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  • efrain007: $AXSM $EPZM watching for a trade
  • Dougw: $EPZM Been making some money on this one over the past week or so. Worth a look. Still strong.
  • Geewhiz: $ARRY $HRTX $EPZM Started a small basket of these biotechs covered in last nights strategy session. First two filled. Waiting for fill on $EPZM.
  • debeers: @gwenzee $CYNO $TPH $MTN $EPZM $PES --well, the race is on then Gwennie because I betcha $DHI blows them away too! And, Miss high flier, pick up some$ INGR too while you are at it: its the staple that's biologically based. Its not like I am asking you to eat cereal, you know what I'm saying? $INGR has outperformed the others. & I know you love chocolate so get this one because its the binder that holds all of it together. Starches and sweets, Gwennie, don't eat 'em, own 'em. Cover your tushie!
  • gwenzee: @DeBeers $CYNO $TPH $MTN $EPZM $PES So glad I found CYNO and TPH for us. And thank you for finding MTN. Wish I had followed you into EPZM. PES is up 11.8% today...just rubbing it in, sis.
  • debeers: $EPZM-biotech index got you down, bunkie?? Not affecting $EPZM one bit because its in the blood space and is an extraordinazry little stock. Long all day long.
  • RedLeaf1: @debeers $CBRL $EPZM You're so right, @debeers. Wish I had bought $CBRL rather than $BWLD.
  • debeers: ...
    $EPZM-Average daily volume is 235,000. The stock has already done over twice that today as the funds are now able to buy an over $10 stock in the protein inhibitor space. Insider buys have revved up and they are poised to crush with Tazmetostat. Buy ...
  • debeers: @RedLeaf1 $CBRL $EPZM $BWLD - -$CBRLwill have a down day and you can pounce then. Before Janet says what she's going to do, you can count on Mr. Market toget skittish. Pounce then. On $EPZM, its different: funds were restricted from buying that really wanted to own it and own the technology that the stock represents. I don't see this one taking many backwards steps: if this is your first entry into EPZM, go no m ore than 1/3 and add to the rest when stupid people do stupid things. FYI-** With today's move, CBRL shares are up 31 pct this year while the Dow Jones U.S. Restaurants & Bars index is unchanged. ETF's are nice if you don't have a lot of time to do the homework.
  • TRICIA: ...
    $EPZM upgraded to Buy from Neutral by H.C. Wainwright. Price target raised to $25 (127% upside) from $22
    $AGEN upgraded to Buy from Hold with a $7 (81% upside) price target by Maxim Group.
    $JUNO upgraded to 4.5 stars (out of a possible 5.0) by the ...
  • mradams0621: morning 23.79% $CCXI ChemoCentryx Inc. 8.43 973 23.69% $CNAT Conatus Pharmaceut 3.55 530610 13.47% $UVXY ProShares Ultra VI 34.19 1010000 13.46% $TVIX VelocityShares Dai 7.50 1610000 10.30% $GASX Direxion Shares Ex 59.86 1300 9.39% $DWTI VS 3X INV WTI CRUDE 240.00 50850 9.26% $SOP ProShares Trust Ul 37.15 45 8.52% $CPK Chesapeake Utiliti 58.10 20 8.07% $DRIP Direxion Shares Ex 90.14 100 7.09% $VIIX VelocityShares Dai 29.91 1620 7.07% $YANG Direxion Daily FTS 118.20 3220 6.78% $VIXY ProShares VIX Shor 14.64 64980 6.77% $VXX Barclays Bank PLC 22.07 2490000 6.74% $MEET MeetMe Inc. 3.80 3220 6.67% $CANF Can-Fite Biopharma 3.04 806 6.25% $ICON Iconix Brand Group 6.80 800 6.12% $CRF Cornerstone Total 17.87 -10.41% $GASL Direxion Daily Nat 5.51 22550 -10.38% $EPZM Epizyme Inc. 13.55 475 -9.73% $GUSH Direxion Shares Ex 6.03 2590 -9.72% $UWTI VS 3X WTI CRUDE 3.25 4240000 -9.50% $CEMP Cempra Inc. 26.00 5050 -8.59% $ACAD ACADIA Pharmaceuti 31.50 3010 -8.37% $AMFW AMEC Foster Wheele 5.91 2000 -7.93% $PXD Pioneer Natural Re 115.25 758140 -7.33% $BBL BHP Billiton PLC A 20.62 120790 -7.28% $MT ArcelorMittal 3.95 90740 -6.65% XIV VelocityShares Dai 23.29 1670000 -6.55% TXMD Therapeuticsmd 8.70 10530 -5.75% KNDI Kandi Technologies 10.00 1030 -5.74% OTIC Otonomy Inc 23.00 60 -5.13% ATNM ACTINIUM PHARMS INC 2.96 6310 -4.06% LEI Lucas Energy Inc 6.62
  • highroller: $EPZM-Good ole scottrade. Couldn't even get a stock quote this morning. Forget the option quote. Yahoo says 63% of float shorted but their arithmetic is off-more like 27%. Up 12% so far today. Discipline won't allow me to buy it now. Scottrade will give me a quote now.
  • TRICIA: $EPZM up 32.84% $27.51 after the company reported positive data from ongoing Phase 1 study of Tazemetostat in relapsed or refractory NHL. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/epizyme-announces-additional-positive-data-084000567.html News was yesterday and I bought a little pre makt ...
  • TRICIA: #Bios I am Watching $GBIM, $CLVS, $MGNX, $ORMP, $INO, $PTLA, $CEMP, $TTPH, $ATHX, $CLDN, $EPZM, $ARQL, $GWPH, $RCPT, $ARWR $ESPR, $SSH, $TGTX, $BLUE, $ICPT, $CNAT, .... Upcoming Conferences ....NASH and HEP C, and HEP B - European Liver Meeting is Next weeK #EASL2015, EHA ($BLUE) June 11 -14. hemphilia #ANN Meeting Next Week .. $GWPH seizures and neuro tickers...
  • jltrader1: The following are this week's top 20 percentage gainers and top 20 percentage losers, categorized by sectors (over $300 mln market cap and 100K average daily volume). This week's top 20 % gainers Healthcare: $RTRX (22.34 51.36%), $ESPR (112.33 51%), $CORT (5.6 40%), $PRTA (38.66 34.84%), $INO (9.09 29.12%), $FOLD (11.61 25.51%), $JUNO (61.53 24.33%), $ATRA (38.78 23.42%), $AKRX (49.03 18.77%), $ITCI (27.64 17.72%) Materials: $GFI (4.36 18.16%) Industrials: $VLCCF (4.98 20.29%) Consumer Discretionary: $CTRP (57.58 31.31%), $QUNR (36.71 28.76%), $TLYS (16.7 27.09%), $CNV (6.65 18.54%) Information Technology: $VTSS (5.34 37.28%), $RALY (12.93 17.65%) Energy: $EXXI (3.83 25.57%), $WLB (29.25 19.34%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This week's top 20 % losers Healthcare: $RDNT (7.54 -16.13%), $PGNX (6.06 -14.53%), $EPZM (19.91 -13.51%), $NKTR (12.02 -13.46%), $AMRN (2.52 -13.1%) Materials: $MTL (1.15 -25.32%), $SQM (18.86 -15.88%), $CLF (4.3 -12.96%) Industrials: $CVEO (2.41 -17.47%)$$NMM (9.75 -17.16%) Consumer Discretionary: $VNCE (16.77 -19.14%), $WTW (8.6 -17.86%) Information Technology: $DSKY (7.02 -35.12%), $YOKU (13.5 -15.04%), $MTSN (3.99 -14.38%), $HIMX (6.85 -14.16%) Financials: $ASPS (13.33 -25.15%), $EJ (5.1 -14.72%) Energy: $WG (3.07 -45.18%), $HGT (5.79 -13.71%) Hope this information is helpful. Have a great weekend.
  • Tricia: #BIOTECH EArnings week - 44 This Week! EArnings Mon 08/11 incl: $MACK $INO $AKBA $BLUE $RYLP $ENTA $PBYI $HALO (26 Today) Earnings Tues 08/12 incl: $INSY $BCRX $ARRY $RNA $PETX $STEM $ARWR (13) Earnings Wed 08/13 incl: $EPZM $CNAT $ONTX $TKMR There is a lot of data this week also .. should be very interesting $EPZM data at ASH Lymphoma meeting on August 12 $OPK will have top-line Rayaldee data on Monday night as well. Hep B Updates from $ARWR, $TKMR -- $ALNY will have another roundtable with $MDCO
  • dmgrevas: $EPZM - 2 day PB followed by green candle. Nice set up.
  • michaelH: $EPZM and $ITMN each of these has gapped up significantly. Can anyone comment on how to play each if you have a decent gain ie 28% ? Thanks
  • greberalan: $CELG EPZM Heh.....Hold on there Golden Slacks (GS). $EPZM is up aftermarket 1/6/2014 over 33% on this news. Apparently $CELG also has a stake in this drug. I don't know........How does this affect CELG. If it is good news for $CELG, I would like to ...
  • greberalan: $CELG $EPZM Heh.....Hold on there Golden Slacks (GS). $EPZM is up aftermarket over 33% on this news. Apparently $CELG also has a stake in this drug. I don't know........How does this affect CELG. If it is good news for $CELG, I would like to ...
  • Tricia: Healthcare EARNINGs Today: http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=151&f=earningsdate_today,sec_healthcare&ft=4&o=earningsdate My personal holdings ..... $SGEN, $PCYC, $GHDX ..... 1st watch list $HGR, $EPZM, and $HUM ... 2nd Watch ...AGN good luck
  • ginny: ...
    Epizyme Inc. $EPZM 104% $30.54 $15.00 30-May-13
    Textura Corp. $TXTR 100% $29.99 $15.00 7-Jun-13
    @bluebird bio Inc. $BLUE 77% $30.05 $17.00 18-Jun-13
    Prosensa Holding $BV RNA 48% $19.25 $13.00 27-Jun-13
    Gigamon Inc. $GIMO 43% $27.20 $19.00 11 ...
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Stock Price $USD 12.19
Change 1.92%
Volume 953,001

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