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  • woodman: $CGC - bought some on Wednesday. It may still have a shot as a trade.
  • woodman: $CGC - perhaps for a trade.
  • Robert1965: $tlry $cron $cgc all pot stocks up 4. to 5%
  • audrina0904: @Robert1965 $tlry $cron $cgc - and all in pretty sizable down trending lightly.
  • PJMR11: $CGC $TLRY - pot stocks getting a big
  • PJMR11: $CGC Pot stocks screaming
  • Reif99: @PJMR11 $CGC Can we pump the brakes sjut a little? Right now it's just an inside day.
  • DAN: $CGC -- Watch Canopy Growth for an oversold bounce trade. It's down big after hours, and it's one of the Big Three pot stocks ($CGC, $TLRY, and $CRON). Always "buy the dip" buyers out there.
  • DAN: @DAN $CGC $TLRY $CRON CGC -- working. Rubber Band Snapback. Stop at $35.20
  • Reif99: @DAN $CGC $TLRY $CRON Feels like it's done to me?
  • geothrills: @Reif99 $CGC Never moved above the first 15 minute candle and below VWAP... I definitely wouldn't be in it at this point.
  • DrScience: @geothrills $CGC Went right up to S2 and rolled over. Now, below VWAP. Holding the open, but you should be out and looking for other red meat, buddy.
  • DAN: @Reif99 $CGC $TLRY $CRON Looks like it.
  • PJMR11: $TLRY $CGC Getting bids
  • petros06: @PJMR11 $TLRY $CGC in at $33.15 for a day trade. tight stop
  • petros06: @petros06 $TLRY $CGC stopped out, small gain
  • PJMR11: @petros06 $TLRY $CGC In on both of these for the day.
  • PJMR11: @petros06 $TLRY $CGC I might swing these overnight.
  • captron: $CGC - Most of the pot stocks taking a breather today or this could be the start of profit taking.
  • woodman: @captron $CGC - $CRON - similar pattern ... deflecting down off the 50 day.
  • sierramp: I'm getting seasick from the movement of $CGC on a minute to minute basis. Get up for coffee and it's down $1 by the time I get back. I'm going to have to toughen up to stay in this one.
  • debeers: $CGC-Someone exhaled apparently.
  • traderbren: @debeers $CGC - LOL...good one! Saw the smoke coming off the ticker as it went by. ;-)
  • bigbartabs: @debeers $CGC ... someone exhaled... yes, I think it might have been the CNN and NBC correspondents in the president's press conference.
  • baronp0329: $CGC $CRON moving up! Cramer tweet: Sessions out-buy Canopy/Constellation...??
  • traderbren: @woodman $TLRY $CRON $NBEV - good for you. I jumped on board the Cheech & Chong trade with $CGC last week.
  • debeers: $CGC-Okey Tokey so to speak. Inhaling yet again.
  • phooeyquai: @debeers $CGC Some in the market will be positive on pot stocks because Jeff Sessions (anti pot stance) has resigned at the request of President Trump.
  • Henry: #Pot stocks Tim Seymour thinks NJ and NY will flip to the positive side. The other obstruction, we didn't talk about today, is a different Sessions in Texas who blocked alot of Congressional legislation. A number of physicians have recommended medical marijuana to my wife in her medical struggles. Unfortunately the Reefer Madness mentality has made her reluctant to try a therapeutic dose. disclaimer I own $CGC and $CANN
  • bigbartabs: @Henry $CGC $CANN #Pot ... your wife... I would just sit down with her, and listen to a couple Cheech and Chong albums. That should do it. "class, Class, CLASS ... SHUT UP!! ... Thank You."
  • woodman: @bigbartabs $CGC $CANN #Pot - I loved their tapes. Brings back old memories:
  • Legobusier: $CGC has been moving big the last two days...scared to buy it
  • woodman: #Pot #Weed stocks are rebounding. Look at some of the weekly charts. $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV
  • captron: @woodman $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed I think there are 4 states that have pot on the ballot today. I think I would be careful buying today. I am holding one, $CGC, but thats long term. Just my thoughts.
  • woodman: @captron $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed - thanks. I figured there might be some on the ballot, but I was unaware how many.
  • woodman: @captron $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed - here you go:
  • spmeyers: @Legobusier $CGC be careful here
  • Legobusier: @spmeyers $CGC yeah...not trading it...watching it, wishing I was in the past 2 days, but not getting in now...
  • spmeyers: @woodman $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed watch for 'sell the news' here; alas, they are hard to short
  • rachel: ...
    11. $CGC – supply anyone?
    12. $CRON – barf.
  • Robert1965: $CGC went down to where $STZ announce it invested more in it
  • spmeyers: Buzz kill in the pot sector today; $TLRY below 100; this was inevitable, but somehow I didn't manage to get in the shorts I had planned; took some $CGC short today though
  • rachel: ...
    $CGC – “But…pot is going mainstream!”
    $CRON – down more than 50% from high last month.
  • Bob G: @Dan, @Bridget, @Gary $CRON, $CGC In yesterdays video you spoke about CGC and said this was not the time to be buying. But what if you already own and haven't sold yet. I'm in at $12.38 and $52.39 respectfully. I'm also not afraid to ride it out and maybe even average down once the hysteria quits but I don't want to lose the farm either.
  • DAN: @Bob G $CRON $CGC Hi Bob. Don't sell today. Stocks are bouncing. I'm not sure that they'll get back to your entries, but don't sell today. I would not (and I would never) consider averaging down. The very best traders are unanimous in declaring that averaging down is a bad thing to do -- you are just compounding a "wrong."
  • traderbren: #Reefer_madness - just FYI - looks like an underlying bid in pot - $CGC, $TLRY and $CRON.
  • Bob G: @DAN $CRON $CGC I'm glad I checked the post once again before hitting the buy button! Thanks for the insight
  • DAN: @Bob G $CRON $CGC The worst thing that can happen to someone who averages down is that the trade works out. If you are rewarded for a bad habit, you just repeat it, and you'll ultimately get hurt badly. Only average winners, never losers.
  • bsafriet: $TLRY $CGC $CRON Nice reversal over the noon hours. Intraday charts show strong on balance volume and positive CMF. $CRON has gone green for the day, $CGC flirted with the Flat line, $TLRY still climbing. Has this sector bottomed?
  • traderbren: @bsafriet $TLRY $CGC $CRON - its a dodgy group, so be careful. I took advantage of $CGC off the low this morning, but I would advise caution.
  • mopick: @bsafriet $TLRY $CGC $CRON, $CGC, have a small position and intend to keep it for the long-term. Just read $STZ report where they intend to sell off several wine brands, pivoting more towards a younger demographic, beer & cannabis. Wine sales are now less than 38% of their entire 7.6B sales, down from over 43%.
  • WWWilly: $CGC, $CRON Bull Trap ????
  • rachel: ...
    $CGC – Great 59 minute trades this morning. Now up into resistance.
    $CRON – Great 59 minute trades this morning. Now up into resistance.
    $TSLA – This is why you don’t short a stock like this. Very very risky…and wha ...
  • mrmike: @DAN $CGC getting hammered. Could this be a swing trade here?
  • DAN: @mrmike $CGC Pot stocks getting hammered. ;-)
  • Allen: @mrmike $CGC $PYX I'm watching $PYX. It came down to test the $30 break out level from 10/8. If it doesn't hold there, could go down another 10% + in a heartbeat. A possible rebound trade with stop at $29.35? I don't usually have success trying this kind of trade on a day when the sector is so weak and down so much and have better success on a following positive day when buyers are in control.
  • debeers: POT STOCKS $TLRY and $CGC- In my humble opinion for the time being these are a no go. I think if you continue to buy them, you won't have a POT to piss in.
  • traderbren: @debeers $TLRY $CGC - agreed. You can put your rolling papers away for the time being.
  • JBed: @debeers $TLRY $CGC Day trade, mon.
  • DAN: @mrmike $CGC Sorry, mike. Just saw your post. If you're short, you're good...but watch for a bounce at some point. No way I'd buy this here. The bubble is bursting. Nor would I open a new short. It's too oversold. Bottom line: It's very unpredictable and there's no telling when/if the stock will rebound. This was a classic "buy the anticipation, sell the event." The whole Canada thing was highly anticipated. Once it became legal, I think traders decided that the good news was already baked into the stock(s) (which it was). So now it's selling. Bigly. Dan
  • kt4000: sold $CGC and $CRON last week - looks like carnage.....
  • champ: @JBed $TLRY $CGC ---- Entries are looking much better now.
  • kt4000: bought $CGC for a trade
  • champ: @kt4000 $CGC ----- I'm in also...#OUT....for now.
  • kt4000: buying starter positions in $ABT, $WRK - $CGC quick trade seems to be working out.
  • kt4000: out of $CGC nice quick pop though.
  • DrScience: @traderbren $TLRY $CGC Hey! Keep it down... Rolling papers are just about the only thing not taxed in the newest iteration of Sin Taxes voters will be deciding in a few weeks in Montana. Would raise the cost of a pack by $2. Of course, $MO (Altria Group -- one of two contributors) has poured $7.7M into the campaign against. Those for the tax raised only $2.2M. No matter which side you fall on, take a guess at how many flyers and TV ads that kind of money will buy? Toooooooo many!
  • rachel: ...
    $CGC – Pot is dangerous. So are the pot stocks. There is NOTHING you can know about these stocks that is not already known. They were down the most in my watch list today.
    $TLRY – distribution
    $CRON – distribution.
    Stocks to Wat ...
  • 1winkie: $CGC - Crammer pump - in for the pop
  • grcjr: @jan2138 $VGR - sorry, I did not see your post previously. I am spending less time online. I did add a couple nibbles last March (mistake, thinking it was turning back up). I did trim a little on the way down. Not much. I recently bought it back. I am a bit concerned, having wondered why they would add a completely different business area to the company. I think that MJ is a logical addition. Perhaps a merger with the likes of $STZ and/or $CGC. The dividends and distributions are great.
  • rachel: ...
    $CGC – nope
    $CRON – nope
    $WMT – actually looks promising...but I would not be in it here. Alert $99
    $ROKU – the short entry was on Wednesday...or perhaps Thursday morning.
    $NOW – under distribution.
    $NVDA – key ...
  • gmj: $CGC $TLRY$CRON watching for a bounce
  • Robert1965: @gmj $CGC $TLRY $CRON they are all bouncing the only green on my screen
  • champ: $MJ $CGC ...this sector is looking better, need to take some to Washington, they need it.
  • traderbren: $CGC - good bid under $CGC - based on the 15min this morning. Let's see if it can come back to even and build on it.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $CGC Like this long term. I keep the WEEKLY under my pillow and sleep well
  • bRobert: $TLRY . Sideways consolidation would be really healthy . It would allow 50d to catch up a bit more and a little pinching to develop for the next move. Not doing anything wrong. $CGC $CRON . action consolidating above 50d. WEEKLY my timeframe. Long SPEC holds
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $CGC $TLRY ... I'm not sure I've ever caught a keg half full. That split second was never something I was lucky enough to catch. Sort of like always missing that falling star that everyone else saw.
  • bigbartabs: @petros06 $CGC $TLRY ... yes, dating myself. What the heck did "lid" mean anyway? Never understood that.
  • cmaxwel1: $CGC limit order at $65. Will sell by end of the day. Someone please take my shares.
  • cmaxwel1: @bigbartabs $CGC $TLRY (lid was an ounce)
  • traderbren: @cmaxwel1 $CGC - LOL. I will bail on my position at $64.94 ;-)
  • bigbartabs: @cmaxwel1 $CGC $TLRY ... lid an ounce... but where did the word / acronym "LID" come from? I remember the first time I heard a guy say he was going to buy a "lid"... I thought, what, for your trash can?
  • BocaRick: @traderbren $CGC I am putting a stop loss on the highest opening rotation number, also will be out today
  • traderbren: $CGC - out. STC my calls. Nice gain.
  • Robert1965: $CGC $TLRY $CRON Looks like $CGC is the first to go down, like the run in Sept. NP
  • woodman: @Robert1965 $CGC $TLRY $CRON - very likely I will be out of the weed stocks today (except for $IIPR which is a different look in the weed sector and one I'm content to hold as long as it cooperates).
  • woodman: $CGC $TLRY $CRON $IIPR - out of these, except IIPR.
  • Robert1965: @woodman $CGC $TLRY $CRON $IIPR when you exited the trade did have stop or a stop limit
  • justinp: @Robert1965 $CGC $TLRY $CRON $IIPR Stopped out of $CGC $TLRY - profit on CGC, small loss on TLRY. May reload on CGC and staying put in $IIPR.
  • justinp: @Legobusier1 $CGC I would just be a bit careful - not holding the $54.00 level and below VWAP. Last two times it cleared 56.00-57.00 but then sank back into the recent range. Watching.
  • Legobusier1: @justinp $CGC ...agreed..I have a VERY small options position with an absurdly tight stop :)
  • justinp: @Legobusier1 $CGC I just took a starter, it appears to be sticking around the pivot point and is above vwap.
  • JustJoe: @bigbartabs $CGC $TLRY a little less than an ounce.
  • bRobert: @gwenzee #OT Not exactly. When you do that you are feeling too cocky and are about to get slammed. I needed a little breather from the market to tend to other things and give me the pause that refreshes. I can't overemphasize the importance of a fresh clear head. I am happy with most of my positions. You all know most of my favorites and the time frame I keep. FYI While I have rolled some calls I haven't sold out of my $CGC $CRON . $BA Closed my hedges. Added. $LMT closed hedges. HMOs staying the course in the usual suspects. $ULTA $310 still next target. $DIN $100/$125 $DIS $130/140 Long term holds $DG $113 Still there Bought back hedges Looking to add to energy exposure. $BX haven't touched it. Collecting dividend. $AMGN Still favorite in biotech. with several other big cap names. Like $NVS weekly. More later.
  • bRobert: @justinp $CGC What's your time frame?
  • riskmanager: @bRobert $CGC $CRON $BA $LMT $ULTA $DIN $DIS $DG $BX $AMGN $NVS #OT Am I assuming correctly that you are selling calls for negative delta as your hedges?
  • justinp: @bRobert $CGC Ideally measured in months if it gets going out of this area of congestion. I may get $MJ for the long-term depending if they stabilize from the current drop.
  • bRobert: @riskmanager $CGC $CRON $BA $LMT $ULTA $DIN $DIS $DG $BX $AMGN $NVS #OT Many of my positions are long term holds. After big runs I expect a pullback and do one of several steps to protect profits but stay involved. Roll deep in the money calls up to ATM call spreads.+- Buy some puts or put spreads. Sell calls and buy some puts (collar on Long deep in the money Leap calls) . MANY options strategies employed depending upon the particular situation. And yes negative delta is achieved.
  • bRobert: @justinp $CGC $MJ I use the WEEKLY for $CGC $CRON I've been in these names for a while. I have pulled some profit out many different ways but I have remained steadily involved. My long term measured move target for $CGC is in the $70's. It has been that for a while.My cost basis is in the $20's. $CRON target $17 If your position is spec size, let it breathe. Let it work. $TLRY was an easy technical trade to $300 from $40 if you let it work and breathe. IMHO
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Stock Price $USD 44.54
Change -1.11%
Volume 7,282,800

Canopy Growth Corp through its subsidiaries is the licensed producer of medical marijuana in Canada. The company grows, produces and sells medical marijuana. It sells medical marijuana under various brand names including Tweed, Bedrocan, and Mettrum.

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