Jumia Technologies AG American Depositary Shares each representing two (NYSE:JMIA)

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  • Yuls: $JMIA back above $10
  • BocaRick: $JMIA up 17% big volume ????
  • traderdl: $JMIA volume - hod
  • Herb: $JMIA action off the bottom in a horrible ipo chart. finviz says the short interest is 82.1% of the float!
  • debeers: $JMIA- Long Form-You can fool some of the people some of the time and you can fool all of the people some of the time. What you cannot and must not do is believe that lies will never be discovered because you can never fool all of the people all of the time. EVER.. Short Form-Liar liar pants on fire. Deservedly has the crap knocked out of it.
  • traderbren: @debeers $JMIA - yep, right on...and deservedly so. Just wish I had ridden this short all the way down.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AMD STO 5/24/19 27.5 CALLS @.44 Covered $AMD STO 5/24/19 28.0 CALLS @.25 Covered $JMIA STO 621/19 30.0 CALLS @1.20 Easy on margin. ;>)
  • debeers: $JMIA-correction: $JMIA is German for "I threw up all over my shoes," not Chinese. Apologies to China.
  • traderbren: @debeers $JMIA - ;-) lol ..regardless, its heading lower. The Citron report is leaning on it. Looks like it will take out the IPO high today.
  • traderbren: $JMIA - decided to cover my June put after it bounced off the new low. Good money for a quick move....thanks to Citron's report.
  • Herb: $JMIA. The African eCommerce company moved up its earnings report to Monday morning (May 13) after recent collapse following Citron hit piece. The company previously announced it would report on Thursday morning, May 16, but the stock has collapsed since Citron Research accused the company of being fraud during yesterday's session. This will be the company's first earnings report since selling 13.5 mmln shares at $14.50 one month ago.
  • traderbren: @Herb - $JMIA - thankfully my stop got hit this morning as its tanking now that Citron's report is out.
  • debeers: $WYNN-There's a windfall and a WYNN fell. This is the latter. The bad kind. $JMIA-Is a Chinese expression for "Yes that IS vomit on m y shoes." NP either one. $LMT-flip side of the coin because there were good days in some stocks like this one LONG and $ROKU- where a friend of mine, ok Gwennie, had a lovely day because this one performed like the champ it is. Regardless of the $SOXS- all semis are not the same. Hard to be worse than $INTC. $CVX-before you write this one off, consider that you've got a 4%+ cushion in its divvie. All oils aren't the same either. $BKNG-you shouldn't stay over earnings--unless you are well-traveled!
  • traderbren: $JMIA -- keep this on your watch list. Heading higher. Long with a starter position at lower levels.
  • numbers: $JMIA - e-commerce platform recently issued double in 3 days still on the move - no position
  • Herb: $JMIA "The Amazon of Africa" ipo up 14% pre-market.
  • efrain007: @Herb $JMIA Might make a good day trade.
  • Herb: $JMIA ipo, "the Amazon of Africa"
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Stock Price $USD 17.71
Change -1.77%
Volume 12,591,700

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  • November 10th, 2020 - 2020 Q3 Earnings
  • November 12th, 2020 - 2020 Q3 Earnings
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