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  • Docoof: @bogiedog1 $ARKK Not in the top 10, but in $ARKK and all up 8% or more: $HOOD $SHOP $FATE $U $DKNG $PACB $COIN
  • Mpower27: @DAN $IIPR $CLF $ENPH $CRWD $FVRR $COIN $SPY $DIA $XLF $MS $GS $QQQ $ARKK $FATE $TWLO $SQ $TSLA $TWTR $ROKU $ZM $PACB $TWST $NLY $AAPL $BOOT $REGN $PANW $ALGN $SNOW $SNAP $DXC I don't believe you ever explained the 3 day rule for the noobs.
  • DAN: ...
    $FATE -- Alert $100
    $TWLO -- Alert $400
    $TSLA -- Alert $730
    $TWTR -- Alert $72
    $ZM -- I do like this. Rationale: We are seeing a big movement for either “work from home”, or “partial work from home.” And why not? ...
  • woodman: $FATE weekly
  • issues: @bRobert $ARKG $ARKK so which do you like better? I am buying ARKG since the chart is pointing up as in Break OUT! while ARKK is flat. I also like the lower price and the holdings. $ARKG is up (on the 3 month chart) 4.5% while ARKK is only 3.5%. The holdings for ARKG include: $TDOC $PACB $EXAS $REGN $VRTX $FATE $IONS $CDNA $TWST $VEEV. Holdings for $ARKK include: $TSLA $ROKU $TDOC $SQ $ZM $COIN $U $TWLO $SPOT Since we already own TSLA ROKU SQ ZM in ARKK, and don't own any of the holdings in ARKG we will buy ARKG. PS Look at the break outs in $PACB $REGN $FATE $IONS!! Powerful etf! with these big Break outs!
  • natural: $FATE anyone have a read on this one? Ms. Kathy just keeps buying and buying and buying. Looks like $APPS this morning.
  • Hank1: @natural $FATE I don't think Kathy reads charts. IMHO, this stock continues to downtrend and is a loser until it isn't. It's hit it's head against the 20-day for the past two-months on its way down. Much easier to trade stocks going from the lower left to the upper right.
  • natural: @Hank1 $FATE Yeah, you're probably right. The chart certainly doesn't scream buy to me. I just have to wonder what she knows/thinks about $FATE that keeps her buying non-stop. Of course, she's not a trader, and she has tons of $ that needs a place to go. It just makes me wonder...
  • Rhess580: $FATE posted this yesterday but didn't act on it! ARK keeps buying... Another 34k shares yesterday. Dang it!
  • bRobert: @Rhess580 $FATE It hasn't. done anything yet that should make you upset. WEEKLY. C&H. / flag. with. $200 - $240 . potential. with a trigger. =. new high. Suggest buy. on a pullback bounce. ABOVE. $120. trigger. =. A+ . tested. breakout with 90%. upside. You are. seeing resistance. now at the $120. speed bump. You haven't. missed. much. The meat of the trade still ahead. There is. Shorts 15% . 8d . THAT will goose it some with a breakout Pick up a SMALL. partial. to start if you get a small pullback bounce from here ADD then as prescribed
  • Rhess580: @bRobert $FATE many thanks my faceless friend.
  • bRobert: @Rhess580 $FATE I have been confused for Daniel Craig. So, use that face. ;)
  • Mikev200: @bRobert $FATE bahahaha you crack me up..:)
  • bRobert: @Mikev200 $FATE The b is for. Bond Now the secret is out
  • Rhess580: $FATE another Kathy Wood stock, firming up here.
  • DAN: ...
    $FATE -- biotech stock testing the 50-day MA. Big move over the past several months, so trade this very tight...with a stop just below yesterday’s low of $96.43.
    $FTCH -- Alert 62.50. Stair Stepping higher. Earnings next week (25th)
    $FROG -- ...
  • Herb: $FATE biotech priced a 2ndary at 85.50 this week. np.
  • debeers: $ETSY/$FATE- Up about 12% each my only 2 trades today---and sold right into it. have to clorox everything. Y'all have a great day and a better weekend.
  • captron: $FATE - Started a small spec position here. There is a lot written about this biotech company. 2 or 3 drugs in the pipeline for next year.
  • WebstreamDyn: $FATE - another bio with a big jump today
  • debeers: $FATE-Clues you can use. Bought this am here's why:
    1.The look at last month- Healthcare in the US was down 1.65%, healthcare in the world down 1.08%, S&P healthcare down .47%. $FATE was UP-3.21%
    2. I NEVER ever look at thinly traded stocks. If ...
  • petros06: @debeers $FATE Thx for sharing your thought process. It's helpful
  • debeers: @petros06 $FATE -you are welcome. PS Boeing will come out of this mr. petros. PS---remember to not leave trash anywhere near the tanker site. Thanks
  • JeffyJ: $FATE looks as though some of you guys hopped on
  • CHOFF: $FATE - continuing the breakout with a 10% push today
  • CHOFF: $FATE - finally breaking out. We'll see if it sticks or rolls over. #CAR-T #CRISPR
  • CHOFF: $FATE - posted a while ago on this one. Aggressive buying happening in it the last two days. Resistance at 14.45.
  • Sher: @CHOFF $FATE - Interesting company name...
  • CHOFF: $FATE - up 14.6% and a big jump in volume today...its NK100 drug showed early signs of efficacy in two patients with ovarian cancer, prompting a price-target upgrade from Wedbush.The company, which now has a $19 price target and an outperform rating, said its Phase 1 Apollo data of NK100 showed the drug was effective. Other Biotechs getting hammered as a group after a strong morning run.
  • steve71: @CHOFF $FATE IMHO, a 14% jump based on a 2 patient P1 trial is a SELL. 2 Patients... When I was in med school we had a "friendly" rivalry with Johns Hopkins. One dig was that a Hopkins series of 12 meant 1 patient examined by 12 physicians.
  • CHOFF: $CRSP $FATE - added these two Bios to my growth portfolio. I found these via my Minervini Scan. They've been at the top of my scan results for several days. $CRSP reports tomorrow. $FATE reported on the 5th, dropped, and has since resumed trend. Both are up 7%+ today. Keep in mind, they are biotechs...
  • CHOFF: @woodman $EDIT $CRSP - just posted on $CRSP and then saw your post below. I too have been watching this one intently. Who knows what happens tomorrow when it reports other then it will be losing money like all the bios. It might follow $FATE 's pattern with a drop and them a trend resumption.
  • captron: $FATE - I like the way this chart is shaping up. Anyone ever trade it. Don't see many post on it. It came up on one of my Minervini scans.
  • shoredriver: @captron $FATE Earnings Monday....
  • mradams0621: ...
    $FATE Fate Therapeutics... 3.85 8.45%
    $CERC Cerecor Inc 3.39 7.96%
    $RCMT Rcm Technologies ... 5.00 7.76%
    $SQM Sociedad Quimica ... 17.02 7.18%
    $CDXS Codexis Inc. 4.50 7.14%
    $GLF Gulfmark Offshore... 5.03 6.34%
    $SBGL Sibanye Gold Ltd ... 5.89 ...
  • judysteiner: $FATE--enters i n deal with JUNO
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Stock Price $5.39
Change 3.06%
Volume 1,708,990

Fate Therapeutics Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of programmed cellular therapeutics for the treatment of severe, life-threatening diseases.

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