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  • DAN: ...
    $FUV -- Thanks Max. :-) Ride the lightning, baby. Let it run!!!
    $KNSL -- basing 200-day MA...good time for entry?

  • Yuls: $FUV nice squeeze, $SOLO like
  • Bwhitty: @Yuls $FUV $SOLO Tighter bands, nice find.
  • Orange-Green: @Yuls $FUV $SOLO Hey YULS, what are the measured moves for these two?
  • Yuls: @Orange-Green $FUV I'm not a measuring pro but looking at depth of current base, equal move over ath would be around $29.60. My targets are 16.60/20/29
  • Orange-Green: @Yuls $FUV cheers! great find
  • Yuls: $GP $FUV beautiful bounces/nice volume pattern, both having preM PB
  • Yuls: $FUV beautiful, volume in
  • pd028725: @champ $TSLA $NIO $NKLA $WKHS $CIIC $SBE $RIDE $LI $PIC $XPEV $ARYO $VLDR $SOLO $FUV $GTEC $NIU $HCAC $FSR $GMHI $HYLN $PLUG $KNDI $BLNK $DPW $BEEM #News #Gigafactory-Shanghai #3 #in @champ - Thanks for this information.
  • champ: ...
    ~~~~ Other tickers that have been or are in play, in the EV sector.....$NIO $NKLA $WKHS plus many others in this EV sector ...$CIIC $SBE $RIDE $LI $PIC $XPEV and the list continues, $ARYO $SBE $VLDR $SOLO $FUV $GTEC $NIU $HCAC $FSR $GMHI $HYLN....ev ...
  • Brett: $FUV was so focused on $TSLA, i missed the FUV breakout - hope some of you got it!
  • Bwhitty: $FUV trying to break out of consolidation.
  • Bwhitty: $FUV tested 6.84 and looks good here if it breaks HOD
  • Bwhitty: $FUV looking good here. Added
  • Bwhitty: $FUV out for now. Good volume today but did not hold above breakout level.
  • scottrades: I traded out of the last of my $FUV trade from yesterday. Sold some into the pop. Out of some at break even and out of the rest today at a small loss. Basically flat on the trade. Not ideal but made the best of a bad situation.
  • scottrades: $FUV Another Electric Car company. Low Volume but tight price action lately. I have an alert at 6.84
  • Brett: $FUV no entry for me here, but it's starting to look interesting. i'm looking for a break of 6.84 ish. @scottrades - i think this was one of yours a while back?
  • Brett: @scottrades $FUV HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Babutters: @Brett $FUV looks like we’ve found @scottrades burner account.
  • scottrades: @Brett $FUV Did you hack my computer???
  • scottrades: @Brett $FUV I did buy some.
  • Bwhitty: @scottrades $FUV That would be really funny if his name was victor 😏
  • Brett: @scottrades $FUV if i did hack your computer, i wouldn't tell you . . .
  • Brett: $FUV traded this a few times, but never actually knew what they did. the three wheel car concept is odd to me, but in a very strange way, i kinda like it.
  • Brett: $TSLA $NIO $FUV man, i seem to like electric cars. well, except $NKLA (which, of course, is up 20% today -- because, why not... )
  • Kharrison67: @Brett $TSLA $NIO $FUV $NKLA $NKLA is puzzling, no good news at all
  • Brett: @Kharrison67 $TSLA $NIO $FUV $NKLA like mr. wonderful says, $NKLA is dead to me
  • Kharrison67: @Brett $TSLA $NIO $FUV $NKLA me too, that is way I can't understand why my put is not making me rich while I watch it go to zero. :)
  • Brett: $FUV is pulling back to the 6.84 level where @scottrades copied my analysis and trading idea...
  • Bwhitty: @Brett $FUV 😂 $FUS
  • scottrades: @Brett $FUV
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to be aware of this week. $WMT $NVDA $BABA $JD $HD $LOW $TGT $SE $NIU $BJ $AAP $DLPN $TJX $ADI $DE $FL $KSS $DQ $PDD $GDS $ECC $BEST $CTK $EL $VIPS $SNPS $A $ROST $QIWI $LB $LX $AMCR $CMCM $LZB $OPRA $KEYS $CREE $GAN $BZUN $JKHY $FN $MLCO $KC $FUV $SQM
  • scottrades: Not a super clean pattern but $FUV is coming out of an hourly squeeze. Could give you a trade.
  • Kimberley: @scottrades $FUV won't we be fighting a lot of overhead resistance from people who lost their money
  • scottrades: @Kimberley $FUV Yes, you are correct. That's why I said, it's not a super clean pattern.
  • Kimberley: @scottrades $FUV thanks , I am asking questions to affirm what I've learned from you
  • scottrades: @Kimberley $FUV Great! I love that. Glad to help wherever I can.
  • Kimberley: @scottrades $FUV still learning the lingo in the forum
  • issues: @debeers $LAD Debeers! You have been mentioning LAD for a long time. I finally got started with a starter position this late in the game. I remembered your mention of LAD when I looked at the IBD industry group #1 that included $NIO, $SOLO, $FUV & $RACE. I also bought NIO and FUV.
  • issues: @debeers $LAD Thank for reminding me of this one. I looked at the car manufacturers and was surprised to see they are the IBD group #1. NUMBER ONE!! So I looked at the best in the group: $NIO $FUV $SOLO $TSLA $BYDDF and bought very small number of shares of $NIO & $FUV!
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Stock Price $USD 17.62
Change 0.86%
Volume 700,762

Arcimoto Inc is an electric vehicle company. It is engaged in designing and developing two-seat, three-wheeled electric vehicle. Its product include SRK Generation 8 electric vehicle.

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  • August 16th, 2021 - 2021 Q2 Earnings
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