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Chart of the Day October 16th, 2020

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October 16th, 2020
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  • DAN: ...
    $CMG -- Good earnings report. Stock is still trending higher. 20-day MA supporting the trend. Alert $1131.00
    $AMZN -- earnings next Thursday. Look for a Monday/Wednesday run. Alert $3030
    $RH -- still working on a higher box. Not a great buy he ...
  • champ: $CMG, earnings after the close, I'm reading investors want to see comps improve and not surprising analyst are expecting a drop in EPS, yr/yr, and a surprise will bounce this stock,...but #NP.
  • just4mo: @champ $CMG #NP selling 1/2 my position. I want to hold as I expect the numbers will be better but I never hold all through earnings.. one of two rules I refuse to break.
  • champ: @just4mo $CMG #NP --- Sure, why not take the Cash, I agree..... but on $ECHO, I'm going to swing 1/2 .
  • champ: $CMG, missed on Comps....
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are mixed this morning as we move into a big week of key earnings reports.


    $IBM reports today after the bell. The stock has been under pressure over the past several months and has only closed above the 200-day movin ...
  • Carpe_Diem:
  • DAN: @Carpe_Diem $IBM $ISRG $TER $TXN $SMH $SNAP $UAL $CMG $TWTR $MXL $STM $SWKS $ENTG $AAL $LUV $DAL $T $CTXS $PHM $VZ $AXP $KBH (Scott took a vacation. I slaved last week. ;-) But I agree, nice pic of the family. I'm sure Scott's wife has the same rule...which is why he snuck a look at his computer when the family was still asleep. LOL.)
  • Carpe_Diem: @DAN $IBM $ISRG $TER $TXN $SMH $SNAP $UAL $CMG $TWTR $MXL $STM $SWKS $ENTG $AAL $LUV $DAL $T $CTXS $PHM $VZ $AXP $KBH Lol/ Sorry Dan. I have NO muti tasking Skills. Hope I gave you a laugh this Monday morning!
  • GOOSE: @DAN $IBM $ISRG $TER $TXN $SMH $SNAP $UAL $CMG $TWTR $MXL $STM $SWKS $ENTG $AAL $LUV $DAL $T $CTXS $PHM $VZ $AXP $KBH @DAN TOS has $AAL'S earnings on 7/23/20 not after the bell today. Has it been changed? Thank you.
  • DAN: @GOOSE $IBM $ISRG $TER $TXN $SMH $SNAP $UAL $CMG $TWTR $MXL $STM $SWKS $ENTG $AAL $LUV $DAL $T $CTXS $PHM $VZ $AXP $KBH I see it as 7/23 too. Did I make a mistake in my note? Should be 7/23. My bad.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $TSLA $MSFT $KO $SNAP $LMT $HAL $TWTR $T $AAL $LUV $INTC $BMRC $PM $CMG $VZ $PLD $NDAQ $NVS $UAL $MAN $LOGI $IBM $CALM $OGI $AXP $PHG $BIIB $TSCO $LII $ONB $TMO $SYF $TXN $KEY $CIT $MKTX $CTXS $ISRG $CMA $CHKP $LLNW $HCA $CDNS #Earnings Welcome back Scott !. You were missed. Dan sang O Canada on one of his strategy sessions in your $SWKS. 7/23. Large position. Great set up. and 5G play. If you're board buy some $OSB. and support your Toronto peeps. $50 target Get some $VFF. too. Nice tight wedgie. They're smokin.
  • Bwhitty: $CMG watching for a quick Phase 3
  • bRobert: $VEEV. $WIX. $AAPL. $CMG. $PYPL. $ZM $NVDA. others If you have a crack team of employees like this , you don't have to sit in front of a computer screen all day. They do the hard work for you
  • Bwhitty: $CMG looks like a day 2
  • Reif99: Watching $FICO for a break above 430. Really tight Looks a lot like $CMG a couple days ago.
  • HGIGuy: @Reif99 $FICO $CMG That's a pretty low FICO score. LOL
  • Auto: $CMG added watch $1,087 for break
  • Bwhitty: $CMG seems to be coming out a daily squeeze
  • Kharrison67: @Iggy $CMG
  • Iggy: yes $CMG
  • Ajax4Hire: @Iggy $CMG - Chipolte Mexican Grill #Bridget noted $CMG back on Monday, June 29th. I started a position then adding over the next few days as I saw $CMG moving sideways and BollingerBands getting smaller. Smiling today, much thanks #Bridget.
  • DAN: ...
    $CMG -- “CMG is squeezing to the upside and looks to be a good entry - your thoughts?” Actually, it looks like a GREAT entry. This could be a GSL stock, but I missed this entry. It’s a good stock to own.
  • Angdionk: $CMG moving
  • Bridget: $CMG is in a great set-up for a break out higher
  • Ajax4Hire: @Bridget $CMG would you suggest options? or purchase out-right for long-term hold? (I'm liking the .CMG200717C1060; Jul17th $1060 due to the lower bid/ask difference)
  • Amykris: @Bridget $CMG Amazing setup but brutal to trade. No liquidity in the options market, 1000 dollar per share
  • debeers: @Bridget $CMG -Thanks.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Ajax4Hire $CMG I am purchasing out-right, not options. Setting Stop-Loss: Redline=$997.97,$CMG
  • Bridget: @Ajax4Hire @Amykris $CMG yeah options liquidity is not great for this stock, so if you can purchase out-right I would do that. But this stock can make some big moves, so long calls can be very profitable.
  • mercury6s: @DAN $WING next time I'll take a small placeholder to get started, reluctant to chase it now.... but then again if burritos are worth $1000.....$CMG
  • DAN: ...
    $CMG -- Squeezing at all time high. Potential buy on a breakout. Alert $1075

    Requested stocks:
    $QDEL -- why was this not a “tweezer top” last week? Answer: Because the stock didn’t fall. The pattern is only valid “after&r ...
  • Cheezit: @DAN $CODX $SPX $COMPQX $NDX $BYND $DXCM $RNG $TDOC $TWLO $DELL $VMW $SPOT $XBI $KDMN $ALEC $NVAX $BCYC $INVA $NLTX $RMD $UPS $AMZN $GSX $LULU $CMG $QDEL $VIPS Recording sounded much better. If you wondering..:)
  • chrisdundas: @Cheezit $CODX $SPX $COMPQX $NDX $BYND $DXCM $RNG $TDOC $TWLO $DELL $VMW $SPOT $XBI $KDMN $ALEC $NVAX $BCYC $INVA $NLTX $RMD $UPS $AMZN $GSX $LULU $CMG $QDEL $VIPS I second that. Sound was great! Thx Dan!
  • vatradergreg: Also looking to do something in $CMG, but the markets in there stink. Huge spreads.
  • DAN: ...
    $CMG -- looks a lot like $NFLX, but pullback wasn’t as deep.
    $NET -- Volatile, but under accumulation. Hard to buy here, but probably going higher.
    $PTON -- Still in a range...but worth watching. (No position)
    $CCL -- Look for more upside. ...
  • traderbren: Keep an eye on -- $SHOP, $RNG, $CHWY, $OKTA, $GAN, $CMG, $SLV
  • Auto: $CMG added to short
  • debeers: Rotation proceeds apace as yesterday's winners are today's sinners- $SHOP- down 49.12, $AMZN down 43.09, $DXCM down 36.38, $CSGP down 24.06, $NOW down 19.59, $NVDA down 18.91, $CMG down 18.73
  • Bert953: @debeers $SHOP $AMZN $DXCM $CSGP $NOW $NVDA $CMG Looks like the rotation has rotated again, bouncing now.
  • debeers: @Bert953 $SHOP $AMZN $DXCM $CSGP $NOW $NVDA $CMG -hard to keep up, huh? LOL
  • DAN: ...
    $CMG -- working.
    $RH -- not in XLY, but this is being bought.

    Growth Stocks:
    $PLMR -- Very strong fundamentals. Entry $62.50, Stop 58.95. Alert $58.95
    $AAPL -- Probably going to rest here a while. Not where you’d want to buy. We are flat, ...
  • champ: $CMG + $22, HOD, I might even swing this position.
  • drmike54: @AlexH $NVDA (after tomorrow's earnings), $CMG, $CRM, $TDY, $IMMU, $AMZN, $AAPL, $WMT, (or $TGT) $DSL & $MPLX the last two for their yields. Having said that, to buy at the top of the range, rather than waiting for a short term pull back, is a suckers bet. As the host of this Forum says over and over again, "It's all about your entry."
  • Wykeman: $CMG new ATH
  • AdrenalineTrade: $CMG is now a 1000 dollar stock
  • traderbren: @AdrenalineTrade $CMG - yep, couldn't resist taking off my calls on this burrito roll. ;-)
  • traderbren: $CMG - gunning for a new high. Long calls from lower level.
  • bRobert: $LMT Continues to squeeze Just watching with an alert $500 potential if buyers start to spread the wealth and the rally broadens $CMG new burrito high Very long base High trajectory
  • traderbren: $CMG -- seeing some interest as folks get hungry for another burrito run! NP as yet but watching.
  • Dig44north: @traderbren $CMG nice chart, waiting for burrito breakout
  • Bridget: $CMG looks really good here, consolidating near its highs.
  • Brock: @Bridget $CMG I'm surprised how low the volume is for $CMG for a company that size, and the recent low volume.
  • Cokeman1959: @Bridget $CMG I'm seeing very low volume on a lot of higher moves lately. That has me questioning a sustained rally in anytime soon.
  • Reif99: @Brock $CMG For CMG, that's exactly what you want to see. Big breakout on volume, and consolidation on low volume, hopefully letting some of the MA's catch up.
  • champ: @Bridget $CMG--- Great move in just 24 trading days...up to 4/22, off of that 3/18 low, more than doubled and now it has been more or less flat, for the last 10 trading days. ......Risk vs Reward....hard to guess now, how "Back to Work", is going to play out for them, it is not going to be business as normal.
  • Brock: @Reif99 $CMG thanks - I'm still learning the what's and when's that volume indicates.
  • Kharrison67: $CMG I remember @scottrades said sometimes look at the 2 hour chart, I took a peak at the 10 day 2 hr chart and the BB's look like they will not be able to hold on much longer, which direction it will spit it out is anyone's guess. Anyone want to take a look and predict?
  • scottrades: @Kharrison67 $CMG My P&L told me I suck at predicting. :)
  • shoredriver: $CMG....watching to add.......
  • Henry: $CMG Credit Suisse ups the pt to 940, other increased targets are lower, all the way down to 630 by MS
  • debeers: ...
    $CMG- i Romaine optimistic
    $AMZN- there will be a couple of retail winners(2?) -this will be one of them. It reports on the 30th AMC. Just my opinion of course.
    $MSFT- reports on the 29th- Satya self down and try to remember the last time Nadella mi ...
  • joelsg1: @debeers $TMO $CMG $AMZN $MSFT $MELI Fee, Fi Mo Meli!
  • issues: @debeers $TMO $CMG $AMZN $MSFT $MELI "Romaine" clever. I got it.
  • traderbren: $CMG - Pre-earnings options volume in Chipotle is 1.7x normal with puts leading calls 7:4. Implied volatility suggests the market is anticipating a move near 14.4%, or $112.40, after results are released. That would make $897 on the upside and $673 on the downside if you key off $785. NP, but will be watching after the close.
  • Herb: $CMG the burrito shop is up AH 5.3%
  • cb: $UAL $AAL $DAL Airlines and Restaurants $DIN $MCD $DPZ $DRI $CBRL $CMG Higher low bounce RHRN scaling in RHRN
  • cb: $DIN $MCD $DPZ $DRI $CBRL $CMG Half Price Sale $CBRL former @bRobert @scottrades stock
  • ReneeH: $CMG long live the chicken bowl. Closing down my short position.
  • shoredriver: @ReneeH $CMG ...Happy they did not put the feceritos back on the thru that was a trading nightmare....
  • Robert1965: Looking at #Fast Food to sell short any ideas, $CMG already 2/20/2020 $940 to $727 now 712
  • 1993dean: $CMG WORTH A LOOK
  • Wykeman: $CMG close to busting out. Np.
  • Reif99: @shoredriver $CMG As of right now it would be buyable up only about 1%
  • shoredriver: $CMG.....whomped it....down...looking to add around core....
  • 1winkie: ...
    $AFLAC , $AGN, Allstate Corp ($ALL), Aramark ($ARMK), Atmos Energy Co. ($ATO), BP plc ($BP), Centene Corp ($CNC), Cerner Co. ($CERN), Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. ($CMG), Chubb Ltd ($CB), Clorox Co ($CLX), ConocoPhillips ($COP), Crown Holdings, Inc ...
  • Ajax4Hire: @1winkie $AFLAC $AGN $ALL $ARMK $ATO $BP $CNC $CERN $CMG $CB $CLX $COP $CCK $CMI $ETN $EMR $EQNR $RACE $FDC $FISV $F $IT $GILD $MCK $PRU $RCL $STX $SPG $SNAP $SNE $TDG $VIA $DIS $ZBH $ZBH - Zimmer Biomet Holdings Harmonic Convergence! of 50day(or less) Moving Averages.
  • shoredriver: $CMG.....whomps it ...again......should open strong.....
  • debeers: @shoredriver $CMG -crossing everything for U
  • snowbound: $CMG Testing the 20DSMA for support , could be a victim of broad profit taking . Earnings 02.04
  • michaelH: $CMG trying to break through to new high; slow and steady climber; small pos, no rush to add!
  • snowbound: $CMG WEEKLY BO . DAILY C&H like . Long from below ... adding here .
  • traderbren: #Appetite -- $MCD over $CMG -- hanky panky at $MCD vs $CMG....but it has had a run.
  • snowbound: $CMG continues its breakout higher .
  • michaelH: $CMG continuing its breakout; posted yesterday on this
  • michaelH: $CMG close to breaking out over 52 Week high; has been a put to sleeper recently; small stakeholder pos
  • snowbound: $AMD $BX $MA $MSFT $RGEN $LULU $BOOT $GTLS $CMG . Risk-Reduced positioning since last Friday working well . $MU . Inside day and up but 8EMA earlier support now resistance . DAILY H & S working on right shoulder , short term bearish resolution would yield an entry or add . Partial WEEKLY candle signals bullish hammer . $AMD . PBs have been brief and shallow but well extended on both the DAILY and WEEKLY charts with 8EMA DAILY as "tentative" support . $MU $AMD , short term weakness in one has correlated (informally) with strength in the other but they've both been working and we'll throw $NVDA in for a sweet-chip trifecta ! Best and brightest hopes for 2020 to all of you special folks .... and especially ( I cannot fail to pay homage ) to the hardest workin' man in show business , Dr. b . Gratitude to all, Will
  • champ: @sierramp $MIK $OLED --- I also trade $OLED and $TTD. .....Not really a big deal, just a fast... In and Out trade off of that CEO-News, that type of News works for trades. .....A perfect example was $CMG, when they pick-up their CEO, from Taco Bell, that was also a great investment position and a Bounce Trade, off of that News.
  • snowbound: $CMG WEEKLY compressed cup and handle with trigger in play . DAILY cup & handle (& handle) with shoots and trigger confirming . Adding w/ 20SMA = 813.51 , turbulence at 850- level R1 .
  • traderbren: $NFLX $SHOP $CMG - all getting a bid.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $NFLX $SHOP $CMG $SHOP $410 target for a while Trailing stops on partial post profits
  • 86944T: @Ringo Here’s my 59 min watch list for this morning. $ULTA $TTD $DOCU $AMZN $CMG $VEEV $CRWD $SAGE $RTN $YEXT $PD $RH $FTNT $ZM. They could be shorts or bounces. Just keep scrolling thru them an see if anything works in either direction.
  • traderbren: #Burrito - $CMG is getting closer to the $825 marker, which could spur a move higher. Long calls.
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are up this morning, and it's looking like that test of 3090 is going to hold. I covered this pretty extensively in last night's Strategy Session, along with several stocks to watch.

    Here are a couple to pay attention to this ...
  • Wykeman: $CMG continues to fill gap. On vol.
  • snowbound: $CMG .... no disruption in the FORCE here . fp
  • traderbren: $CMG - seeing an appetite for a burrito this morning.
  • champ: $DIS $MCD $ consumer giants moving-up and there are others....$CMG, pick-out your targets....$DIS, has to be on top on the list, for sure...HOD.
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Stock Price $USD 1,300.29
Change -4.86%
Volume 1,297,270

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. develops and operates fast-casual, fresh Mexican food restaurants throughout the United States. It also has two restaurants in Toronto, Canada and two in London, England and operates one ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen.

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