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  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - A bit of tethered performance to the pot stocks. Up 21.0% YTD. SPY/QQQ avg is up 6.2%; liquidated funds are up 8.8%. Top 5 Holdings: 1. $GTLS - up 135.6% (options boosted) 2. $TLRY - up 126.7% 3. $NAIL - up 67.0% 4. $YY - up 51.1% 5. $CGC - up 45.4% Bottom 5 Holdings: 1. $AAP - down 12.1% 2. $FROG - down 8.1% 3. $TA - down 6.8% 4. $USCR - down 2.5% 5. $PLTR - down 1.9% Holdings 18-23: 18. $DKNG - up 17.5% 19. $MLM - up 15.9% 20. $HII - up 15.2% 21. $WIX - up 14.5% 22. $CALX - up 12.7% 23. $PATK - up 12.6% Targets: 1st - 22/44 2nd - 7/44 3rd - 3/44 4th - 0/44
  • DeepDiver: @bRobert $TLRY $ACB $CGC...Cannabis are down AH
  • DeepDiver: @bRobert $TLRY $ACB $CGC....cannabis are down AH...Long Team Hold ?
  • BocaRick: $TLRY $MJ red pre market $CRON $CGC also
  • geothrills: @Mojomoney $Tlry Have bids in to re-enter via June $30's @ $10 (which would have the underlying right around $30). I did buy back 1/3 of the $CGC I sold at the top yesterday, on this morning's 15% sale.
  • bRobert: $ACB. $20. target. soon. $50.......longer. $CGC. $50. target All time high. Acquired. $90+......longer $IIPR. $230. soon. $250/$300. WEEKLY. C&H. Landlords of. Pot $BCO. $115. WEEKLY C&H. 50% . Someone has to delivery all that green. from sales of green
  • debeers: @bRobert $ACB $CGC $IIPR $BCO -i know it might be asking to choose which child is your favorite but, i'd like to have just one. Could you pick just one for your old fashioned girl? Thanks, @bRobert.
  • rokey: @bRobert $ACB $CGC $IIPR $BCO $CRON feels lonely! (LOL)
  • bRobert: @rokey $ACB $CGC $IIPR $BCO $CRON They are all winners already. Look at the moves off the basement. IIPR has been a long time winner from the teens. and still with. 50%. upside. $ACB. $20/$50+ potential. $CGC. $90 $CRON. $24/$40. I own several of these but $TLRY. was my main play. because of the extreme upside based on the technical set up and short interest From Long below I have posted about potential target of $150 - $300. I sold TLRY. at $290. and I was looking forward to selling at or above that figure. long term.
  • bRobert: @debeers $ACB $CGC $IIPR $BCO Pick a few. Small. partials and let them grow. They will all work. $MJ. $35/$50. Safety in an ETF. with close to 100%. upside Can;'t go wrong here $IIPR is the high priced spread but look at that fabulous WEEKLY. Earnings/revenue growth. HUGE. $250/$300. 50% $ACB. Cheap and high % upside. $20/$50. $CGC. solida CUP in place. $90+. $GRWG. Buy it and. just. hold it. STRONG uptrend. Great employee. No drama $100 . I think this fits you A no drama Lady
  • rokey: @bRobert $ACB $CGC $IIPR $BCO $CRON $TLRY Absolutely, high short interest on some like $TLRY is a big plus, $CRON though is around 8% and is making money. Appreciate all your inputs.
  • Wykeman: @bRobert $ACB $CGC $IIPR $BCO $MJ $GRWG $POTX
  • geothrills: $TLRY Closed out the last of June $15 calls for a +900% gain. Phew, what a ride. Pivoted most of the original capital into $CGC. $NNDM marching higher . Closed $ZM Feb $420 calls for 70% (I think ZM has room to run, but I'm going to roll out to March). Adding to $NIO on its continued breakout. Bigtime.
  • bRobert: @geothrills $TLRY $CGC $NNDM $ZM $NIO $ZM can run. $850. - $1000+ . It has a bit of room
  • debeers: @bRobert $ACB $CGC $IIPR $BCO $MJ $GRWG -Thanks. Really appreciate your help@bRobert
  • zman: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $CGC $NAIL $WKHS $FROG $WWE $USCR $CMPS $HII $XL $OMI #WhaleClub these are great posts. Helpful, transparent. Thanks for sharing
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Keeps on chugging/tokin' along. Up 26.1% YTD versus SPY/QQQ avg of 5.2% and liquidated funds at 7.8%. Added $XL to the list today in anticipation of another stopping out soon. Top 5 Holdings: 1. $TLRY (of course): Up 422% 2. $GTLS (options boosted): Up 116.1% 3. $CGC: Up 94.6% 4. $NAIL: Up 66.2% 5. $PLCE: Up 53.2% Bottom 5 Holdings: 1. $WWE: Down 10.9% (on the cusp of stop) 2. $FROG: Down 8.6% (bad entry, still technically OK) 3. $CMPS: Down 6.9% (again bad entry, technically OK) 4. $USCR: Down 5.6% (bad entry, getting the pattern here?) 5. $TA: Down 3.1% (the ol' bad entry again) Targets hit: #1 - 20/45 #2 - 6/45 #3 - 3/45 #4 - 0/45 So, still a lot of upside potential.
  • Docoof: @scottto_2 $XL $TLRY $GTLS $CGC $NAIL $PLCE $WWE $FROG $CMPS $USCR $TA #WhaleClub #1 #2 #3 #4 Assuming there are about 42 holdings, I would like to know (if it’s not a problem) how holdings 24 to 19 are doing, going from best performers to worst. Thx in advance.
  • bRobert: @veghead $TLRY Now you understand my enthusiasm for this name in particular Unparalleled upside I like many of the others too eg $CGC $ACB $MJ $GRWG ALL winners $IIPR landlord of pot Trading this one from the teens Long term hold Huge multi year winner Outstanding earnings/revenue growth
  • veghead: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $NAIL $CGC $PLCE $WWE $FROG $HII $USCR $AAP $EHTH $HAL $ENDP $AMWD $TRIL #WhaleClub Thank you for the updates!
  • geothrills: $TLRY $CGC $PENN $NVDA $NNDM $ZM $MARA $PLCE -- I have never in my 20 years of trading had such a string of double digit % daily portfolio gains. These stocks are working.
  • champ: $TLRY, this is a really strong power move off of $CGC er, still holding.
  • bRobert: @champ $TLRY $CGC Strong move off their OWN news from Britain and of course the bullish weekly chart full of whales and Short interest kicker Most here took their entries before the retail crowd piled in
  • Showmethemoney: @bRobert $TLRY $CGC $APHA. When they merge, the Aphria stock holder gets 83% of the Tilray price. I’ve been adding a lot of Aphria over the last two weeks. Why the large spread in price between the two stocks? Thank again for your recommendation!
  • champ: @bRobert $TLRY $CGC...earnings are the major reason this morning, off of $CGC, posted that yesterday, because their earning profits are #pending, they will report on 3/1/unconfirmed.....but there are others positive reasons, however #sector-earnings-matter, always has and always will, Watch and Learn....this is on its way now,.....just hold on.....and for those who want take some off, just use #bracketed-trailers,..... at anytime or maybe later.
  • champ: $CGC....HOD, but zig-zagging after earnings, this is keeping the sector moving $MJ, there is earnings hope now,...because many still remember $TLRY..$300.00.
  • bRobert: @champ $CGC $MJ $TLRY I sold at $290 Posted that trade HERE from entry way below
  • geothrills: $NIO $CGC - Been buying these all morning and they have delivered. $NNDM $ZM - Look like they're getting out of bed now too.
  • champ: $CGC, @ $50.70, RHRN,....the open this morning was at $44.36.
  • bRobert: $CGC nh ALL time high Big WEEKLY base is complete I posted 2 targets on CGC from way below $50/$90............$100 Most stocks at $90 get to $100 $50 + (50 - 10 base ) = $90 Huge upside still close to 100% with perhaps some consolidation in this area Long
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $CGC Check out STZ
  • bRobert: $ALGN. Flag. $675 with trigger. Still long partial. $TLRY. nh. $50/$90+ $CGC. nh. $90 $URI. nh. $300/$400 $ILMN. nh. $470/$600 $MED. nh. $300/$350. targets $GTLS. nh. $160/$250 $IPI. nh. $42/$48 $MANH. nh. $160 /$200 $MTCH. nh. $190/$250 $NVCR. nh. $200 /$300 $GBX. nh. $200 $WDC. nh. $75/$115 $UCTT nh. $65/$80 $OKTA. nh. $300/$400 $DIN 20d. bounce. ADD. $100/$135 . The NH. list is a GREAT place to search for new employees.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $ALGN $TLRY $CGC $URI $ILMN $MED $GTLS $IPI $MANH $MTCH $NVCR $GBX $WDC $UCTT $OKTA $DIN Many on the close to nh list as well. eg. $LOW. $GH. $SAM. $CSV $BX. nh. $80+/$100. $LABU. nh. $PRNT. nh.
  • champ: $TMHC, NP, but this Home Builder, will be reporting earnings in the morning, need this Builder to beat and surprise, because if that happens again, this sector could bounce again.. it sure did off of each of these earnings reports....$CCS $DHI, plus others like $BZH. If that happens, new entries could be triggered again, thats the #set-up. $CGC, I was stalking their earnings this morning and that set-up paid off really well. I posted about that set-up last night. #Sector earnings can matter, earning surprises do matter and they can push-up many other names in the sector.
  • scottto_2: ...
    3. $CGC - up 81.9% (target 2 = $90)
    4. $NAIL - up 64.9% (target 2 = $90)
    5. $WKHS - up 54.6% (target 3 = $47.5)

    Bottom 5 Holdings:
    1. $FROG - down 8.8%; bad entry; still in a good technical spot; stop $58.5
    2. $WWE - down 8.3%; stop $46, getting cl ...
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $CGC $NAIL $WKHS $FROG $WWE $USCR $CMPS $HII $XL $OMI #WhaleClub The $GTLS cup has been working out.with weights and I do believe it can now support a $250. target long term. Great run.
  • wanda1616: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PLTR $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI #Whale great i felt like the only person in the world that owned $FROG
  • bRobert: $ACB $20 target 1 $50 longer $CGC $50 soon $90......$100 longer BIG CUP beautifully drawn $MJ > 200 WEEK ceiling $40/$70 LONG TERM
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Continues to outperform it's benchmarks. Up 18.3% YTD (4% today) versus SPY/QQQ average of 5.4%. Funds liquidated to start Club (a mix of strong Vanguard Mutual Funds) up 7.7% YTD. No change in Club membership today: Top Performers: 1. $TLRY - up 133.3% 2. $GTLS - up 109.8% 3. $NAIL - up 71.1% 4. $CGC - up 59.9% 5. $PLCE - up 54.7% Worst Performers: (might as well be fair and show my bad picks too). 1. $WWE - down 13.3% 2. $FROG - down 7.9% 3. $HII - down 7.9% 4. $USCR - down 5.2% 5. $AAP - down 4.9% Previously stopped out positions: $EHTH, $HAL, $ENDP, $AMWD, $TRIL 19/44 holdings have hit Price Target 1; 5/44 Target 2; 1/44 Target 3; 0/44 Target 4 Still a lot of room technically for this portfolio to run! Cheers.
  • champ: @scottto_2 $TLRY $GTLS $NAIL $CGC $PLCE $WWE $FROG $HII $USCR $AAP $EHTH $HAL $ENDP $AMWD $TRIL #WhaleClub ---- This info is nice to see, Thanks and I'm still holding $NAIL and $TLRY. $CGC will be reporting their earnings in the morning, so NP, for now. LOL
  • champ: @bRobert $TLRY #real-time ---- #Sorry about that...but with all of your posts, I keep forgetting that you are only in the markets #part-time. $TLRY, this triple size Day-Trade is over, I took profits, only swinging 1/5th size, for now, might kick-it back-up, in the morning, if I see any new opportunities. I know all about $TLRY and the #risk-or-reward on this stock now is, ...because of $CGC, they will be reporting their #earnings in the morning, could have some Copycat buying or selling on $TLRY, in the morning...and that all depends on $CGC-er-report. LOL
  • bRobert: $CGC $50 with flag trigger SOON $90............$100 longer term Big WEEKLY cup base
  • Niche: @bRobert $CGC Just bought some 40 calls July - nice premium and incredible IV - wll see
  • scottrades: My Swing notes: $SPY / $QQQ A little extended but trending in the right direction. #Crypto Nice moves today in the space. $RIOT Boring Day, still in trend. $MARA Still fine. $ZI Working $AVID Sold ⅓ Today $DOYU trading pretty much identical to $HUYA $ALRM Holding the 50 Day $UCTT A bRobert Fave $MRVL Watch this around the 50 Day. $NOVA Mentioned this week, good volume today $JKS Bottom of the range. $BLNK Tightening up $BOOT Can we kick off a breakout? $MSOS Extended but working. $CGC Coming in a bit $GRWG Strong Weekly. $IIPR Earnings Feb 24 $DADA A little choppy but watch for a move over 46.90 $CHWY Champ has been all over this one. $CRSR Whippy but in trend. $FTCH Not yet. $ICHR Watch 42
  • scottto_2: ...
  • jr3345: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI $TRIL $ENDP $HAL $EHTH $AMWD #WhaleClub -- I bought some of your shares in $AMWD. To me it was a pull back / bounce. Added at 87ish.
  • bRobert: $IIPR $TLRY Breakout pullback retests Buy the bounces Others $ACB $CGC as well Huge upside
  • Docoof: This morning $CGC announced the launch of new line of cannabis-infused soft chews and drops for dogs
  • loser: @Docoof $CGC Stoned dogs. Gotta see that for myself!
  • bRobert: @loser $CGC Medicinal purposes Doggy glaucoma
  • agiaccag: @bRobert $BCO which companies do you think are going to be the winners in a federally legalized environment. I already own $TLRY , $CGC , $IIPR , $GRWG , $ACB any you think will really blast off ? I think this topic will get a lot of discussion in the forum in the coming weeks. IMHO. @scottrades
  • scottrades: @agiaccag $BCO $TLRY $CGC $IIPR $GRWG $ACB I think $MSOS will be a factor as well. Can't help but think Canadian Only based producers will have trouble squeezing into the space.
  • bRobert: @agiaccag $BCO $TLRY $CGC $IIPR $GRWG $ACB You must have been on vacation :) HOT topic for awhile Pounding on $TLRY $CGC $MJ from way below ALL will do well ALL are huge winners already
  • Carpe_Diem: @bRobert $BCO $TLRY $CGC $IIPR $GRWG $ACB $MJ - These are High Hopes! If the trade does not work out ..... Smoke the trade confirmation paper!
  • bRobert: $IPI Breaking ABOVE the 200 WEEK ceiling C&H trigger Close to $50 measured move target $40 flag target first 80% upside for Stock Call options...........a bit more Long Not shiny or sexy just $$$$$ I like that Peter Lynch style The dirtier the better $MOS WEEKLY CUP $40+ / $60 LONG TERM as this big bad base expands and so do the upside measured move targets Seems to be happening a lot these days WEEKLY cup base expansion $TA $NNDM $CGC $TLRY many others
  • bRobert: $CGC rapidly approaching $50 target ALL TIME HIGH Expect the expected there Partials/trailers $90- $100 longer
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes: $SPY Not a screamer but we’ll take it $QQQ Big tech lagging a bit. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum $AVID Can someone ask Ja Rule if he’s in? $ZI Nice one after they shook the tree. $JMIA Trending $RIOT Holding in trend. $NVCR In trend. $FTCH Love that move off the 50 Day. $CRSR Nice close, finally. $TLRY Look where it got some resistance. $CGC Beast mode. $MSOS At the top of the range. $GRWG All Time High $IIPR Bbands are curling. $CRON A little extended now. $DOYU Watching and waiting. $ARLO Still above the break out level but giving it back. $ANF Watch above 25 $BOOT Watch for a move and close above 59.50 $DADA Still choppy. Wait for confirmation. $TAN Holding the 8EMA, Watch $BEEM, $NOVA, and newer IPO $SHLS $XOP Stocks wanna go. Watch $XOM, $FANG, $MPC, $VLO, and $OVV
  • bRobert: $IIPR. $220. soon/$250-$300. WEEKLY C&H. longer $TLRY. $35/$45/...................$300. LONG TERM. $CGC. $50/$100.
  • Wykeman: $POTX $TLRY $CGC. Pot moving
  • bRobert: $CGC. $50. all time high high. sooner than later /$100 longer $MJ. $30/$50+. long term. WEEKLY. CUP. The Michael Jordan of Pot Complete game
  • bRobert: @scottrades $TLRY I understand the dynamics of that trade. I gave a play by play here at the time. Very polite chart Fun run . $$$ I think that like a mountain, it is there and exists to be climbed Technical mountain here Decent short interest. We were at $2+. in March. I think we will see $50. sooner than later. That WEEKLY. base will continue to expand We are still in the infancy of the cannabis industry. $CGC will be testing its ALL TIME HIGH $50. soon. Short answer YES it is very possible and likely. long term. But. no. need to. guess Just follow the price action. The only truth that matters. It is always right
  • scottrades: ...
    $CGC Smokin’
    $TLRY Going Up!
    $MSOS Doing it for America.
    $IIPR Picks and Shovels
    $GRWG Water and Dirt
    $RIOT Tight along the MAs, I bought some today.
    $FTCH Tight! Support at yesterdays low.
    $LOGI Asked in the forum.
    $HALO Alert at 49.69
    $T ...
  • champ: @scottrades $AVID $SPY $QQQ $AMZN $GOOGL $MSFT $FB $TTD $ZI $JMIA $PLTR $NVCR $DOYU $CGC $TLRY $MSOS $IIPR $GRWG $RIOT $FTCH $LOGI $HALO $TLS $GME $AMC #Bitcoin #Ethereum ~~~~~~~~ Yes-sir and thats a Great real simple Plan, Watch tomorrow and pay attention, to what is working and the #reasons-Why.....OK got-it.....will do..over.
  • bRobert: $CGC flag $48 - $50 with flag trigger $90/$100 long term $IIPR 20d bounce WEEKLY C&H $220 - $300+ targets Long term hold $TLRY consolidation C&H $35/$45/...........................$300 Patient investment $2 meal and up
  • bRobert: $IIPR Daily High base $230/$250 - $300 WEEKLY C&H $TLRY Holding stock Long term $35 with flag trigger $45 longer Hard to buy here ....extended $CGC $40 taregt acquired $50 old high /$100 Longer term $CRON Daily C&H in motion $13 WEEKLY $17+ C&H like base $MJ WEEKLY C&H $30 target 1 $50 LONG TERM Green printing green It's a growth industry
  • traderbren: $CGC - continues to leg higher. NH. Still holding from below.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $CGC $50 sooner than later All time high then Big base $10 - $50 $90..............$100 longer term Nice chart daily and WEEKLY
  • bRobert: @sierramp $TLRY Long term. very bullish. WEEKLY. reversal in motion. $35$45./................Shorts 23%. Over weight from below $CGC. $50/$90.....$100 $IIPR. $220/$300
  • bRobert: $CGC. $40. target acquired. (close enough). $50+ C&H. daily. WEEKLY. $90....$100 Big. base. $10 base. $50. handle area.
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes $SPY/$QQQ Treading Lightly. Watch the weekly Low #Bitcoin /$GBTC Maybe Robinhooders Can buy this with their GME profits? $GLD/$SLV Gold is lagging, Silver is Squeezing. $UUP I’m watching the U.S. Dollar $FFTY Nothing to do here yet. Wait for strength $MSFT Mr. Softee is pushing higher but Hard to buy here. $AAPL Not what you want to see. $SQ Trying to firm up $DIS Holding above the 50 Day. $DKNG Still hitting some selling over 57 $PENN Close to the highs $NLOK Earnings Next Week $ZI Nice RS in a choppy market. $MSOS Support at 40 $CGC Working $CRON Watch 10.90 $GME/$AMC/$KOSS - GLTA
  • bRobert: $MJ. $IIPR $CGC $TLRY. Underlying support. so far HIGH UPSIDE
  • bRobert: $CGC. $40. SOON. $50/$90. longer. The new green deal. $TLRY. $35/$45/.............$300 $IIPR. $220/$250/$300
  • bRobert: $CGC. best chart of the group. Nh. printer on multiple copies $40. target 1. close. $50/$90. BIG WEEKLY. BASE springboard to new highs and beyond Long term hold. Not a trade
  • bRobert: $CGC. breakout to. nh. $40. target 1. $50/$90. longer term. $BIG. $65. target. Close enough. Consider a partial and or raised stops.
  • geothrills: $AMC - Took a little in the PM session between $11-$13. I don't want to let everyone else have all the fun. Also feeling comfortable being a bit playful, as by some miracle of nature, I hit a record 23.57% daily gain in my trading account today, holding calls in $RIG, $PLCE, $CGC and $TLRY (and 50% cash!).
  • bRobert: ...
    $CGC $50/$90
    $NAIL WEEKLY MMP Early ooze out from tight consolidation When $65 cleared and is a base the road to $100 will be brisk $150 long term $HD $290/$40 $LOW $175/$270 they lead housing Watch for cu ...
  • geothrills: $CGC $TLRY - Cannabis firing up again.
  • bRobert: @geothrills $CGC $TLRY $TLRY $35/$45./............................$300+ LONG TERM $CGC $50/$90
  • geothrills: @bRobert $CGC $TLRY Good Volume today too, and a change of the short-term trend, from sideways high base to breakout and steep pullback to upside reversal, respectively.
  • bRobert: $CSV $42 great holder from below $CGC flag trigger $40+ $50/$90 WEEKLY longer
  • bRobert: $CGC nh printer working $45 soon $50/$90......$100 longer Bull market Green investment growing green $$$ $MJ $35/$60 longer $TLRY $35/$45/........................$300+ others
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Current members: $AAT $AMWD $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EHTH $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY Of the, now 40, members, only 10 have reached their first price targets. None have reached their second price targets. 13 are lower than their cost basis right now (aka losing money). Seven are up 5% or less. This means much of the possible growth has not even started yet and one could even get better entries right now than the Club has on many of these holdings. Cheers,
  • bRobert: $TLRY flag consolidation of a very brisk monster move from $8 - $22+ $45 WEEKLY C&H next big target HOLD SOME A small piece can get very large in value Retracing to $300 $CGC $50/$90 $IIPR $220/$250/$300 WEEKLY C&H Huge earnings revenue growth Real earnings Dividend Landlords of pot Secondary will be coming A great buying opportunity on the pullback
  • geothrills: $TLRY - Off of its 8 day EMA, adding back what I sold on the blowoff. $CGC - Added and will add again on a move above $35.
  • bRobert: @geothrills $TLRY $CGC HUGE UPSIDE $TLRY $32/$45 $CGC $50/$90+...............$100
  • bRobert: @bRobert $TLRY $CGC The TLRY Volume bars and price action/technicals are screaming bullish Short squeeze potential
  • scottto_2: @bRobert $TLRY $CGC - Both #WhaleClub members. Doing well with them and $CGC just getting warmed up. Hoo-ah.
  • bRobert: $EXAS. nh. $200/$220. C&H. like breakout $IIPR. $250/$300. WEEKLY. C&H. targets. $220. SOON. $TLRY. flag. $30+. EXTENDED WEEKLY. slow. retrace. towards. $300. high as the base expands. BitCoin trade of. 2021 $CGC. $50/$90 . $MJ. $25/$35/$70 . LONG TERM. Many others
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Continues strong. Up 9.8% YTD, 4.0% this week. Compared to SPY/QQQ avg of up 3.2% YTD and 2.9% this week. $TRIL was underperforming and was asked to turn in its locker key. Added $AAT in its place. Current List: $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • geotheo: @scottto_2 $TRIL $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY #WhaleClub Just saying maybe $PODD would be appropriate to add to the whale club. :)
  • bRobert: $TLRY. flag. $30+. Long retrace to. $300. I'm. patient. Long from below $CGC. $50/$90
  • bRobert: $CGC. flag. $38. with trigger. WEEKLY. C&H base. $50. target. Old. high $90. long term. via that. big. WEEKLY. base. $10. bottom. Handle area $50. Passed. baby steps Learning to. run.
  • bRobert: @mhuie $TLRY. and other similar companies are a multi year play on the decriminalization/legalized sale of cannabis It is extended for a safe entry. RHRN. but opportunities will present themselves. $CGC. $MJ. $IIPR. $ACB. and. many others will work. $TLRY was a $300 stock not too long ago. A slow retrace has just begun.
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - All members have open positions now. Had to put $DKNG on the waitlist due to it running past 1st target already. Added $EHTH in its place. Current members: $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • bRobert: $IIPR $220 sooner than later $250/$300 WEEKLY C&H breakout $TLRY $20+ target 1 CLOSE $40/..................$300 Dream a little $CGC $50/$90 $MJ $25/$35/$70 $ACB $20/$35 The real new green deal printing $$$$
  • traderbren: $CGC - making a new high. Long from below
  • geothrills: @Mikev200 $TLRY Took off all my $TLRY and $ACB this morning. Left a little bit of $CGC as a placeholder. Will look to reload on any weakness, but these are at their 3rd standard deviation BB, and due for a little backing and filling. I do agree with @bRobert, that this sector should be a good theme for the year, thanks to the blue congress and white house, and the symbolic vote the house of rep's passed to revoke federal scheduling of cannabis during the last session.
  • bRobert: $CGC WEEKLY C&H like $50 to start Sooner than later $90+ long term BIG WEEKLY BASE for lift off Long $CGC $TLRY $21/$40 .............. $IIPR $220 soon $250/$300 The world is going to pot and the stocks are getting higher
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Stock Price $USD 23.15
Change 0.00%
Volume 2,493,030

Canopy Growth Corp through its subsidiaries is the licensed producer of medical marijuana in Canada. The company grows, produces and sells medical marijuana. It sells medical marijuana under various brand names including Tweed, Bedrocan, and Mettrum.

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