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  • woodman: $BLL could be setting up.
  • DrScience: $BLL $SMGN $NOA $NTWK all have one thing in common: New 52-week high three days in a row.
  • champ: $FB $XPO $MLCO $PXD $FRAC $WPZ $BLL ----- Holding positions in these stocks into earnings. These 3... report in the morning $MLCO $FRAC $WPZ
  • champ: $BLL @ $43 ---- New #Spec Day and swing position this morning...could be a good Spec.?? and so far its working...large metal packaging manufacture, for the beverage, food, personal care and household products.. industries...take a look at their web site, with a market cap of $14.9b. UpGraded today by $USB, #before and going into Earnings on 11/2/am.. confirmed... with a new target of $50. Could have a nice slow earnings move, could break-out even more and move-up to around this 45-$46 level.. before....I'm guessing. Be aware..I'm chasing this morning but with trailing bracketed stops, in place.....HOD with a new ATH.
  • olveoyl: @champ $BLL $USB #Spec #before Just an fyi, this company has an aerospace division that makes up about 10% of this company
  • champ: @olveoyl $BLL $USB #Spec #before --- Yes, your right and Thanks, for pointing that out. This is a very large company, cyber security for the aerospace markets also, along with instruments and sensors, radio frequency systems and components, with a range of technologies and products.
  • issues: Now oil can shoot back up since I stopped out of $EOG $OIH and $XEC. As I typed in OIH I pushed enter too soon and fortuitously got $OI. Now that looks like a good packaging company. Probably some of you own it. $OI is in the same category as $BLL (IBD group 78).
  • ginice: @olveoyl $CRM Yes, already have my trailing stop below todays low with a tight leash for 25% of position. I'll try to pick it back up around the 20 dma on the rebound to replenish position. I still have $BLL too! Selling calls against it has been the trade. I only have 1/4 position now and I will sell it soon before the stock split on the 16th. Thanks! Trade safe.
  • olveoyl: @ginice $CRM $BLL Very nice!
  • olveoyl: $BLL This is a stock I have held for a long time. It has held that gap on on eps and now looks like it may try to eclipse that ath....I should of added at 77ish. @Dan or anyones thoughts here...does it look to go?
  • olveoyl: @olveoyl $BLL Ahem...No Olveoyl, it didnt break through ;)
  • olveoyl: $BLL what the heck! Stop for a breather. Jeffries drafts BLL as it's franchise pick??? What does this mean? Anybody? Its a packaging stock with 10% of the company in aerospace..
  • HooDat06: @olveoyl $BLL Apparently an earnings beat caused a run to cover by the shorts. "Franchise pick" just means Jefferies' research analysts are endorsing the stock. If you drink soda or pretty much any other canned drink, turn the can around to the bar code and ingredients, and you'll see Ball's stylized logo somewhere in there. I used to work in A&D for a bank, and we, along with everyone else on the street, told them they should sell the aerospace piece, but they have no desire to. It's such a small part of the company, it doesn't really factor into the trading valuation. Cool little division though - they have some nice tech there - would fetch a 10x+ EBITDA multiple pretty easily
  • olveoyl: @HooDat06 $BLL Thank you for explanation! (Franchise pick...simple enough) They have some very intelligent people working in their aerospace division ;) Thanks again!
  • olveoyl: $BLL a stock I have held a long time. Reported today the stock is up 10%+ at an ATH (thats all I have to say about that)
  • Trixie: @olveoyl $BLL looks to be coming out of a long base.. i think can see an inv' head + shoulders..
  • olveoyl: @Trixie $BLL Hi! I can see what you are looking at there on the I H&S. Perhaps there is something more to the story here that is not being fully disclosed. I really don't know. Thanks for your comments!
  • janner0814: Well, @DAN asked ppl to come to the forum for the ROBUST discussion; well here's my contribution (that I WON'T delete; since it's Dan's request to visit the Forum). Twenty three stocks with: >Price Strength Confirmation >Avoid List (all my avoids taken out) >Liquidity >Past Five days, positive volume bars: Interesting the retail stocks that have come on strong, e.g. TJX. Stocks are ranked per Trend Intensity for the past FIVE days. $BAX $TPX $GT $XLNX $CTXS $ALK $STLD $PBF $IMS $PLD $GPN $TJX $RHI $TSS $KATE $GGP $WU $SEE $BLL $QVCA $HRB $HOLX $ARMK
  • DrScience: $BLL rocketed mightily off the 200 DMA. Third day of three-day-rule bounce from the 50 DMA. Stock at POC on 6-month and yearly Volume Profile. Stock trading over 110% of average volume with the greatest volume changing hands since May. Could be a lot of IWMMB trading in this area, so watch for a pullback to 69 as a better entry for a longer-term trade. See OI on FEB 72.50 Calls. Huge volume bought on Ask @ 3.00 yesterday. (I didn't buy all of them, but I got me some!) Thanks to @olveoyl for the heads-up.
  • Trixie: @DrScience $BLL What is IWMMB?
  • DrScience: @Trixie $BLL #IWMMB I-Want-My-Money-Back!
  • olveoyl: $BLL I have owned this stock for a very long time. It is up 3%+ today. Trying to regain that 200sma on the daily. The stock was upgraded. Looks like a nice pattern on daily also...Perhaps look at its peers? Just another ticker/chart to look at
  • issues: Earnings tonight: $VRTX (we hold) $NXPI (we hold) $TSO (we hold) $PYPL $WDC $CAVM $BWLD $ANIK $VLO (holders) $AMGN (holders) $ELLI Earning Thurs: $ABMD (holders) $AET $ALXN $BLL $BMRN $BOFI $FDC $COP $CBM $CVRR $FLR $MOH (hold) article on Zack's $MPC $NUS(Dan's brother work for NUS) $SBUX $SAM $UVE $VA Earnings Fri: $ABBV $BUD $CBOE $LPNT (I just bought $LPNT - good article on Zacks's (, also$LPNT has Zack's highest ratings AAA!) and $PSX (Zack's rating BAA)
  • olveoyl: $BLL Nice move today! Up above bb. They look to report their earnings on 4/30. Volume is a bit on the light side so far i/d. This has been a long term hold for me.
  • Bridget: @Jadee I'm just looking at stock, not options, but these are the ones I like today: $NFLX, $CLVS, $FEYE, $BLL, $HP, $PPA, $V. Is that enough for you? :)
  • Bridget: $BLL breaking out of a triangle to the upside. Great uptrending stock that is giving a great entry point at $72 with a stop placed below the 50MA at $70.
  • Jadee: $BLL Watching Ball corp moving to VWAP for possible bounce
  • olveoyl: $BLL Stock hitting all time highs...just saying.. I do hold this in long term account. Oh happy day???
  • olveoyl: $BLL All time high. One to consider? They were recently awarded a contract by the US Navy. FD long stock
  • olveoyl: $BLL All time high. They have two divisions, one is packaging (you know the Ball canning jars) They sold this part of their business off. The other division is aerospace. I have held shares in this co for quite a while fd. The chart looks constructive.
  • Tricia: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $ABFS, $ABMD, $ADT, $AIT, $ALXN, $AN, $ARG, $ATK, $BC, $BEAV, $BEN, $BLL, $BMS, $BTU, $BX, $BZH, $CAH, $CAM, $CARB, $CELG, $CEVA, $CL, $CMS, $COP, $CRR, $CRS, $DFT, $DGX, $DOV, $DST, $EPD, $ERIC, $ESI, $HAR, $HGG, $HOG, $HP, $HSH, $HSY, $IVZ, $KELYA, $KEM, $KMT, $LLL, $LLY, $MAN, $MD, $MMM, $MO, $NOC, $NVO, $OSTK, $OXY, $PBI, $PHM, $PLD, $POT, $RGLD, $RTN, $RYL, $SHW, $TE, $TEN, $TKR, $TMO, $TWC, $UA, $UPS, $UTEK, $V, $VIAB, $VLY, $WCC, $WHR, $XEL, $XOM, ZMH
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $AB, $ABB, $ACAT, $AIXG, $ALK, $ALV, $ALXN, $AN, $ASPS, $AVT, $BC, $BEN, $BG, $BLL, $BMS, $BSX, $CAB, $CAJ, $CAM, $CCE, $CELG, $CFX, $CL, $CLI, $CMS, $CRI, $CS, $CSH, $CVE, $CWEI, $DFT, $DLX, $DNKN, $DO, $DOW, $DST, $ELN, EQM, $EQT, $ERIC, $ESI, $F, $FAF, $FLIR, $GG, $GNC, $GNRC, $HERO, $HOT, $HSY, $ICLR, $IMAX, IP, $JNS, $KKR, $KMT, $LAZ, $LEG, $LTM, $LUV, $MCK, $MDP, $MDSO, $MGI, $MJN, $MMM, $MO, $NBL, $ODFL, $ORI, $PACR, $PCP, $PDS, $PHM, $POT, $PTEN, $PVR, $QSII, $RCI, $RCL, $RDWR, $RS, $RTN, $RYN, $SEIC, $SHPG, $SIRI, $SJR, $SLAB, $STC, $TDY, $TKR, $TROW, $UA, $UFS, $USG, $VCI, $VDSI, $VLY, $VNTV, $WAB, $WCC, $WRLD, $XEL, $XRX, $YNDX, ZMH
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open: $ABB, $ACT, $AEP, $AIXG, $ALK, $ALKS, $ARG, $ASH , $ASPS, $BC, $BG, $BIIB, $BLL, $BMS,BMY, $BSX, $BWA, $CAB, $CAM, $CCE, $CELG, $CFX , $CL, $CMS, $CNX, $COR, $CPN, $CRI,CRR, $CS, $CHS, @DAN, $DFT, $DHI, $DLX, $DNKN , $DO, $DOW, $DST, $EQT, $ESI, $FAF,FLIR, $GG, $GM, $GNC, $GPK, $GRA, $HNT, $HOG , $HOT, $HSY, $IDCC, $IMAX, IP, $JAH,JNS, $KEM, $KMT, $LAZ, $LL, $LM, LO, $LUV , $MDP, $MDSO, $MGI, $MHFI, $MJN, $MMM,NBL, $NMM, $NXTM, $ODFL, $ORI, $PACR, $PCP, $PDS , $PHM, $PNK, $POT, $PTEN, $QSII, $RCL,RDWR, $RS, $RTN, $RYN, $SIRI,SLAB, $STC, $STRA, $SUI, $TKR, $UA, $UFS, $USG , $UTHR, $VCI, $VDSI, $VLY, $WAB, $WCC,XRX, $YNDX, ZMH
  • olveoyl: $BLL Ball Corporation has two divisions, metal and glass containers (packaging) and also an aerospace division. They get contracts from the government. (good or bad, at this point?) The chart is in a very nice uptrend, on the weekly chart it looks to be breaking out of a #squeeze. Earnings are on 4/25. The #dividend looks to be stable. There was a stock split of 2 for 1 on 2/16/2011.
  • cainoftier: $BLL Nice chart and nice company. Been around forever, and been going up pretty much forever too. Love their jars, use them all the time. I think if it can hold $43.50 its up from here, its right at good support. Could still go back down to just under $42 and still be in the channel though.
  • scorpino: $BLL making new highs as mkt drops
  • bybyjanice: PKG: jddaniels, I think $PKG is forming another high base on the daily. After the last base, stock shot up to $32.63. I am still waiting for IP to correct down to the 20dma. $CCK was mention yesterday on Mad Money. Another container company, but they are metal containers. $BLL is another metal containe company too. Has an aerospace division too. Do you have any experience with $BLL or CCK. Thanks Janice.
  • scottto: ...
    $INTU, $VNO, $BLL

    Relevance list: Criteria solely the opinion of the listmaker include: stock looking like a #squeeze; large 6 month price range; history of '#squeeze-n-pops'; winner's circle

    $TJX - Very strong chart, wouldn't trade it as a #s ...
  • scottto: ...

    0.06: $MMM, $BA, $NUE, $CSX, $MCK, $WU, $AEP, $BMS, $ECL, $DNB, $NSC, $AMT, $CVX, $TWC, $NI, $AON, $PPL, $HRB, $ABC, $T,
    $UNP, $DIS, BF.B, $SEE, $NU, $AL ...
  • scottto: ...
    0.06: $PEG, $GAS, $WU, $CB, $CPB, $HNZ, $DTE, $UNM, BRKB, $ZMH, $UPS, $CFN, $SRE, $ARG, $DIS, $PCP, $BLL, $FE, $UTX, $ADP
    $SHW, $BBBY, $SBUX, $MDT, $SCG, $DRI, $ROP, $LLL, $XRAY, $XEL, $PRGO, $BWA, $CME, $ALL, $NI, $DVA, $SIAL, $KO, $TSS, $NEE,
    L ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Ball downgraded at Credit Suisse
    $BLL was downgraded from Outperform to Neutral, Credit Suisse said. Valuation call, based on a $45 price target.

    Caterpillar upgraded at BofA/Merrill
    $CAT was upgraded from Neutral to Buy, Bank of A ...
  • scottto: ...
    $BLL - A newbie to the list, nice-looking chart
    $ITW - another new entry, looking good
    $OXY - 3% #squeeze on a $100 stock, could be explosive (either way, however)
    $VZ - Perhaps just starting a breakout
    $LLL - breaking o ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Ball upgraded at JP @Morgan
    $BLL was upgraded from Neutral to Overweight, JP @Morgan said. Beverage can business should outperform other packaging markets.

    $BP plc upgraded at Jefferies
    Shares of $BP upgraded from Hold to Buy, Jefferies ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Ball Corp. rated new Outperform at Credit Suisse
    Coverage of $BLL was started with an Outperform rating, Credit Suisse said. $42 price target. Emerging markets should drive growth over the next several quarters.

    Crown Holdings rated ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Shares of $BLL now seen reaching $42, according to Jefferies. Estimates also cut, given slower expected macro growth. Buy rating.

    Bio-Rad estimates, target cut at Jefferies
    $BIO estimates were reduced through 2012, Jefferies said. Recent acq ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $BLL estimates were raised through 2012, Jefferies said. Packaging sector should benefit from lower raw material costs. Buy rating and $46 price target.

    Dell estimates raised at $UBS
    $DELL estimates raised through 2013 on better margins and lo ...
  • OpenInterest: Stocks in a volatility #squeeze near the 50 SMA: $AMT, $AXP, $BLL, $BPO, $CELG, $CI, DIS. I'm not buying, just working on a buy list.
  • rcline: Squeezes - I am having so much fun with squeezes right now. I thought I would share some of my current #squeeze positions and ones that I am looking to enter: Current #Squeeze positions: $EMR - entered 2/1/2011 $CAT - entered 2/1/2011 $WTW - entered 2/2/2011 $BLL - entered 2/3/2011 $ROP - entered 2/3/2011 $LXP - entered 2/4/2011 $CFN - entered 2/7/2011 $TD - entered 2/7/2011 Squeezes I am following, with a look to entering: $AMT $PBI $SBAC DTG $UPS $POM Certainly a target rich environment, but given where we are in the market trend I am keeping an eye out for signs of weakness. I am also entering positions at half of my risk tolerance and keep adjusting my stops upward, just in case. Cheers, @Ray
  • rcline: $EMR, $CAT, $BLL, $WTW, $ROP, $LXP, $CFN, $TD

    These are the squeezes I am riding at the moment. $EMR, $CAT, $BLL, $WTW, $ROP, and $LXP were selected on the daily charts. $CFN and $TD were selected on weekly charts (these are the only two I am curr ...
  • rcline: ...
    $BLL 1/26/2011 1/28/2011
    $EMR 1/26/2011 1/28/2011
    $MENT 1/26/2011 1/28/2011
    $SLX 1/26/2011 1/28/2011 Second attempt at VS breakout. A bit of a sloppy chart
    $AJG 1/25/2011 1/28/2011 Pullback at a high base.
    $CAT 1/27/2011 1/28/2011
    $J ...
  • maddenmg: Telechart - Version: (The #squeeze's listed above work better for a xfer to telechart in this format:) $PCAR $DD $IFF NOVL $BMC $DHR $UTX $LEG $PG $KMB KG $LLY $JNJ $ADI $K $CPB KFT $DVA JBR $CINF $PLL $CAT $IR $WM $NUE $CHRW $UPS $PNW $POM $DUK $D $SO $ED $AEP $CNP $XEL $NU $GAS $PEG $SRE $AEE $GD $PPG $IBM $CTXS $CA $CPWR $MSFT $IRM $ORCL $NWL $BLL $LIFE $ABT $BIIB $APH $INTC $LLTC $OXY $SE EXF $PCEF $BDX $MDT $CAR $PKI $TMO $DGX $TMK $MMC $SBUX $MMM $EMR $FAST $WMT $CVS $SHW $RAI $LUV $FDX $CMS PGN $EIX $SCG $WEC $PDCO $ARG
  • dunsek: ...
    Cons NonDurable: $BLL
    Drugs: $LIFE, $ABT, $BIIB
    Electronics: $APH, $INTC, $LLTC (semiconductor, big move Friday)
    Energy: $OXY, $SE
    Financial: $EFX (vol expansion?), $PCEF
    Food/Bevvie: $PEP
    Health: $BDX ...
  • HGIGuy: $BLL - Hitting new highs. I thought I could, I thought I could......
  • HGIGuy: $BLL - breaks out from congestion above upper BB
  • Russ: List of packaging stocks This is my list of packaging stocks of various sorts from cardboard boxes to mason jars to auto parts packaging. If the market expects the economy to modestly expand, stuff will have to get packed and shipped somehow. $GEF, $OI, $CCK, $SON, $BZ, $SEE, $SLGN, $BLL, $MYE, BWY, $ATR, $PKG, TIN, $UFPT
  • Bob: Notable earnings before Thursday's open: $ABC, $ALXN, $AN, $AVT, BDK, $BG, $BLL, $CBE, $CIT, $CLS, $CME, $CNX, $COP, $CP, $DHR, $DO, $EMC, $ESI, $ESV, $EXC, $FITB, $GMT, GR, $HSY, $IGT, $IVZ, $JNS, $LCC, $LLL, $MAR, MI, $NCR, NCX, $NIHD, $NOV, $NUE, OMTR, $OXY, $PENN, PM, $PNC, $POT, $RCL, $RS, $RSH, $RTN, RX, $SCG, $SEIC, $SIAL, $STI, $SU, $SVU, $TCB, $TMO, $UNP, $UPS, $ZMH Notable earnings after Thursday's close: ACF, $AMGN, $AMZN, ATHR, $AXP, $BNI, BUCY, $CAKE, $CB, $CF, $CNW, CRBC, $CYH, $CYN, $DDR, DDUP, $DV, $EMN, $FII, $INFA, $JNPR, $KLAC, $MHK, $MSCC, $MSFT, $NFLX, $PKI, $PMCS, $RIO, $RMBS, $RVBD, SPWRA, $STAR, $STSA, $SWKS, $SYNA, $WDC, WFR, $YRCW
  • hale: I looked at it over the last 5 years and unless I am missing something the stock has not been much over $53.00 however I did see that $BLL may be a better play in this sector. They are up 19.8% YTD and they are leading there peers, although there are no insider trades even after they were awarded 2 NASA contract Just a thought. Jack
  • Suzie: @IAN: From your earlier post these 3 made the short list: OI- its a breakout candidate and has about $2.85 in upside left. $BLL - after I see how it acts tomorrow as Friday was day 3 $SEE - but I'd like to see more volume. I've put the group you posted into a new watchlist...thanks for helping me see this group - I'd totally ignored it until now :)
  • iancleghorn: ...
    $BLL Ball
    $SON Sonoco products
    $SLGN Silgan
    $SEE Sealed Air

    They all have nice charts.

    @Bob, since data is a matter of interpretation, I'd be interested in what the IBD rankings are telling you.

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Volume 1,378,150

Ball Corporation is a supplier of metal and plastic packaging to the beverage, food and household products industries.

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