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  • baronp0329: @CraigReynolds $GME $PVTL $CCXI $PVTI Craig, you may want to look at $CLDR also. Way below 3BB. Started a position at 5.12 and will hold overnight. Stop set at 4.97.
  • CraigReynolds: @baronp0329 $GME $PVTL $CCXI $PVTI $CLDR $CLDR -- Have on list for tomorrow. Down $.73 from 3BB, almost to 4BB. May buy a little going into tomorrow.
  • Brian_M: Took the 1st 1/3 of a position on $CLDR at $15.06. It is back to the breakout area and has held $15ish the last few days. Putting a stop at $14.65
  • kus123: $HDP $CLDR Cloudera and Hortonworks announce $5.2 billion merger
  • kt4000: glad we are recovering - adding two starter positions - $NEPT, $CLDR tracking both for a few days.....
  • MBWS2018: @kt4000 $NEPT $CLDR Am I seeing a Cup and Handle w/ this chart?
  • MBWS2018: @kt4000 $NEPT $CLDR Sorry with NEPT chart
  • kt4000: @MBWS2018 $NEPT $CLDR Yes
  • phgruver: @MBWS2018 $NEPT $CLDR According to Wm. O'Neil, it's not a valid handle until it goes above the previous high, in this case, $4.75. Then, the buy point is 10 cents higher, or $4.85. Before that, the chances of failure are too high.
  • MBWS2018: @phgruver $NEPT $CLDR Thanks for the follow up.. always appreciated.
  • eacain: @Dan I bought $CLDR into the close yesterday with the intentions of a snapback trade in the near-term. It opened up today, and so far it's up over 3%. Should I move my stop-loss up to yesterday's intraday low (13.20) or below where it opened up today (13.54)?
  • DAN: @eacain $CLDR Hi eacain. I would just keep the stop below yesterday's low. If you bought the closing price, then placing a stop just below the intraday low gives you a super low risk of loss. I don't have an opinion about how much upside there is in the stock. But I wouldn't put a stop based on today's price. That's way too tight. Hope that helps.
  • eacain: @DAN $CLDR thanks Dan, helps a lot!
  • eacain: @all would appreciate any help/insight. I bought $CLDR yesterday near close for a quick trade expecting an oversold bounce today. Am up over 5% in one day and contemplating if I should sell out completely and net the 5%, sell 1/2 of position, or just move my stop-loss up to below today's low? Any thoughts/comments/past experiences would help out greatly - thanks!
  • eacain: anyone else considering $CLDR down here at a (seemingly) potential double-bottom after big earnings drop?
  • traderbren: $CLDR - up in AH due to ER.
  • cmac: $CLDR watching for Dan's IPO strategy....flirting with new high territory
  • Bridget: @cmac $CLDR I would not recommend holding the stock through its first earnings report. On 6/8 after market close.
  • cmac: @Bridget $CLDR missed that...ty
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Stock Price $USD 8.87
Change -1.29%
Volume 3,138,090

Cloudera Inc sells subscriptions and services for its data management, machine learning and advanced analytics platform. This platform delivers capabilities for data management, machine learning and advanced analytics.

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  • December 4th, 2019 - 2020 Q3 Earnings
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