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July 31st, 2020
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ETSY Weekly Chart

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  • bogiedog1: $ETSY Continuing this weeks move out of consolidation. Another ATH today. Light volume all week though...
  • bogiedog1: $ETSY Having a really nice day. Market finally taking notice.
  • champ: $ETSY...HOD..up $6.50 or 7.50%, strong move today.
  • champ: $ETSY, still holding.
  • champ: $ETSY, @ $83...HOD, still hanging-in, Day-2 off the recent low.
  • DAN: It really pays to focus on stocks rather than the broader market. The major averages are actually still down today, though they've rebounded off their lows. It should be obvious to everyone by now that the Fed is supporting this market. "Liqu ...
  • JFD:
  • Jazman0013: @DAN $GSX $QDEL $TDOC $CODX $DDOG $VIPS $ZM $DXCM $TTD $DOCU $ETSY $CLDR Last week was an interesting one where several of my individual stocks were doing well compared to the market. Cutting out the noise and focusing on the price action/following discipline helps tremendously over fixating on variables out of our control. Always smart to know the time frames and check multiple to verify: trend/entries, stops and exit strategy. No lack of work for all those.
  • Ringo: $ETSY - This is tighten up.
  • Angdionk: $ETSY is holding in there very well in this down market
  • romanalexk: @Angdionk $ETSY Hmm needs work but it is being a real champ. I will watch it. Thank you.
  • champ: $ETSY, @ $79, Jefferies #strong upgrade to $110, this morning.
  • bogiedog1: @champ $ETSY #strong I took a position this morning. Setting up nicely
  • tjv821: $etsy why no participation ??
  • scottrades: $ETSY Breaking over yesterdays Daily High.
  • traderbren: $ETSY - tested the underside of the 20 dma this morning and now working on trying to clear the 8 ema on the upside. NP as yet, but have alerts set on the upside.
  • traderdl: @traderbren $ETSY long on break of 76.25
  • tjv821: $etsy why is this getting killed??
  • captron: @tjv821 $etsy Normal rotation of stock price I guess. Look at the weekly and daily. All looks good to me unless you bought at the top. Then I might add more on this dip.
  • tjv821: @captron $etsy ty for the response at a meeting and cant get to my computer
  • uconn2021: @tjv821 $etsy it seems like stay at homes getting hammered today in rotation to all the stuff that hasn't participated.
  • traderdl: $ETSY ATH - np
  • GMac10: @psa512 $TWLO - No... just a name I held for a good run last year and still track. Some big moves on pretty big names on earnings today so some real opportunities for 59 minute trades tomorrow. We'll see where we get in the morning, but huge gaps forming in both directions on: $LYFT $AYX $SEDG $PYPL $SQ $ETSY
  • Angdionk: $ETSY ..I'll be covering the rest of my short position today
  • Angdionk: $ETSY just bought to cover the last of my short position
  • que_chimba: @Angdionk $ETSY well played
  • Angdionk: $ETSY buying to cover half of my short from yesterday at $69 . .7% move in a day on a short need to lock some of that in
  • Angdionk: $ETSY- looking to put a small short on this with a stop above yesterday's high of $71.20
  • tjv821: $etsy looking good also
  • gwenzee: $ETSY This one had come back with a vengeance in the past 2 weeks. Loads of people are ordering masks from their clientele. Almost at ATH. LTH
  • debeers: $ETSY/$FATE- Up about 12% each my only 2 trades today---and sold right into it. have to clorox everything. Y'all have a great day and a better weekend.
  • mercury6s: @Showmethemoney $ETSY ... nice play ! beware the "W"
  • Showmethemoney: $ETSY. Bought a starter position earlier today. Holding up very well. Any thoughts?
  • mercury6s: @Showmethemoney $ETSY ...danger Will Robinson
  • gwenzee: @Showmethemoney $CHGG $ETSY One day doesn't make a turnaround. Hopefully it goes up as I have a position in it but be prepared for more downside. It is one of the stay-at-home stocks. Chegg may be a better bet here.
  • Reif99: @Showmethemoney $ETSY
  • Herb: @gwenzee $ETSY The proper syntax is: "One day does not a turnaround make".
  • gwenzee: Herb $ETSY Who cares about syntax during this kind of market? Only the ANAL!!!
  • Reif99: >15% hammer on $ETSY today.
  • jonwest88: @Reif99 $ETSY $IIPR today low around $40.5 close over 46, a.h. quote $49.5
  • gwenzee: @Sierramp $ETSY $AXY It's about time. $ETSY is continuing to do nicely,
  • gwenzee: $ETSY $AYX The only green shoots today. Dow down over 1,000 right now. OUCHIE day.
  • bigbartabs: @gwenzee $ETSY $AYX ... these are the days (and weeks) when it ain't our trading accounts that hurt so much. Its our long term accounts. Lots of invested accounts feeling the pain.
  • gwenzee: @bigbartabs $ETSY $AYX This is rationalization.......DOW down 3.8%, Nasdaq down 3.2%, I'm "only" down 2.5%. Feel like a winner. All of my stocks are still positive.
  • gwenzee: $etsy Breaking out of a 4 month long cup. Above $72 is Blue Sky. Not much further to go. Watch it.
  • mercury6s: @gwenzee $etsy ..looks promising to me. watching, thanks. maybe request @Dan take look if ir progresses ?
  • gwenzee: @mercury6s $etsy It's a "Stay At Home" stock. Bought 2/12 @ $52.23, Sold 30% for 11.27% gain. Holding remaining 70% @ 19% gain. All time closing high was $72.37. Watch this when it approaches, may pullback as a function of what stocks do.
  • bigbartabs: @gwenzee $etsy ... that's not a cup... that's a ladle :)
  • bwcarnation1: $ETSY just noticed up 12% on earnings. np
  • gwenzee: @bwcarnation1 $ETSY Everyone needs a bright spot in their portfolio. This is mine today. Good earning report yesterday. The flip side is $NEO. They had a good report and it is down over its low.
  • gwenzee: $ETSY Took 30% off the table. Left with an 11.27% gain. Could have held on for more but chickened out. Have my bird in the hand though. My next selling pt. is $63.
  • teacher5: @scottrades $DDOG How in the world is $DDOG surviving? And what in the world does $ETSY have that nobody else has? Etsy up HUGE!
  • kbrowe: Notable earnings reports next week: HP Inc. $HPQ Dine Brands $DIN Palo Alto Networks $PANW and Shake Shack $SHAK on February 24 Home Depot $HD, Macy's $M Lumber Liquidators $LL Caesars Entertainment $CZR Virgin Galactic $SPCE and $CRM on February 25 Lowe's $LOW Square $SQ J.M. Smucker $SJM Wendy's $WEN TJX Companies $TJX Etsy $ETSY and Box $BOX on February 26 VMWare $VMW Cronos Group $CRON Anheuser-Busch InBev $BUD Toronto-Dominion Bank $TD Autodesk $ADSK Workday $WDAY and Best Buy $BBY on February 27 Foot Locker $FL and Wayfair $W on February 28
  • debeers: @kbrowe $HPQ $DIN $PANW $SHAK $HD $M $LL $CZR $SPCE $CRM $LOW $SQ $SJM $WEN $TJX $ETSY $BOX $VMW $CRON $BUD $TD $ADSK $WDAY $BBY $FL $W $CRM is especially sneaky in the wayit trades: after earnings it drops and THEN pops--so if they make their numbers you can pick up a wad if you know for what to look.
  • gwenzee: $ETSY Hugging the upper BB since BO from squeeze. Marching up into earnings on 2/26. Could have bought yesterday's low, now just wait for better entry.
  • teacher5: $ETSY ~ squeezing to the upside. Any takers?
  • gwenzee: @teacher5 $ETSY Bought it Tuesday @ $52.23. First target at around $61 and 2nd target around $71. Stop @ $48.50.
  • gwenzee: @scottrades $ETSY Break out of recent consolidation. Closed gap. May buy it today. Anyone in this one? Thoughts?? I did buy it.
  • scottrades: @gwenzee $ETSY Yep, it's popping out of a Squeeze on low volume. Want to make sure it stays above 51.
  • gwenzee: @scottrades $ETSY That stop would be too tight for me. Have it at $48.50. Take into acct. the size of portfolio when setting stops and what I can comfortably lose if stock goes against me.
  • teacher5: Anybody watching $ETSY?
  • scottrades: @teacher5 $ETSY Nice Hourly flag.
  • SteveD: Unfortunately, big gaps up are not great for initiating new positions, but on my swing trade WL today are $ZS $ETSY $VIPS VIPS has been a super strong China name and has pulled back about 50%, so would think is ripe for rebounding.
  • SteveD: @SteveD $ZS $ETSY $VIPS I did go long all 3 btw
  • traderbren: $ETSY -- keep an alert at 46.63ish as it may move into gap filling mode.
  • traderbren: $ETSY - offering a bounce trade this morning...and likely to get more out of it if it clears yesterday's high.
  • brice: @DAN $ETSY ?
  • phgruver: @brice $ETSY Interesting. They beat on revenue and sales, met earnings estimates at $0.12/share, and raised revenue guidance for the year. The fly in the ointment seems to be that they narrowed their EBITDA guidance from $177B to $193B, to $179B to $187B. Down 10% in the premarket seems a bit much....
  • traderbren: $ETSY - quick bounce off the 50dma...and looking constructive here with a move above the 20dma and 8ema. Long.
  • traderbren: $ULTA - nice pop this morning...into gap filling mode. Also keep an eye on $ETSY, moving above the 50dma
  • 86944T: @traderbren $ULTA $ETSY $ULTA still moving, but above R3. $ETSY rolling over.
  • success: @DAN . . have tracked most of the stocks that made your list then removed but probably missed some . . I looked at 42 of them and wondered if the following would deserve another look . . wanted them to be above the 50 day and trending up or near a turning point. . thank you $AJRD - top of range watch $COUP - building a base $ETSY - flirting with 200 DMA and above 50 DMA $FN - watch for bounce at 50 DMA $OMCL - 50 DMA turning up $TEAM - watch $TNDM - watch
  • DAN: @success $AJRD $COUP $ETSY $FN $OMCL $TEAM $TNDM AJRD and COUP, maybe. Those are definitely worth watching. But the others...not really (in my opinion). Thanks for posting those, success. Your handle suits you, my friend. 8-)
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $COUP $ETSY $FN $OMCL $TEAM $TNDM thanks Dan . . have done my total year analysis to date . . will share results . . working on my three problems
  • JBed: $ETSY I hate this stock...but today I'm long.
  • Showmethemoney: $ETSY Picked some up today. any other opinions?
  • DAN: ...
    10:49 AM 08/0 ...
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS @DAN . . . I have been putting the stocks removed into a separate watch list as you have removed them . . great job and thank you for all the hard work . .
  • DAN: @success $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS Thanks Success. Just wait until you see what we're working on. You're gonna love it!
  • spmeyers: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS but do the % gains include action over earnings reports? that wouldn't be entirely kosher since in best case we'd have a half position.
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS can't wait . . your articles have been great as well . . working two jobs so have been absent and 98% cash since November . . what little I have done have resulted in about 2% losses overall . . I should have just followed your lead and it would have been a great return . .
  • DAN: ...

    Of the above names that were sold for losses, the biggest loss was 7.0 ...
  • stoictrader: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS I love the transparency, insight and humility Dan - so refreshing to see

    Thanks st ...
  • traderbren: $ETSY -- setting up for a move higher....although ER after the bell. NP.
  • RedLeaf1: $SHOP and $ETSY are pulling way back.
  • Bridget: $ETSY making a nice move higher today. I talked about getting into this one last week near the 50dMA.
  • genki: @Bridget $ETSY 50ma does not seem that relevant to $ETSY.
  • Bridget: If you have been wanting to get into $ETSY, it has seen a nice pullback to the 21 period Ma on the weekly and is holding steady building potential for its next leg higher. Trade this one using the weekly chart.
  • JBed: $ETSY Very frustrated with this stock but don't want to take a loss. Some buyers stepped in the past couple of minutes. I should have sold into the big pop this week. IF it bounces here, it would be a decedent entry at the 50 MA.
  • JBed: $ETSY trying to fill the gap.
  • JBed: @JBed $ETSY Planing to offer free shipping. The Amazon effect.
  • champ: $ETSY @ $66.50 ---- #Day-1 off of this new #News, on this world wide Retailer, they will be offering #Free-Shipping. That is a positive reason why this stock is moving-up today. This is a huge on-line retailer. With 28.6 million active buyers. This could be #entry-timing, for this retailer....and the Holiday-Season will be here before you know it. Earnings are on 8/7 and they have been posting positive numbers on their earnings, on 2/25 and also on 5/8...but we all know what what happened in the month of May. Take a look and also check out the chart...see that February, ER bounce and that May market crash. With a huge market-cap of just about $8, billion $$$'s.
  • rachel: ...
    $ETSY -- See $TWTR. Same dynamic.
    $CDW -- High growth stock. Solid gap and reverse today, on volume. Would keep a stop around $108.90. Next high is $114.50.
    $PEGA -- brutal fundamentals, but good potential on the chart. Cadian Cap has goo ...
  • JBed: $ETSY moving up out of a lower base. Long. Upgrade yesterday with $57 PT.
  • JBed: $ETSY flag pattern. Majorly underwater on this, pickup up some around $61 the other day. Resistance at about $62.90.
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • PopsB: $ETSY I believe this is a good place to add to position. 3/1 drew a downward trend line, b/o 6/11 and now retested and moving up. I new to this but it should make a good move off this base. Any input appriciated.
  • JBed: $ETSY starting to gain momentum here at $68.
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