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ETSY Weekly Chart

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  • majida_perveen: @scottrdes Do $AMZN or $ETSY look actionable?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $AMZN $ETSY I like ETSY better. use today's low as your stop.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $AMZN $ETSY Amazon could work as well, but I'd want to see a strong close. Again, use today's low.
  • majida_perveen: @scottrades $AMZN $ETSY Did you buy anything?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $AMZN $ETSY No, I am just managing my $SSO position. I want to see how we close.
  • woodman: $ETSY pullback may be over. Needs a little push to get up through the 8dEMA.
  • issues: @woodman $ETSY Looks like so many others. I am cautious today b/c Friday's a 'commun! Right? (Fri The Fed speaks.)NP
  • woodman: $CONN $ETSY $QRTEA - mentioned these yesterday. Doing well.
  • woodman: #SpecialtyRetail of interest - @champ mentioned $HNST below. Some other stocks of interest: $RH $ETSY $CONN $QRTEA $VLTA (lithium stock - small, growing company that operates a network of media-enabled charging stations)
  • CrazyTrain: $ETSY having a nice one month run up 7% today,
  • CrazyTrain: @scottrades $ETSY BO from a recent daily consolidation on volume would you start a small position here?
  • scottrades: @CrazyTrain $ETSY This would be more of a trending stock buy. I don't really see it coming out of a clear Buy point. At this point it feels a bit extended above the Daily 8EMA. So because of that you'd want to trade the 1 hour chart.
  • sayaghi: @scottrades $Etsy is breaking out of a long and tight accumulation base. is this a good entry or should we wait till see how the stock closes today?
  • shoredriver:
  • scottrades: @sayaghi $Etsy You could take some with a stop at LOD for a momentum trade.
  • Cjauger: $META drops on earnings, $F rises, $ETSY rises
  • debeers: @Cjauger $META $F $ETSY -really nice beat on $F and increased the divvie. I gottas say, i didn't think they could do both!
  • Cjauger: $etsy strong move
  • Cjauger: $ETSY holding up in this pullback
  • Cjauger: $ETSY closing strong market closing strong
  • champ: @Cjauger $ETSY ...Yes sir strong....Day-5 and it has been Green all DAY..........
  • champ: $ETSY...@ $86....posted about this swing on the close yesterday....this is a hi-risk dancer....that needs room.....need to get positions that can hold....direction unknown....needs a Market...trailing.....
  • champ: $ETSY...@ $84.55....New swing position, on this pull-back.
  • Robert1965: $ETSY SEEMS TO BE in GREEN any news on this?
  • champ: $ETSY.....this is a maybe, might continue, moving-up off of LOD...$113.10.
  • champ: $ETSY....just never know which stock is going to bounce after earnings....this stock was down 5-days in a row, however this stock was up all Day and is up even higher after they just reported....NP.
  • Docoof: Rock n’ roll $ARKK stocks: $SHOP up 8.5% ah $TWTR up 9.5% ah $RBLX up 6.5% ah $ROKU up 5% $ETSY up 6.5% ah
  • bwcarnation1: @Docoof $ARKK $SHOP $TWTR $RBLX $ROKU $ETSY crazy
  • TraderinTraining: @Docoof $ARKK $SHOP $TWTR $RBLX $ROKU $ETSY $SNAP!
  • champ: $ETSY.....HOD...Spec-L....
  • vitoB: $ETSY and $ SHOP above vwap. I picked etsyfor a 59mer
  • vitoB: @vitoB $ETSY but $SHOP behaving better
  • leo995: @vitoB $ETSY $SHOP I did the 59m class. Haven't made a winning trade yet. Which way did you play $ETSY. Did it work?
  • champ: $ETSY...up +$13 off of LOD...RHRN.
  • wanda1616: @champ $ETSY so many cliff dive charts
  • champ: @wanda1616 $ETSY ---- These are #Bounce Day-Trade...with #No-swing.
  • traderbren: @wanda1616 $ETSY - yep, ugly stuff, plus so many charts with 200d above the 50d. Not good.
  • champ: @wanda1616 $ETSY ---- Remember, everyone is thinking, that the chart is ugly, however what they should be thinking.....Buy on the Low-turn and then Sell, take profits on the Bounce, without a Swing...why even think about a swing, if it turns into a small swing, then it does...but for now, it's all about profits #for-now, not tomorrow.....however could get back in tomorrow or swing only 10% of your position.
  • champ: $ETSY...up $6.00 off of LOD...small size...Day-Trade...the trailer is always the babysitter ....
  • champ: $ETSY @ $214.75.....#Bounce-Candidate ..... Watch for Entry.....
  • champ: $ETSY...this one turned off of LOD....
  • Boogie: Characteristics of a Pullback - IF IT HOLDS: 200 $spy $MDY longer term buyers coming in 50avg $etsy high flyers bounce at 50 20avg $Rblx higher flyers bounce at 20 5Ema #ETH-USD - highest flyers bounce at 5EMA
  • champ: @Boogie $spy $MDY $etsy $Rblx #ETH-USD .....On the $SPY, the turn off of the ATHigh happened on 11/22.... the Markets had 7-Down-days.... .....and a zig-zag turn would be not usual, if this turns-out.. to be #Day-1... This is how it Works..... .....have to #Go-with-the-Flow with Safety-Trailers in place....
  • Boogie: @champ $spy $MDY $etsy $Rblx $SPY #ETH-USD #Day-1 #Go-with-the-Flow My safety trailer is a stop below today's or yesterdays low.
  • debeers: $SHOP/$ETSY-if the stay at home thinking is correct then, these should be up today as well.
  • BocaRick: @jsdpie $Zoom also up $PTON $NFLX $DOCU $TDOC $CLX $ETSY work from home, clean your home shop from home
  • champ: $ETSY..+$9.00....HOD....posted yesterday.
  • champ: $ETSY...dancing around up +$12 now...
  • bRobert: $XRT WEEKLY breakout retest/flag 50% upside to $150 target MMP weekly Stop < 20 WEEK Let it work a nice collection of alpha dogs Some wearing shoes eg $BOOT $ETSY $SIG ohters Leaps 300% Great chart Only 1 to follow
  • champ: $ETSY. @ $282.....LOD was at $277.40
  • wanda1616: $ETSY sold a bit
  • DAN: ...
    $ETSY -- Weekly and Daily charts look strong. Consider selling a bit into this strength.
    $DASH -- Way too volatile to be readable. Risk is high either way.
    $INMD -- High base on declining volume. Looks tired to me...but the uptrend is definitely i ...
  • DAN: ...
    $ETSY -- Really nice move higher. Hard to buy right here...but the stock does have good upside momentum, with earnings behind it. (Note the high volume, 13% move on 11/4. That’s institutional buying.)
    $INMD -- Easy to hold, but hard to find a ...
  • bRobert: $ETSY WEEKLY has been an attraction to me Another one with a LOW risk 20d bounce entry Posted $320/$420 WEEKLY breakout targets Nice high cup breakout in motion Last weekly breakout ran $60 - $240 $180 move Expect a repeat $240 = $180 = $420 target $320 high base interim 55% upside is healthy Pullback bounces to add/enter Daily W as well $300 target Speed bump right here and at $300 Expect the expected
  • bRobert: $ETSY low risk trade entry Stop < 20d $300/$420 WEEKLY cup high base 65% upside
  • bRobert: $ETSY Breakout Flag retest $300 WEEKLY cup high base $400/$420 potential
  • bRobert: $CRM nh WEEKLY C&H for a while $350 $MDB How many posts ? nh high base breakout $600/$750 Under the radar multi year winner STRONG Long Daily high base breakout LOOK for a retest .......BUY A who's who of institutional ownership Shorts 9% 6d $SPOT WEEKLY flag pullback to the 50W $360/$500 targets In $ARKK Alpha dog kennel $VSTO WATCH for the BOUNCE You can take a small partial $70 target $ETSY WEEKLY high base C&H like breakout $300/$420 targets Pullbacks
  • bRobert: $ETSY WEEKLY breakout C&H high base Retest $320/$420 potential Looking to add
  • Motorman: $ETSY Weekly Breakout, PB bounces to add.
  • wanda1616: $ETSY "Wedbush Lifts Etsy's PT to $264 From $195 Ahead of Q3 Results, Citing Holiday Boost, Relatively Low Impact From Supply Chain Challenges; Outperform Rating
  • wanda1616: $ETSY $INTU $ACN phenomenal strength. long all
  • jpoko13: @wanda1616 $ETSY $INTU $ACN Add to that $BX and $TSLA Long both
  • wanda1616: @jpoko13 $ETSY $INTU $ACN $BX $TSLA me too im up to my eyeballs in stocks here
  • jpoko13: @wanda1616 $ETSY $INTU $ACN $BX $TSLA Me as well...need to regroup and rid myself of laggards
  • jetace: $ETSY good entry using Scott's Swing Trading material
  • wanda1616: $ETSY en fuego
  • Kid2old: $ETSY up from Mondays low. N.P.
  • wanda1616: @Kid2old $ETSY no supply chain issues / asian factory shutdowns/ cargo delivery disasters
  • scottto_2: @scottrades #Chair - You should put those on $ETSY....
  • scottrades: @scottto_2 $ETSY #Chair You should see how angry my wife gets when I pull the parachute!
  • scottrades: $ETSY Potential C&H
  • wanda1616: $ETSY super ramp. strong
  • Wykeman: $ETSY Hotd
  • bRobert: $ETSY. WEEKLY consolidation of a MASSIVE run $240. reversal base $240 w/$250+ daily high base /$400 POTENTIAL WEEKLY breakout target Daily breakout Flag trigger. $225. Pullbacks. Many targets.
  • Wykeman: $ETSY Trying to bo....early vol
  • Wykeman: @Wykeman $ETSY really going now
  • scottto_2: In the huh? category. $ETSY up big on zero news that I see.
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $ETSY $85. target 1. $130/$200. Long term. Now above the 20 WEEK. ceiling The sky is the limit
  • champ: @scottto_2 $ETSY --- Yes 0...and I have a spec Day-trade...working, however it is off around $2, off of HOD....#Day-16, off of the LOD turn.
  • wanda1616: @scottto_2 $ETSY must be up due to WSM
  • scottto_2: $ETSY - pb/b, 8ema/20dma cross. 200 and 50- are cushioning below....
  • wanda1616: $ETSY weirdly strong....
  • Ajax4Hire: @Aragorn $DDOG @Aragorn, I will note, if you prefix a stock name with $, then the forum will give a chart-overview(as seen in image). Additionally, the search will work better. $ROKU $SCR $DDOG $UBER $ETSY $LSPD $FVRR $SSYS $FSLY $RCII try it now now.
  • traderbren: $ETSY - getting close to closing the gap left from this morning's gap down. Like a magnet. ;-)
  • Wykeman: $ETSY Nice pop. Earnings tonight. NP
  • Docoof: The market was wrong Big-Time on $ETSY earnings. $ETSY closed at $202.10 +6.11%. $ETSY ah is at $175.00 -13.5%.
  • champ: $ETSY @ $205, they will be reporting their earnings on 8/4.
  • Coolfrog001: $ETSY is up nicely today with decent volume. Looks like it comes out of a cup. Took a small position earlier today. Also good press yesterday with an IBD podcast with Justin Nielsen and Rayna Lesser Hannaway.
  • champ: $ETSY...up $10 off of LOD....and this one has already fell back $2 off of HOD.
  • issues: @bRobert I am trying to remember the ones that went up last time we had a covid drop. Sure all the vaccine manufacturers. I think $ZM was one. $ETSY? $DOCU?
  • bRobert: @issues $ZM $ETSY $DOCU They all work well with good weekly charts High upside potential
  • champ: $ETSY....Upgrade this morning...this is another current stock target, check-it-out.
  • Cjauger: @DAN $ROKU I was going to ask you why you told a member that today was not the day to add to Active trades that this member missed. Then I saw this post and it answered my question. I did buy $ETSY with a stop at the LOD looks a lot like $ROKU but a little closer to the last high than $ROKU. Thank you for sharing your knowledge
  • Wykeman: $ETSY doing what its suppose to. back over 200 soon. long from below
  • Wykeman: $ETSY trimming a little here. Think it goes higher but taking some $$
  • vitoB: @Wykeman $ETSY also trimmed 3/4, Reentry back around 180. Rotating into $TPX…
  • Wykeman: $ETSY path to 200+
  • vitoB: @Wykeman $ETSY I’m in this as well. Long term hold but if hits the upperBB 189. I will lighten up for the zag.
  • Coolfrog001: $ETSY Any thoughts on Etsy? Still close to the 50 MA, and a steady riser in the last 7 days.
  • bobbybwana: @scottrades What do you think about $ETSY? Breaking out of consolidation.
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Volume 1,470,400

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