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  • Auto: $LADR continues north added
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR went ex on the 9th and adjusted. Today, it is off another 1% to the 50 day sma. The yield is 7.93% without consideration of the .23 special paid in 1/2019. With the special, the yield for 2019 is 9.27%. There is no guaranty a special will be paid but ti is possible for this company. I think it is worth a nibble at the current level.
  • Margi1983: @jan2138 $LADR Great advice as usual. Thanks!
  • Dale: @jan2138 $LADR Thanks! I nibbled.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Ex today. Adjusted down almost touching the 50 day sma but moved back up to a point not really attractive enough to add, imho. Keep an eye on it. If it pulls back to the 50, then it gets my attention.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs #Ex-dividend: There are quite a few issues going ex next week, some of which may present entries. The following go ex: $LADR, $DSL, $NMFC, $GPM, $PTY, $TSLX, $MRCC, $NEWT, $TCPC, $ARCC.
  • mepcc1: $LADR $DSL $PTY $MAIN $NMFC $GPM $JPS $ARCC $NEWT @jan2138 @yieldhogs - of the ones I own, the above are all going ex-div next week - $LADR .34 $DSL.15 & PTY .13 on 12/11 - $MAIN .24 supplemental, $NMFC .34, $GPM .24, JPS .56 on 12/12 and $ARCC .40 +.02 suppl., & $NEWT .71 on 12/13.
  • mepcc1: @jan2138 $LADR $DSL $NMFC $GPM $PTY $TSLX $MRCC $NEWT $TCPC $ARCC #Ex-dividend - haha - great minds and all that - both posted the same thin. One point though - I show $TCPC going ex on Monday 12/16.
  • Wolf: $LADR @yieldhogs Up 1.7% on higher than average volume. Ex Div 12/9
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Initiated at Buy by Compass Point. PT is 19.10. The yield rhrn is 7.80% using the regular .34 dividend in the calc. But, there have been 6 increases and 3 specials in the last 4 years so the yield could very well end up higher at some point. The chart is looking good as it has broken through the upper BB today. On its way to 19.10? Could be.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Good news before Thanksgiving. They declare a regular .34 dividend, ex-date 12/9/19, pay date 1/3/20. Yield 8%.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs In case you did not see this late post on Friday: $LADR reported AH on Thursday 11/7/19. Their dividend record continues to be superb. In Q-3 2018, they raised the regular cash dividend from .325 to .34 per quarter and paid a supplemental ...
  • Cokeman1959: @jan2138 $LADR crazy price action the last couple of days!
  • jan2138: @Cokeman1959 $LADR Yes. I'd add when it pulls back. I can't really analyze it now as I'm off to the ER. Get back to you later or tomorrow, I hope.
  • Casper: @jan2138 $LADR , Be well my friend! You have nothing but positive, healing thoughts!
  • Cokeman1959: @jan2138 $LADR prayers coming your way.
  • mariner: @jan2138 What's your take on $LADR which missed on both top and bottom lines. Any advice? Thanks!
  • jan2138: @mariner $LADR Here is my take. "@yieldhogs @mariner $LADR reported AH on Thursday 11/7/19. Their dividend record continues to be superb. In Q-3 2018, they raised the regular cash dividend from .325 to .34 per quarter and paid a supplemental of ...
  • mariner: @jan2138 $LADR Thank you so much for your extraordinarily thorough analysis! I'm most grateful. Now I have a much better idea how to proceed.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $AI $GSBD $IVR $LADR $MAIN $UNIT $WHF report on Thursday, 11/7/19.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR will release its third quarter 2019 results on November 7, 2019 after the close of markets that day. The Company will host a conference call and webcast for investors at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time that day to discuss the financial results.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR is off a bit over 1% today. If by some chance it should get down closer to the 200 day sma, I would add unless there is some bad news which I doubt. If you want to refresh your memory about the fundies, check my post on 8/1/19.
  • Margi1983: @jan2138 $NRZ Since I am 63 and will need income when I retire, I am long $ARCC, $BCSF,$GSBD,$HTGC,$LADR,$MAIN,$NEWT,$NFMC,$NRZ,$SAR,$TCPC,$TSLX,$WHF,and $WMC. 14 is probably too many YH, but I struggle to take large, full positions. All are green thanks to you!!
  • jan2138: @Margi1983 Wow, that is an impressive list. $ARCC is the only one I am not long but wish I were. I just don't have room for it right now. $NRZ $ARCC $BCSF $GSBD $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NFMC $SAR $TCPC $TSLX $WHF $WMC
  • wijimmy: @Margi1983 $NRZ $ARCC $BCSF $GSBD $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NFMC $SAR $TCPC $TSLX $WHF $WMC .. That all sounds great to me.. I'm 50 and thanks to @jan2138 I have a yield hog account I started in 2017/18 with 10 positions and it grew to 21 as of now.. and it KICKS ASS !!! .. look at $NYMT i always add under 6 bucks... I take the divs in all hogs in cash, then pick which hogs to add to each quarter
  • Margi1983: @wijimmy $NRZ $ARCC $BCSF $GSBD $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NFMC $SAR $TCPC $TSLX $WHF $WMC $NYMT ..Thanks @wijimmy. I just put in a limit order for $NYMT at $5.95 :)
  • jan2138: @wildfire3d #YH List : I am long or track. Those with the $ in front, I am long. Those that do not, I track. $AI; $BCSF; $CIM; $CLNY; $CNSL; CTL; EARN; $ETJ; $ETW; $ETY; $EXG; $GPM; $GSBD; $HRZN; $HTGC; $IVR; $LADR; $MAIN; MCC; MFA; $MITT; $MRCC; $NEWT; $NMFC; NRE; $NRZ; $NYMTO; $OFS; $OXLC; $PNNT; $PSEC; $PTY; $SAR; $TCPC; $TPVG; $TSLX; UNIT; $UTF; VGR; $WHF; $WMC; AGNC; ARCC; DX; NLY; NYMT. A few that I am long, are tracking positions only too.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR FYI, it goes ex-div. on Monday the 9th, .34 adjustment. It is up almost 1% today. If it pulls back to the 200day sma, consider adding. This is a very reliable dividend payer. Other fundies which you could view in my post on 8/1/19 should continue to be positive and lead to a long term winner.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR declares a third quarter 2019 dividend of $0.34 per share of Class A common stock. The cash dividend is payable on October 1, 2019 to stockholders of record as of the close of business on September 10, 2019. Ex-date is 9/9/19. Yield is 8.04%.
  • brice: @jan2138 $PSEC #Earnings You had mentioned a few months ago that your favorite High Yielders' were; $HTGC, $LADR, $MAIN, $NEWT, $NRZ, $SAR, $TCPC and $TSLX. Are they still?
  • jan2138: @brice $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NRZ $SAR $TCPC $TSLX #Earnings They are high on my list.
  • brice: @jan2138 $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NRZ $SAR $TCPC $TSLX #Earnings Thanks a lot! Now on to R&R.
  • jan2138: @brice $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NRZ $SAR $TCPC $TSLX #Earnings Check out my earnings reports for Q-2. They are up-to-date happenings for each of those.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR reported after hours yesterday, 7/31/19. As I have posted in the past, I think it is important to highlight the dividend record because it is excellent. In Q-3 2018, they raised the regular cash dividend from .325 to .34 and paid a ...
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $TSLX $TPVG $LADR $CIM are all up after they reported which nice to see.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Some positive news: "Fitch Ratings has affirmed the Long-Term Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) and senior unsecured debt ratings of Ladder Capital Finance Holdings LLLP and Ladder Capital Finance Corporation, subsidiaries of Ladde ...
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR will release its second quarter 2019 results on July 31, 2019 after the close of markets that day. The Company will host a conference call and webcast for investors at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time that day to discuss the financial results.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Is Maintained at Neutral by JP Morgan. Price Target Cut to $17.50/Share From $18.00 .
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Keep your eye on this one as it pulls back. A good one to keep adding when you see opportunity. If it should happen to hit the lower BB, time to strike imho.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR goes ex-div. on Friday. It may create an opportunity to add. It has not been performing very well since the earnings report which was a bit of a disappointment. However, the dividend record is outstanding and they have consistently covered it with core earnings. Some of us have been adding and a search of the ticker using the 30 day time period will show the latest posts.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Some good news. They declare a regular .34 quarterly dividend continuing an excellent dividend history. Ex-date is 6/7/19; pay date 7/1/19.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Some of us were buying this late last week. Guess what? Raymond James reiterated its "Strong Buy" recommendation.
  • mopick: @jan2138 $LADR, thanks for this! Did add on last week.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR This is one of the issues I mentioned in my post back on 5/17/19. The yield rhrn is 8.43% based on the current .34 dividend. It had been running along the 200 day sma until the report. It pulled back on 5/8/19 and has been consolidating with a slight downward trend until today when it is up over 1%. I would not load up the truck, but i think a nible is in order.
  • grcjr: @jan2138 $LADR - Nibbled. Thanks.
  • grcjr: @jan2138 $LADR - second nibble ... does that make it a bite?
  • jan2138: @grcjr $LADR Good question. All I know is it must taste good. I have a bid in for more. I am salivating waiting for a report.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR: I added some @ 16.1369.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs #High yield issues I prefer rhrn: After looking at the recent earnings reports, the issues I like for their excellent dividend records, Book Value and NAV performance, Core Earnings, and general condition of their portfolios are $HTGC, $LADR, $MAIN, $NEWT, $NRZ, $SAR, $TCPC, $TSLX. This does not mean they are at good entry points rhrn but rather, when you do see one, consider getting involved. There are others I like but not as much as these.
  • grcjr: @jan2138 $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NRZ $SAR $TCPC $TSLX #High THANKS!
  • JoeTrader: @jan2138 $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NRZ $SAR $TCPC $TSLX #High Thanks for you follow $DMLP?
  • mepcc1: @jan2138 $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NRZ $SAR $TCPC $TSLX #High THANKS - have a good weekend everyone.
  • RedLeaf1: @jan2138 $HTGC $LADR $MAIN $NEWT $NRZ $SAR $TCPC $TSLX #High Thanks! Have a good weekend.
  • jan2138: @mepcc1 #HOGS All the ones I really like do not appear to be at buy points now. And, in this market, it's not a good idea to gamble. I did buy some $LADR on the 8th, and it fell even more. I put in another bid at the low and just missed it. It's up over 1% today, but I am waiting 'til Monday before I do anything. I am watching $HTGC which I sold before it went ex with the intent to buying it back. It's not quite where I want it to be yet. I think you could consider $TSLX which I am. I was even thinking about $OXLC.
  • mepcc1: @jan2138 $LADR $HTGC $TSLX $OXLC $MAIN #NRZ #HOGS - Thanks so much - good to hear you echo my thoughts - had all these except $OXLC on a short list - will take a look. Have been going through your notes and the charts alphabetically and coming to the same conclusion - was going to wait for Monday - also have a note to self to watch price action on $MAIN on the day of the June supplemental - believe it is at the same time as the regular June dividend which should (hopefully) = a nice gap down. WHAT ABOUT #NRZ? In a very tight squeeze.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR reported AH yesterday, 5/7/19. First, a review of their dividend history is an important part of this picture because it is excellent. In Q-3 of 2018, they increased the regular cash dividend from .325 to .34 and paid a special of .2 ...
  • mopick: @jan2138 $LADR, agreed, not a great report, that's for sure! Now below my cost basis, looking to add at some point. See if today's low holds.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs #Earnings FYI, the following report AH today: $LADR, $MRCC, $WMC.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR will report AH on 5/7/19. The CC is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. that same day.
  • issues: A big thank you to Dana and all those who suggest REITs. I bought $LADR $MRCC today. Considering $SAR and $EARN. Also, added to GLUU. Thanks to Dan for suggesting oil, so I added to XLE and WLL. Also added to $T (again thanks to you Dan!) I sold $FL and $FDC. Dead money. Biotechs: bought these: $ARWR $SVMK $ARCT and tele: $TEUM I put $BAND on a watch list when it was $62. I kept putting it off then looked at it today. Up $10 since I first noticed it. Now it's too extended. That's a day's work for me, Whew!
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR : I continue to watch this for an entry. I think, now that the 200 has established itself as support and, with today's positive move, I am considering adding some more.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR went ex on 3/8/19 and made the adjustment and has yet to turn around choosing to run along the 200 day sma. It hit a 52 week high on 2/28/19, an event that was followed by a downgrade to "Hold" from "BUY" by Deutsche Bank causing it to head down over the following 5 sessions to the ex date where it pulled back some more. If you check my post on 2/28/19, you can read about their excellent dividend record and growing book value. The yield, without specials, is 8.11% . Here is another excellent income vehicle which may use the 200 as a springboard to a higher share price.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR one we have been watching, and one I have added to since it went ex-div. on 3/8/19, continues to stay on top of the 200 day sma. with 2 nice open candles on either side of a bright red one as it tries to decide where to go next. It continues to look like an add to me. The dividend record is excellent with regular increases and specials from time-to-time. Yield with out any specials considered is 7.96%. If I add in the .23 special paid in January, it jumps to 9.30%. This may not happen in 2019, but I expect another increase this year as a minimum development.
  • infocus: @jan2138 $LADR Thanks for the analysis. Took a nibble today @16.95 Don't have a lot of time to watch the screen anymore but this looks like a moderately slow mover. Long-term hold.
  • jan2138: @infocus $LADR It's a good income stock with any significant cap. gain coming over time.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR is having a good move up today. The 200 day sma has held up over the past 6 sessions following the ex-div. adjustment and my reentries are working out pretty well so far. The yield is "only" 7.98% at the current div. rate. But they have been raising the dividend regularly and paying a special from time-to-time. If this yield interests you, I think this is a good entry level. Just mho.
  • grcjr: @jan2138 $UNIT $WIN #yieldhogs - I just decided there are easier targets .... added to $LADR
  • jan2138: @grcjr $UNIT $WIN $LADR #yieldhogs That's a better one. I reentered the other day after my fun effort at playing around the dividend ex-date.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR: I have added some more today because the dividend record is excellent, and they are growing book value. Core earnings continue to cover the dividend comfortably. The yield based on the regular .34 dividend is "only" 8.07%, but I expect there will be specials and dividend increases along the way which will increase the yield and be catalysts for a higher share price. In 2018, they raised the dividend twice and paid a special.
  • mopick: @jan2138 $LADR, thanks, have added twice now!
  • Robert1965: @jan2138 $LADR Same here added
  • mepcc1: @jan2138 $LADR $SAR - I added ome yesterday and today to both of these also.
  • jan2138: @mepcc1 $LADR $SAR I added 2 pieces of $LADR, 1 of $SAR. My bid for another piece of $SAR did not get hit.
  • KemoSabe: $LADR - Yield Hogs / Sold 1/2 last week @18. It has now corrected and sitting right on the 200 day average. Looking to buy half of what I sold and if the 200 shows support, I will buy the other half later.
  • jan2138: @KemoSabe $LADR I had sold mine @ $18.00 also. The stock closed at $17.08 on 3/7/19, the day prior to the 3/8/19 ex date. I am interested to see if I had held on to it, would it have been worth holding it through the ex date and picking up the div ...
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR: I bought back 1/2 of my original position @ $16.74.
  • antfarm: $LADR Bought a small tranche @ 16.75 after the stock opened up down ExDiv off a GTC order.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR: I posted on the 4th that I had sold this one because I felt it had reached its high for a while with the intent of buying it back when it pulls back. Well, it has. I sold it @ $18.00 and it is now @ $17.12 and tomorrow it goes ex and will open down about .34 from where it closes today. This is a good one with an excellent div. record. I posted the details back on 2/28/19 if you are interested in checking it out tomorrow. I hope to buy it back depending on what happens tomorrow.
  • mopick: @jan2138 $LADR, am with you on this one! Thanks for the post, will watch as well with the intention of adding.
  • rjk: @jan2138 $LADR And xD drop will put it at the center of a nice up channel, and at the confluence of 50, 100, and 200 MAs. Thanks to you I'll be watching it too.
  • steve71: @jan2138 $LADR Jan, why not buy today to capture the dividend?
  • DrScience: @steve71 $LADR I'd say that in the current market the risk of more downside is greater than the risk of missing upside. Stock is in a short-term pullback/downtrend into the ex-div date, and tomorrow the stock will open lower by .34. Assume the stock closes today at the 50 DMA (17.01), and opens tomorrow at $16.67, below the 200 DMA. One question that comes to mind is once the dividend is paid, why would long-term investors with lower cost basis hold onto the stock if it continues lower? And another: imagine those who will sell simply because the stock is below the 200 DMA. How much lower could it go to reach next support level? On the other hand, if the 200 DMA provides support, you pocket the divvy, have a little cushion in your stock position, and place your stop below the 200 DMA.
  • jan2138: @steve71 $LADR That is one strategy, but I think it may adjust and then pull back even more than the.34 so I'll be net ahead if that happens. One could buy 1/2 of an intended position today and the other 1/2 tomorrow. But, I am experimenting a bit as I am usually a buy and hold of these high yielders. Oftentimes, people who bought before the ex-date for the dividend end up selling on the ex-date and taking their profits which could consist of the improvement in price as it ran up in to the ex-date plus the dividend.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR: I decided to sell this one with the intent to get back in when it pulls back. I think it had achieved its high on 2/28/19 and will pull back starting on the ex-date when it adjusts. I don't usually do this but feel like it had little reason to continue moving up after reaching that 52 week high on 2/28/19.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR Cut to Hold From Buy by Deutsche Bank. My guess is because of the meteoric rally, and they feel it is time to rest.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR reported AH yesterday and declared a .34 cash dividend continuing an excellent dividend record. In Q-3, they increased the regular cash dividend from .325 quarterly and paid a special of .23. There have been 6 increases and 3 specia ...
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs FYI $NMFC $LADR report after hours today.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR will report AH on 2/27?19 with the CC scheduled for 5 p.m. that same day.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR: before I go, I want to mention this unusually structured dividend. $LADR "announced that it has completed the payment of its previously announced fourth quarter 2018 dividend of $0.57 per share of Class A common stock. The divi ...
  • RedLeaf1: @jan2138 $LADR Best wishes today with your medical issues. Thanks for the posts.
  • bigbartabs: @issues $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN ... do you (or anyone else) know if the $FFTY ETF is immediately updated when the IBD 50 list changes? Or is that a trailing change some time later?
  • phgruver: @bigbartabs @issues $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN $FFTY From the $FFTY prospectus: "The Fund generally invests in all of the securities comprising the Index in proportion to the weightings of the securities in the Index. The Index is rebalanced and reconstituted on the last day of each trading week after the U.S. stock market closes and is published by IBD on its website,, and at least once weekly in its print edition. This weekly rebalancing and reconstituting of the Index will cause the Fund to have a higher portfolio turnover rate than similar funds." So, you may safely infer that rebalancing occurs weekly, but not necessarily on Monday. It may take a day or two.
  • bigbartabs: @phgruver $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN $FFTY ... If its rebalanced each week, that's pretty good response. Apparently then Monday morning is when the $FFTY is most closely aligned with the IBD 50. Thanks... good luck buddy...
  • issues: New on IBD 50 for this week include: $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR. Off the IBD 50: $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN. I know it's all computerized but I have no idea why some are deleted while others are added. Maybe it sorcery? Thank you for this Issues!! You bet' ya!
  • mepcc1: @jan2138 @yieldhogs $LADR - this one went xdiv today by .5699 and i down to 50dma - keep an eye on it if you are looking for a good entry point. See @jan2138's comments on this one and earning report on 11/5 and 11/2.
  • jan2138: @mepcc1 $LADR This is a good one. The gap down on 11/14/18 was a result of a secondary which was priced at $17.24 which was accretive to current shareholders because the price was well over Book Value. The regular dividend is .325 quarterly. This .57 was a regular plus a special. If you check the dividend history, you will see an excellent record with increases and specials regular events. The 7.53% yield does not tell the whole story. You need to KIM the potential for increases and specials.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR announced today the pricing of its offering of 5,800,000 shares of its Class A common stock in an underwritten primary public offering, for total estimated gross proceeds of approximately $100 million. In addition, the Company has granted the underwriters an option to purchase up to an additional 870,000 shares. They had an excellent Q-3.
  • Wolf: @jan2138 $LADR Thanks. Started a position @ 17.11. There is usually an overreaction to offerings.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs @bigbartabs: $ off 2.5% with the equity offering. The go-ahead using the regular cash dividend of .34 is 7.94%. They also declared a .23 stock dividend and both have an ex-date of 12/7/18. However, you can elect to take the .57 all in stock or cash. If you elect all in cash, you may receive all in cash but no less than .34. If you factor in the .23 to the go-ahead total, the yield is 9.28%. With today's gap down, it looks like an interesting opportunity. When it goes ex on 12/7/18, we may see another opportunity. Historically, they have paid specials regularly so, the yield will most likely end up being higher than that which comes with the regular .34 quarterly dividend. More info. on this company in a post I made on 11/2/18.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $LADR reported AH yesterday and declared a .34 cash dividend, a 4.6% increase, plus a .23 stock dividend. There have been 5 increases plus 2 specials paid in the last 4 years. Yes, it looks like an excellent quarter. GAAP Income before tax ...
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Volume 10,078,100

Ladder Capital Corp is an internally-managed real estate investment trust. The Company invests in loans, securities and other interests in U.S. commercial real estate, with a focus on senior secured assets.

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