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  • Robert1965: $tlry $cron $cgc all pot stocks up 4. to 5%
  • audrina0904: @Robert1965 $tlry $cron $cgc - and all in pretty sizable down trending lightly.
  • DAN: $CGC -- Watch Canopy Growth for an oversold bounce trade. It's down big after hours, and it's one of the Big Three pot stocks ($CGC, $TLRY, and $CRON). Always "buy the dip" buyers out there.
  • DAN: @DAN $CGC $TLRY $CRON CGC -- working. Rubber Band Snapback. Stop at $35.20
  • Reif99: @DAN $CGC $TLRY $CRON Feels like it's done to me?
  • DAN: @Reif99 $CGC $TLRY $CRON Looks like it.
  • bigbartabs: Pullbacks... if you have been waiting for pullbacks to buy something... you might want to look at $TLRY $GVA $FEYE $DATA $CRON $CHEF These are from the list of stocks on the right of the forum. FWIW...
  • woodman: @captron $CGC - $CRON - similar pattern ... deflecting down off the 50 day.
  • schartline: $cron trying to make a move up. Long 2020 leaps
  • baronp0329: $CGC $CRON moving up! Cramer tweet: Sessions out-buy Canopy/Constellation...??
  • woodman: Still long $TLRY $CRON and $NBEV. Added to $TLRY today.
  • Wykeman: @woodman $TLRY $CRON $NBEV $TLRY shorts are getting reamed.
  • woodman: @Wykeman $TLRY $CRON $NBEV - personally, I think it's silly that everyone knee-jerks on the #Pot stocks on news that Sessions is out, but I'm going with the flow.
  • bsafriet: @woodman $TLRY $CRON $NBEV Maybe with Sessions gone we'll get legal medical marijuana in this country - legal recreational pot probably a bit of a stretch in the US in the near term.
  • traderbren: @woodman $TLRY $CRON $NBEV - good for you. I jumped on board the Cheech & Chong trade with $CGC last week.
  • woodman: @bsafriet $TLRY $CRON $NBEV - I hope so for medical marijuana, especially in an age of cancer affliction and mass opioid addiction. I don't have a dog in the fight for recreational, but I am okay with that too. No one's ever become addicted to or visited the emergency room due to a pot overdose, and you don't hear about pot-driving deaths, unlike alcohol related deaths which we read about every day and we all know someone who has been touched by it (if not ourselves). Maybe the country could find infrastructure $$ in regulated pot sales. [Shrug]
  • bogiedog1: @woodman $TLRY $CRON $NBEV Yesterday the state of UT passed a ballot initiative for medical marijuana. Gotta think if it can pass there, most states would eventually follow. Long NBEV
  • woodman: #Pot #Weed stocks are rebounding. Look at some of the weekly charts. $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV
  • captron: @woodman $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed I think there are 4 states that have pot on the ballot today. I think I would be careful buying today. I am holding one, $CGC, but thats long term. Just my thoughts.
  • woodman: @captron $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed - thanks. I figured there might be some on the ballot, but I was unaware how many.
  • woodman: @captron $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed - here you go:
  • spmeyers: @woodman $MJ $CRON $CGC $TLRY $NEPT $NBEV #Pot #Weed watch for 'sell the news' here; alas, they are hard to short
  • rachel: ...
    12. $CRON – barf.
  • rachel: ...
    $CRON – down more than 50% from high last month.
  • Bob G: @Dan, @Bridget, @Gary $CRON, $CGC In yesterdays video you spoke about CGC and said this was not the time to be buying. But what if you already own and haven't sold yet. I'm in at $12.38 and $52.39 respectfully. I'm also not afraid to ride it out and maybe even average down once the hysteria quits but I don't want to lose the farm either.
  • DAN: @Bob G $CRON $CGC Hi Bob. Don't sell today. Stocks are bouncing. I'm not sure that they'll get back to your entries, but don't sell today. I would not (and I would never) consider averaging down. The very best traders are unanimous in declaring that averaging down is a bad thing to do -- you are just compounding a "wrong."
  • traderbren: #Reefer_madness - just FYI - looks like an underlying bid in pot - $CGC, $TLRY and $CRON.
  • Bob G: @DAN $CRON $CGC I'm glad I checked the post once again before hitting the buy button! Thanks for the insight
  • DAN: @Bob G $CRON $CGC The worst thing that can happen to someone who averages down is that the trade works out. If you are rewarded for a bad habit, you just repeat it, and you'll ultimately get hurt badly. Only average winners, never losers.
  • bsafriet: $TLRY $CGC $CRON Nice reversal over the noon hours. Intraday charts show strong on balance volume and positive CMF. $CRON has gone green for the day, $CGC flirted with the Flat line, $TLRY still climbing. Has this sector bottomed?
  • traderbren: @bsafriet $TLRY $CGC $CRON - its a dodgy group, so be careful. I took advantage of $CGC off the low this morning, but I would advise caution.
  • mopick: @bsafriet $TLRY $CGC $CRON, $CGC, have a small position and intend to keep it for the long-term. Just read $STZ report where they intend to sell off several wine brands, pivoting more towards a younger demographic, beer & cannabis. Wine sales are now less than 38% of their entire 7.6B sales, down from over 43%.
  • WWWilly: $CGC, $CRON Bull Trap ????
  • rachel: ...
    $CRON – Great 59 minute trades this morning. Now up into resistance.
    $TSLA – This is why you don’t short a stock like this. Very very risky…and what’s the upside? The trade will be Thursday morning.
    $NFLX – ba ...
  • kt4000: sold $CGC and $CRON last week - looks like carnage.....
  • rachel: ...
    COTD: $CRON – Big breakdown. All news factored in?? I think so.
    Trade very lightly and briefly. This is what “being out of the market” means. Seeing selling into good earnings. This needs to change. Saudi issue can ha ...
  • rachel: ...
    $CRON – nope
    $WMT – actually looks promising...but I would not be in it here. Alert $99
    $ROKU – the short entry was on Wednesday...or perhaps Thursday morning.
    $NOW – under distribution.
    $NVDA – key breakdown
    $ABMD &n ...
  • gmj: $CGC $TLRY$CRON watching for a bounce
  • Robert1965: @gmj $CGC $TLRY $CRON they are all bouncing the only green on my screen
  • bRobert: $TLRY . Sideways consolidation would be really healthy . It would allow 50d to catch up a bit more and a little pinching to develop for the next move. Not doing anything wrong. $CGC $CRON . action consolidating above 50d. WEEKLY my timeframe. Long SPEC holds
  • Robert1965: $CGC $TLRY $CRON Looks like $CGC is the first to go down, like the run in Sept. NP
  • woodman: @Robert1965 $CGC $TLRY $CRON - very likely I will be out of the weed stocks today (except for $IIPR which is a different look in the weed sector and one I'm content to hold as long as it cooperates).
  • woodman: $CGC $TLRY $CRON $IIPR - out of these, except IIPR.
  • Robert1965: @woodman $CGC $TLRY $CRON $IIPR when you exited the trade did have stop or a stop limit
  • justinp: @Robert1965 $CGC $TLRY $CRON $IIPR Stopped out of $CGC $TLRY - profit on CGC, small loss on TLRY. May reload on CGC and staying put in $IIPR.
  • bRobert: @gwenzee #OT Not exactly. When you do that you are feeling too cocky and are about to get slammed. I needed a little breather from the market to tend to other things and give me the pause that refreshes. I can't overemphasize the importance of a fresh clear head. I am happy with most of my positions. You all know most of my favorites and the time frame I keep. FYI While I have rolled some calls I haven't sold out of my $CGC $CRON . $BA Closed my hedges. Added. $LMT closed hedges. HMOs staying the course in the usual suspects. $ULTA $310 still next target. $DIN $100/$125 $DIS $130/140 Long term holds $DG $113 Still there Bought back hedges Looking to add to energy exposure. $BX haven't touched it. Collecting dividend. $AMGN Still favorite in biotech. with several other big cap names. Like $NVS weekly. More later.
  • riskmanager: @bRobert $CGC $CRON $BA $LMT $ULTA $DIN $DIS $DG $BX $AMGN $NVS #OT Am I assuming correctly that you are selling calls for negative delta as your hedges?
  • bRobert: @riskmanager $CGC $CRON $BA $LMT $ULTA $DIN $DIS $DG $BX $AMGN $NVS #OT Many of my positions are long term holds. After big runs I expect a pullback and do one of several steps to protect profits but stay involved. Roll deep in the money calls up to ATM call spreads.+- Buy some puts or put spreads. Sell calls and buy some puts (collar on Long deep in the money Leap calls) . MANY options strategies employed depending upon the particular situation. And yes negative delta is achieved.
  • bRobert: @justinp $CGC $MJ I use the WEEKLY for $CGC $CRON I've been in these names for a while. I have pulled some profit out many different ways but I have remained steadily involved. My long term measured move target for $CGC is in the $70's. It has been that for a while.My cost basis is in the $20's. $CRON target $17 If your position is spec size, let it breathe. Let it work. $TLRY was an easy technical trade to $300 from $40 if you let it work and breathe. IMHO
  • justinp: @bRobert $CGC $MJ $CRON $TLRY I believe they have a way to go although keeping position sizes small for now. Agree with you on fatter stops on these guys.
  • woodman: @DAN $CGC $TLRY - I'm riding the #Weed stocks. That's about all I'm trading right now. I'm covering the field with $CGC $TLRY $CRON and $NBEV (and still holding $IIPR).
  • greenpatrol: @woodman $CGC $TLRY $CRON $NBEV $IIPR #Weed Also $NEPT is starting to move. Thanks for that one @Woodman. $CGC triggered an inside week and up at $50.99 today, so I added.
  • woodman: @greenpatrol $CGC $TLRY $CRON $NBEV $IIPR $NEPT #Weed - Yes, NEPT - that's on my list but I'm not currently in it. Hands full with the others. They are working right now well by and large.
  • bsafriet: $CRON UP 15% today. Missed it.
  • woodman: @champ $CGC #Weed #Pot #positive #invest - $CGC was the 5th best performer today (among the 29 currently on my watchlist, but I'm sure there are more that should be added to my list): Top 10 in order of best performance today: $POTN, $NBEV, $CRON $MSRT $CGC $TLRY $CANN $ACBFF $AMMJ $NEPT.
  • champ: @woodman $CGC $POTN $NBEV $CRON $MSRT $TLRY $CANN $ACBFF $AMMJ $NEPT #Weed #Pot #positive #invest--- #Still-climbing....$CRON is up 26.88% and is still climbing and so is $CGA and it is up 16.91% RHRN...I'm not looking at $POTN...I don't have it on my list.
  • champ: #Pot ...volume leaders are $CRON, $NBEV, $CGC, $ACBFF, $MMNFF, $TLRY but there are others under $0.10.
  • woodman: @champ $CGC $POTN $NBEV $CRON $MSRT $TLRY $CANN $ACBFF $AMMJ $NEPT $CGA #Weed #Pot #positive #invest--- #Still-climbing -- Here is the rest of my list of #cannabis stocks. Like I said, I'm sure there are others that should be on my list: $MJ $IMLFF $IGC $LBUY $APHQF $KSHB $CRBP $MCIG $IIPR $CARA $SMG $GWPH $ZYNE $ABBV $INSY $VBIO $BUDZ $EVIO $PYX
  • woodman: #Weed stocks. 10/17 Canada goes completely legal with weed. $TLRY (long) - strong into the close. I also bought some $CRON in the last hour. In addition to those, I'm holding some $CGC and $IIPR. Another of interest is $NEPT (no position).
  • issues: @woodman $TLRY $CRON $CGC $IIPR $NEPT #Weed I prefer feathers to weeds. I like $GOOS for the winter chill. Holding through the end of the year!!
  • woodman: @issues $TLRY $CRON $CGC $IIPR $NEPT $GOOS #Weed - you can enjoy both at the same time. They certainly aren't mutually exclusive.
  • traderbren: @woodman $TLRY $CRON $CGC $IIPR $NEPT #Weed - I took a flyer on $CGC this morning with some calls. If Canada doesn't approve the reefer madness on the 17th, then I won't be out of pocket as the risk is minimal to the downside. Let's hope the "smoke doesn't clear" on the 17th and we make some dough on the move. Long Cheech & Chong! Enjoy the weekend.
  • woodman: @traderbren $TLRY $CRON $CGC $IIPR $NEPT #Weed - "If"? As far as I'm aware, there's no "if." On the 17th it becomes legal for recreational use.
  • rachel: ...
    $CRON – rebounding off $9 bucks. Alert $10.00
    Potential shorts: Look for failed rebounds on high fliers, which are everywhere.  Frankly, some of the growth stocks are good candidates.

  • bRobert: @shoredriver $OGRMF All of these are SPEC stocks. Some perhaps more than others .....super spec. Adjust your position size. Appropriate stops. Enjoy the ride. that's what I did with $TLRY (np currently) $CGC $CRON.
  • bRobert: $CGC The weekly is your friend. $CRON WEEKLY . too. No stress monitoring squiggles unless you like that
  • traderbren: @woodman $IGC - I haven't seen this one before. Figured most folks threw away their rolling papers after $TLRY hit $300 and reversed. ;-) I keep tabs on $CGC, $CRON, $TLRY and $ACBFF. position on any right now.
  • bRobert: $CGC WEEKLY flag target $75 Still long term hold. $CRON same $17
  • rck89: $CRON $NBEV Just got filled on $CRON sale @13.323...bought @13.65. This was yesterday's trade, should be flat given small gain on option sale. Bought $NBEV on the way up, but also STO Oct 9 calls, which moved up faster than the stock. So now I have a covered call position @5.872...stock @9.213, options @3.341cr. I'll keep this position for awhile. This trade was right out of DAN's video play book on trading the "hour of power". Thanks DAN!
  • bRobert: $CGC $CRON Zoom out to the WEEKLY . All is good in this view. Let a piece breathe. Focus on other stocks that are really working and easier to trade in shorter time frames. $IIPR This might have been my number one position in the space if options were available. I'm not complaining. Very polite chart in multiple time frames. Less maintenance required
  • rachel: ...
    $CRON – yesterday’s news.
    $GWPH – nope.
    VIDEO TWO: Growth Stocks. Most resting. This is a quick video.
    $NOW – Nothing to do. Hold this,...but there is plenty of supply overhead.
    $DNR – nothing to do. Don’t b ...
  • bRobert: @bsafriet $TLRY $CRON $CGC $MJ $TRLY $GTBIF Reminds me of a Loyd Bridges line from the movie Airplane.
  • bRobert: $CRON $MJ $CGC Long via leap call spreads. 2019 and 2020. Rolled up $CGC $MJ calls yest to OTM call spreads WEEKLY Charts intact.
  • kt4000: nice news on $TTPH added more here, sold $APPL, trimmed up $AMGn (still have 95% just needed to do it) - sold my $CRON yesterday - but added $NEPT again - not much movement yet.
  • bRobert: $CRON $17 $CGC $70+ WEEKLY long term targets.
  • rachel: ...
    $CRON – new closing high. This has some juice too. But volume is very high...but NOT nearly as high as Thursday’s volume.
    $NBEV – this is the new $TLRY. Now you can drink it! Very liquid. 127 million shares today.
    $NOC – ...
  • bRobert: @bsafriet $TLRY $BA If you look at the WEEKLY charts of $CGC $CRON , $GTBIF daily, Does this look like the end of a big move or just the beginning.? You know my answer.
  • kt4000: Bought $AAPL yesterday - that was a mistake.... down today..... I own $CRON which is paying for a lot of Sins -
  • rck89: $CRON - Based on DAN's "Hour of Power" video, I traded this stock on its open this a.m. Bought decent positions between 12.48-12.95. Now holding position with a 2 stop (probably too wide). So far, DAN's technique has worked like a charm! Thanks, DAN!
  • bRobert: @rck89 $CRON Long term hold gains have vastly outweighed the short term satisfaction.
  • gwenzee: @kt4000 $AAPL $CRON When a stock is starting to go down, wait until that downtrend is finished. May be more to come, i.e. AAPL. Next support is around $210. Are you prepared for that? If not, sell now and live to trade another day.
  • bRobert: $CRON . HUGE winner shaping up. Small W with high targets (my $17 target 1) . Doing this one with stock and 2020 . leap calls. Now deep in the money. Financed with bull put spread.
  • bRobert: @bsafriet $TLRY $MJ I don't pound my fist too often. I bruise easily. This was a technical screaming buy early on. More so with the VERY bullish WEEKLY charts of $CRON $CGC $GTBIF I've been begging members to focus on the weekly charts and their very high targets
  • champ: @bRobert $TLRY $MJ $CRON $CGC $GTBIF ---- See the posting thread, many of us enter in June and on $TLRY it was on 7/20......but I'm OUT, for now. I never seen a run like $TLRY has had off the IPO, that was on 7/18/18, really amazing, that this stock is up another 50% RHRN, just in one day, even after a great run....and it could keep working but it will stop and reverse, at some point but when.
  • DAN: @rck89 $CRON Nice job,, rck89. Proud of you!! --Dan
  • kaltoors: @DAN $TLRY thanks for multiple warnings. What are your thoughts on other Cannabis stocks $CGC, $CRON
  • martyrb3: $cron Coming off the bottom. Volume insane. 126 million versus 13 million average. Still have good gain, but gave back a bunch.
  • bRobert: @PJMR11 $TLRY $TLRY . ALL OUT stock and calls . Short via calls . $CRON Long mostly via 2020 call spreads/ short puts. This is a free trade. . $CGC . Sold STOCK . Long via JAN OTM call spreads .(deep ITM calls sold) . $MJ . Rolled Deep ITM calls to OTM call spreads. . I pulled a whole lot of premium .off today during the parabolic portion of the program in $TRLY $MJ $CGC. WEEKLY charts of $CGC $CRON $GTBIF . are very intact. with higher LONG TERM . targets Quite a day.
  • bRobert: $TLRY ALL OUT stock and calls I sold out purposely a few dollars shy of the obvious $300 .magnetic north and subsequent sell trigger. Short via calls . $CRON Long mostly via 2020 call spreads/ short puts. This is a free trade. . $CGC . Sold STOCK . Long via JAN OTM call spreads .(deep ITM calls sold) . $MJ . Rolled Deep ITM calls to OTM call spreads. . I pulled a whole lot of premium .off today during the parabolic portion of the program in $TRLY $MJ $CGC. WEEKLY charts of $CGC $CRON $GTBIF . are very intact. with higher LONG TERM . targets
  • Wykeman: @bRobert $TLRY $CRON $CGC $MJ $TRLY $GTBIF Hope you took the wife out to dinner! Congrats.
  • rachel: ...
    $CRON – same
    $VG – squeeze? Sure…but not in the right direction.
    Big Moves that could snap back tomorrow:
    $CPRT – 3rd std deviation move. Expect more snapback tomorrow…but the trade was off the 200-day moving averag ...
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $TLRY $CRON $CGC $MJ $TRLY $GTBIF Of course! I am pretty much even tempered in my trading , regardless of the outcome I've had better single day portfolio returns, but I never gained so much in a single issue. That was today. Tomorrow has no memory of today. Best to keep celebrations short. Remain humble . Don't lean too much over your skis.
  • bsafriet: @bRobert $TLRY $CRON $CGC $MJ $TRLY $GTBIF Never the less congratulations are in order! I sure picked a bad day to be off-line.
  • bRobert: $TLRY $CRON $CGC $MJ $GTBIF others. Not everyone's cup of tea but they trade very technically and the experienced trader has done well. Don't overthink it. Trade the chart. Filter out the noise from both the bull and bear camps. Every thing runs off the cliff at some point. Don't call the top without evidence. $AAPL has crashec more than once. Targets highlighted on prior posts.
  • bRobert: $CRON $17+ target long leap calls /short puts
  • champ: @rck89 #TLRY ---- Need to watch the posts in the forum for entries, then you can clearly see how others made their entries and there were many. You can go all the way back to 7/20 on this stock and see all the entries. However, for is too late....but you could try a Day-Trade, if you are a skilled trader. The bottom line is....there is no easy way, for entries on these type of stocks...but you could take a look at these also.... $GTBIF $MMNFF $MJ $HYYDF $IIPR $APHQF $PYX ...I posted entries in these 4... $CGC $CNTTF $CRON $TLRY.
  • bRobert: $TLRY My $150 Target acquired. Still long from the $30s. Much more work day trading this than holding. . Let the stock work for you.. Not the other way around. Slept well Position size and technicals.. Even easier with $CGC $CRON and others with WEEKLY charts with a bit more history. Pay attention to the major trends in long term charts,
  • debeers: @bRobert $TLRY $CGC $CRON ---Nice work!!
  • baronp0329: @bRobert $TLRY $CGC $CRON Very nice Robert! I was too impatient and locked in profits too early with CGC (bought 31, sold 42) and CRON (bought 7.20, sold 10.75). NP now.
  • bRobert: $CGC WEEKLY target $75 Not straight up. $CRON risk reversal trade will be very profitable. 2020 expiration options.
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Cronos Group Inc is a diversified and vertically integrated cannabis company. It produces and sells legal marijuana in the Canadian medical market.

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