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  • champ: $GUSH $UWT $ERX $CXO $FANG $CRC $SLCA $XOM $DK ---- Starting to get rotation into the energy sector. This #refiner $DK turned off the 5 - month low this morning....could have been entry at $45.70....this could be #Day-1, we will see how the sector plays out....the sector has a week before the next Oil inventory number are other words....I don't really know of any other potential negative news that could drop the sector....the price of Oil is climbing and is at $71.15 up $ on.
  • champ: $GUSH $UWT $ERX $CXO $FANG $CRC $SLCA $XOM ----- I posted yesterday that I was swinging these positions, after taking profits on 1/2 , I was swinging risk into the open. I added back the 1/2 that I took profits on, around LOD and took profits again o ...
  • baronp0329: Sold $CRC too early on 8/23. Not too disappointed since the market that day didn't look too good and wanted to lock in 18% profit (@Dan, proof that I've been listening to you.). Next day, jumped back for 1/2 position in CRC after it broke above 50day EMA. 8/25 added more to full position. Today, Najarian mentioned unusual Oct 43 call activity. CRC up over 7.4% today.
  • baronp0329: @champ $BRY Nice trade on this new IPO. I missed the entry, will wait. I had my consultants / contractors consult with BRY long time ago before and after they were acquired by Linn Energy and then breaking out on their own again (long story for another time). But they have potential for a lot of expansion in the San Joaquin Valley along with $CVX and $CRC.
  • baronp0329: @Dan, I agree. No buys today. Took profits earlier today: 70% of $CGC, BTO avg 28.75, good profit All $CRC, BTO avg at 29.15, decent profit Remaining half: $BIDU Sep 175 Calls, BTO 7.75, Small loss $BABA Sep 220 calls, BTO 7.50, small profit $XRT, BTO avg 50.65, small profit
  • Wykeman: $CRC 20% short
  • baronp0329: 5 minutes after the open, added to $WFT $CRC for swing trade. Initial positions started late yesterday. WFT upgraded a few days ago from Sell to Buy by Tudor. May add more CRC when it breaks above term resistance of 36 50DayEMA.
  • baronp0329: @champ $CQQQ YES!!! Still have $CRC $WFT $UWT for my Oil trades.
  • Samik: @spmeyers @Dan $MOMO $TRHC $AMT $AAPL $SEDG $THC $NFLX $CRC $WB. Understand. Over the past 1.5 yrs, I reached out only 4 or 5 times. Was fortunate to get advice frm him & follow the same.
  • Samik: @Dan Appreciate your views and guidance on these $MOMO (48% profit), $TRHC (58% profit), $ SMTC (36% profit), $AMT (29.9% profit). Should I sell / hold / buy more ? In addition, I sold off the following ($AAPL, $SEDG, $THC, $NFLX, $CRC, $WB) a few months ago at good profits but noticed that these stocks have been steadily rising. Should I add them back to my portfolio ?
  • spmeyers: @Samik $MOMO $TRHC $AMT $AAPL $SEDG $THC $NFLX $CRC $WB It's not usual that Dan has the time to answer individual portfolio questions on a number of positions
  • baronp0329: 2 consecutive great trading weeks! Had good profits day-trading and swing trading. Thanks @Dan, @Bridget, and all the SMM and OMM Members for their posts. Stocks and ETFs: $OKTA, $HEAR, $CRC, $INTC, $GLNG, $CRC, $TWTR, $BYD, $P, $IWM, $FAS, $QQQ, $SPY Long/Short on Options: $TWTR, $GOOG, $AMZN, $BIDU, $NVDA, $DVMT, $NWL, $CPB, $BAC, $XLF, $KRE,$ IWM, $SPY, $QQQ, $IYT, Wishing y'all a safe and fun weekend.
  • Greendayguy: @baronp0329 $OKTA $HEAR $CRC $INTC $GLNG $TWTR $BYD $P $IWM $FAS $QQQ $SPY $GOOG $AMZN $BIDU $NVDA $DVMT $NWL $CPB $BAC $XLF $KRE $IYT You too, have a great weekend. I'm watching or own a lot of the same stocks that you reported on. Thanks for a good report!!!
  • baronp0329: $P $CRC, I posted yesterday AH that they both beat earnings last night and guided higher. I have a full position in both. CRC up 20% today. P up 15%.
  • baronp0329: $CAH - Day trade. Avg today buy at 52.30, Sold all at 53.05. Thanks again @Dan for the quick trade tips. $CRC - Taking profits. Up 26.7% today. Avg buy at 17.10. Sold 80% of positions at 32.53. $P - Taking profits. Up 23.7% today. Avg buy around 5.25. Sold 80% at 7.05.
  • baronp0329: $CRC $P Both beat earnings estimates. CRC up 7.4%. P up 8%. Full positions in both. bought near-term a few Puts today to protect profits. Hope prices hold up tomorrow.
  • Gary: ...
    14. $CRC – Average cost basis $15.40. Selling all the way up. Buy more? No. Plenty of other stocks.
    15. $PYPL – alternative to PAYC?
    16. $ROKU – AMZN/BBY to sell smart TVs? Not good for Roku’s business model.
    17. $AYX
    18 ...
  • baronp0329: $RIG $CRC - Taking profits... Closed 50% of RIG at 12.06, bought avg 9.67. Closed remaining 25% of CRC at 23.02, bought at 15.40.
  • baronp0329: $CRC, Posted on Mar 21:" Added at 15.40 for Full position". Sold 75% today at 20.55, keeping other 25% for potential further upside. Good CRC news today with purchase of remaining interest of 47,000 acre Elk Hills Field from Chevron $CVX. CRC up 14% today.
  • baronp0329: Full positions now on $RIG $CRC. Added this morning more RIG at 10.05 and CRC at 15.40
  • baronp0329: @champ $DVN - Most of the oil stocks bounced at 8am PST. Trading $CRC and $ECA.
  • baronp0329: @champ $DK $C - Interesting. I've never traded DK, just $MPC $VLO. Will have to do some research on DK. In fact, added to $MPC yesterday (now full position). Also started new positions in $PXD (174.50) and $CRC (18.42) this morning.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $DK $C $MPC $VLO $PXD $CRC ---- $DK has dropped from the high because of the will be surprised when you do the research
  • Samik: @DAN $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL Thank you for studying them. Saw the advice in @Rachels note. This is what I take out of it. Let me know if my understanding is right. Requests: 1. $BABA – Needing to build more base between $165-$190. Strong with China stocks. ---------- Hold on to what I have 2. $SINA – same. -------------------------------- Hold on to what I have 3. $MOMO – No mo. -------------------------- Consider selling them off 4. $C – Mature uptrend. Not interesting to me...but tracking 50-day MA -------------------- Take profits & sell off. Redeploy in better stocks 5. $SEDG – How much more do you want? Needs a big rest here. ----------------------- Take profits & sell. 6. $CRC –extended. ------------------------------- Take profits & sell 7. $CC – buyable at $55ish. ------------------- Hold on to what I have. Add more @ $55.
  • Samik: @DAN $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL Tx a ton. Just went thru the video of your strategy session of yesterday & noticed that you covered all of them. Appreciate. Am already in execution mode as per your advice. Tx for suggesting to buy them in time & sell them in time with good profits. cheers :)
  • Samik: @DAN Wishing you & your family & all in the forum a very happy new year. Desired to have your views (add more / sell) on some of the stocks in my portfolio. $BABA (+7.5% profit), $MOMO (-17.5% loss), $C ( 15% profit), $SEDG ( 21% profit), $CRC ( 35% profit), $CC ( 13% profit), $SINA (17% profit), $AAPL ( 75% profit).
  • bRobert: @Samik $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL Many of these are premier holding stocks. Look at the weekly chart of BABA. This is not a flash in the pan. Are you a trader ? Do you like holding stocks for extended periods of time for superior price appreciation? BABA just getting started.
  • DAN: @Samik $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL Hi Samik. Happy new year to you and your family! I'll look at these tonight.
  • Samik: @bRobert $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL Yes I like holding stocks for extended periods of time for superior price appreciation. Am a long time trader but it does not mean that I will hold to a stock giving 10% profit today instead of selling that & buying something that can give me 25%. Hence put the profit & loss status of these stocks in my portfolio.
  • Samik: @DAN $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL Thank you Dan. Will look fwd to hearing from you. Appreciate.
  • michaelH: @DAN $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL You can add $TCEHY to the list
  • bRobert: @Samik $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL I got a return of over 500% on BABA last year holding leap calls. Not trading the squiggles. Again, depends upon your time frame.
  • CHOFF: @bRobert $BABA $MOMO $C $SEDG $CRC $CC $SINA $AAPL - how long was the term of your leap contract and how many times did you roll it?
  • rachel: ...
    6. $CRC –extended.
    7. $CC – buyable at $55ish.
    8. $HOV – very extended here. Up 35% in 8 days. Doubled in 4 months. Would not be adding. Would be taking profits.
  • Samik: @DAN. these were stocks that you mentioned at some point in time across the last 3 months. But don't hear about them now. Would like to have your advice on them -- buy / sell / add : - $STRL (-5.3% loss), $THC (-22% loss), $SEDG (22% gain), $COG (-7% loss), $CRC (14% gain), $KEY (6.27% gain), $CC (10.04% gain), $SINA (12.49% gain), $SMTC (-8.3% gain), $AMT (30% gain), $AAPL (79% gain). $RIOT went down by 8% :( cheers
  • gwenzee: $CRC Bought yesterday. Stopped out this morning.
  • gwenzee: $CRC Bought today. California's largest oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Formed an enticing J-Hook pattern.
  • Samik: @DAN given the deep fall today, does it make sense to add to the existing portfolio of some of the growth stocks that you haven suggesting over the past few months e.g. $WB $NFLX $SMTC $CC $SEDG $CRC $COG $AAPL ?
  • DAN: @Samik $WB $NFLX $SMTC $CC $SEDG $CRC $COG $AAPL Good question, Samik. I wouldn't be adding any of those to the growth stock list b/c they don't have all the traits that we're looking for. Growth in EPS/Revs, ROE is good, etc.
  • Gary: ...
    4. $CRC – high short interest
    5. $SM – new uptrend. Pullback on declining volume
    6. $COG – breaking out
    $SPX – Status quo. Market holding steady….
    $T2125 – Nasdaq Composite – negative divergenc ...
  • Allen: $CRC Going to the moon
  • ag1: $CRC strong today
  • champ: @jan2138 #Oil - Here are a few Spec trades..big % movers #For everyone... just from today... 14-36% gainers... just buy them all and hang around with trailing stops....$LGCY $TDW $CRC $VNR $BCEI $MEMP...1 or 2 of these could catch a Monster breakout... even higher from here....I just don't know which one or when. ..... For Spec Traders only.....
  • issues: @champ $LGCY $TDW $CRC $VNR $BCEI $MEMP #Oil #For Champ these really bring back ol' memories of years gone bye bye when I used to trade $LGCY $BCEI & $VNR. I am amazed at how far they've fallen from grace. You must have been going through the dumpster to find these long forgotten. Are you buying/holding any? Thanks for the research. We count on you since you are the Champ!! Right?
  • Gary: ...
    7. $CRC – this is what a short squeeze looks like. 50% short. Probably moving higher from here.
    8. $DNR – see above. 26% short
    9. $WLL – see above. 38% short
    10. $MUR – resistance at $36.
    11. $NOV – still rangebound ...
  • woodman: $WTI $CIE $BBG $CRC - some small #OilandGas stocks that I can envision moving higher.
  • champ: @woodman $WTI $CIE $BBG $CRC #OilandGas - $CIE is the stock that I made the most money ever in the stock market.... with an overnight swing trade..and I had an oversize position. They had a big Oil discovery that night. was in early 2013....I will never forget it. This stock was once a hi flyer.
  • woodman: @champ $WTI $CIE $BBG $CRC #OilandGas Wow, amazing! That's awesome.
  • woodman: Some interesting #OilandGas, including some cheapies that are moving back up: $WTI $CIE $SN $AAV $ROYT $CRC $CRK. I liked $NFG on the move up through the 50 day but I was too slow to pull the trigger and missed it.
  • Bridget: $CRC is moving higher rhrn. This still has a lot of overhead resistance to fight through but this is coming out of a squeeze after earnings and is now above the 200 and 50MA. Very high IV in this stock.
  • Bridget: Notes: $ZBRA - big move on earnings today. Extended on the daily but not on the weekly $CARA - seeing really good volume on this recent rally and now holding above $10 $TWLO - done going down and making a strong move today $ACIA - also starting to look done going down, now trading sideways $BGNE - ipo new high $VEEV - moving higher into earnings next week $CRC - nice move off the 200MA. wait for pullback and watch the weekly chart $CEQP - coming out of squeeze on the weekly $XLE - getting close to breaking out of this trading range $TLND and $NTNX - both ipos that are starting to form a new uptrend on the daily $ABX $NEM - second day of this bounce in gold. keep in mind the overall trend is still down. Only play the up for a swing trade.
  • czfarrah: $CRC I've heard some good things about this one. Any thoughts?
  • czfarrah: @czfarrah $CRC @dan
  • czfarrah: $crc looking good. Got in just now.
  • cmac: @czfarrah $crc not sure what time-frame you're looking at, but on daily it looks like an evening star reversal pattern ?
  • czfarrah: @cmac $crc 6 months
  • tjv821: $CRC is this considered a flag pattern??
  • woodman: #OilandGas Stocks - I looked through many of their charts this evening. I can't list all the "good" ones, but, if interested, here's a list of 20 such stocks with charts that particularly caught my interest. They appear to have based, are moving higher, and have room to go much higher should the Market gods smile upon them. Most are low priced (having been crushed), but still have decent daily volume. Fwiw: $PVA $LNCO $BCEI $BBEP $SFY $WHZ $AREX $AXAS $JONE $ERF $WPX $UPL $NBL $CHK $CRC $DVN $MRO $APA $EPE $SN
  • tjv821: $CRC anyone else looking at this??
  • Bridget: $CRC was my only shining stock today
  • DAN: $CLFD $CRC $DDD $KEX -- please tell me that you are long at least one of these stocks (or call options).
  • AlanB: @DAN - 3 out of 4 $CLFD $DDD $KEX Got to look at $CRC.
  • nb8702: $CRC Dan mentioned $CRC in the weekend overview. I put on a small position of common on 2/03/2015 at $5.80 a shr. Below I pasted my original post from 2/3. Attached is a good article to read. Off to therapy good day to all......... $CRC Feel like a gamble. Read the 2 page article.
  • tnt: Been posting long setups in small cap energy $CRC & $PVA in recent weeks. Taking profits into today's strength
  • tnt: $CRC chart $CRC low $ spinoff from $OXY wants a $10 handle in time. Ascending triangle breakout in action. Long stock
  • tnt: $CRC chart $CRC new issue spinoff from $OXY. Strong earnings. $14 PT by $BAC. Bullish symmetrical triangle. Long here
  • Bridget: $CRC $NEM $NE $SWN all continuing to trend higher
  • nb8702: $CRC Feel like a gamble. Read the 2 page article.
  • Iceman: #Oil - independent oil and gas companies to AVOID. All these are small cap names, could be highly leveraged (I didn't check each one), and will be the ones likely to FAIL in an extended low oil price environment. $IVAN Ivanhoe Energy Inc. $EOX Emerald Oil, Inc. $MPO Midstates Petroleum Company, Inc. $LEI Lucas Energy, Inc. $ESCR Escalera Resources Co. $FST Forest Oil Corporation $LINE Linn Energy, LLC $ECR Eclipse Resources Corporation $REN Resolute Energy Corporation $CRK Comstock Resources Inc. $ROSE Rosetta Resources, Inc. $XCO EXCO Resources Inc. $EPE EP Energy Corporation $GDP Goodrich Petroleum Corp. $CRC California Resources Corporation $MEMP Memorial Production Partners LP $WHZ Whiting USA Trust II $TGC Tengasco Inc. $WHX Whiting USA Trust I $KWK Quicksilver Resources Inc. Do not speculate in names like this. Stick to SP500 energy companies and you will ride out this wave and participate in any recovery on the other side.
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