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  • TRICIA: $CLSN- SWING trade alert .. I took an overnight position on this low floater $CLSN Celsion's TheraSilence RNA program shows positive preclinical data. http://yhoo.it/1HvABDv history is in the forum archives...I am intrigued regarding RANi ... Also this is a SWING .... and it may run ...was given a PT of 8...( I will be happy at4.00 .. Others to watch at open $ACTM, IBIO, GNCA, SGYP ...specific for day - swing etc
  • prockow: $CLSN - I have been so close to jettisoning this stock from my holdings , having a good day.
  • Mjones1: $clsn on tear today
  • DAN: @prockow $CLSN -- what's the deal with CLSN? Chart looks really good (very thin!), but I'm not familiar with the company at all. What does it do?
  • DAN: @prockow No problem!! I was just asking about $CLSN -- never heard of the company...but the chart looks really good. Just thought you might have some knowledge to share about it.
  • TRICIA: $CLSN - @DAN - this company is developing Thermodox --- the theory is that using heat it would destroy liver cancer cells .. the HEAT trial was a failure in Jan 2013 - and I got burned very badly... it is coming back and I am watching but I am not convinced ..( it dropped 95% ) ... so I watch Celsion from a distance .. a great distance
  • DAN: @TRICIA $CLSN -- thanks for the info Tricia. (nice pun, too. "heat trial"...got burned badly). Hope you are convalescing and taking care of yourself. Unlike the financial markets, each of us only has one ticker.
  • Tricia: $CLSN: opened postion @ $3.26 yesterday on this article - http://seekingalpha.com/article/2329785-celsions-egen-acquisition-brings-immunotherapy-and-rna-therapeutics-to-its-cancer-platform - I added too quickly BUT GOT RESCUED on this announcement http://finance.yahoo.com/news/celsion-announces-positive-interim-data-120000948.html … ( Interim and only PhaseII ... and Themodox failed miserably in liver treatment last year and I got killed) I am up 6 % ..and have reduced BACK to starter to keep on radar ... It is possible that the Puma story is going to cross over into other Breast cancer tx.
  • Tricia: CLSN: $CLSN Celsion Corporation Announces Updated Overall Survival Results from Phase II.. http://boardvote.com/sym/CLSN/539631 ..... just one year ago I got slaughtered in this one .... still if it does work, it would be a welcomed miracle ...
  • Iceman: ...
    $CLSN (ns) Jan 18 2014 2 Calls (Covered)
    $DRYS Jan 18 2014 5 Calls (Covered)
    $EEM Jan 18 2014 50 Calls (Covered)
    $FAZ Jan 18 2014 22.5 Calls (Covered)
    $FIO Jan 18 2014 10 Calls (Covered)
    $FSLR Jan 18 2014 70 Calls
    $GMCR Jan 18 2014 82.5 Calls
  • jnag698: CHTP- After almost losing a ton on $CLSN and saved ony by some last-minute fancy footwork, I decided do a better job of managing risk in biotechs. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I'll make a small profit, instead of a massive profit. But at least it's not a loss.
  • hwyflier: $CLSN : HUGE reversal today. http://www.freestockcharts.com?emailChartID=bd511be4-31db-43e1-a4fa-5b4c2a4b2d8c click discard last session for view current chart
  • jnag698: $CLSN - 1:4.5 rs. You scared me for a minute. I used to play this with #options. It would always run once a month. Used to get some doubles. Haven't watched it in a while.
  • Tricia: ...
    I have been very wrong - $CLSN - boy did I get bitch slapped, $DVAX - even now I know the ADCOMM committee was dead wrong BUT it didn't help the stock price or me ... I still lost big and just last week I got killed in $CNDO losing $4650 in 15 m ...
  • Tricia: NWBO: Another blow this company ... ... http://seekingalpha.com/article/1665532-a-public-apology-to-@adam-feuerstein-on-northwest-biotherapeutics - if you are in it, try to get out ... if you are not in it put it with AFFY, $CLSN and now ARNA. Last month institutional investors were20% ... now less than 10% ...
  • Big D: $CLSN - Bastard.
  • Iceman: $CLSN (that old dog of a stock) - Moves up 20.00% since its previous close...... just in time.... I've got short July strike 2.0 covered calls expiring this afternoon
  • Tricia: $HALO : @ smmtraders ..... I am still not over @Jon's deceptive calls on both AFFY, and $CLSN ..... I hold him to a much higher standard and he failed ...... HALO's move is due to the CHMP this morning - so @Jon's call just supports it .... but I will l never again invest on his recommendations... (I don't think he cares what I think......lol)
  • mtnman: $CLSN -Up 20% in pre-market on results of HEAT study. All the way up to a whopping $1.47 a share. This one is like a soap opera - no position. Too much drama.
  • woodman: $CLSN - I hope no one got pulled back into this stinker thinking that the company is going to revive itself. The recent runup was bound to hurt anyone that ran back into this burning house. As I said long ago, $CLSN is dead. (And to this day, I can't understand what @Jon Najarian was thinking in making it his ASCO pick, when the company wasn't even presenting at ASCO -- just terrible.) http://seekingalpha.com/article/1495002-celsion-50-downside-after-the-heat-trial-failed?source=yahoo
  • boba: $CLSN @woodman - here is an opposing view of CLSN. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1496322-6-new-bearish-celsion-myths-destroyed?source=yahoo
  • woodman: $CLSN @boba - It feels to me now -- just as it did before the disastrous Phase 3 results were reported -- like uber-bulls are going to great lengths to convince themselves and others that ThermoDox works. That article doesn't say anything that would ...
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  • woodman: $CLSN - @Jon Najarian called it his "ASCO trade" yesterday on the Final Trade. As far as I know, $CLSN isn't presenting at ASCO. Now I have to question @Jon's work, at least on biotechs. And I don't trust management at all. Management's conduct keeping shareholders in right up to when they announced the devastating results, then (or around that time) doing a secondary (if memory serves correctly), and now they've announced a $10 Million Registered Direct Offering. They have no shame. I fear lambs will end up slaughtered ... again. Please be very careful with this one. Trading it is one thing (I'm okay with that), but lab test the KoolAid before imbibing.
  • Big D: $CLSN - @Woodman....And #CNBC got the transcript wrong and said his final trade was $TSLA, lol.
    Dr. J. also talked briefly about ASCO stocks in minute 2:22 of this video: http://video.#cnbc.com/gallery/?play=1&video=3000172054 10 minutes before, a ...
  • dieb: $CLSN - On the move the last couple of days. ThermoDox may have some value. Went long Jan 14 $1.5 calls yesterday. See what happens running up to their presentation on Jun 19-22. http://finance.yahoo.com/marketupdate/inplay#clsn
  • woodman: $CLSN - I wouldn't trust their management with someone else's money, much less mine. Once burned....
  • dieb: $CLSN RE: @woodman. I know what you mean. Also stuck with near worthless Jan 2014 $7 calls. Which is why I happened to see the recent action. Ready to sell near the presentation.
  • boba: $CLSN - Up 24% today, huge volume the last 3 days. It looks to me like wishful thinking but......... anyone else have as to what is happening here??
  • taylor: $CLSN, Covered Calls - Selling covered calls on an old biotech holding: Sold $CLSN Jul 20 2013 2.0 Calls @ 0.10 Sold $CLSN Oct 19 2013 2.0 Calls @ 0.15 Sold $CLSN Jan 18 2014 2.0 Calls @ 0.20
  • mtnman: $CLSN @boba -shortsqueeze.com is showing 20% of float is short. I don't know if there is a short #squeeze going on or if somebody knows something. I know they are saying that the ThermaDox results may not be as insignificant as initially thought.
  • woodman: $CLSN http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/celsion-announces-patent-application-in-4-markets-and-2-other-hot-stocks-to-watch.html/?ref=YF
  • boba: $CLSN - @woodman Here is another article on CLSN. I don't quite know what to make of it. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1452881-the-new-celsion-could-be-worth-4-a-share?source=yahoo
  • woodman: $CLSN @boba - I have no idea, but it sure feels like the all the old blindly faithful bulls are dusting off their party horns and getting ready to start up the party again. I'm not saying you can't make money on the backs of $SA and other pumpers wh ...
  • woodman: $CLSN @boba - I responded above in case you didn't see it.
  • Big D: $CLSN - Good info. @Woodman and @Boba. I had this number 2 on my list to buy at the open (after INFI), and completely missed it. Thought the first 12% would be it. Always hard to know what to do with a stock that @Adam isn't behind. You gotta do more research.
  • Big D: $DDD - I can't remember which one it was, $ACAD or $CLDX or $CLSN, but there was a secondary offering and it took a day or two for the market to take it almost down to that price, but not quite. And w/ $DDD, they took it down to just below the price at 40 pre-market before they bounced it right back up. That seems bullish when they don't let it go below the offering. It just looks like the market had to take 2 days to figure it out.
  • woodman: $CLDX has 64% institutional ownership (according to Nasdaq cite) and nearly a billion dollar market cap and still isn't near the time for presenting final data on its Phase 3 trials (meaning all of this is likely to grow). $CLSN was never in a position like this. Institutions didn't buy in. They are in the greatest position to understand if a drug will work and will have a market to succeed. It's like The Fridge leading the way for Walter Payton.
  • jnag698: CLDX- As this marks its way higher, does anyone wonder if it will pull a "CLSN"? My research looks good, but I thought $CLSN looked good also. Managed to lessen my losses on $CLSN with cc and put strategies, but still lost a nice chunk of change. Not looking forward to doing that again.
  • woodman: $CLDX @jnag698 - one can never know, can one? Are you aware of the Feuerstein-Ratain Rule? To my knowledge it still hasn't failed; I believe it held true for $CLSN (or at least gave you enough caution to question seriously all the hyper-bulls). ht ...
  • woodman: @jnag698 - you're absolutely right. F-R won't last forever. I think even he was worried that $CLSN would be the first (though he bravely stuck to his guns and caught a ton of s#%^ for it). But I'm not going to try catching lightning in a bottle an ...
  • woodman: @fhsavidge - Just seeing your post. I did actually end up selling the rest of my GALE. Bullish engulfing today that brings it back into the channel from which it just broke out. I'll wait to see what it does from here and regroup. The bottom of ...
  • hwyflier: $CLSN : Is Celsion a long term outperform? http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/should-sane-investors-consider-celsion.html/
  • levnor18: Trades....Well said @rczar. I`ll try. Bought yesterday $CLSN @ 1.35. Wish i`d got more. Stopped out of $VMW, break even.
  • levnor18: $CLSN - Added today from intial buy yesterday. Sold $CLSN puts March 16 $1 @.10. Thoughts?
  • woodman: $CLSN - I can't speak to #options strategies, but I think $CLSN as a company is done, as in close the casket. Its stuff doesn't work. The CEO said as much. I can't imagine that it will ever get FDA approval, even if it pursues some kind of subset ...
  • hwyflier: $CLSN : Another 8% premarket
  • MartySS: $CLSN : Bought a starter at 1.45 Hope I don't jinx your trade
  • hwyflier: $CLSN : I'll watch that level ;)
  • Goose: $CLSN @hwyflier @ Friday's late post. Thanks for the post. I'm still holding the $CLSN short Feb Puts ; >( and your post brightened my weekend, especially the #Cramer mention. I don't watch him, so I wouldn't have known about his interest in the stock. He is too hyper for me. Have a great weekend. It's off to the gym for me now.
  • hwyflier: $CLSN : @Goose , You bet. Attached is the link on this one. It's really too cheap and oversold not to take a "flier" on this one ;). http://www.@stockpickr.com/5-stocks-showing-major-breakouts.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO
  • Goose: $CLSN @ @hwyflier Read the article. Thank you again. Thinking about taking delivery of the stock now. @GOOSE
  • hwyflier: $CLSN : Big off the bottom today. #Cramer watching this one closely.
  • pcotton: $BGCP - @ Jorma - need help on wedges; Saw your chart about the ascending wedge. You could make an almost-channel out of it. If it's indeed an ascending wedge, would you consider it bearish, since the longer-term trend is down? However, I do notice the #squeeze and pop. BTW, after seeing the posts on $CLSN yesterday, I'd like to apologize to all $BGCP investors for mentioning the favorable technical pattern on $BGCP on Sept 24th. (better late than never).
  • hooked1: ...
    One of the lessons that I've gleaned from the whole $CLSN vortex is that many who drank the kool aid seriously undermined themselves by dismissing the opinions of the other side, complete with wild accusations of deceitfulness, manipulation, etc. W ...
  • Skinflint: $CLSN - Well....there goes all my profit from January. :(
  • ONDY2010: $CLSN - Results did not meet expectations. See published report. Listening to conference call. This is a @textbook example of why you always need Put protection. Those of us in $CLSN, it's time to move on and find our next trade. Let's turn the page on this one and move on.
  • jnag698: $CLSN - @Bummer ! Between my stock, cc, and puts, it should be a wash. Thank God. It's too bad for the patients, though. I was hoping for an additional tx modality.
  • jnag698: $CLSN - conspiracy theory..... Now that all those insiders who bought stock are slightly underwater (buy points $2-3... a couple at $5-7, according to Openinsider.com), will they get bonuses from the Chinese $5M ? That would turn this loss into a great profit for them. Or I could just be babbling.
  • woodman: $CLSN - I was never comfortable with this one. There was such a raging debate and it seemed truly to be a coin flip with huge upside/downside potential. The bears (and there were some notable ones) were as adamant as the bulls. I just couldn't get ...
  • woodman: $CLSN - and the China deal sucked in a lot of buyers. I can imagine some lawsuits... if there's a company left.
  • taylor: $CLSN, Short Puts - I had three positions on: Short the 2.0 puts, Short the 1.5 Puts, Short the 1.0 Puts. The 1's look OK The 1.5's may still work out - I will continue to monitor The 2's I will be covering most likely this morning Also short a small number of strike 17 calls that I sold @ 1.10. No position in the stock......yet
  • Skinflint: $CLSN - Sorry to everyone that is holding this stock. I got sucked in, plain and simple. But as my wife always says when I start whinging, "It can always be worse". Which is true. Still, to lose nearly all my profit in one of the best performing months in recent memory...it stings..........alot. The question now, is what should we do now? I want to sell my entire position. Is there any chance that this thing still has a shot of making money?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!!
  • woodman: $CLSN - @Tricia, I am so sad to hear of your departure. It's a blow. I will miss your wisdom and spirit. I will try to follow you on Twitter. Please take care of yourself.
  • JamesL8565: $CLSN --- Wow, that took me by surprise. I'm looking around and, yes, we're all bummed in Pittsburgh. More so because of the news of your pending SMM departure than because we didn't even make the playoffs. Have a great time in Jackson Hole and know that you will be missed around here.
  • Goose: $CLSN @Tricia, Wish you the best of Health and Success. Thank you for your insights. ; >) @GOOSE
  • Tim S: $CLSN - Get out, get out, get out! Headline risk added: Law Firm Brower Piven Announces Investigation of Investor Securities Fraud Against Celsion CorporationLast update: 1/31/2013 11:45:01 AMSTEVENSON, Md., Jan 31, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The law fi ...
  • woodman: $CLSN - like I said in my post earlier this morning, CLSN's China deal right before the announcement smells fishy. It probably drew in buyers right at the end. What did $CLSN know about the results at that point? And on Twitter, folks were in contact with management after the China deal and they say that management did nothing to disavow them of the notion that things were fine. And as I said this morning, it wouldn't be long before the class action lawyers stepped in. I was right.
  • arrow: $CLSN - @Chong51, please say you're joking. You liked it at 7 because you thought it could go to 15. That's not happening. If they figure out a plan b for this drug you'll have 3 years to get back in. Forget it, find something else.
  • hambone: $CLSN If you sell covered calls like Apr 1.50 @ .30, you can earn 4.28% on $7 for 79 days or 5.45% on $5.50. Not a bad annual return. Every 3mos. or so you will lower your cost basis. I had good luck selling covered calls against $VVUS after it crashed to < $4 in 2004. Just a thought. Good Luck!
  • woodman: $CLSN @bigbartabs = Thx for your comments. It goes w/o saying -- but I'll say it anyway -- that I would enjoy very much drinking that bottle of good booze with you "when" it happens. I'd even enjoy it if it didn't happen.

    Although I have gotte ...
  • Skinflint: ...
    Of COURSE it hits it and goes back up. Now I'm sitting here holding my @Charles Dickens, just watching it tick up, up, up, too worried to buy it back and too frustrated at trading this market. B/w this, $CLSN, and $AET (which hit my stop and imme ...
  • rj7150: $CLSN @Tricia - Have a great break. I have followed and benefitted from your posts. Thank you @RJ
  • woodman: R2000 @bigbartabs - I don't get it either. I was expecting more of a down day too and, from sales yesterday, had a little more cash on hand today than I've had the last several days. I actually ended up putting a little of it back to work. I'm pleasantly surprised by $FB, among a few others. I was down 80% on $CLSN today, but somehow was up overall in my account for the day. It's hard to fathom.
  • Big D: $CLSN - Oh my gosh, Trish. I have benefited so much from your posts, your personality, humor, knowledge and trading wisdom. I wish you the best; I may take a different path when it comes to trading soon as well. Please don't let them dig up the back yard, for your sake. My best to you, you will be sorely missed...Dave.
  • Goose: $CLSN @Tricia Will it be today or tomorrow, or is it still up in the air?
  • woodman: $CLSN @Goose - not @Tricia here, but they've been asking the same question every day on Twitter for weeks. I don't think anyone knows whether today or tomorrow, but it's supposed to be by end of January.
  • Goose: $CLSN @woodman Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. So, since it has to be by the end of January, do you think they will extend January by a couple of days, so they can get the report in?? ; >)
  • taylor: $CLSN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQFxmAdyKcg #
  • woodman: $CLSN - I love Judge Smails (and miss @Ted Knight)!
  • taylor: $CLSN @Tricia - it actually came from @Adam $F yesterday
  • Tricia: $CLSN - Halted ....... just breathe
  • ONDY2010: $CLSN @Tricia - Congratulations @Tricia and all those who are trading CLSN. I have followed this company since 2000 and tomorrow will be an important day. Now for the next challenge: selling/managing our positions. Let the games begin at 9:30am. I am wondering if they will keep the stock halted until the market opens. It will be time to use all the disciplined trading techniques we have learned from @Dan to maximize profits on this trade. I say, it's a nice problem to have! Be sure to listen to the conference call at 8:00am EST on 01/31/13. Good Luck to all :) :-) :-D
  • Goose: $CLSN MOVING UP. ???
  • woodman: $CLSN - I want to apologize to all $CLSN longs who plan to hold through the FDA decision. After staying away for a very long time, I bought some last week - just very small amount that I can live with if the results are poor. I'm expecting a virtua ...
  • woodman: $CLSN @bybyjanice - that deal gave me the final nudge to get in.
  • Skinflint: $CLSN - Happy Monday gang! No matter how frustrated I am on Friday at 4 o'clock, somehow I am always reinvigorated on Monday, ready to learn from my mistakes! :-) Can someone smarter than myself add some clarity as to what the whole "China deal" w/ $CLSN actually means? Does this mean $CLSN will have a revenue stream regardless of if its Phase $III data isn't so hot? Or is any "China deal" reliant on Phase $III data being a home run? Could someone explain the ramifications of this "China deal"? Thanks everyone and good luck trading!!!
  • woodman: $CLSN @Skinflint - go to Twitter and read up on $CLSN and particularly Tweets by Siavoche ?@Magicsia . Also, for starters, you can read this: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=d5139e805024fd7c&id=D5139E805024FD7C%211111&authkey=!AEZT61VBbizBIzU You'll also find good information about $CLSN here: http://celsion.blogspot.com/
  • Tricia: ANAC; KERX; $CLSN : waiting for top line data reports and studying to understand the different trials is a pain, however, I was expecting a Trifecta ... $KERX just delivered this am and is up over 60% now (I sold half at 40% this morning and don't regret it). Anxious for $ANAC, and $CLSN any day now!
  • gintice: $CLSN - $STO Feb/2.5 puts @ .50 very bullish on this little bio. Trade safe.
  • ONDY2010: $CLSN - Stock moving up premarket - read Yahoo.Finance news
  • :
  • Tricia: CLSN: this is nice confirmation about world wide potential, but I was looking the PIII heat study results ..... and respectfully, $SA is a pretty bad source for info in $CLSN --- you must read the comments of any article you read and then some. The Tiwtter site t0 follow is @Magicsia ....... he is a phenomenal source of information..... he has a blog which I posted in earlier threads. Or just type in $CLSN, and look for comments by Siavoche @ magicsia
  • davidm: $CLSN @jnag698 You can also search the forums here for messages over that past few months. @Tricia and others have done an outstanding job of keeping us all informed on this stock and its upcoming trial results.
  • Skinflint: $CLSN - Good afternoon everyone! I hope all is well and you enjoyed your MLK weekend! :-)

    Question about CLSN. The HEAT results come out and it is bad news. Obviously the stock will get hit; but how much are you looking for it to get hit? ...
  • davidm: $CLSN @Taylor BTW-I did post those call prices that you requested late last night. David
  • woodman: Insider Transactions - here is a link to a site where you can find insider transactions. Over the weekend, someone mentioned recent $CLSN insider transactions, so I figured I'd take a look. Obviously, you can use this site for any stock. http://www.openinsider.com/search?q=clsn
  • Goose: $CLSN Cogitating about a new short put trade in this name for this week. Had a great trade in $CLSN last month. Don't usually eat at the same trough, but, the way I see it, my thesis, is: the $CLSN low, as far as my researching skills permit me ...
  • davidm: $CLSN @Goose The consensus seems to be that if the results of the HEAT study-due out any day-come out negative, the company will be pretty much worthless. Seems to me that could be less than $1.70. I am actually long calls (horrors!), but it is a small, purely speculative position and is totally funded by gains made on the name. All my original principal and a bit more than that has been taken out. This one is a lottery ticket for me.
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Celsion Corporation is an innovative oncology drug development company focused on the development of treatments for those suffering with difficult to treat forms of cancer.

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