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  • Rickg: $CPRX goodshort term trade, low priced break out
  • Sher: ...
    $CPRX (Sept. $5) – Had taken profits on April $2.50 calls following 30% earnings pop – Shortly after, noted Oppenheimer’s target price increase to $10 – Stock currently trading @ $4.10.

    $HUYA (April $27.50) – Tracking ...
  • Sher: Taking a few long call positions off the table, for now: $CPRX (45% gain); $GLUU (55% gain); $FNKO (20% gain); $MRK (16%).
  • Sher: $CPRX – “Spec” trade - Biopharma focused on innovative therapies for people with rare debilitating, chronic neuromuscular and neurological diseases – Reported, yesterday, A/C - Exploding to the upside, today (15%), despite miss on earnings – Guess the catalyst was their reveal of sufficient funds to support their operations for at least the next 12 months. @debeers - $AXSM - Awesome trade... congrats!
  • CraigReynolds: @Sher $CPRX $AXSM $CPRX Bought April 7.5 call this morning. Up 5+% so far today. Looks like it may be retreating, if it continues will sell half.
  • maratom71: @woodman $CPRX 4X daily Volume , maker of generic drugs, new to Russell 3000, what is Your take? S P.
  • philharmonic: Sold $NVAX $HZNP $CPRX . Took some profits and some losses. Raised cash for the coming Presidential Election Cycle rally.
  • clefferts: $CPRX - I like the chart, started a position today.
  • dann055: $CPRX Seller's remorse. Closed position yesterday. Now waiting for new entry.
  • psyconline: $CPRX this is a nominally inexpensive stock Dan covered last week -said if it could reach 4.25 it would likely go higher. This morning it is up right above that level due to the report of "encouraging top-line results" for their Vigabatrin medication. Anyone ready to go on this one?
  • philharmonic: @psyconline $CPRX Ready to double my position.
  • agent99: @psyconline $CPRX in at $4.25
  • agent99: @agent99 $CPRX out at $4.48, maybe too early but I usually stay past my welcome so I sold at the 1st sign of weakness.
  • psyconline: $CPRX - one note of fundamental caution, having read through an article on the positive medication results. The number of subjects in the analysis was extremely low, n=4. Forming conclusions on such a small subject population carries risks. As with SRPT, once this issue was understood, the stock took a tumble. Technically, the CPRX chart reached the Buy point, but a word to the wise for longer-term consideration
  • TRICIA: @DAN - keeping with the IBB theme... Here is Suntrust's top 5 for next 6 months. $CEMP, $TTPH, $ITIC, $CPRX,$SRPT fd long Cemp
  • moneyHoHo: $CPRX - Could get some wheels.
  • moneyHoHo: $CPRX - Bouncing a bit.
  • :
  • ccrown4: Good Morning and TGIF - @pcotton - wow, thanks for the alert on EXAS. I took it for a day trade and spanked it. Anytime you see one of these again give me a shout on (Talk) Google chat. You made my week. Happy hunting. Watching $CPRX this morning.
  • ccrown4: @mtnman I know. Sounds like rail stock. Or bad kung fu. Have a laugh. I need one. But $CPRX which I put out this morning is kicking .
  • mtnman: $CPRX Wow! What a move. I couldn't find any news but it looks like somebody may know something. Have you seen any news to justify the move?
  • ccrown4: $CPRX @mtnman Just that's it's undervalued and some large pharma company recently bought 5 million shares. Two big winners today $CPRX and $HXM for day trading and sill holding
  • ccrown4: @woodman - $ATRS long large . VS is really kicking up. Patience is paying off! $CPRX looks good also.
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Stock Price $USD 7.07
Change 2.02%
Volume 1,198,750

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical Company, focused on the development and commercialization of prescription drugs targeting diseases of the central nervous system with a focus on the treatment of drug addiction and epilepsy.

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  • March 14th, 2022 - 2021 Q4 Earnings
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