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Strategy Session September 15th, 2014

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  • Prazan: @luongobill12 @Aragorn Here's the list of BUG & FlU tickers @Tricia initiated in the forum several weeks ago, with a few changes: $IBIO,$TKMR,$CEMP,$AKAO,$ACT,$CBST,$NBY,$MDCO,$BCRX,$TTPH,$NVAX,$SNY,$DRTX,$HEB,$ENTA,$DVAX Note that his list includes companies in the antibiotics field, $CEMP notable among them.
  • prockow: $HEB - this mousey lttle penny stock doing well on ebola info. Grab thousands of shares and you will feel like a millionaire ! :)
  • TG2000: Ebola movers pre-market: $IBIO 84% $APT 15% $LAKE 14% $NLNK 5% $SRPT 5% $TKMR 5% $CMRX 5% $BCRX 1.5% $INO 1% $NNVC 0% $HEB 0%
  • TG2000: @TG2000 one update to that list $HEB is 19% pre-market on 1m shares (penny stock at $0.40). Market cap $75m. They recently announced they were expanding research on potential Ebola treatments. This was a $17 stock in March, 2000. 3-year high $1.01. 52-week high .55. Looks set to take that out.
  • DAN: ...
    Look at the 6 "ebola stocks" that I have previously listed for you: $TKMR $HEB $NLNK $SRPT $BCRX $GSK.

    They are all up nicely today (and may continue to move higher...they are DEFINITELY worth watching). Only SRPT is trading above its op ...
  • RtHereRtNow: $HEB- Testing with US Army for Ebola treatment Hemispherx Biopharma and United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) Agree to Collaborate in Studying Alferon(R) and Ampligen(R) Against the Ebola Virus 8:30a ET September 8, 2014 (GlobeNewswire) Print Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. (NYSE MKT:HEB) (the "Company" or "Hemispherx"), announced that the Company and USAMRIID scientists have agreed to test Alferon(R), the only multi-species, natural alpha interferon (IFN) commercially approved in the U.S. and Ampligen(R), an experimental drug, to be evaluated against the deadly Ebola virus, which has been and remains a major focus of efforts at USAMRIID, a unit of the Department of Defense responsible for medical biological defense research.
  • Tricia: $HEB : another misrepresentation regarding a potential EBOLA solution .. Heb will test their drug at the FT Detrick lvl4 biosaftey lab because that is the ONLY place they can run the test $BCRX has a $24 M deal/collaboration with US GOV'T Army and it is running its tests at the Ft Detrick lab ... When HEB announces a "CONTRACT with $$$-- then you can take it seriously .. otherwise it is another pump scam only ..
  • Tricia: SMM OMM BUG and FLU tickers... short of $TKMR, -7%, FLU - $BCRX, $NVAX, $INO, $HEB all up strong Bug Stocks $DRTX,CEMP,TTPH, $CBST all green .. I am long $BCRX, $NVAX, $TKMR, $TTPH, $CEMP, and $DRTX ....
  • Tricia: $NVAX, $HEB, $INO .... http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/06/10/us-health-mers-algeria-idINKBN0EL1P820140610
  • Tricia: @Tricia #MERS - $NVAX has lead, $HEB ( penny ticker), and $INO may get a reprieve from the cervical vaccine failure
  • Tricia: $HEB, $INO, $NVAX - MERS Arab Flu - 2 more people sick (worked in the ER at Orlando hospital where the 2nd confirmed victim sat for 5 hours!l) WHO downplays - sheesh
  • Tricia: ...
    the MICRO: no $INO, no $HEB,

    I will post what I do have later today .... trade carefully ...

  • meched49: $HEB anyone else in this little stock? Been long looks like it's ready to break out.
  • RtHereRtNow: $HEB - Yeah, I have some of this...waiting for a breakout or a buyout. I'm good with either one.
  • hwyflier: $HEB : Technically a nice entry point. @Tricia knows the detail regarding this stock, it's just a chart to me. Off the 50d in a #squeeze. Green bar. http://www.freestockcharts.com?emailChartID=da95c96d-f9f4-42e5-a9b3-bb69b706a021 click discard last session to view current chart
  • Tricia: SMM BUG and FLU ... I feel Silly Sick ... yahoo! $BCRX, $NVAX, $HEB .... the Bugs, $DRTX,TTPH,$CBST, and $CEMP ..... then ther is $TKMR ...
  • Tricia: SMM BUG and Flu Stocks: Earnings next week 2/24 $CEMP, 2/26 $BCRX, 3/10 $DRTX ..... also remember that we have AdComms for $CBST & $DRTX on March 31 ...... Cempra already proved it is "heart safe " and the PIII trial of Solithomycin is due end of June for CAPB ...... a drug resistent pneumonia that drains hospital budgets ....... Solithro will mean IV to one pill much sooner and therefore pt discharge much much sooner ..... Screener .....TKMR, $CEMP, $CBST, $BCRX,TTPH,NV AX,$SNY,DRTX, $HEB ......( $TKMR is included due to its work in Ebola) http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=151&o=ticker&t=TKMR,$CEMP,CBST,$BCRX,TTPH,$NVAX,SNY,$DRTX,HEB
  • Tricia: NVAX: okay the Bird Flu is getting worse! bloom.bg/1iTNb34 , and even abc news led with this China City Closes Poultry Markets to Stop Bird Flu - $ABC News http://abcn.ws/1g7D0VO $HEB, $VICL , $APT, $INO are others to watch ...China city is closing the poultry plants for 2 weeks .... they are scared this is getting out of control ...It is spooky to me ... I am watching $VICL and $INO .... long $NVAX and $BCRX ...
  • Tricia: SMM BUG /FLU STOCKS ...... any given day .. this little group just keeps on going! .... Earnings are coming up ..... FDA Catalysts at EOQ for $DRTX, $CBST - AdComm http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=151&t=CEMP,$CBST,BCRX,$TTPH,NVAX,$SNY,DRTX,$HEB,TKMR&o=-perf52w
  • Da_Czar: $HEB & PHOT a couple of weeks ago (about 1/21) these stocks were introduced to me as spec plays. @pizzawagon spoke of PHOT. At the time it was .19 it is now .33 Thank you for that one! $HEB not so much. I'll keep watching. -mama
  • student: @career2 -- you have pinpointed my problem: way too many holdings. I think it would be prudent for me to sell some, although I wish I had done that a few days ago. In my regular trading account, I have $AMZN (very small), $BA, $BAC, $CBST,CELG, (too much), $CLDX, $HEB and NVAX. In the IRA, I have many more, plus a few #options in my Scottrade OptionsFirst account. When the market is in a nice steady uptrend, this works well and I can stay on top of things. But in a choppy market, I can get caught unawares. So I'm trying to decide on a few things to sell today.
  • meched49: ARIA@Tricia where is that flux-capacitor when you need it LOL. Thanks hope I make it up with $HEB added today at .50
  • meched49: $HEB @tricia moving up nicely thank you again you do a lot for this board much appreciated.
  • Tricia: $HEB - this little ticker may have the treatment for the Bird flu - China added 3 more cases tonight and the death count is running at 35% ( frightening) - (For now there is Tamiflu but if this spreads on this Continent we are going to need something ...
  • Tricia: SMM BUG and Flu Stocks - Screener ... Look at $BCRX --- you did buy some ...right??? It's not going down and it is far from done! Look at $NVAX too - $HEB is now in the list. http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=151&t=TKMR,$CEMP,CBST,$BCRX,TTPH,$NVAX,SNY,$DRTX,HEB&o=-perfyt
  • meched49: $HEB Hello @Tricia just started a small position much appreciated for your idea, and research. Hope it works out for us.
  • :
  • Tricia: FDA UP Coming BIOPHARMA BIOTECH CATALYSTS Thursday & Friday ..... Thurs Dec 20 $HEB AdCOMM panel notes release Dec 18, Ampligen for chronic Fatigue syndrome -- expected to fail Fri Dec 21 $ALXA PDUFA resubmission of ADASUVE - tx for acute agitation in bipolar disorder - last week the Eu decision was positive Sun DEC 30 $NPSP PDUFA for Gattex for short bowel syndrome - Oct Ad comm was 12-0 positive Sat Dec 29 $AEGR PDUFA -lomitapide, a once-daily, oral tx for Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia - odds improved as $ISIS had to withdraw the P3 study of their HoFH drug candidate last weeek
  • Tricia: FDA UP Coming BIOPHARMA BIOTECH CATALYSTS Thursday & Friday ..... Frid Dec 14 $ALXA Eu decision ( ? ) company may know this news already Thurs Dec 20 $HEB AdCOMM panel notes release Dec 18, Ampligen for chronic Fatigue syndrome Fri Dec 21 $ALXA PDUFA resubmission of ADASUVE - tx for acute agitation in bipolar disorder - last week the Eu decision was positive Sun DEC 30 $NPSP PDUFA for Gattex for short bowel syndrome - Oct Ad comm was 12-0 positive Sat Dec 29 $AEGR PDUFA -lomitapide, a once-daily, oral tx for Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia - odds improved as $ISIS had to withdraw the P3 study of their HoFH drug candidate last weeek
  • Tricia: ...
    Thurs Dec 20 $HEB AdCOMM panel notes release Dec 18 ? Ampligen for chronic Fatigue syndrome
    Fri Dec 21 $ALXA PDUFA resubmission of ADASUVE - tx for acute agitation in bipolar disorder
    Sun DEC 30 $NPSP PDUFA exten ...
  • bxshin: ...
    Dow component Pfizer (PFE) has been sued by five U.S. retailers, accused of conspiring to delay sales of generic versions of its best-selling cholesterol drug Lipitor. Pfizer's accusers are Walgreen (WAG), Kroger (KR), Safeway (SWY), SuperValu (SVU) ...
  • Suzie: @Donna: Just up the road a bit in $HEB (Bedford now). Lots of us SMM'rs in this area. We once joked about starting our own chapter LOL!
  • CallaLilly: GENZ - Xoma is insanely predictable. Something happens and up it goes. It has issues with holding above 90cents. Over and over until you are bored. This is a nice entry, under 80cents and chances are, yawn, it'll run up again. And again. Nice easy free money. Of course as @Dan says, until the one time it doesn't do it. $HEB - I entered this Thursday for about five minutes and about 10% - in at 1.84 out at 2.00 (my math is so wrong), watched it go to 2.13 or so and fall Friday to about 1.87. Yawn, oh yawn. I don't follow GENZ because it's a large company and disappointed. $CTIC - April's a long way off for approval and I strongly prefer $AGEN and ONTY. Sorry I confused $HBAN for $HEB, which I really like toying with. I don't follow HBAN. But it's probably weird too.
  • captbryan: HEB.. I was stopped out of $HEB a few days before the quick run up and did not catch it to get back in. I have a small 500 share position in $XOMA left just to keep it on the screen. It is probabaly time to add some before it does it's short 1.00 spike- I'll just have to watch my stop closer. These small stocks can be manipulated so easily, they can make their moves before I have time to catch it and react. A bracket order might work better for me to at least get some profits locked in during the moves.
  • CallaLilly: $HEB - rumors and uh, nothing else. Yet. Just money-grubbing and finally, thank you @Dan - didn't know it could work on biotechs did you, lol - discipline to take a nice 8% or 10% (oh math) and get out knowing the end result is poof. I do follow biomedreports.com and got a nice email advising that the ceo would be speaking the following day (he had nothing). And that's the game. Easy to get stopped out, lost and bewildered. But my own experience is that there are, even with the manipulation monsters, companies that are soundly based and then you have a real company.
  • CallaLilly: $SPPI - just to add that the wording is very obtuse. Poked around a bit and the sentiment is the belief that this just did not show that it was better than. It could bounce back but this is not couldland. Biotechs are (barf???????) a more emotional ...
  • Harwelliv: HEB-@CaptBryan, I still watch this stock even though it just about emptied my trading account. I read on google finance today that $HEB is investing more money in its research facility. I do remember reading several months ago that the FDA is suppose to announce approval/disapproval of Ampligen this fall. I still own some shares and plan on trying to sell on the next pop then rebuying when it drops. @Doug
  • Harwelliv: @Dennis-Friday you asked me if I sold all of my shares everyday. To answer your question, not anymore. I am trying to get going on the SMM approach to trading. I lost most of my money trying to chase breakouts trying to make "fast money." I love penny stocks due to their ability to make you alot of money fast but obviously I don't trade those well. I did make some money day trading these stocks however, I eventually got too greedy and used margin to buy more shares of $HEB and the stock had a massive selloff and I was not smart enough to sell. I thought that the stock would bounce since it was close to FDA approval. Needless to say it did not and I learned a lesson about margin and greed the least forgetable way. @Doug
  • CallaLilly: @JimMac, Thanks ... just curious how other people deal with these firecrackers. I'm in $AGEN (secondary today, expected), ANPI, $SQNM, BFRM, $CVM, $CYTR, $DSCO, $GNVC (love the potential), $HEB, NEPH. I thought I'd do a basket to keep track of them and that I can add/subtract depending on events. $ONTY has moved, yes.
  • CallaLilly: at12345 ... I'm not sure what you mean. If it's examples, well $HEB and $NVAX among a sea of biotechs (I think the ASCO conference as well as the now named flu virus, HSN1, played into this. There was hopeful news from several teensy biotechs - things that extend life substantially and open the door to further research and the likely buy-out or partnership with a big pharma company likely.) China? $CYOU as an example flew up this week amongst a sea of others. Perhaps sector rotation ... I hope this helps.
  • suzie76040: Horsey: Here in $TX, all the grocery stores offer per gallon discounts if you shop at their stores. Tom Thumb (Safeway), Albertsons are the big ones I can think of. The bad thing is that you can't afford to shop at those stores because the food prices are way too high. Well, they have good meat and reasonable prices on that, but grapes are like $4.99 a pound and I can go to Market Street (a $HEB store for yuppies that offers super fresh food like Central market) and get them for $2.69. Wal Mart offers grapes for $1.69, but their bathrooms are nasty so I tend not to shop there.
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Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company. It is engaged in the clinical development of new drug therapies based on natural immune system enhancing technologies for the treatment of viral and immune based chronic disorders.

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