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  • champ: $ERI also climbing...fast and I'm still holding my swing position.
  • champ: $ERI --- Still a lot of positive news on this Casino...and I still have my position.
  • champ: $ERI ...adding a little
  • champ: $ERI ..This casino Eldorado Resorts out of Reno....is buying $TPCA 7 casino's
  • champ: @kprestonsharp $CZR ---- The #Casino sector is on the move....$ERI.. this one is a 2-year triple and was a double in 2017....$CZR... could do the same, on its way back to $20.
  • champ: $ERI HOD and a new ATH ..this Casino is up about 10% RHRN.....
  • champ: $ERI ...Casino stock...looks like a few holders are taking a little profit...no #News... just backing off of a new ATH this morning.
  • champ: $ERI still working up again....
  • champ: $ERI @ $26.40..HOD for now and the stock, just keeps moving up and making new ATH's. I posted that $DB initiated a buy, with a target of $32....and if it keeps moving like this, that $32 target, could happen soon. See my posting thread on this stock.... for more info and I have been posting, for a year or 2 and the stock, just keeps climbing.....I really think all their, high-roller friends are buying this stock and I know these guys and they have many friends.
  • champ: $ERI @ $25.95 HOD and another new ATH---- Casino company, with 8 casinos now....new IPO on October 2014 at $3.75 and has never looked back and its up 525%....I had another post 2 days ago.
  • champ: $ERI --- #News.....Deutsche Bank initiated 0n 9/25 with a Buy and also with a target of $32....moving up today, on volume, that is over the daily, the 5 & 20 day average. On earnings on 8/9... the volume jumped 6 time the daily. That was more Institutional buying....this is a slow breakout.
  • champ: $ERI @ $24.85 ---- Casino company and I lost track of how many casinos they have now but I think its 8 or 9 now. I know the Carano's and I have play Golf with them at their Eldorado casino many times. This is a hold position and I'm still holding.
  • Vehid: @champ $ERI thinking of adding
  • champ: @Vehid $ERI --- Yes, I did add.....but this is a #long term hold, for me and it will slowly climb but not real fast.
  • Vehid: What do you guys think about $ERI? Would you buy it?! Thanks #newbie
  • spmeyers: $ERI nice move; might have more gas in the engine
  • champ: $MPG downgraded this morning to Equal-Weight from Overweight at $MS...so I'm out for now... taking profits this morning because of the unknown with @BREIXT. But I'm still holding these casino stocks $MGM $ERI $ISLE and $MPEL for now.
  • gklee01: $ERI Bouncing off the 20MA in a very nice uptrend.
  • champ: @gklee01 $ERI - Yes, moving up...a director bought 7,400 shares today....don't know the name of this buyer....it will be posted in the next few days. On 6/17 Anthony Carano bought 3,000 shares at $14.54...the Carano family owned the Eldorado Casino in Reno. Also Gary Carano bought 7500 shares on 5/17 at $13.34....the race is on don't know which brother is going to own the most shares....they also play golf the same way....they want to beat each other. Now the Eldorado is one of the 7 casinos that is included in the stock. I'm still holding my position and I added the other day.
  • gklee01: @champ $ERI I wish I bought 7400 shares. :)
  • champ: $ISLE at $17.49 up 6% - Casino stock climbing on earnings, a new upgrade and target to $19 a few minutes ago...I'm long and also holding both of these casinos $MGM and $ERI.
  • champ: $ERI- $13.69 was at HOD and ATH - This small Casino stock (7 casinos - 2 good size casinos in Reno) just slowly keeps climbing....still holding position. IPO was 10/14....next earnings
  • champ: $ERI at $11.25 HOD small casino stock moving higher...looking for ATH here.....could breakout RHRN...? ....might add....?
  • :
  • maratom71: @champ,$ERI, just want to say, Thank You, for what you do to inform folks like myself, who don't have Your experience, and knowledge, so Thank You.
  • Alexandra: @champ $ERI what did you buy today? its hard to follow you when you do things so secretly. :)
  • Alexandra: @maratom71 $ERI Agreed. @Champ is a champion.
  • champ: @Alexandra $ERI -- Didn't really buy any stocks today because I when into the market at 73%... almost fully loaded...with many swing. I'm a BullI and have been posting. I did buy 2 ETF's...$SSO and $NUGT this morning but now out 65% of $SSO and OUT all of $NUGT.
  • champ: @maratom71 $ERI - No problem...anytime....Thanks.
  • champ: @Alexandra $ERI - WOW ... don't know about that but...Thank You!
  • pcotton: ...
    My notes on IPOs:
    ADMS - Ad ...
  • pcotton: #IPO's - Interesting charts. I've been trading IPOs with some good results, not big bets because these are volatile and have to be actively traded. I derived a list of 3yr IPO's using Tradestation tools, then screened them visually and by profile.
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Stock Price $USD 44.33
Change -6.20%
Volume 1,393,270

Eldorado Resorts Inc is a casino entertainment company. The Company offers guest service, gaming product, award-winning dining, entertainment and premiere accommodations.

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  • November 1st, 2018 - 2018 Q3 Earnings
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