Francesca's Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ:FRAN)

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  • bRobert: $FRAN high base after earnings gap breakout . Short squeeze 44% $30 with trigger and follow through 50% upside Long partial
  • efrain007: $FRAN up big yesterday and gapping up again today. 3M float/40% short, but with vol at 20M yesterday is it possible all the shorts already covered?
  • efrain007: @efrain007 $FRAN Wow
  • Brian_M: $FRAN is getting destroyed in the premarket down over 30%. The earnings were pretty bad to say the least. Might be a decent daytrading opportunity for those inclined.
  • Brian_M: I like the way $FRAN has held so far today and I am in for a trade at $4.03. Put my stop a little below the low today at like $3.85
  • Brian_M: @Brian_M $FRAN hit the stop and I'm out.
  • Brian_M: $FRAN has built a nice cup like base going back to January. It is now at the 50 day. Low risk buying opportunity and earnings are not until Sept. Looking for an entry today.
  • bRobert: @Brian_M $FRAN Very familiar . Small position for a while. Target $11.5 + from WEEKLY. A Renaissance Tech holding. Quants extraordinaire
  • bRobert: $FRAN $NDLS short squeezes still going
  • bRobert: $FRAN short squeeze continues
  • bRobert: $NDLS flag Shorts 13 d to cover $SHAK Holding up. 9d to cover. $WING and a prayer bounce off low risk entry 10d to cover. $FRAN 12d to cover $SAM 19d to cover $DDS 9d to cover. Can make a short squeeze ETF
  • bRobert: $FRAN another good short squeeze. Extended
  • spmeyers: $FRAN retail bottom fishing; low risk buy point
  • debeers: $FRAN-The answer to what happens when you beat and raise ands the short interest is slightly over 10%. The best part? Its still cheap. Let it settle down, then pounce.
  • jltrader1: Earnings Next Week: Of the companies reporting earnings for the week of June 8 - 12 some of the bigger names include: Monday: Pre Market - $SHLD, $MTN, $BRLI, $DATE, $PRGN After Hours - $HRB, $UNFI, $PBY, $PLAY, $LAYN, $TPLM, $CBK, $FCEL, $KANG, $SB, $HQY Tuesday: Pre Market - $HDS, $BURL, $SAIC, $FGP, $HOV, $LULU, $ZQK, $CMN After Hours - $GEF, $MFRM, $OXM, $SIGM, $LMNR, $SURG, $APIC Wednesday: Pre Market - $FRAN After Hours - $MW, $DDC, $KKD, $BOX, $BV Thursday: After Hours - $BOJA, $XONE Have a great weekend
  • Forexpro: ...
    Follow-Up: Bullish article on $VOD ("Vodafone has Upside of 20% or More"). Very negative article on $FRAN, noting a new lawsuit filed by the litigious Arkansas Teacher Retirement System, alleging fraudulent practices. $UTX gets a very pos ...
  • Aragorn: ...
    $FRAN has not regained the 8 yet but you are ahead on this one but the 8ema may be resistance as the trend is down and we have a falling 8. If it regains it that will a positive until the 21 which is also declining

    $GRA nice trade Up 2.52% fo ...
  • scottto: ...
    $FRAN - Cost basis $18.30. Profit target $24. Classic #countertrade entry.

    $GRA - Cost basis $75.70. Profit target $84. My longest running trade entered 7/30. It has already hit my 2 profit stops and is running to its 10-day low stop.

    $JIV ...
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Wednesday's open $CIEN, $DG, $FRAN, $NAV, $SAI, VRNT
  • C.K.: $FRAN - report after the close today. $FRAN already raised Q4 eps and Rev on 1/14 where price went up to $29.79 then profit taking hit. $FRAN is a favorite of shorts -- price now $26.14. Price usually gaps in $AH trading on an earnings release so tonight will depend on Q1 & FY guidance. I'll be watching closely.
  • C.K.: $FRAN - Speciality Retailer. This is a stock I like trading w/in channel $23.50 - $29.00. I'm long again this morning. Earnings due out 3/19. $FRAN guided 4Qtr higher 1/14/13 and the trading that day was big gap up and profit taking (gap & crap as @Dan calls it). Anyway, long again into earnings.
  • Diana2010: $FRAN - @skinflint, Congratulations on your great buy point. I was holding this stock when the news came out of the CEO's departure. I held it until the most recent earnings, hoping (I know, I know) that it would recover. The pop after earnings reduced my loss considerably so I sold it, but it still stung. There is a Fran's on the main shopping street in the town where I live (Burlingame, CA). It is filled with fun, @trendy clothes and accessories and always crowded with teens and young adults. I want to buy it back but I missed the bottom last week. I will watch to see what happens when it hits the 20D $MA and the congestion in the 25 area.
  • Skinflint: $FRAN - Thanks for the input gang! @Diana2010, I have been in this name when it was at 29 earlier this year. It popped all the way to 36 (or so) and then the CEO announced retiring. I hung on to it all the way down (I'm still not great at contr ...
  • Skinflint: $FRAN - Good morning gang and happy weekend! It's been a tough market, but I think I am hanging in there. Not really making money, but not losing much either. Anyway, here is a name that I was wanting to get into since it raised guidance yet had a massive sell off anyway. I bought this week at 23.15 and then added the next day at 23.40, and set my stop at the low from Monday @ 22.31. Yesterday it closed at the high. Anybody have any insight on FRAN? I'm still curious as to why it had a huge selloff despite beating and raising on earnings. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  • jjpiano1: $FRAN Three months ago the CEO announced he would be retiring, it was unexpected and the stock took a hit.I sold some puts back then and they worked out nicely. Their earnings and guidance have been good but the market still seems concerned about the departure of the CEO.
  • Skinflint: $FRAN - Happy Sunday guys! I always hate this weekend w/ no college football. It's such an adjustment :-) ....and WOW did this season go by super fast!!! Anyway, $FRAN has beaten and raised guidance two quarters in a row, yet here it is selling off as if it's in a race to zero. I'm not in this name, but was wanting to get into it. Now, it looks super scary to buy. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Thanks guys!!!
  • Diana2010: $FRAN, $FIRE, $FTNT - I am writing a memo to myself that I thought I would share with the team.

    Look at the destruction of these stock prices since the companies announced the retirement/exit of a CEO or CFO. None are leaving with any suspicion ...
  • ohslowone: $FRAN check out $FRAN if you like LULU
  • ohslowone: $FRAN looks to be at a key support area
  • Diana2010: $FRAN - $FRAN is almost back to the 200d EMA today. This seems very over done. They beat on top and bottom line, with same store sales up 20%. The current CEO announced that he is leaving the company at year end. The incoming CEO is from Men's Warehouse. Investors appear to be very worried that $FRAN will not be able to maintain growth under new management. I'm starting a position now with a stop a bit under the 200d.
  • ohslowone: $FRAN I am starting a position here also trying for 27.60 If I have to I'll buy @28.01
  • ohslowone: $FRAN @Diana2010 had to pay 28.12
  • nitro: $FRAN would this fall under @Dan's ipo stategy breakout to new high
  • triciab: $FRAN - I took a look at the chart and I feel it does. It is above the all-time high so everybody is a winner. That's my understanding of the IPO strategy.
  • starboard tack: $FRAN, ATPG.. I am looking at these for potential 59er. Anyone else has other 59er candidates? $FRAN up 15% on earnings beat. ATPG down 12% on news that a recently appointed CEO resigned. Also, an agreement that this CEO was going to buy the company shares (worth $1 mil) is rescinded.
  • urn007: $FRAN - Anyone watching or trading this stock? Womens retail in the IBD 50 list and it's up over 9% today on HUGE volume. Stop just below yesterdays low?
  • tbaylx: $FRAN - Been buying some of this over the last couple weeks. My trade theory is the IPO breakout and support at 27.50. Stop around 27. Nice move up today.
  • jlsmith7441: $FRAN and TDG--a couple of IBD darlings that are worth a look. Went long both this morning.
  • tbaylx: $FRAN - Anyone else trading this stock? Went long today on the IPO theory. It's a IBD 50 stock with decent fundamentals in the retail sector. Tested the $30 initial IPO high on a retracement and bounced. Stop just below $30, long @30.50.
  • Marty: $FRAN - Francesca's Holdings Corp - And I wanted to participate in this one before they made the earnings announcement, but I was so consumed with Banks, Donuts and coffee stocks that I forgot. Up $3.82 pre-market. Here we have yet another sky-blue skies member this morning. @Marty
  • DragonFly: $FRAN - like you I was watching the #squeeze then there were just too many things going on, missed it. :(
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Francesca's Holdings Corp numbers raised at Jefferies
    Shares of $FRAN now seen reaching $31, Jefferies said. Estimates also raised on steady growth track. Buy rating.

    Research in Motion target lowered at ThinkEquity
    Shares of RIMM ...
  • Aiko: ...
    $ ...
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Stock Price $USD 4.95
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Volume 42,693,600

Francescas Holdings Corp operates a chain of retail boutiques in the United States. The company's retail boutiques offer apparel, jewelry, accessories, and gifts to female customers.

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