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  • antfarm: $CLDR Continues its walk up the UBB after earnings. Long a small position and looking to add.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $CLDR BTO STOCK @9.14 An add. $OSTK BTO STOCK @22.12, 22.68 to cover some calls. $STNE STO 9/20/19 32.0 CALLS @.70 Covered
  • GOOSE: #Having a hectic morning personally and stock wise, so I'm tardy, ;>), in posting. $OSTK BTO STOCK @20.71 & 21.14 $OSTK STO 9/13/19 21.0 CALLS @.90 & .60 $OSTK STO 9/13/19 21.5 CALLS @.55 $OSTK STO 9/20/19 21.5 CALLS @ 1.02 $OSTK STO 9/20/19 22.0 CALLS @.90 $GOOS BTO STOCK @41.23 & 41.36 $CLDR BTO STOCK @9.13 $GME BTC 9/13/19 got out + or - a dime. Earnings tonight.
  • Sher: $RAD - This thing's been on a tear, lately - Up another 10.5%, today - New CEO, mid-Aug. - Multiple failed turn-around attempts, in the past so, hopefully, he'll break that long-standing trend - Picked up a few Oct. $9.00 calls, to which I'll be adding... $SNAP - Nice snap-back from day's $14.57 low, despite pretty muted vol. - Rooting for completion of a "hammer" candlestick print before day's end - Long Oct. calls. $FLR - BTO several Sept. $20 calls, at yesterday's close, which are currently up 51% - Recently upgraded to a "Buy" with a $25 PT (currently @ $21.71) - Nice increase in money flow and stock has recaptured VWAP. $CLDR - Took nice gains in Oct. $7.50 calls, this morning - Have been in and out of this one several times - Just got back in, on intraday PB, with Jan. $10 calls.
  • champ: @Sher $RAD $SNAP $FLR $CLDR --- Great post....$RAD, just about all Bounce-Candidates are working, new CEO. Just about a double in 9-trading days.
  • DavidM: After hours trade does not necessarily mean much, but $CLDR is up over 9% after earnings announcement, smaller loss than expected and a good pop in revenues.
  • champ: @DavidM $CLDR ...But positive news does, nice post.
  • Sher: $CLDR - Replaced below with Jan. $7.50 calls on intraday PB. $CLDR - STC entire Sept. $7.50 call position, earlier - Out @ $.95/share, HOD for the moment - Bid/ask currently $.65/$.75...
  • GOOSE: $CLDR Reports after market!!!!
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $YETI STO 9/13/19 28.5 PUT @1.25 Over 20% for a week and a half hold, IF it's over 28.50 of course. ;>) $STNE BTO STOCK @32.46, To cover some OTM CALLS. $PLAN STO 9/20/19 55.0 CALLS @1.50, Over 20% in less than 3 weeks $CLDR STC STOCK @7.27 Reports after market.
  • CraigReynolds: @GOOSE $YETI $STNE $PLAN $CLDR Pete Najarian just pushed your $YETI higher. Focused on Nov 35 calls -- 11,000 contacts traded. Looks like you are ringing the cash register pal.
  • lostsheep: @CraigReynolds $YETI $STNE $PLAN $CLDR $YETI back to the 20 day and vwap after the half time pump curious to see how it behaves here or at the 8ema at 27.6 holding so far
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Speculative I THINK mentioned by @gwenzee recently, unusual Bullish Call activity. Riding the 20 Day MA, above the 50 day. $CLDR BTO STOCK @7.08 1/2 Position.
  • shoredriver: @GOOSE $CLDR ...earnings9/4 after....
  • GOOSE: @shoredriver $CLDR Yah, thank you, it's checked on my calendar, though I wasn't thinking about earnings when I did the trade. Thank you again for the wake up call. Hey, have a great Holiday Weekend.
  • Sher: $CLDR options update (per Schwab): September weekly $7 straddle priced for a move of 14% into the expected release of quarterly results - Projections are for a 65% increase in revenues, but an earnings decrease of 21%, YOY...

    Comparing to post below ...
  • Sher: $CLDR - Notable Call Activity: Some unusual call activity (~50:1 over puts) is coming up on the radar on Cloudera Inc. (CLDR + $0.02 to $8.85) which is primarily being driven by activity on the September 20th 7.50 call. Volume on this contract is 9,966 (vs. open interest of 13,376) which mostly consisted of various-sized blocks that were being bought at various times for between $0.48 and $0.50 each. Today’s volume at this strike is now at 16,231 – I’ve been long these calls and just added several contracts at $.40/share – Earnings are 9-4-19, A/C - Carl Icahn recently increased his active stake from 12.6% to 16.48%...
  • kt4000: added $LABU selectively over the past few days - just got back and saw the bump - all good. Just Holding small positions in $MA, $CLDR, $BURL, $AAPL, $TWLO, $ULTA, $ZS
  • Sher: $CLDR - Carl Ichan increased active stake to 18.36% (prior 16.48%) - Long, though unhappily so, at the moment...
  • kt4000: @Sher $CLDR Long Jan Calls - + the stock.....
  • Sher: @kt4000 $CLDR - Not loving today's bearish engulfing candlestick - You were smart to go out to Jan. - I opted for Sept.
  • kt4000: @Sher $CLDR I too was hoping there would be progress on it or inflation on the stock price by Sept.
  • kt4000: added small tracking position in $ZS - Also a Bull Put on $ZS, added $CLDR stock to the longer term accounts also. Trying to stay away from $AMZN
  • DavidM: Not sure why I do not see the chat option in the webinar. I hoped to ask Dan to look at $CLDR
  • brice: @DavidM $CLDR It is in the GoTo Webinar panel. Lower half - Question field.
  • KenB0707: @DavidM $CLDR I sent your question out to him-may or may not get to it
  • DavidM: @KenB0707 $CLDR thank you
  • DAN: @DavidM $CLDR Sorry. Didn't have time to get to all questions. Only positive thing I could say about the stock is that it's already come down quite a bit. It has been creamed, and they are losing money. Right now the top of the channel is 6 bucks. So you're looking at 22 cents of headroom. Not my kind of trade. Too much resistance, David. Does this help?
  • baronp0329: @CraigReynolds $GME $PVTL $CCXI $PVTI Craig, you may want to look at $CLDR also. Way below 3BB. Started a position at 5.12 and will hold overnight. Stop set at 4.97.
  • CraigReynolds: @baronp0329 $GME $PVTL $CCXI $PVTI $CLDR $CLDR -- Have on list for tomorrow. Down $.73 from 3BB, almost to 4BB. May buy a little going into tomorrow.
  • Brian_M: Took the 1st 1/3 of a position on $CLDR at $15.06. It is back to the breakout area and has held $15ish the last few days. Putting a stop at $14.65
  • kus123: $HDP $CLDR Cloudera and Hortonworks announce $5.2 billion merger
  • kt4000: glad we are recovering - adding two starter positions - $NEPT, $CLDR tracking both for a few days.....
  • MBWS2018: @kt4000 $NEPT $CLDR Am I seeing a Cup and Handle w/ this chart?
  • MBWS2018: @kt4000 $NEPT $CLDR Sorry with NEPT chart
  • kt4000: @MBWS2018 $NEPT $CLDR Yes
  • phgruver: @MBWS2018 $NEPT $CLDR According to Wm. O'Neil, it's not a valid handle until it goes above the previous high, in this case, $4.75. Then, the buy point is 10 cents higher, or $4.85. Before that, the chances of failure are too high.
  • MBWS2018: @phgruver $NEPT $CLDR Thanks for the follow up.. always appreciated.
  • eacain: @Dan I bought $CLDR into the close yesterday with the intentions of a snapback trade in the near-term. It opened up today, and so far it's up over 3%. Should I move my stop-loss up to yesterday's intraday low (13.20) or below where it opened up today (13.54)?
  • DAN: @eacain $CLDR Hi eacain. I would just keep the stop below yesterday's low. If you bought the closing price, then placing a stop just below the intraday low gives you a super low risk of loss. I don't have an opinion about how much upside there is in the stock. But I wouldn't put a stop based on today's price. That's way too tight. Hope that helps.
  • eacain: @DAN $CLDR thanks Dan, helps a lot!
  • eacain: @all would appreciate any help/insight. I bought $CLDR yesterday near close for a quick trade expecting an oversold bounce today. Am up over 5% in one day and contemplating if I should sell out completely and net the 5%, sell 1/2 of position, or just move my stop-loss up to below today's low? Any thoughts/comments/past experiences would help out greatly - thanks!
  • eacain: anyone else considering $CLDR down here at a (seemingly) potential double-bottom after big earnings drop?
  • traderbren: $CLDR - up in AH due to ER.
  • cmac: $CLDR watching for Dan's IPO strategy....flirting with new high territory
  • Bridget: @cmac $CLDR I would not recommend holding the stock through its first earnings report. On 6/8 after market close.
  • cmac: @Bridget $CLDR missed that...ty
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Cloudera Inc sells subscriptions and services for its data management, machine learning and advanced analytics platform. This platform delivers capabilities for data management, machine learning and advanced analytics.

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