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  • stairm01: @DAN $AVGO This is the biggest one day drop for AVGO according to Fidelity news, as they attempt to acquire $CA. This drop was not due to earnings. Analyst still have targets on $AVGO of $245 to $308. I was in and out on stock this morning as well as with options. I have a nice profit on remaining options that I'll hold to see what the next few days bring for this stock. I feel this drop is over done. Time will tell.
  • Sher: $HEAR – Schedule 13D filing posted this morning: SG VTB Holdings - Shares owned - 3,972,282 representing 27.6 % of class. $ALRM - Upward momentum continues - Triple MA crossover & back above VWAP - Recently added to long call position (June $42.50). $WFC - Added to long June $55 call position - Felt this morning's PB excessive - Have been in and out of this one, a few times, recently. $CA - Adding to August $35 long call position - Early upside squeeze. $FTNT - Added to Sept. $60 call position, yesterday. New front month long call positions, this week: $BIDU, $CPB, $MET, $NFLX.
  • Sher: $MRK - Position add - June $60 calls. $CA - Early upside squeeze - New long call position, Aug. $35. $QCOM - Opened long call position (June $55), Fri.
  • tjv821: $$hca $ca both riding the upper bb increasing volume after prolonged bases
  • tjv821: $ca jumped 6 bucks 3 weeks ago slowly drifting down to rising support
  • efrain007: $CA gapping up to new high out of a tight squeeze. Might be a 59min trade.
  • Bridget: $CA also breaking out to the downside. This could pullback quite a bit.
  • Trixie: @Bridget $CA I think there are quite a few stocks that have that same look.. Just depends how far down the 200m happens to be.
  • Bridget: Notes: A lot of stocks with this pattern: $SPY $CA $TLT $VER $CAG I expect that we will see an oversold bounce next week but ultimately going lower before setting new highs Some stocks are working: $CONN $NVAX $CLSD $APA Stocks at support: $TJX $AA $GCP $TMO $IBB $TGP - breakout on volume $CVRR $CVI - breakout $MET - breaking the trend
  • TunaHelper: @Aragorn Here's the list, with $ done by using the above method: $ABC $AEGR $AFL $AGIO $AMAT $AMIC $AMP $ANGI $ATVI $BAC $BK $BRCD $BRKB $CA $CAT $CGEN $COG $COH $CRTO $CUBE $DATA $EBAY $EMR $EXC $FBIO $FEYE $FFIV $GNC $GRPN $HHC $IFF $JACK $JPM $KORS $LKQ $LOCO $MET $MGM $MHK $MS $NNN $NXPI $OHI $PAY $PLAY $PRU $PVH $RAS $RCL $RH $SPLK $SWKS $TMUS $TRN $TSLA $TTOO $UA $VA $VTR $WB $WTW $WYN $WYNN $XLB $XLF $XRT $YY Hope that is helpful. Thanks for all that you do to help folks here! I for one appreciate it greatly! :) Tuna
  • tjv821: $ca climbing back from its recent drop
  • tjv821: $ca anyone else in this??
  • tjv821: $ca good earning but dropping anyone else in this??
  • tjv821: $ca rising after a gap up and a flag pattern
  • Aragorn: @woodman $DVN was also a rev strat daily trigger yesterdays HOD , $JBL $EOG $MET $TSO $CA $DSX $NFLX $SMH $JNPR All were rev strat hammers. Not all triggered but you can keep watch if interested
  • woodman: @Aragorn $DVN $JBL $EOG $MET $TSO $CA $DSX $NFLX $SMH $JNPR - Thanks!!
  • bbw223: @Aragorn $DVN $JBL $EOG $MET $TSO $CA $DSX $NFLX $SMH $JNPR Many thanks for all you do here. Been here since late October. My goals are: Do a better job managing our IRAs [self/wife] and Learn to swing trade and day trade some now that I am retired. Your live and archived postings are always helpful.
  • captron: $CA - There was a lot of unusual activity in the Mar 30 call yesterday that continues today. Added to my position.
  • dunsek: #Watchingforabounce $AA $AMP $CA $CNX $LEN $CRM $TE $GBIM $SPG $COST #Squeezing $LOW $MNST (long AA)
  • dunsek: $CA my, what a long tail you have. Some rejection of the bears yesterday on this one. NP, but a move back over the 50 day would get my attention. Alerting on 31.50
  • BocaRick: @BocaRick $FFIV $RVBD news report: $RVBD reports sales below expectations. watch reaction on related $FFIV $JNPR $NTCT $CA..$FFIV opens up
  • Tricia: ...
    I was unaware that ACA stood for ARAB CARE ACT! - in case you can't feel it, I am very angry! But I never let my emotions dictate my trading

    I have no idea what will happen in the net few days .... I am on the sidelines now after the Eg ...
  • snmtraders: Muni Cef's @jan2138 - Thanks, @Dana, I do search there and have a bit of Invesco's $CA muni fund. Just wondering whether there are better managers of $CA munis, and what parameters to focus on when selecting among these. Do I focus on discount to $NAV relative to historic price, or focus on leverage ratio, fees, or historic performance? So many factors, so little time ...
  • Tricia: ISR: up 40% this am - in Jan FDA approved Cesium 131 tx in pediatric $CA - I bought on complete spec last week ... wish I had bought more .. this has gone nuts today ... here is an article . I think this may pullback to add more but it hasn't yet ....
  • Tricia: $MNKD @steveo ... I am not confident this will pass muster... but there are some Saudi Arabian Princes who have sold their camels to buy shares ..... The headquarters are in Valencia $CA but the manufacturing facilites are here in Danbury CT ..... the data comes out MArch 28( I have been surprised that compnay has sat on the data... if its' good, most companies release it ... it can help cash flow and capital - pre Pdufa April 1 is a recent articles ...
  • Chucky: Hi @Goose, Grew up in Bay Ridge, 70th street between Narrows and Shore Road. Moved to San Diego and Coronado, $CA 30 years ago. There is a world west of the hudson river. Regarding markets, looks like time to hedge portfolio with some puts in addition of trailing stops on certain positions.
  • dkoran: CAT- just took 50% of the puts off for a small gain. Enough for dinner for 4 at Ruth's @Chris . Will hold the other 50% for a golf trip to Sawgrass Stadium Course. $CA CHING at the close . LMT- next dog to drop after 2-27 #dividend date.
  • scottto: H2O in $CA - Perhaps 20+ million people shouldn't live where there's only water for 4,612 (or maybe it's 4,613). The other solution is for $CA to invade Oregon. I'm sitting here (Central Oregon) looking at the beautiful, snow-capped Cascade Mountains (seven peaks are visible today) thinking how good that water is going to taste this summer after it flows over the lava beds to my faucet... Yumm. Since 19,995,388/7 people aren't going to leave their land of arid sunshine, I think we better man the borders here.... PS - A decent portion of our water is actually sent southward for Californians to enjoy, while we ration our water use in the summer...
  • Chucky: $NBR - Been on a road trip up pacific coast. Haven't posted in a while. Just returned to $SD to get back into mode. By the way anyone looking for a road trip, traveling the 101, 1 from So. $CA thru Oregon coast is breathtaking. Good report and guidance from this company bodes well for the energy sector. Breakout today. Keep an eye on $OIH, $XLE and $XOP etf's. Historically, Feb. has been a good time to buy into the energy sector. The sector is "perking up".
  • C.K.: @Tricia - happy birthday - try to have a wonderful birthday anyway with a great meal and a fantastic bottle of wine! I know how you feel. I grew up in Chicago -- loved every second of the winter season like any kid who loves to ski, skate, etc. Now I live in $CA and now know why I will never move back to the windy/freezing city. Just try to stay warm! and of course Trade! cathie
  • bybyjanice: PCG: New holding for me. Now that they are done with fallout with the gas lines blowing up in the Bay area it's business as usual for the $CA utility.
  • SierraJW: $AKAM - Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, $CA, 2/14/14. CEO Tom Leighton will present an update on Akamai's service offerings. A live audio webcast of the presentation and a replay will be available on Akamai's website at Go to the "News & Events" section/ Akamai Investor Relations Web page to access the presentation. $AKAM is the leading provider of cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications
  • Auto: LVVV... have you folks in $CA every tried livewire chews? a energy chew... News just came out that they are going to get into the legal medical Marijuana industry.. they have the first order ..subject to legal approval this order will go out this month..check out what the stock did so far today.. I'm going to watch from the side lines..... :>)
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Tuesday's close $ADTN, $AMD, $CA, $CREE, $FNB, $FULT, $IBKR, $IBM, $TXN, XLNX
  • highroller: $OHRP, @BuffaloBill, Scotto, Vista partners out of California pushing this:

    Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc.'s (the # Company# or # OHRP# or # OHR# ) based in New York, New York, is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, developing and ...
  • snmtraders: @Seahawk tx - But you can get them on stubhub if you have a $CA zip code. What the heck is that all about?
  • Chucky: ...
    I just review @Dan's excellent tutorial. My "burning desire" waned a while ago until I started to research trading sites online. Found this one and my desire came back. I was looking for more of a momentum learning site and less of a stock sele ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    Here is the E-mini chart with Monday's pivots and support/resistance lines. At the moment, the levels are very close to those of the SPX, but the front month will be rolling to March, and the disparity will become much greater, since the differentia ...
  • bigbartabs: California snow... @Tricia... well, we had a skift at 1200 ft... thought we were going to get 5 inches or so... which would have meant probably 5 or 6 ft on the ski slopes. But it turned out to be a dud. I think Kirkwood got about 3 feet. The nation's cold snap even hit sunny California this time... we don't get multiple days of freezing weather often. Nice day today though... 60 degrees. The Pacific air flow is back. If you are planning any skiing in $CA, I would wait to make plans. Hopefully January will be more snowy weather.
  • Tricia: BIOTECH...etc... December Meetings: Xconomy Forum: Building Biotechs to Last: Monday, December 9, 2013 at 2:00 PM (PST) San Francisco, $CA who : Meet Oncomed, Sarepta, Isis, Genomic Health, Calico, Venrock and more! the future with visionary companies - 3 built to last .... # 1.... ok, you guessed GILEAD!
  • rah: $NWBO - I do thank you for posting this as, the recent secondary offering sort of stunted my interest as an investment #RHRN. As a strong believer in the medical sciences, I remain an optimist for the prospects of "the cure". The medical pathway desc ...
  • rah: $NWBO @Edgarzb @Tricia - Thanks Edgar for bringing this up last week. Sorry I missed the brief forum mention on this yesterday as the "shelf" was announced. I guess this is a type of secondary offering and as such would dilute the number of common s ...
  • 1Boston330: BA. Expect $BA price to go up tomorrow after the 8-year labor contract is resolved tonight after 6 PM PST, which is the closing time for the machinist vote. The contract calls for union concessions on pension and health care benefits (Boeing has a @h ...
  • westshore: $SFM - @woodman - It will be interesting to see if the $WFM earnings affects this one, and then we will see on the 7th. Anecdotally the two Sprouts locations near me are very busy and I hear great things about the others in $CA and several other states! GL to you too, your posts are always full of important information, thanks for all of your efforts here!
  • Chucky: Hey Rah, just came into the weekend forum for another topic research and saw your comments. I don't know if you will every visit this page, but just in case.

    The last thing I wanted to do was to increase your blood pressure. Six years ago, I mov ...
  • rtomczak: $DNKN @grantmorris - I worked at $DNKN for eight years and was a franchisee for 10 years. Tremendous growth opportunities as the brand just started heading West. They are just re-entering $CA and that state alone has potential for 500+ units if they get the business model right. International growth is bright as well. They are 99.9% franchisee driven so they have no exposure to commodity, labor, or Obamacare. The International President resigned a few days ago, no reason given. It reacted negatively then turned back up. I was looking to buy on that pull back, but it did not last long. It pays a #dividend of about 2% on current stock price. It could run so I would take a small starter position, then add on pull backs or as it rises. I think in the long run this stock will make your money.
  • Tricia: ...
    At TCT this week - October 27th through November 1st in San Francisco, $CA at the Moscone Center. 1:30 EST ... Can't wait.

    On Monday, October 28th, an update will be provided on the ongoing European C-Pulse #OPTIONS HF study in an oral present ...
  • BuffaloBill: @MissMet -If I was in Philly - Geno's king of steaks terrific, In Austin $TX Franklin's BBQ Best in world ever freely gives away recipe and rub (salt and pepper only), In $CA Side Door Corona Del Mar. in San Francisco Scomas
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Thursday's close $AAN, $AFOP, $AHT, $AMCC, $AMZN, $BAS, $BCOV, $BJRI, $BLDR, $BMRN, $CA, $CB, $CERN, $CINF, $CLF, $COG, $COLM, $CPWR, $CTCT, $DECK, $DV, $ECHO, $ELY, $EMN, $ESRX, $FET, $FII, $FLS, $FR, $FSL, $GRT, IM, $INAP, $INFA, $KBR, $KLAC, $LOGM, $LSCC, $MCRS, $MKTO, $MSFT, $MTW, $MXIM, $N, $NCR, $NR, $NTGR, $OUTR, $PFG, $POL, $QLGC, $RGC, $RMD, $SIMO, $SPN, $SYNA, $TCO, $THRX, $VR, $VRSN, $WDC, $WOOF, $WYNN, ZNGA
  • Esslinger: $MDVN - +5% PM SAN FRANCISCO, $CA and TOKYO, JAPAN -- (Marketwired) -- 10/22/13 -- Medivation, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDVN) and Astellas Pharma Inc. (TSE: 4503) today announced that the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) has informed the companies of positive results from a planned interim analysis of the global Phase 3 PREVAIL trial of enzalutamide in more than 1,700 men with metastatic prostate cancer that has progressed despite androgen deprivation therapy and who have not yet received chemotherapy. Given the observed benefits in the trial's co-primary endpoints of overall survival and radiographic progression-free survival, and considering the observed safety profile, the IDMC concluded enzalutamide demonstrated a favorable benefit-risk ratio. The IDMC recommended the study be stopped and patients treated with placebo be offered enzalutamide. Additional data from the Phase 3 PREVAIL results, including safety data, will be submitted for presentation at an upcoming medical conference.
  • bigbartabs: TSLA... @debeers... 2 questions... how do you get $100k becoming $30k, when depreciation is a reduction in income... not credits. And second, what is the cost of electricity when you charge? My electric bill in $CA is $500 a month in the summer time. What happens if I start plugging in my Tesla? Whomever supplies the charging stations have to pay for the power... and therefore pass it on to the car owner with a margin. I'm guessing the commercial rate of electricity for sale by a shop keep will be charged even more per KWH than residential. Even if Elon Musk is planning for his Solar City to supply all the electricity via solar... I doubt if he plans for it as a subsidy, just to sell his cars.
  • Iceman: ...
    National closed-end funds are trading at an average 6% discount to $NAV vs. a typical 1%, and with a yield of about 7%.

    Top picks are Neuberger Berman Intermediate Duration Fund (NBH +2.1%) and BlackRock Muni Income Trust (BFK +0.2%).As for stat ...
  • C.K.: #CNBC Talking Heads: Here we go again with "Fiscal Cliff" the sky is falling, and of course the Budget - which we all know will get approved and Washington won't shut down....I live in $CA & they always jerk you around each year with incompetents failing to pass a budget on time, but it eventually gets done. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm am so tired of hearing Bearish growls each time the market gets away from them, and Bullish growls each time the market dips. Time now to put together my shopping list.
  • martinbo: @DAN I've requested that my membership be canceled since July, sent 3 requests to do so, but still my credit card is being @billed. Because of a credit issue., I am not allowed to use this card, which has now been @billed 2 additional times since m ...
  • BuffaloBill: @debeers TESLA - I remember the Golden years of $GM in the 60's, who built the Fremont Plant, thousands of Vegas overflows stacked in many lots all over the Fremont area. Employee parking lots full of non $GM vehicles. Cranking out crap on a daily basis. One $GM welder told me he put random ball bearings into frames for laughs, customers always complaining about noises clunk, clunk clunk. The misery ended. All were fired. Then came Toyota. Now the Fremont Plant has been transformed to a miracle of robots working hard as ever up to 24 hours a day. One after another, perfect TESLA's. If ever in the Fremont $CA area take a tour.
  • bigbartabs: Fall River, MA... Geo... well howdy brutha... my family wagon trained across the great plains, and homesteaded in Fall River, $CA ;)
  • JJS: Muni CEF's: You can add Californias Pimco $PZC to that list even with 7.59% both Fed and $CA tax free. @JJS
  • bigbartabs: $CA surplus... @bybyjanice... either the most outstanding recovery in history... or BS. Since it's CA... I vote BS. Even if we could believe it, it would soon be gone. Every politician in the state clamored to spend it on the day Brown made the announcement.
  • bybyjanice: $CA surplus@bigbartabs: I agree totally. Darrel Steinberg is still trying to wesel his way to spend the surplus. Disgraceful!
  • snmtraders: FMCC @prockow - I suspect it will stop where it always has -- at the taxpayer's door. A successful local real estate agent in Northern $CA told me that we are back to 2007 in terms of lax lending -- people are able to get financing with a mere 3% downpayment.
  • jimP: $TSO seems to be the only one rebounding. Need to research furhter to see if its pollution control measures are in compliance with new EPA requirements since it operates in $CA and $CA may have already had stringent rules in force.
  • bigbartabs: Off topic... @russ1030... #squeeze bottle... just the opposite... not enough! Since the market looked to be considering a pullback... I spent most of the day doing other stuff... like attempting to renew my driver's license. But of course the day I do it, it's a California state holiday. Why? I have no idea. I guess I missed the memo where $CA declared April Fools Day a State holiday. Apparently our legislature considers it important for gov employees get a day to play practical jokes on others. Like me! What a waste of a trip. I guess that's what I get for waiting til the day before it expires. So back to the DMV tomorrow.
  • bybyjanice: LNN: Last post on this one. When they reported on 10/17/12, again with a favorable quarter, they sold off much like today. Next day they opened at 73.16 and flew to 77.46. For ag, $MON is better, it is more liquid and option spreads are not not a million @miles apart. Having said this, I spent time out in the orchards of Sutter County yesterday and there are still many that do not have the waterwise irrigation systems that $LNN has to offer. As the Delta plan here in $CA is finalized, upgrading will be a must.
  • bigbartabs: Real Estate Taxes in CA... @debeers... the super majority in the $CA legislature is attacking Proposition 13 (low property taxes) with a vengeance. If they muscle Californians by killing Prop 13, it will be a disaster for the real estate market... as well as people on limited incomes. It is the one advantage that $CA has over other states. If that goes away... well, zero advantage. Weather is hard to pay bills with.
  • ginny: ...
    Cree Announces Volume Production of Second Generation SiC MOSFET Bringing Significant Cost Savings to Power Conversion Systems
    9:00a ET March 13, 2013 (Business Wire) Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announces the release of its second generation SiC MOSF ...
  • BuffaloBill: ...
    Simple Single indicator to watch $SMI 5 16, Watch Stoc RSI less than 20 in Volatility Expansion

    $DIA at Day 4 above BB in the past indicates a Selloff is coming soon. RSI is 100
    I expect a short sell off and then a retest of highs. Risk Reward s ...
  • Josh: Thank you all so much for your support and kind words for @Dan and @Gary! Some of you have asked about making donations. @Gary sent me the following information: In lieu of flowers please send memorial donations to: Hospice of the Foothills 11270 Rough & Ready Hwy. Grass Valley, $CA 95945 Memo: Cecelia Fitzpatrick Or Thank you all for the kind posts and emails that you've sent in.
  • Poppy: @hwyflier - real estate A couple of weeks ago I happened upon a website that showed a bidding war for a house in $CA - just like the early days before we crashed...It sent @chill up my spine. Yes it seems we are having the early revival, sale pending signs are more to see now in my neck of the woods. I'm keeping track of #REITs sectors: office& Mall #REITs are said to not have caught up with others like industrial/warehouse #REITs, or leisure #REITs [ hotel/ timeshare]. Apartment #REITs are overbuilding and rents may become stagnant as people move out into single family home [@DAN did the opposite...hmm]. FWIW - what does this tell us in terms of how to make $? IDK - I got out of $DLR and $ARE - and haven't reloaded. Are you a flipper? buy a few mansions to flip? LOL pp
  • 1Boston330: JPM. bwcarnation. Your welcome. So far into the close the ema 8 is holding; actually, there are some buyers around 48.60, which is a good sign that we have seen the low of the day. Actually, I live in $CA on the very left coast.
  • ginny: $UPS Interesting story. My son ordered a pkg from Fresno 1/28 Here follows the scan 1/28 Fresno 1/29 Sylmar $CA 1/31 Hodgkins $IL 1/31 Indianapolis $IN 2/1 Columbus OH 2/1 Greensboro $NC 2/3 Raleigh $NC 2/4 Manteo $NC out for delivery Hub is just 5 @Miles from his home 2/6 Lihue HI WOOPS 8 days from the West coast to the East and 2 days to get half way around the world. He is still waiting for the package. wonder what condition it is in.
  • fhsavidge: FB@ginny--ah, the palm tree is always greener...I actually enjoy snow and wind and cold (will be relocating to Truckee, $CA within the next 1-2 just for that and to be out of the summer inferno of the valley) but it is wonderful to languish in such a setting as you so vividly provide. As far as judgment, well, whether drunk or not I've never been faulted for too much of it. Good luck though.
  • MissMet: $YUM - I'm in Houston. $CA is a whole lot prettier, so perhaps I need to do the commute.
  • :
  • msb: MUNICIPAL BONDS - Did anyone else catch Wayne @Roger's comment at the end of Cashin In on Saturday morning (I DVR'd it because I was out of town)? He said that unions (didn't specify which, but I presume the municipal workers) are suing in $CA to put their pension payouts above the bond holders. Same thing that was done to the $GM bond holders. If they are successful in $CA, other municipal unions may follow suit (no pun intended). Just something else to watch.
  • jackies: Get together reminder: tomorrow, Jan 14, at 6 PM I am hosting a get together in San Diego. Several of you have written to me, so I will see you there. The address is Cafe Bella Italia 1525 Garnet Ave San Diego, $CA 92109. We'll be in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego. The closest cross street is Ingraham, so about 9 blocks to the beach. Looking forward to meeting some of you! Kind Regards, Jackie
  • 1Boston330: AXP. @KAW01021. Actually, I live in southern $CA, the left coast. But, I agree Boston is a beautiful city. I like AXP's performance today: up again, ).6% today on above average volume; gradual climb is good. Seems like a low risk trade with a tight stop. 61.20 has been the price all afternoon. I think that I will add at the close, if the prices high tough, with a stop under yesterday's low. Long common. All the best. Edit> Both $V and $MA are now green.
  • bigbartabs: California... @Jerry Brown announcing that $CA has solved it's budget problem... including the deficit. Say what? I think pigs just flew.
  • bigbartabs: CA... @Obsxllc... I just took a look at the $CA chart... coming out of a #squeeze. I guess that must be a budget #squeeze!
  • fhsavidge: Housing--we moved to a housing development in El Dorado Hills, $CA two years ago. Bought a Lennar home (never knew what a homebuilder was until then), the most prominent name within the development. Only a few lots were built, and I thought it woul ...
  • bigbartabs: Asia, Silicon Valley... @dfaz... owning homes in Asia and $CA Silicon Valley... are you in the computer part US import biz? I wondered since I spent over 30 years in the $IT services world. I can't seem to shake my curiosity when it comes to hi tech.
  • tstrarup: OFF TOPIC: For all you race fans. Formula One started trail runs here in Austin yesterday. So much excitement in the air. Thousands of ppl here to celebrate. Downtown is a madhouse. Parties on the street at night and off to the races for 3 days ...
  • bigbartabs: ORCL... @scorpino... well, the only comment I can think of is that I remember saying that very same thing in Chico, $CA once... it was at the Graduate at 1:59am. I don't think her name was Oracle though... I think it was @Olga.
  • bigbartabs: #Financials... @russ1030... looks to me like everything is running out of gas (talking about stocks... in case you thought I was talking about our $CA gas stations).
  • moneytaker: List of Squeezes/Expansions ? I have about 1900 stocks that I consider my close friends in my database. The rules to be a friend are: price >= $1 when friended, they must have greater than 250K share per day in three consecutive 10 day periods, not ...
  • Tricia: CLDX: @Woodman - $BCA stock doing very well ....Dr. @Slowtime is on on this one too .... Also other $CA stocks doing well today $GALE, $ECYT, $CHTP,SGEN andon a stretcj PSTI. Not sure what happened to $THLD, but i added to this Pancreatic $CA stock . Out of $PCYC may re-enter . RE: $ONXX - still long.
  • rah: $NLNK - a newer Biotech stock (under 1 year). This would be an early entry, but looks good so far. At 14.32 could go to 20 by years end? Working on a treatment for Pancreatic $CA and Melenoma. Studies planned to complete in early 2013. Worth a look. Do some research! Here is a recent $SA article as a primer. $RAH
  • rfiutem: $HFC - Is the Chevron refinery in Richmond $CA a complete shutdown or only partial shut down of refining capacity? Only one cracker unit caught fire.
  • ajctrade: FINVIZ it's working here , $CA
  • Tricia: Earnings: Over 120 reports today..... good luck to all Before:ABB, $ABC, $ABX, $AGCO, $ALKS, $ALU, AMLN, $AZN, $BC, $BMS, $BSX, $BWA, $CAM, $CELG, $CL, $CME, $CMS, $CNX, $COV, @DAN, $DDD, $DNKN, $DOW, $DPS, $EQT, $ESV, $FLIR, $FNP, $GG, $GNC, $GTI, $HOT, $HSY, $IMAX, IP, $IPG, $IRM, $IVZ, $JNS, $KMB, LINE, $MCO, $MHP, $MJN, $MMM, $MYL, $NBL, $NEE, $NOV, $ORI, $OXY, $PCP, $PCS, $PHM, $PLD, $POT, $PTEN, $RCL, $RTN, $S, $TKR, $UAL, $UTX, $VTR, $WEC, $WM, WPI, $XOM, $ZMH After: $AMGN, $AMZN, APKT, ARBA, $CA, $CB, $CBL, $CERN, $CINF, $CLWR, $CSTR, $DECK, $EXPE, $FB, $FBHS, $GILD, HGSI, IM, $INFA, $KEG, $KLAC, $LEG, $MCK, $MXIM, $PFG, $QLGC, $QLIK, $RGC, $RSG, $SBUX, $SPF, $TLAB, $UHS, $VRSN Have a grand day all and on behalf of Lord @Aragorn......kyal
  • flint: MARKET - Hey team, checking in quickly. Been on vacation for a while from this market (a good thing!) What just happened is an example of a rip your face off (RYFO) rally. You're sitting comfortably short, expecting the expected, which is a sell off into the the close. Then $BAM, a rumor comes out that the Greek election is going one way versus the other. And your shorts go against you in an instant, essentially ripping your face off. Then, of course reality sets in, and the market sells off again. Not a market to make money in; I'm glad on on vacation. Next stop, my favorite resort in $CA for a 4 day weekend. Attending a UC graduation on Saturday for my best friend's son. Hope everyone's doing well in this crazy environment.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $ASNA was upgraded from Market Perform to Outperform, $FBR Capital Markets said. $23 price target. Accretive acquisitions should help boost earnings.


    Boeing upgraded at Bernstein

    Jun 12, 2012 | 7:56 AM EDT

    $BA was ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Brocade downgraded at ThinkEquity

    Jun 05, 2012 | 7:22 AM EDT

    $BRCD was downgraded from Buy to Hold, ThinkEquity said. $5 price target. Company is facing intense competition and get 24% of sales from Europe.


    Comerica up ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $ACI was upgraded to Neutral from Sell, Goldman Sachs said. Valuation call, based on an $8 price target.


    Assured Guaranty upgraded at $UBS

    May 24, 2012 | 8:08 AM EDT

    $AGO was upgraded to Buy from Neutral, $UBS said. $ ...
  • marie: @Aragorn Wish I wasn't 3000 @miles away in $CA or I'd be there in a $NY min .
  • bigbartabs: Standard of living... @prockow... ditto. I will also agree with @Neil... if we stay on the path we are currently on, everyone will have a lower standard of living. If you have any doubts, look at the latest news on California. 16 billion budget deficit. We are in big trouble. Why? Exactly what @prockow mentioned... government inserted into every orifice of our body. How's that working out? Uh... not too good. If I didn't have a lifetime of roots here... I would be gone. Fortunately I am far removed from $CA urban areas. I continue to sweat bullets for my kids and grand kids.
  • Tricia: Earnings Today: before Thursday's open: $BAM, $BT, $KSS,MPW, $MT, $SNE, $WIN after Thursday's close: $AGO, $BID, $CA,CIM, $DAR, $DRYS, $ESRX, $JWN, $LBTYA, $MBI, $MCP, $MDR, $NUAN
  • bxshin: ...
    Worries over political and financial turmoil continue to weigh on Wall Street, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq coming off their lowest closes in two months and the Dow riding its first six-day losing streak since August. The Dow is also just a few point ...
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CA, Inc. is an independent enterprise information technology (IT) software and service company. It develops and delivers software and services that help organizations manage and secure their IT infrastructures and deliver more flexible IT services.

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