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  • Iceman: #Premarket $EFII -37%. $AAOI -25% on Q2 earnings. $PI -21% on Q2 earnings. $INFN -13% on Q2 earnings. $MELI -9% on Q2 earnings. $VIAB -9% on Q2 earnings.
  • DAN: $SWIR $AAOI $EFII -- @issues and @maratom71 asked about SWIR yesterday and I said that it was really best to wait for the next day (i.e., today) to see if the stock was done being sold. Today, it's up more than 7%. Nice oversold bounce. It didn't ...
  • Nepenthe: @DAN $SWIR $AAOI $EFII $PI And I imagine $PI would fall into the same category of " wait until the next day?" No position, but tempted this morning, and now floundering around 38 or so. Will wait until tomorrow, oops, Monday to reassess. Safe travels.
  • DAN: @Nepenthe $SWIR $AAOI $EFII $PI Probably wait until Monday...though it is still holding at the 200 day moving average. So that seems to be a logical support level. But I'm not sure you'd be missing a similar entry on Monday. Your choice.
  • Bridget: $EFII hitting a new all time high today on increased volume. But not too extended.
  • Bridget: Notes: $SPY - still in the box. Below 212.40 I m bearish, and above 217.50 I'm bullish. In between I remain cautious. $DISH - breakout out of a flag on daily and establishing a new uptrend on the weekly $SWN - breakdown $BOFI - solid breakout then pullback, still think this could run higher $WB - breaking out $JD - almost breaking out $PBR - shot across the bow $SGMS - breakout on the weekly $EFII - new all time high $ANIP - solid uptrending stock $HZN - solid uptrending stock $VBLT - cup formation $CARA - breakout still going $NVDA - move higher on volume $HTZ - breakdown $CLVS - resting $GDDY - good entry point $TRMB - solid uptrend on weekly $BITA - this move is just getting started
  • Kid2old: @Bridget $SPY $DISH $SWN $BOFI $WB $JD $PBR $SGMS $EFII $ANIP $HZN $VBLT $CARA $NVDA $HTZ $CLVS $GDDY $TRMB $BITA I like your recap at the end of the trading day.
  • GreenGhost: Short Sale Candidates: NAME SYMBOL YRHIGH YRLOW CLOSE ENTRY PRICE DEMANDWARE INC $DWRE 82.23 44.39 52.75 52.63 BANK OF AMERICA $BAC 18.03 14.37 16.85 16.42 ELECTRONICS FOR IMAG $EFII 47.75 36.62 43.7 43.24 BLYTH $BTH 11.13 5.65 8.78 8.66 PINNACLE FINL PARTNERS $PNFP 40.1 30.68 37.4 37.27 REGIONS FINANCIAL CO $RF 11.54 8.85 9.86 9.43 B B & T CORP $BBT 41.04 34.5 37.08 36.59 For those looking to short some stocks, here are some candidates and setups.
  • Forexpro: ...
    “What the Smartest Investors are Buying Now”: Or, at least, what they said they were buying at the Sohn Investment Conference. Bill Ackman likes $FNMA, David Einhorn is shorting $ATHN. Larry Robbins loves $HUM and $WLP, and Philippe Laff ...
  • Forexpro: Re: $EFII, @Melbourne Understood, @Melbourne, You're solidly in the money, which is always a good thing, and 45 doesn't seem like an unreasonable target. Do you have a Plan $B if it starts to pull back? "Reasonable target" isn't the same as "guaranteed", and I personally hate giving profits back almost more than I hate taking losses on opening positions that don't work out. Best of luck with it going forward!
  • MELBOURNE: $EFII @Dan, what is your thinking on EFII. Thanks
  • Forexpro: Re; $EFII, @Melbourne

    Hi, @Melbourne,

    Here's hoping that you're thriving. I'm not @Dan, of course, but it's Sunday afternoon in California, so until the cavalry arrives, I'll at least provide another set of eyes, albeit from the east coast. The ...
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Tuesday's close $ACE, $AJG, $ALB, $AMGN, $BXP, $CLMS, $CRUS, $EA, $EFII, $EZPW, $FSL, $GHL, $HA, $HLIT, $HTCH, $ILMN, $JLL, $OI, $POL, $RFMD, $RKT, $T, $TGI, $TSS,VMW, $WRB, YHOO
  • pauljim: $EFII anyone?
  • msb: $EFII @pauljim - I also bought the breakout.
  • bobm3: $EFII - to add to your watch lists. Squeezing near 50 DMA. BBWidth .03 Strong fundamentals IBD composite 99 and A- Accumulation.
  • brandonh: Good morning guys. I was perusing the IBD indexes over the weekend and found a few nice uptrend stocks that have been filling up at the station for quite a while: $PEGA $GNTX $EFII $AOS Have a great day
  • ChiTownTrader: $EFII - @Dan mentioned this a while back. It has been consolidating after a nice uptrend and is now sitting at the 50 day with a nice #squeeze. No position but watching.
  • philharmonic: $EFII @ chitowntrader It looks like the 50dma has always been a good place to buy this stock.
  • rck89: Morning All - $EGII and $AMZN just can't seem to close (or make strong moves) over their current resistances levels, i.e. 30 and 300 respectively. Are there any upcoming catalysts or events (conferences)that anyone would know about, which could move these stocks (up or down)? In OMM this a.m., @DAN called $AMZN - he's right and I would respectfully add $EFII to his list! And speaking of boring, how about $AMD? Surely, this something must be going on in $INTC's "weak sister". Any thoughts on any of these "fine stocks" would be appreciated.
  • rck89: $EFII - @DAN / SMM crew - The stock closed above $30 yesterday, after sideways motion for a couple of months. This sure looks like a breakout to me. Anyone else following?
  • Tim S: $EFII - I honestly had not looked at this stock before your post this morning (though I did see you post about it yesterday). Having said that ... looking at a weekly chart this could consolidate sideways a bit longer before moving up or down signif ...
  • DAN: $EFII -- hey @rck89. Yes, it looks like $EFII is breaking out. That aborted breakout in mid-August will pose some problems. It's likely going to stall again at that level. I'd personally wait for a pullback and buy the dip to the 50-day $MA rather than the breakout.
  • rck89: $EFII - I've been watching this stock for the past several weeks, after a mention by @DAN. I BTO 25 Sept 30 calls @1.9. It finally seems to be breaking above $30 and MACD seems to be crossing. Of course, it has to close above $30 for a viable breakout IMO. The recent earnings report was good. Anyone else watching?
  • rck89: $EFII - Correction $BTO 25 $EFII Sept 21 30 calls - NOT Sept 30th! Sorry, fat typing fingers!.
  • rck89: @DAN - Could you please look at $EFII in your commentary tonight? You were positive on this stock some days (or weeks) ago. Thanks.
  • tomorrow41: @DAN- just want to say thanks for you popping into forum and making comments throughout the day. It is greatly appreciated and makes the membership all the more worthwhile. You also answered one of my questions today in the forum regarding positions I have in $EFII and MOVE. As the market began to weaken today I considered selling as I fear these go down with the general market. Ive decided to hold as I already have my stops in place per strategy you outlined. Thanks for the post above.
  • westshore: $EFII - @DAN's free chart video having a great day! Thanks for the idea, @Dan. Went long $EFII this morn.
  • samsonsab: $EFII continuing it's breakout from the #squeeze, not sure if yesterday was a retest of the breakout, because it barely dipped
  • samsonsab: $EFII anyone follow this? Broke out above the upper bb from a solid very tight consolidation pattern last week (on earnings). Following through today. They are in the computer peripheral space. The 50 ema has been solid support since July, it a buck fifty below current levels-would like to hear other view points
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Electronics For Imaging Inc. deals in color digital print controllers, super-wide format printers and inks and print management solutions.

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  • July 29th, 2019 - 2019 Q2 Earnings
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