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Strategy Session July 23rd, 2018

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  • stairm01: @DAN $TRXC $BLUE Dan, on Friday there was a rebalance of the Russel 1000 and 2000. Evidently this takes place yearly in late June. It caught me off guard with $BLUE and I've read up on this, but don't understand the rebalance completely. Is this something you can explain in your simplified terms and really what changed in BLUE that would generate such a sell off? Thanks for all of your help and keeping us in the game with the market and stocks.
  • DAN: @stairm01 $TRXC $BLUE Hi stairm01. I don't follow BLUE anymore, so I can't speak to that. I think there are folks in here who still follow Bluebird Bio, so maybe they can address the selloff. Re/ changes in averages like the Russell 1000 and 2000, any time there is an addition, tracking funds (like ETFs) have to address those changes. If a stock is added, then these funds need to buy that stock. If a stock is removed, they need to sell it. Typically these can be short term moves because the supply/demand is kind of "artificial". It has nothing to do with fundamentals or anything relative to the company. It's just because the stock got added to an index. Hope that helps. --Dan
  • stairm01: @DAN $TRXC $BLUE Yep! Thanks Dan.
  • woodman: $BLUE - hammer/doji off a multi-bottom level.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $BLUE maybe good for a trade but this one looks broken to me
  • woodman: @spmeyers $BLUE - yeah, chart is broken, but it will come back at some point. I have no idea when, but It has too much going on that's good.
  • stairm01: $BLUE down over 7.5% today back to the 200 dma after a bounce and big run up off of it three days ago. I'm long stock and getting tired of trying to out guess where this ones going.
  • woodman: @stairm01 $BLUE - Russell rebalancing. "Other companies going into the Russell 1000 from the Russell 2000 will also have stock for sale at the close: biotech firms Exact Sciences and Bluebird Bio and software firm Aspen Technology have either increased their share count significantly or have had big moves up in the last year and are graduating to the large-cap index." "
  • stairm01: @woodman $BLUE Thanks for the explanation.
  • traderbren: $BLUE - coming alive. Long
  • woodman: For what little it may be worth: GS #Biotech stocks where GS analysts see the highest M&A probability: $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT
  • shoredriver: @woodman $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT #Biotech .....$CLVS.....ugly memory.......
  • woodman: Speaking of $BLUE, it's bouncing a little off 200d support. I have some of this. It hasn't been doing much lately, but I think eventually it will.
  • woodman: @shoredriver $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT #Biotech - BMRN has been on that list forever. Broken clock. Eventually they will be right about it getting bought.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT #Biotech I've been waiting for someone to scoop up INCY for quite awhile. At least it has come off of the recent lows. Someone is throwing me a lifeline which I really need on this one.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $BLUE I can't believe how choppy this stock has been. Too old for more roller coasters, have enough of them as it is.
  • traderbren: $BLUE -- seeing some interest on the intraday.
  • woodman: $BLUE - pullback and hammer off 200 day right around the 50 day.
  • shoredriver: $BLUE...not too chirpy today....
  • woodman: @shoredriver $BLUE - New Bluebird data show promising benefits for gene therapy, if they last. "New versions of Bluebird Bio’s gene therapy for inherited blood disorders yielded significant benefits for patients, according to updated results from ongoing clinical trials released Friday...." But Cantor stuck a pin in that re-iterating its cautious view due to valuation. .
  • shoredriver: @woodman $BLUE thanks.....
  • MtChet: @DAN $BLBD - Must be a day for the ornithologist as the other Blue Bird ($BLUE) popped as well. ;)
  • woodman: $BLUE - looking lively.
  • Wykeman: $BLUE just turned green premarket...small spec play for me.
  • Wykeman: $BLUE moving...small spec trade
  • traderbren: $BLUE -- shaping up to be a gap & crap. Decided to bail on the pop this morning.
  • Wykeman: @traderbren $BLUE nice..i also closed my small spec trade.
  • spmeyers: @Wykeman $BLUE will be reporting results at ASCO; not sure what day, be careful
  • Wykeman: @ag1 $BLUE I agree. I'm guessing they were expecting more..said more had relapsed while on the meds. Need more time with these stocks. I consider this a speck trade..very small position for me.
  • Gary: ...
    2. $HTHT – blue sky. 4:1 split and run is really positive!
    3. $ICUI – very extended. Use a trailing stop and fractional orders.
    4. $CPRT – Can churn here for a while.
    5. $PRLB – Flat trend now. Look at 50-day MA
    6. $ATHM ...
  • Wykeman: $BLUE down 5% a/h released news...
  • ag1: @Wykeman $BLUE Strange, about the worse I read was (Reuters) "The bluebird CAR-T treatment targets a protein known as BCMA, but the trial found no correlation between levels of the protein on cancer cells and response to the therapy" implying they don't really understand whats going on with this Medication. This may be a knee-jerk response. Thanks for the update.
  • roadrunner69: $BLUE - on the move on news
  • traderbren: $BLUE - finally working. Long.
  • stairm01: $BLUE Just broke to a new 2 month high. Long stock.
  • grcjr: @stairm01 $BLUE Running up plus/minus the 150dma. Looking interesting.
  • sierramp: @stairm01 $BLUE $CRSP and $EDIT also moving up today. It's a good day to be a Biotech.
  • woodman: @sierramp $BLUE $CRSP $EDIT - Yep. Long BLUE EDIT and $NTLA.
  • traderbren: $BLUE - showing signs of life.
  • sierramp: @traderbren $BLUE Thx for the post, have my screens open to Dan's Hour of Power webinar so wasn't watching all the usual suspects.
  • woodman: @traderbren $BLUE - Long as well.
  • stairm01: $BLUE Nothing blue about blue today. Huge volume on the intra day since it started it's run at 9:54. Long stock.
  • rck89: $BLUE So here’s my “problem” trade: On Feb 21, I BTO BLUE Jan 2019, 200/220 BuCS @9.20 debit (bought 200’s @$49.2, sold 220’s @ $40), with the expectation of a takeover. No takeover bid and the position fell sharply. Then I BTC the 220 calls @17.1 credit for a big gain. I continued to hold the 200 calls, which of course also significantly declined! Subsequently, I STO BLUE Jan 2019 210’s at $21.2 credit against my long 200 call position, just to take in some cash. So now I’m holding a BLUE 200/210 call spread @ $28 db. So what to do with this crazy position? Thoughts please, thanks, much.
  • issues: @rck89 $BLUE Thank you for your note and a reminder for me to place a stop in at $169.
  • sierramp: @issues $VIRT $ETSY $DQ $EMES $EL $NOW $MZOR $MA $WB $VAC I appreciate this type of post too. I bought $CRSP this morning and was stopped out of $XPO and $BLUE. I'm a swing trader, not day trader.
  • woodman: $BLUE - a total disappointment.
  • traderbren: @woodman $BLUE - yep, I was looking for more out of the move we had on Friday. Looking for it to clear $182.82 before looking at it again.
  • wijimmy: @rachel $LCI $SPX $FFTY $DJI $MDY $IWM $XLF $JPM $MS $GS $DJT $COMPQX $ATHM $BLD $OLLI $AAPL $ABT $DXC $NVDA $DBX $TTD $MNST $MTCH $EL $LGIH $CWH $BLUE $STMP $HAL $GDOT $CBU $PBYI ...... ....LOVE the RECAP...NOTES !!!! THX... { u on the payroll ?? }
  • DAN: @wijimmy $LCI $SPX $FFTY $DJI $MDY $IWM $XLF $JPM $MS $GS $DJT $COMPQX $ATHM $BLD $OLLI $AAPL $ABT $DXC $NVDA $DBX $TTD $MNST $MTCH $EL $LGIH $CWH $BLUE $STMP $HAL $GDOT $CBU $PBYI LOL. Yes, Rachel is on the payroll. She has been with us for more than 10 years, and is indispensable.
  • traderbren: $BLUE -- getting some traction this AM.
  • Ajax4Hire: $BLUE - Bluebird Bio; started a position just now at $190.75. Put/Call suggest a big move sometime in the near future. Most of the money seems to be on the calls (judging by the Open Interest/volume). Similar to earlier this year.
  • woodman: $BLUE - working well, moving back up from a bottom.
  • woodman: @Ajax4Hire $BLUE - posted just after you. :-)
  • sierramp: @woodman $BLUE What happened at 10:48?
  • woodman: @sierramp $BLUE - $XBI $IBB reversal happened.
  • bwcarnation1: $BLUE totally missed the turn down involved with non market related stuff...hopefully it holds here...Dan any thoughts on this one?
  • bwcarnation1: $BLUE above 50ema
  • sierramp: $BLUE at D50 now.
  • traderbren: $BLUE - getting closer to clearing the 50dma.
  • stairm01: $BLUE Benefitting also from the presidential announcement that CHAMP posted on below in $LABU
  • issues: @traderbren $BLUE thank you ! Bought small starter position!!
  • traderbren: @issues $BLUE - great!
  • Gary: ...
    $BLUE – hold this stock.
    DCB Trades:

    $CUTR – Entry at $37.65. ALERT $37.65
    $SPKE – Trade is over...but this is what it looks like! Dragonfly Doji...bought at $10.51.
    $TREE – this snapback has run its course. $40+ move.
    $PRTA ...
  • marketdude: $blue looks like it's going higher once it breaks 180 to the upside - thoughts?
  • nestorsch1: @marketdude $blue I’m watching it since yesterday, it’s in a squeeze but volume doesn’t add up (yet?) very tempted to go in with half position... maybe the move is to go in when it breaks 180 as you mentioned
  • marketdude: $blue just broke higher from 180 so you may want to watch it - full disclosure, I have a position in $blue
  • DAN: @marketdude $blue Thanks marketdude. Good support at these levels.
  • sierramp: @marketdude $blue I've been waiting for this for weeks. Thanks for bringing me back to it. Back in.
  • DAN: @sierramp $blue Ah, the value of this forum. Many many eyes watch a LOT more stocks than any one pair of eyes.
  • sierramp: @DAN $blue Exactly! It really is a huge asset to have all the eyes of this group working and reporting back.
  • kshaggy456: $blue is starting to trickle up with higher highs and higher lows looks like short squeeze is going to happen by asco abstracts come out on may 17th
  • kshaggy456: @kshaggy456 $blue is going to discuss their car-t trial data at asco on June 1st looks like a run up to that conference
  • rachel: ...
    19. $BLUE – bullish breakout imminent? Alert $182
    20. $STMP – hold or profit taking? Still going. Take ½ and leave ½ alone
    21. $HAL – volatility squeeze? No. No real “base” here.
    22. $GDOT – pri ...
  • nestorsch1: $BLUE did anybody check on this one lately?
  • sierramp: @nestorsch1 $BLUE I was in it in Feb and early March. Good to see consolidation now. May have opportunity to get in next week at the D150
  • nestorsch1: @sierramp $BLUE thanks for your feedback. Good point on the D150. I looked at the chart and it’s close. Will set an alert.
  • steve71: $BLUE A few months ago $BLUE was a SMM position based on buyout potential. Biotechs since crashed and $BLUE is down 20%. This week New England Journal of Medicine published a major article and editorial about Bluebird's treatment for thalassemia. (For academicians, a NEJM article is better than sex.) Thalassemia is one of the most common GENETIC diseases, with severe clinical problems. Two combined $BLUE studies yielded tremendous lab and clinical results. Bluebird plans to file for European approval late 2018. FDA wants two U.S. trials completed, so submission here not likely until 2020 or 2021. Ultimate approval is likely. So is Bluebird a buyout candidate? The stock barely budged. Given the timeframe and risk of trials, it seems too early. Better bets on the table. NP
  • captron: $BLUE Will present at Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s 6th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Investor Day on Tuesday, April 17, at 11:25 a.m. ET at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.
  • sierramp: @captron $BLUE Thanks @captron, been looking for reason to get back in but so far not seeing it. Maybe tomorrow's presentation will provide the reason.
  • captron: @sierramp $BLUE I agree. Have been on the side lines myself but like Dan always says, Can't own them all.
  • grcjr: $BLUE - my price alert caught $BLUE moving up. Now above the 150dma, touching the 20dma. Below the 50dma. Low risk buy possible.
  • issues: @grcjr $BLUE Fits Dan's pattern for a good short, don't ya thunk?
  • woodman: @gbwusc @spmeyers $SGMO - many biotechs are exhibiting this pattern. $BLUE $KPTI, e.g. Broken trends or not, I'm making money off these bounces. If they reverse (rollover) at the 50 days, I'll have to get out.
  • grcjr: @issues $BLUE - Short? Maybe for a short term trade. If I'm inclined to short I look to options. Perhaps a BeCS or a long Put. The spread (bid to ask) on a May $180 Put is $1.30 (almost an 8% range). Not that interesting to me. The spread for each le ...
  • kshaggy456: $blue is starting to move back up
  • woodman: @kshaggy456 $blue - $BLUE is like $SGMO. Rounding back up after a breakdown through the 50 day and pullback to near the 200 day.
  • woodman: @JBed $SGMO - I bought some yesterday. $BLUE has the same look, if you like that look.
  • stairm01: $BLUE Opened down $5 today from yesterdays close shy of the 200 dma. Has rallied up $15 today off the lows. I have a position. Just letting you know that you will not be the first out of the fox hole.
  • captron: $BLUE Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Officer exercising options and selling shares. Looks like they timed the bottom.
  • captron: $BLUE So much for take over rumors. (Nasdaq: BLUE) and Celgene Corporation (Nasdaq: CELG) today announced that the companies have entered into an agreement to co-develop and co-promote bb2121, an investigational anti-B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy for the potential treatment of patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma in the United States.
  • TunaHelper: @captron $BLUE I wouldn't completely abandon the thought that they may be taken over. If I am not mistaken, $CELG had a research/development partnership and/or investment in $JUNO before buying it. It could be a really good strategy: Sort of test drive them, look at what's under the hood to see if it is legit or witchcraft, and then make an informed bid with a better idea of the prospects/valuation.
  • captron: @TunaHelper $BLUE $CELG $JUNO You make a good point. Was not aware of their partnership with Juno prior to the buyout. I got stopped out of $BLUE near the top when it started down and it never let me back in, thank God.
  • Margi1983: #DOW 26 of the Dow 30 stocks are up today. Not a good day for Tech stocks, but buying $DIA works. I got stopped out of $TSLA, $WB,$BLUE,$TWTR today
  • Gary: ...
    8. $BLUE – did you have a stop?
    9. $PAYC – all time high...and reverse. Now, it’s a bearish engulfing pattern.
    10. $YY – Look at 50-day MA. You wouldn’t buy now, so this is on the bubble. Should not fall below $110. ...
  • sierramp: Nice bounce on $BLUE
  • traderbren: $BLUE - seeing interest on the intra-day.
  • stairm01: @traderbren $BLUE NICE! I purchased stock in long term account this morning at 182.00
  • issues: @sierramp $BLUE break out or fake out? NP yet.
  • issues: Feeling spring is in the air, feeling frisky, and that eventually the market will reverse I bought small number of shares of : $BLUE $HAE $EW $MU $LGND
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bluebird bio Inc is a clinical-stage biotechnology focused on transforming the lives of patients with severe genetic and orphan diseases using gene therapy products. Its products portfolio consists of Lenti-D; LentiGlobin; and SCD.

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