith $HIBB at $48.75 .....Yes sir....Great company and this is a stock to Watch and so are these .... $PLCE $SIG $BJ $AMZN $HD $LOW $VSTO $BGFV $DKS $DRI $CROX $BOOT $LEVI $KTB $ANF and many others.....
  • champ: $BJ... was at $55.75....#Bounce-Candidate....they just reported earnings, Watch for a possible Entry.
  • Mikev200: @champ $BJ #Bounce-Candidate $COST earnings today AMC
  • champ: @Mikev200 $BJ $COST #Bounce-Candidate ...On $COST ...Yes exactly, today after and they should beat and that should help $BJ's even more ...
    .....and on $BJ is at $57.50....and I had a new Spec entry and I'm up around +$2.00, however that number is d ...
  • champ: $BJ...HOD...great move going into earnings, will it hold.....
  • DrScience: #Earnings tonight. Note those wide possibilities! $HEAR +/-18.5%, $RELY /-18%, $RSI /-17.4%, $PLAN /-16.1%, $SPLK /-15.4%, $DMRC /-13.9%, $NTNX /-13.4%, $PSTG /-13.4%, $SNOW /-13.2%, $KIDS /-11.9%, $VSCO /-11.3%, $RMNI /-11%, $CHPT /-11%, $BOX /-10.9%, $OKTA /-10.8%, $AEO /-10.7%, $BBSI /-9%, $CCSI /-8.5%, $VEEV /-8.4%, $GEF /-8%, $SGFY /-7.4%, $INVE /-7.2%, $HCCI /-5.5%, $FOA /-4.2% #Earnings tomorrow $REV /-12.8%, $BBY /-12.5%, $TWI /-11.7%, $GOGO /-11.6%, $BIG /-11.6%, $EYPT /-10.6%, $BURL /-10.4%, $UTZ /-9.9%, $BJ /-9.7%, $BF.B /-8.9%, $KR /-8.7%, $MEI /-7.2%, $ABUS /-7%, $CRAI /-6.8%, $PASG /-5.7%, $GMS /-5.6%, $CNSL /-5.6%, $ATRS /-4.5%, $TTC /-4.3%, $VIA /-3.2%
  • champ: $BJ...HOD-L and is still in play...could see info posts.
  • champ: $BJ's ..up +$1.90 hanging around $62 now, moving again this morning, posted yesterday.
  • champ: $BJ's $60.40, and they will be reporting their earnings on around 3/3, they should Beat, because #shoppers have been buying at these type of discount stores... and could make a move because of $AMZN earnings report.
  • RM: @champ $BJ $AMZN #Wholesale-Club #shoppers $BJ Reminds me of that MASH episode when Hawkeye ask Honeycutt: "what does BJ stand for. " Funny episode and classic MASH humor.
  • champ: @RM $BJ $AMZN #Wholesale-Club #shoppers.....Yes it was and I used to watch that series all the time...from 1972 to 1983....
  • MikeH131: $BJ Anyone still holding? It’s tested the low of the earnings gap up and waited for the 50 day. Thinking of starting a position but it really hasn’t avoided the market chop.
  • Joshuajab: $bj starting too get action
  • champ: $GO...HOD, investment position, see info posts, maybe hold this one, this has room and this is the % leader today..could hold positions in all of these....$BJ $$COST $WMT $AMZN.
  • lostsheep: $BJ a little runway into earnings
  • lostsheep: $BJ maybe a few points left here safety first
  • lostsheep: $BJ been building a position near 43.15 above the down trend channel line need a move above 44.36 to get some lift. Like the monthly macd cross. A real sleeper so far. Earnings 3/4
  • lostsheep: $BJ yee haw
  • Margi1983: $BJ wow.. day 3 up 4.8%
  • Hawaiianmaxx:
  • Hemal: 01/14/21 Stocks Ideas for Today via @YouTube $ARNC, $BJ, $HSY, $HUBS, $ITW, $LUV, $LYFT, $NVDA, $ODFL, $PS, $RTX, $SHW, $TGTX, $WMT
  • Hemal: 011221 Current Ideas Update via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX
  • Hemal: 011121 Current and new ideas via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX  

    $AAPL: Tightening up here near its 10/21 ema,  ...
  • Hemal: 01/10/21 Active stocks plus stocks of interest for this week via @YouTube $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $PNR, $ROK, $SCI, $AGNC, $BJ, $BMY, $CTAS, $HON, $HSY, $INFO, $LUV, $MAR, $MCD, $MDLZ, $PCAR, $RBA, $SHW, $SUN, $UBER, $UL, $WM&n ...
  • Hemal: 01/07/21 Current stocks update and new ideas. $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $PNR, $R... via @YouTube $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $PNR, $ROK, $SCI, $UBER, $BJ, $LUV, $MAR, $HON  

    Stocks that are setting up update
    $ABT: Nice follow th ...
  • haaktar: @Hemal $ABT $ADM $APH $PNR $R $ROK $SCI $UBER $BJ $LUV $MAR $HON Thank you for sharing!
  • Hemal: @haaktar $ABT $ADM $APH $PNR $R $ROK $SCI $UBER $BJ $LUV $MAR $HON My pleasure. I hope it provides value. Please do provide feedback if and when possible.
  • Yuls: $BJ building a cute flag within base, liking low volume pb pattern so far
  • lostsheep: $UPS $ZS $FIVN ETSY I know some of these have been mentioned. Inside days in tight pinches. $BJ 2x inside
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $UPS $ZS $FIVN $BJ $ZS W in motion $160 target $200/$250 longer term Holding with $CRWD $155 W target /$200 WEEKLY C&H
  • Kharrison67: @lostsheep $UPS $ZS $FIVN $BJ do you have a scan you can share that shows these inside days? thanks in advance
  • Yuls: $BJ nice looking base, pretty pullback, good ER beat
  • Yuls: $BJ nice bounce after ER beat this am, nice RVOL too
  • Mikev200: $BJ +5% on 1/2 avg. daily vol. See if holds 50d sma
  • champ: $BJ, is having a delayed bounce off of great earnings, the CopyCat sellers, opened-up another nice entry again.
  • champ: $BJ, @ $44.23 and they reported great numbers, take a look, out of the gate reaction was LOD @ $42.23, that was around a nice entry, next move is just like all the others, unknown.
  • jwstich: @champ $BJ Pete Naj. mentioned this as a buy today
  • champ: $BJ...HOD, BJ's Wholesale Club, another stay at home and buy stock, with same day delivery, stock-up and buy. They will be reporting earnings in the morning, could surprise.
  • bRobert: @champ $BJ What long wouldn’t enjoy a good $bj. Report?
  • champ: @bRobert $BJ $bj ---- Yes sir, I agree, this could be a real nice winner. Only need to beat on earnings, revenues and guide higher, no sweat, that should be real easy.
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Volume 2,207,400

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