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  • Henry: $DBX report on TOS that FB is moving it's cloud from DBX to Google
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $ROKU BTO STOCK @42.12, and @ 41.05 Earlier this morning. $ROKU STO 7/6/18 42.5 CALLS @.60 Partially covered $DBX STO 7/6/18 34.0 CALLS @.50 Partially covered
  • GOOSE: OPTION EXPIRATION, 6/29/18 $DBX 35.0 CALLS 6/29/18 EXPIRED $IQ 37.0 CALLS 6/29/18 EXPIRED $IQ 39.5 CALLS 6/29/18 EXPIRED $IQ 42.0 CALLS 6/29/18 EXPIRED $ROKU 45.0 CALLS 6/29/18 EXPIRED $ROKU 47.0 CALLS 6/29/18 EXPIRED $ROKU 41.0 PUTS 6/29/18 EXPIRED $UVXY 14.5 CALLS 6/29/18 EXPIRED ASSIGNMENTS: $ROKU 6/29/18 42.50 CALLS STO This morning. $IQ 6/29/18 33.0 CALLS EXPIRED STO This morning. Have a great weekend everyone. ;>)
  • DAN: $AMZN $GOOGL $BABA $DBX $IQ -- These stocks (along with others) are acting well. I bought some DBX for an oversold bounce. Sold some puts on $IQ, and put on diagonal call debit spreads on Amazon, Google and Alibaba. I'm looking at these as pretty short-term trades. Maybe a week or 2...depending on the market. If the market turns, I will pull chalks and get out. I have a very itchy trigger finger in this market. It's a bit skittish; so I am too. --Dan
  • GOOSE: @DAN $AMZN $GOOGL $BABA $DBX $IQ Great minds think alike, I sold options, Calls and Puts on $DBX & $IQ, not that I'm on your level though. ;>) Also $TNDM
  • DAN: @GOOSE $AMZN $GOOGL $BABA $DBX $IQ $TNDM Nice job, GOOSE. I'm not trading big at all. Alligator arms - very short reach these days.
  • rachel: ...
    COTD: $DBX – High volume snapback. Great signals on VWAP and PP.
    $SPX – short term trading bounce. Last trading day of the quarter – likely to be up.
    $DJI – 4 consecutive closes below 200dma.
    $DJUSBK – up tomorrow o ...
  • rachel: ...
    $DBX – VWAP trend
    $IQ – VWAP trend
    Note: Major distribution. Cash is a position. Think long term results, not short term action.
    $COMPQX -- distribution
    $NDX – testing 50-day MA
    $SPX – you should be mostly in cash…an ...
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $CYRX BTO STOCK 14.45 $TRXC BTO STOCK 5.56 Late to the shindig. $DBX STO 7/13/18 32.0 PUT @1.10
  • Henry: $DBX I just went long again.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $DBX BTO STOCK 33.25 Thanks @Henry ;>)
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $DBX STO 6/29/18 35.0 CALL @1.00 Covered EDIT:
  • Junior1: $DBX looks like phase 2 of the VS BO is at that point - where the BO began. Will there be a phase 3, or will support give way... time will tell. I got stopped out of a starter position earlier today... a mere nick, as I used VWAP as the tell. Hope everyone is surviving this blood bath of a day.
  • puttz: $DBX Is this the start of phase 2?
  • traderbren: $DBX - a little loss in altitude
  • justinp: @traderbren $DBX Yep, applying patience on this one, let's see.
  • shoredriver: @Henry $GEVO $DBX Guess they can keep doing that till they get to triple digits....lol.....
  • Henry: $GEVO seems to be the new $DBX of the day Gevo has had a 1/15 and two 1/20 reverse splits. Up 50% in pm The make a bio alcohol, just approved for gasoline isobutanol.
  • justinp: $DBX Started a small position, stop below $38.
  • phgruver: $IQ and $DBX aren't through running just yet....
  • DrScience: $DBX adding another 6%. According to TOS, it's up 36% in the last 4 trading days, and like the energizer bunny...
  • phgruver: I closed out my position in $PRAH. That one was giving me heartburn! I was underwater for a while, but I got my money back and then some. I can see now that my entry was wrong. I also closed out $DBX. I had a good profit and didn't feel like watching it, like a hawk, for the rest of the day. I'm down to core positions, and will just relax for the rest of the day. Did I mention that I hate Day Trading....
  • Henry: $DBX had no explanation for yesterdays move. Short interest isn't very high either. Up 1% today
  • phgruver: @Henry $DBX It IPO'ed on March 23. I'm guessing that this is the "enthusiasm high." Not much else going on....
  • Henry: $DBX Has anyone seen a stock go up 20% in 2 day on no news at all? BZ news says there are 3 possibilities. 8.2% short, a squeeze? Technical Break out Wall St caught on to the recent announcement of "Shingled Magnetic Recording Drive Technology" That must be it. :-0
  • baronp0329: @Henry $DBX
    Yesterday from TheStreet.com:
    "Gotta love a phantom move higher if nothing else for providing us in the media with fodder to speculate over the reason. Shares of data storage and file sharing company Dropbox (DBX) exploded 14% on hi ...
  • CHOFF: @baronp0329 $DBX No surprise. I mentioned previously that it was an acquisition target by $MSFT and $GOOG. However, since $CRM owned approx. 100m in a private placement of $DBX, I'm guessing $CRM may be eyeing an acquisition of $DBX if anyone is. They have inside financial info with their partial ownership already. It is normally your partners that acquire you.
  • issues: Oil: Cramer says it goes back to $60. IBD has an excellent article "Permian Oil Prices Dive As Gas Prices Rise, Boosting These Refiners": https://www.investors.com/research/industry-snapshot/u-s-refiners-near-permian-get-boost-from-bottleneck-environmental-regulations/ Bottom line: $DK bullish get 78% from Permian; $HFC 39% from Permian $CVRR 14% from Permian. Another IBD article said of these clouds: $PVTL $ZUO & $SEND only $DBX will be profitable in 2019...
  • rachel: ...
    $DBX – Still going. Alert $40.
    $SOGO – crescendo high. Alert $15.25
    $HUYA – still volatile. 25% in a day. Alert $42.30
    $RH -- $160 top. Was tempted to buy...but “shiny object” was the conclusion. Stop below $153.
  • Henry: $DBX is above a closing high, but not an all time high, volume is already 60% of average
  • CHOFF: #IPOFavs List working Mentioned last week I wondered which of my IPOs would be next to pop...looks like $DBX is now on the move. Keep a close eye on $SEND. It's squeezing and peeking above the downward trendline...could pop.
  • Henry: $DBX all time IPO high
  • Henry: $DBX i got stopped on on that dip to 35 and now it's at a new high. No news except some techno mumbo jumbo about the servers they are using
  • phgruver: @Henry $DBX Yup, on one of the auction sites, it was called "sniping". Larger players were trying to shake loose supply by triggering tight stops. I got stopped out too, but for an OK day trade profit.
  • DAN: @CHOFF $DBX $SEND #IPOFavs Not familiar with SEND. Looks interesting, CHOFF.
  • DAN: $ETSY $MIK $DBX Good trading this morning, gang. In the training session, we zeroed in on three stocks. ETSY, MIK and DBX. I was stopped out of MIK for a small loss, though others made money on it. I had set my stop pretty tight because of what I ...
  • kus123: @DAN $ETSY $MIK $DBX I have small position on $ETSY in profits. how do I manage it?
  • phgruver: My stop in $IQ got hit, and I'm out. Between $DBX and $IQ, not a bad day trading. I'm out of all my ST positions, and it's almost lunch time, so I think I'm done for the day.
  • Robert1965: @DAN $ETSY $DBX on $DBX on your initial buy on both what was the buy and the initial stop, where was your add, lost the sound on my computer
  • CHOFF: @DAN $DBX $SEND #IPOFavs - Sendgrid - most of the emails you receive from various subscriptions or online accounts will be emailed in bulk via Sendgrid. As an example I use $SEND for a customer that sends weekly emails to notify 60K employees about internal job openings. Ebay, Uber, Mint, AirBnB, retailers, travel sites, Spotify, etc...plus 69,000+ SaaS businesses use it similarly. To send large batch emails to a subscriber base is expensive, especially if you're using AWS or MSFT cloud services. It also bogs down your website and platform performance to send them via your host platform. Sendgrid sends the batches for you without interrupting your website performance. Silicon Valley = SaaS businesses....they all use something like this. I bet a decent chunk of your inbox was sent to you via Sendgrid.
  • phgruver: @petros06 $ETSY A stop becomes a market order when hit. I had a stop on $DBX at $35.97, but when it got hit today, it sold at $35.93. Had I chosen to just sell, I could have set my sale price at $36+ and pocketed a bit more money. Tight stops are easily tripped, and tend to diminish your gains. They are best seen as insurance in a volatile market to reduce the damage of an adverse move.
  • rachel: STRATEGY SESSION NOTES 061418 COTD: $SEND is breaking out. Alert $29.42 NOTE: I will be out next week. $SPX – still at resistance. $DJI – at resistance. $MDY – Looking good. $IWM – Looking really good. $QQQ – tech still going. $ETSY – take profits here, with a stop below $40 on all of it. $QLYS – up nicely in a short period of time. $93.50 is intraday support. With such a fast profit, you should be protecting yourself. Alert $93.45 $TWTR – use intraday lows for stop reference. Stop below $44 now. $FB – Target $250 $GRUB – breakout from base. $IQ – HODL stock. $HUYA – Very fast stock $DBX – great trading vehicle today.
  • riskmanager: @rachel $SEND $SPX $DJI $MDY $IWM $QQQ $ETSY $QLYS $TWTR $FB $GRUB $IQ $HUYA $DBX : So Dan's out next week. We all know what happens when this happens.
  • antfarm: $DBX starting to push back up out of squeeze. Long stock covered.
  • jegathai1: @DAN $DBX Is this something worth following? I'm in at 30.30.
  • jegathai1: $DBX is making a run. In at 30.30
  • CHOFF: $OKTA - I was half stopped out at $57 and the rest at $56. Decent win (15%), looking for re-entry. This time may be different but this stock has dropped after every ER it has had so far (4/4). Long term, I want to own this winner. #IPOFavs List is paying off. First it was $MULE, now it's $OKTA (and it's not done yet). Who is next? $DBX or $SPOT?
  • wijimmy: @rachel $LCI $SPX $FFTY $DJI $MDY $IWM $XLF $JPM $MS $GS $DJT $COMPQX $ATHM $BLD $OLLI $AAPL $ABT $DXC $NVDA $DBX $TTD $MNST $MTCH $EL $LGIH $CWH $BLUE $STMP $HAL $GDOT $CBU $PBYI ...... ....LOVE the RECAP...NOTES !!!! THX... { u on the payroll ?? }
  • DAN: @wijimmy $LCI $SPX $FFTY $DJI $MDY $IWM $XLF $JPM $MS $GS $DJT $COMPQX $ATHM $BLD $OLLI $AAPL $ABT $DXC $NVDA $DBX $TTD $MNST $MTCH $EL $LGIH $CWH $BLUE $STMP $HAL $GDOT $CBU $PBYI LOL. Yes, Rachel is on the payroll. She has been with us for more than 10 years, and is indispensable.
  • traderbren: #AH - interesting AH trades as a result of ER - $NVDA - good report, but priced to perfection. $SYMC - off 12%. $TTD - up nicely. $MGM - buyback reported. $DBX - off slightly, but will evaluate tomorrow. $RDFN - off in AH.
  • rachel: ...
    12. $DBX – Down on earnings. Rangebound. No trade for me. Needs to print $32.50.
    13. $TTD – Gap and crap or run? Up 20%. Do NOT buy this at open. Looking to short it.
    14. $MNST – Stop below $49
    15. $MTCH – take profit a ...
  • CHOFF: A few IPO favs still working despite the Iran news: $BOX - continuing the B/O above what would have been the triple top level of $24.60. Up about 8% in 11 days of higher volume. Hard to buy, easy to hold. ER on 5/30. $OKTA - still moving northeast on the chart; day 13 of higher volume yet lighter today. ER not until June 6. $DBX - up 3% today, new and forming a base
  • DAN: Good morning. The futures are up today, with the Nasdaq Composite set to open about 40 points higher. Oil is trading above $70/bbl today as the deadline for ratifying/rejecting the Iran deal looms. Irrespective of the status of the Iran deal, oil i ...
  • Sluggo: Thank you all for your replies and support. I also sold $DBX at the top on the pop and did a few things right considering our environment. I always beat myself up after a stock takes off after I sell it, but I am a bit hard on myself. I have more success stories than downers after studying the market for 17 years, but I am never arrogant. The market will always humble you!
  • Henry: $DBX Nomura comes up with a $21 pt. Bam!
  • Beaver: $dbx any thoughts on the IPO anybody
  • bsnceo: @Beaver $dbx there was a news story this morning re "reduce" holdings in $DBX. Don't remember who put it out
  • traderbren: @Beaver $dbx - FYI - a BS penguin at Normura with a call and a $21 PT on $DBX. Analyst Actions: Nomura Initiates Coverage on Dropbox Inc (DBX) With Reduce Rating and $21 PT
  • CHOFF: $DBX - good morning
  • vfr777: $DBX bought this when it IPO'd and seems that it's strong on the up move. The high was $34.37. Let's see if it clears it.
  • CHOFF: My IPO Fav List $SEND - back above the 50ma $OKTA - breaking out $DBX - making a run (new high; market is volatile, this is worth owning and holding)
  • Henry: @vfr777 $DBX 34.58 on 867K shares Hard to pick the average vol on 14 days of trading but 2 mil would be a generous guess
  • gmj: @vfr777 $DBX pos since 31 added this AM, a believer this will move abv IPO high, TSL 5% to protect my profit.
  • Henry: $DBX If I understand correctly that FMR LLC is Fidelity, they own 16% and the stock is up 4.5% today. Not near it's Fitzpatrick IPO high, but it's been a rough week and a half in the market
  • Henry: $DBX I was skeptical of this stock, but I liked the way it held on day 2 and bought some. I also remember Minervini's pitch for being in new issues, So far so good
  • gmj: $DBX started a sm pos yesterday at 31 watching to add and set a 4 % trailing stop.
  • bwcarnation1: $DBX +8%
  • Henry: @Dan $DBX Are the old days of IPO's back?
  • Junior1: @Henry $DBX good for all of you on this. I looked to buy today at 33, but said to myself... self, you're chasing. oh well
  • Slomo: @Dan Can a volatility squeeze approach be applied in a short time frame like during the day? I tried it on $DBX today & it worked.
  • DAN: @Slomo $DBX Yes, it can. Intraday squeezes can be really profitable. The typical squeeze would be one that occurs during the noon hour, and then starts breaking out in the afternoon with an hour or two to run.
  • CHOFF: $DBX up sharply here at the close.
  • mlgold99: $DBX - IPO from the other day would be worth watching for a breakout above $30.75 into it's high of $31.60. Another stock to keep an eye out for will be Smartsheet - SMAR which hasn't priced yet.
  • Danzguy: $DBX had a nice turn up at 27.75, 15 min into the game. NP but watching for quick trade opp.
  • Henry: @Danzguy $DBX At least for now, they defended Friday's low
  • Danzguy: @Henry $DBX Yes, I agree. Too early in the IPO for me to hold this one, but I don't mind playing the ups and downs on the intraday, especially in such a volatile market. Trade'em well @Henry!
  • CHOFF: $CRM bought $100m of $DBX in private placement. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/12/dropbox-sets-valuation-as-high-as-8-billion.html
  • Junior1: @CHOFF $CRM $DBX They go public at some point today, I think, from what I can find. Target open is 20-21 bucks. http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/21/news/companies/dropbox-ipo/index.html
  • bwcarnation1: $DBX anyone buying this on open?
  • Junior1: @bwcarnation1 $DBX when?
  • bwcarnation1: @Junior1 $DBX any moment now indicated up to $29
  • sgiseller: @bwcarnation1 $DBX I never put money in a tech co, who tech sort of sux
  • DrScience: @bwcarnation1 $DBX Latest indication is 28.90 on 7.5M shares.
  • sgiseller: @sgiseller $DBX have lost lots of data in drop box, vacated platform
  • Junior1: @sgiseller $DBX these guys are great! At not being profitable
  • CHOFF: $DBX - Dropbox expected to go public this Friday around $20 p/s. May not be a buy on Friday but I want a piece in the coming days. This company has used a Freemium Model (pay for upgrade) for years with a booming user base. I suspect it will gain institutional support within the coming months as it is a widely used service. This would be a good acquisition target for Microsoft or Google 6-12 months out. Dropbox stores mostly $MSFT Office and $GOOG shared docs made from their platforms any way. #IPOWatchlist
  • spmeyers: @CHOFF $DBX $MSFT $GOOG #IPOWatchlist The only thing is they've been around a long time and are still losing tons of money. But I'd think it will attract buying from retail investors since it's a well-known name. I guess we'll see what the institutions think.
  • CHOFF: @spmeyers $DBX $MSFT $GOOG #IPOWatchlist true... This model always loses a ton of money until they reach critical mass.
  • CHOFF: FYI - My Saas (software-as-a-service) IPO Favorites 3 rockstar IPO's I've been tracking for a while plus a new ticker due to IPO shortly. I've used all of them in business and recognize their growing demand. Their charts speak for themselves. Overbought currently but keep an eye out for pullbacks or consolidation. - $OKTA - single sign-on provider - $MULE - software integrator - $SEND - white label service used to automate bulk email messages for subscription businesses. This IPO'd about 4 months ago. * $DBX - Dropbox is due to IPO shortly. No date yet. It will no doubt be oversubscribed. My guess is it will list around $20. My bet is in a year it will be up 50%.
  • optionswealth: @CHOFF $OKTA $MULE $SEND $DBX $MULE looks to be in sideways consolidation and could give us a good vs. soon enough.
  • Kid2old: @debeers $DBX Company Name DROPBOX, INC Symbol DBX Market NASDAQ Global Select Price 16.00-18.00 Shares 36,000,000 Offer Amount $745,200,000 Expected IPO Date 3/23/2018 From - nasdaq.com
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Stock Price $USD 23.97
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Volume 1,825,660

Dropbox Inc offers security software. It is a collaboration platform where more and more of the content is created, accessed, and shared with the world.

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