Limelight Networks Inc. (NASDAQ:LLNW)

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  • bRobert: @scottrades $TSLA $MSFT $KO $SNAP $LMT $HAL $TWTR $T $AAL $LUV $INTC $BMRC $PM $CMG $VZ $PLD $NDAQ $NVS $UAL $MAN $LOGI $IBM $CALM $OGI $AXP $PHG $BIIB $TSCO $LII $ONB $TMO $SYF $TXN $KEY $CIT $MKTX $CTXS $ISRG $CMA $CHKP $LLNW $HCA $CDNS #Earnings Welcome back Scott !. You were missed. Dan sang O Canada on one of his strategy sessions in your $SWKS. 7/23. Large position. Great set up. and 5G play. If you're board buy some $OSB. and support your Toronto peeps. $50 target Get some $VFF. too. Nice tight wedgie. They're smokin.
  • 1993dean: $LLNW BRAKING OUT
  • scottrades: @1993dean $LLNW @SHUDAG Get this one on your list today. Watch for a break of 6.75.
  • SHUDAG: @scottrades $LLNW Thanks!
  • SamHunter09: @scottrades $LLNW If it brakes out 6.75 and we get in what will be the stop?
  • scottrades: @SamHunter09 $LLNW around 6.48 I think initially. It's a lot of room, so you'd want to move it up if the stock breaks out.
  • SamHunter09: @scottrades $LLNW Thx
  • SHUDAG: $LLNW 6.75 price now
  • SHUDAG: $LLNW Price now 6.78
  • Henry: @SHUDAG $LLNW Easy now, Happy that you are in it, but we all don't need to know the price every 3 cents
  • scottrades: @SHUDAG $LLNW What are you asking for exactly? Did you take the trade?
  • SHUDAG: $LLNW now 6.81. @scottrades can you touch on this one again?
  • SHUDAG: @scottrades $LLNW Sure did? wondering if you could do some hand holding on this one? when to start selling, etc?
  • shoredriver: @Henry $LLNW @scottrades.......LOL..........
  • SHUDAG: @scottrades $LLNW It's moving rather slow for a breakout
  • SHUDAG: @scottrades $LLNW Thank you!
  • scottrades: @SHUDAG $LLNW I would first consider a stop around 6.68. Then Trail it up as it moves.
  • humble: @Henry $LLNW 6.77 NOW! Just kidding:)
  • SamHunter09: @scottrades $LLNW I got in at 6.78 what should I raise my stop?
  • Bwhitty: $LLNW had decent size position. Was just stop out for small profit.
  • Mikev200: $LLNW stopped @ 6.88 +1%
  • success: @Bwhitty $LLNW I moved my stop to B/E at $6.77
  • Bwhitty: $LLNW $NIO $RAD Duds
  • SasquatchBlood: @Bwhitty $LLNW $NIO $RAD $RAD starting to work now in at 10.95 stop at 10.60
  • success: $LLNW stopped out on this one at break even . .
  • Bsielingtx: @success $LLNW raised stop to 6.77, still in
  • Bsielingtx: @success $LLNW
  • que_chimba: @Bsielingtx $LLNW FWIW.. my target 7.13
  • Bsielingtx: @que_chimba $LLNW thanks
  • que_chimba: $LLNW... out of position flat. It looks like it was done at secondary target 6.97. still potential upside to 7.13, not with the headache
  • 1993dean: $LLNW BRAKING OUT
  • spmeyers: $LLNW strong move off the 200-day tuesday, could run up toward 4.9 if market cooperates
  • scottrades: $LLNW popping into the close.
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $LLNW Scott, Did you get some? Don't follow this stock. very good volume into the close!
  • scottrades: @baronp0329 $LLNW I saw it too late, so I didn't buy. I've seen some peeps post about it in the forum before.
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $LLNW A friend texted me that he bought a bunch when he saw the volume. But it was too late, did not get any also. lets see what it does tomorrow.
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • Wolf: $LLNW MIssed EPS and revenue, down 10% pre-market. Careful, low priced stock 2.88.
  • Wolf: $LLNW Starting to run.
  • Forexpro: @MBWS2018 $LLNW You're Very Welcome, MBSW2018, $LLNW looks to me to be in an uptrend, and the moving averages are trending up. With that said, it's been sort of grinding sideways for a bit, and I wouldn't be too surprised to see it dip back a touch further (to 4.80, say?) before renewing the push higher. Perhaps a starter position now, looking to add either on a dip or on a breakout above the present range, call it 5.30 (it hit 5.28 a week ago)? ToS shows Jul 25 as the next earnings date, so there's some time. Just some very quick thoughts; best of luck with it, whatever you decide!
  • MBWS2018: @Forexpro $LLNW good morning, thanks again. Everything seemed to be moving up, and I may have been a little over zealous with a purchase but took a medium position. I’ll wait to see what it does over he next week, hoping for a move up but with time before earnings like you said a dip can always be possible. The squeeze seemed to be getting tighter over the past weeks and volume seems to be a little above the average. Thanks again for taking a look at it.
  • MBWS2018: @Dan @forexpro thank you for all of your comments and advice. I took a chance today on $LLNW @ 5.10. I think this is a good buy point with the 50 crossing the 200 and the band squeezing pretty tight. What are your thoughts on it?
  • 1993dean: $LLNW strong chart $HCLP great div and great growth chart working @DHR in a squeeze . I welcome any comments
  • woodman: $LLNW - coming back.
  • etmagic: $LLNW?
  • DAN: @etmagic $LLNW No. I don't think you want this stock, etmagic. Check out my morning note about parabolic moves. I think LLNW fits that pretty well. Stock ran from $3.50 to $6 in a couple of months, and then dropped quickly right through $5. I don't know the back story on it...but from a "supply v demand" standpoint, I don't think you're going to see enough demand to push the stock higher. Hope that helps.
  • woodman: $LLNW - 8dEMA support.
  • woodman: $LLNW - firming up at the 8dEMA. Still holding this one.
  • vpsmack555: @woodman $LLNW have you heard any news as to why the spike in volume 2 days ago? Average Volume has been rising since earnings.
  • woodman: @vpsmack555 $LLNW - Perhaps this analyst's increased price target --> $7.00 . Just speculation on my part.
  • woodman: $LLNW - has been very strong. Since late September, a pullback to the 13dEMA is about all it's given. I have not added recently, but I am still holding what I have.
  • woodman: $LLNW - just hold it until the ride is over.
  • vpsmack555: @woodman $LLNW ... been in this from 3.90 ... do you have a % trailing stop on this ... seems like a hard one since it would need to have a 10% trailer to keep from getting taken out back in late October? Or even in early October.
  • woodman: @vpsmack555 $LLNW I'm similar to you. My first buy was 3.82. I don't have a trailing stop on this. The 8 to 13dEMA area has been support.
  • woodman: $LLNW - making another move. I've just been holding it, rather than try to trade it. My most recent add was last Friday.
  • woodman: $LLNW continues to work despite extension. I've just been holding it since the breakout from the v/s over a month ago.
  • PRK: @Bridget $EBAY $AA $UAL $ABT $LLNW can be added to this list. It reports after the close today.
  • woodman: $LLNW - Well, I held this one through earnings. Up 11% in the aftermarket. I guess earnings are good.
  • traderbren: @woodman $LLNW - great, congrats! It paid off to roll the dice!
  • woodman: @traderbren $LLNW - Thanks, and you are right. It's a total roll of the dice.
  • woodman: $LLNW - earnings are 10/18 amc, for those who took this trade from the breakout last month. I have to decide what to do with mine.
  • liujeff88: @woodman $LLNW I just sold mine!
  • woodman: $LLNW working well.
  • woodman: $LLNW moving up still. Stair-steps.
  • woodman: $LLNW - phase 3 move?
  • woodman: $LLNW - classic phase 1, 2, 3.
  • woodman: $LLNW - with its close yesterday, it successfully tested the breakout level (phase 2). On watch for phase 3 move back up. (Still long.)
  • woodman: $LLNW phase two.
  • woodman: $LLNW - pullback into consolidation from which it broke out last week, but long-tailed bounce back above the breakout level. I'm interested in where it closes today.
  • woodman: $LLNW - broke out this week. Flag developing.
  • captron: $LLNW - Knocking on the 4.00 door. Finger on the buy button. Thanks woodman for this one.
  • liujeff88: @captron $LLNW same here :-)
  • ab3250: @captron $LLNW - Where is a good place for a stop?
  • captron: @ab3250 $LLNW Mine is at 3.75 to give it some wiggle room.This will give me some profit if it gets hit. Got in yesterday and was waiting to add.
  • woodman: @captron $LLNW - you're welcome. I'm in too. Good luck.
  • ascutia833sunset: Bought $LLNW at $3.87 doesn't seem to want to break $4.00 stuck on $3.95. Got a tight stop on it at $3.90
  • woodman: $LLNW - pushing out of v/s.
  • woodman: Some interesting ones: $KEM $LLNW $OCLR $ICHR $MRCY $LITE
  • woodman: $LLNW - bought it this morning based on close above 8dEMA yesterday and progression this morning.
  • Bridget: $LLNW this one is thinly traded but in a tight squeeze. ER on 4/27. I have an alert set for $1.75 to signal a breakout. If it gets hit my stop will be at 1.7 and my profit target is $1.99. So I'm risking 3% for a potential 13%.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Thursday's close A, $AIG, $ALNY, $ALSN, $BRCD, $CGNX, $CLD, $CLF, $CRAY, $ELLI, $ENOC, $GRT, IM, $JCOM, $KEG, $KONA, $KRFT, $LBTYA, $LLNW, $LOGM, $MASI, $MOVE, $NR, $RATE, $RGC, $SAAS, $STMP, $TRLA, $WOOF, $WRI, WTW
  • :
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AGU, $ARRS, $ARRY, $ASIA, $AWK, $BIOL, $BIOS, $BKD, $BPZ, $BWC, $CECO, $CLR, $CODI, $CTL, $CXO, $CXW, $DEPO, $DK, $DMD, $DRYS, $DVR, $DXCM, $EDMC, $EGLE, $ENS, $ETE, $ETP, $EXP, $FIO, $FTEK, $FTK, $FTR, $GMCR, $GNMK, $GRPN, $GTY, $HALO, $HNSN, $IO, $JACK, $JCOM, $LLNW, $MBI, $MDLZ, $MKL, $MNTX, $MRIN, $MWE, $NGVC, $NRP, $NVTL, OILT, $OSUR, $PKT, $PODD, $POWR, $PPO, $PRU, $PRXL, $PVA, $RBCN, RGP, $RIG, $RLD, $RST, $RWT, $SCTY, $SGI, $SN, $SSRI, $STEC, $SXL, $SZYM, $TCAP, $TNGO, $TSLA, $TTEK, $TWTC, $UHAL, $WGL, $WR, WTI
  • nb8702: $LLNW NFLX: $LLNW has been on the move lately. It's a battered stock, but if my memory serves me correct they handle 50% of NFLX's traffic. Now that $NFLX is back on the map maybe $LLNW will benefit? Not experienced enough to know but I'll watch it.
  • jojo1480: AKAM- 2nd derivative trade is $LLNW, I posted re the BBand expansion when the stock was around $3, looks like now heading above $4, %tage wise a pretty nice return. If it gets to $5/share, funds would be able to invest. Note company is buying back stock (several days ago). A jump from $4 to $5, is big percentage move, so don' t go @bonkers still a spec play. Long LLNW
  • snmtraders: $LLNW - great catch, jojo1480. If you're not in now, though, beware earnings due to be released Feb 13th after the bell.
  • jojo1480: LO LNG- Hi @Henry, i am just going over my positions, really having a difficult time eliminating positions, most are in blue sky territory. I like this market, getting kinda worry about it, I would love to see a pullback, all my stocks except $MAKO C ...
  • jojo1480: ...
    You can always paper trade, and find your comfort zone. The last 2days I opened starter in $CREE VECO $PAYX and looking at $FII (wishy washy about this one), i mistakenly sold $QSII, and now looking to get back in. Other small/mid size caps am holdi ...
  • snmtraders: $LLNW - Great catch, jojo1480. Earnings due to be released Feb 13 after the bell.
  • jojo1480: PRU- adding to my long term position, using the 200dma as a reference for stop loss (only for new additions), been long 14mos. Most of my stocks are green ie $EMN HAL $POT MOS WOLL DMND $KRA TIBX $ZEUS NXPI $HLF SNCR $LNG ETN $EBIX BYDDF $CNS PKG $LLNW BX $KBH BTU $FIO PRAA $FCX OCZ. Not working this morning- $ILMN JNPR $DK FWS $QSII MAKO $PAY FLR $LLY GLNG $PRU all of these are in my holdings.
  • jojo1480: Markets- Many of my stocks were that purchased in Nov/Dec2011 were called away (50% of position sixe) this week, #options spread pretty much ended otm (saves commission), bunting for singles. I like my cash position currently ~45%, and hope that some of the stocks on my watchlist will pullback. In the meantime have stakes in smaller cap names, $2billion or less, these stocks are a little extended, take a look @ $ARX SNCR $TIBX (the latter through exercising calls), I think the small/mid caps have a place in the portfolio. The only speculative plays I have are $GNW and LLNW. I mentioned last Fri re $LLNW, a prolonged Vsqueeze going to the upside ($3 stock), I bought quite a bit, just speculating.
  • ronald73072: $JDSU - $LLNW holding both featured on #Cramer tonight
  • ronald73072: $LLNW - Beat top & bottom but no after hours pop. #Cramer it's up to you.
  • ronald73072: $LLNW - Reports 5/5 after close - est $(.10) rev $49.4M - involved in last earnings pop - getting ready to buy again anticipating an earnings beat. Both LLVT & $AKAM beat on both top & bottom line. Today will probably be the third down day, seems like the stars are aligning for this trade. Remember I have several thousand dollars profit in my prior trade so I feel my risk is small.
  • ahr355: LLNW/AKAM-hey Ronald, I am new to the game and so I don't mean any disrepect fact it's mostly a post to try to clear up possible confusion on my part but..didn't $AKAM getted killed this past earnings because of forward earning projections on earnings conference call? Wouldn't $LLNW be subject to the same market pressures as $AKAM and have to guide down too (and cause a stock price drop like $AKAM for the same reason?). Thank you for your post and "heads up" on $LLNW earnings and would appreciate any feeback to help me continue to learn from more experienced guys like yourself.
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Stock Price $USD 4.38
Change -2.01%
Volume 1,440,360

Limelight Networks, Inc. operates a computing platform and provides services including content delivery, web and video content management, mobility, web application acceleration, cloud storage, and related consulting services.

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  • January 27th, 2021 - 2020 Q4 Earnings
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