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Strategy Session August 20th, 2013

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  • Junaid: @scottrades @dan At the end of the last two trading days I did a search for the top percentage gainers and stocks that were at 52 weeks highs. The following are the ones that were in an upward trend, or or were holding in their normal trading range. I was looking for RS. Hopefully you can find something that works for the masses! $AERI $JYNT $MU $LUV $GIL $SEAS $OMP $ARD $RVLV $RES $RRD $DE $ISBC $NBR $VIPS $CRTO $DFIN $MCRI $NESR $SIG $BCEI $CTG $ERII $MERC $MLCO $STXS $RILY $TNL $UHAL $KAI $SLCA $FSR $MEG $CDMO $SLM $FET $TRIP $OCGN $CZR $BBIO $MMYT $LMAT
  • DAN: @Junaid $AERI $JYNT $MU $LUV $GIL $SEAS $OMP $ARD $RVLV $RES $RRD $DE $ISBC $NBR $VIPS $CRTO $DFIN $MCRI $NESR $SIG $BCEI $CTG $ERII $MERC $MLCO $STXS $RILY $TNL $UHAL $KAI $SLCA $FSR $MEG $CDMO $SLM $FET $TRIP $OCGN $CZR $BBIO $MMYT $LMAT Great post, @Junaid. Thanks for doing that work...I think it benefits all of us. You're awesome! Dan
  • bRobert: @Junaid $AERI $JYNT $MU $LUV $GIL $SEAS $OMP $ARD $RVLV $RES $RRD $DE $ISBC $NBR $VIPS $CRTO $DFIN $MCRI $NESR $SIG $BCEI $CTG $ERII $MERC $MLCO $STXS $RILY $TNL $UHAL $KAI $SLCA $FSR $MEG $CDMO $SLM $FET $TRIP $OCGN $CZR $BBIO $MMYT $LMAT The new 52 week high list in general is a great place to search for new talent They have passed a gauntlet of tests Top of the class Review the wEEKLY charts Pick the best of the best Top gun of stocks They tend to repeat on this list
  • champ: $NBR...HOD....Nice low volume stock.
  • champ: @Wykeman $GUSH $XOM $HES ---- Yes Oil is moving and it started right around 11/13 because of Oil-News and that news continues. $BLNK, is up 203%, since then. $OXY is up 72% $GUSH, is up 65% $NBR, is up 94% $FANG, is up 48% $DK, is up around 30%, plus $PBF, see their websites. I like $DK, they are really diversify, they even have retail and asphalt.
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are up this morning as the $SPY continues to carve out a higher trading range between $350 and $365. Pfizer ($PFE) and BioNTech ($BNTX) updated their research on their COVID killer and reported that the effectiveness was bette ...
  • DAN: ...
    $NBR -- Not a chance.
    $STZ -- Maybe...I’d want to watch it. But it’s RS rating 70, and that’s pretty bad.
    $WMC -- nope. Enseart ( I notice that the historical trend for this stock has been fairly consistent at ...
  • bRobert: $NBR shortr squeeze has been very good Took partials again
  • bRobert: $BE $11/ $15 targets with breakout $NBR $80 From $20 - $80 in a blink I have never seen this kind of action . Profits
  • bRobert: $NBR still climbing 28% shorts are scorched
  • tjv821: @bRobert $NBR damn missed this move
  • Herb: @bRobert $NBR Has the recent reverse split played any part in this move? Another doing the same thing is $CHK, also after a reverse split.
  • Margi1983: @tjv821 $NBR Talk about extended.From 10 to 82 in 6 weeks!!!. Price today is 4X the 50 ma
  • bRobert: @bRobert $XLE $XOP $OIH $CVX $OXY $HAL $PXD $NBR $GUSH $RRC $IYM $FCX $NBR. I've posted about this massive short squeeze from the $30 level. Multiple flag trigger entries offered since the breakout at $20. Alert on flag trigger > $50. yesterday provided a nice add/entry to. $65+. close. Not sexy but very effective. The technical target for the trade started around MAY 26 via an . inverse h&s. /Cup like formation. Initial Inv h& s target was. $50. Head $10. Neckline $30. That completed. A new higher diagonal neckline $40 (right shoulder construction completed ) was triggered at the open. $70. target. Great tea leaves. A technically very polite chart. goosed with short covering. 28%
  • bRobert: @bRobert $XLE $XOP $OIH $CVX $OXY $HAL $PXD $NBR $GUSH $RRC $IYM $FCX $CHK. Daily reversal/flag triggered and acquired target + . MASSIVE volume. 40%. short More importantly.......50d ceiling was pierced. Opens up the door to much higher prices $40 . if it stays above (May see retest 50d from above ). Each successful pattern completion opens up a larger reversal pattern with higher targets. Dominos. One pattern completes and triggers another . I have no position $CHK right now. Solvency issues keep me away for anything more than a day trade I do own $LNG. $55/$67 . reversal in motion Early breakout. Transporter of liquid natural gas. $GTLS. $55/$65. reversal targets. Look for pb/bounces Also 6 . days to cover $BCEI. spec. Reversal. $24/$30. targets. Very transparent. inv h&s set up. Little squeeze out. 10% short 5days Risk/reward. clearly defined with stops close by and high targets. I own a partial position.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $XLE $XOP $OIH $CVX $OXY $HAL $PXD $NBR $GUSH $RRC $IYM $FCX $CHK $LNG $GTLS $BCEI The stage is set but the curtain still has to rise on the next leg of a bull market. Not just tech leading now but a more balanced pulling of the rope with energy, financials, transports, materials, housing, machinery . Massive liquidity injections world wide. kicking the can down the road. There are still many banana peels to avoid. The upcoming election. may add a wrinkle. Black swan events like Covid can always spring up. More than a bit of optimism is warranted As always, the path is rarely straight up
  • bRobert: ...
    There will be some zags but the longer term trend will be clear soon. $XOP has a WEEKLY $75 flag target to START. 20% upside $OIH. 30%. . You are seeing very speculative action in many of the smaller names that were priced for bankruptcy. Many ...
  • bRobert: $NBR short squeeze $60 measured move target $GUSH exploding pm to $50 Fresh Squeeze out $60 target 1 This will zig zag Sell in scales Overweight $XOM overweight OTM calls They were very cheap $52/$60 targets
  • AdrenalineTrade: @bRobert....thanks for $NBR a few days ago, took a piece and very glad I did. Cheers!
  • bRobert: @AdrenalineTrade $NBR Glad to help a fellow soldier in the trenches Short squeeze + oil breakout = boom
  • bRobert: $PLCE. Short squeeze continuation 72%. short. Earnings 6/11 Long Trailers $NBR short squeeze. $60 target with flag trigger > $48.70 . Long partial post profits. Stop under flag
  • SlimChance: @bRobert $NBR I'm not liking the action in this one today!
  • SlimChance: $NBR starting to move?
  • bRobert: $NBR short squeeze in motion $60+ trailing stops Long
  • nathan09: @brobert is this a good buy point for $NBR - pull back to $33 where it was resistance but now is support....also happens to be the 8 dma
  • bRobert: @nathan09 $NBR It has moved up quite a bit off the low today 8d. bounce. Stop is below LOD. too far. unless SMALL partial. $60 with flag trigger. Short squeeze
  • bRobert: $BCEI. huge move. today. acquired. W target $19. Squeeze out. > 200d. Reversal pattern. targets. top of chart. $26. area. np. WATCHING. for spec trade Short. 12%. $NBR.Up nicely Flag. Short squeeze still in play. $60. with flag trigger.
  • bRobert: $NBR short squeeze continues $40 acquired $50 possible trailers
  • bRobert: $NBR Trailers raised 12% move Short squeeze 28% $50 target
  • Herb: $NBR the miracle of a 1:50 reverse split.
  • bRobert: @Herb $NBR Big short squeeze Long
  • Herb: @bRobert $NBR nice!
  • bRobert: Sometimes the best offense is a good $DFEN. $18+. range breakout target 1. Long $NBR. I missed this move. May be more in the tank. 70%. short $40 flag target . $50. with gap fill and trigger of larger reversal pattern. np $DFS. $55 $V. $215 $MA $350. still working. Look for pb/bounces Plastics
  • Ajax4Hire:
  • kbrowe: @bRobert $DFEN $NBR $DFS $V $MA Plastics was what was recommended to Dustin Hoffman in the movie The Graduate. Guess it still holds. :)
  • bRobert: @kbrowe $DFEN $NBR $DFS $V $MA One of my favorites. I once dated an Elaine
  • bRobert: $NBR short squeeze $40+.
  • Bwhitty: @bRobert $NBR Good morning Robert. For reference is that a target or where shorts have to start buying?
  • bRobert: @Bwhitty $NBR Target 1. $50. target 2 with a trigger of a larger reversal pattern.
  • Herb: $NBR ah, the beauty of a 1:50 reverse split.
  • Herb: @issues $ATRS $VERU $CRHM $DBD $REI $WPX $XEC $RIG $INSG $NBR nibbled a little $ATRS today at 4.17.
  • issues: Looked at $ATRS: IBD group 40 rated 83 (composite) B accumulation. Compared to $VERU (95 A+) and $CRHM (83A ) I prefer the latter two. Will buy 100 shares (starter position) both in the morning. I also like $DBD (mentioned last week in the Forum by Gwenny (IBD group 38 rated 84 A ; buying this one also. Looking at OIL: I like $REI and $WPX. Buying small starter positions in both. I like the ratings on IBD. Also Steve Grasso on Fast Money recommended $XEC $RIG and $WPX. Also buying $INSG (great looking BO = institutional support? Also buying $NBR and $RIG!
  • bsafriet: @champ $RRC $MUR $NBR $CRZO $FANG $OPEC $GUSH #OIL #today Hi Champ - Oil and oil stocks were up over the weekend and premarket as a result of OPEC production cuts but fell prior to the open when data released showed Chinese exports declined for a 4th straight month. Both Brent and WTI futures fell on the news. I read the news post on the CNBC app, “Oil slips as weak China export data weighs”, published 8:59 PM 8 Dec 2019, and later updated. I was planing a rotation into several oil names as well as a position in $GUSH but this news let the air out of that balloon prior to the open this morning. Hope this clarifies my post.
  • bsafriet: @bsafriet $RRC $MUR $NBR $CRZO $FANG $OPEC $GUSH #OIL #today
    This is the above referenced article.

    Oil prices fell on Monday after data showed Chinese exports declined for a fourth straight month, sending jitters through a market already concerned ...
  • champ: @bsafriet $RRC $MUR $NBR $CRZO $FANG $OPEC $GUSH #OIL #today --- That OPEC news that you are referring about was Entry on $GUSH and that happened #last-week, started breaking on 12/5 and was confirmed on 12/6. I posted about that News last week. Follow the news closely, for on time entries....Good Luck!
  • bsafriet: #OIL China news threw cold water on this trade today. Had a few movers: $RRC, $MUR, $NBR, $CRZO, $FANG. Looking for the group to eventually move on the $OPEC production cuts.
  • champ: @bsafriet $RRC $MUR $NBR $CRZO $FANG $OPEC #OIL ---- Really,...I'm holding a swing position in $GUSH and I'm still holding that swing position. .....I haven't seen any negative China News, on the energy sector, from China, on any trades, however they would love to see the price on the Price of Oil drop, the World would also love to see that happen... but maybe I missed it, maybe you could post that News and source. The last past News that I saw was, that there were still supertankers, in route to China, per .....The negative news is OPEC and others are cutting back Oil production because the U.S. is still over producing...and also is still fast-tracking even more new pipelines, in Texas, all negative for the price of Oil. ......The only real News that I saw #today 12/9, was that China, purchased another 300,000 tons of Soybeans.
  • champ: @bsafriet $RRC $MUR $NBR $CRZO $FANG $OPEC #OIL --- $GUSH....Day-4, I guess you don't see what I see going on in this sector. Watch the Oil inventory numbers, to see if the next weekly numbers, this week will keep this new Oil move, on track.
  • mrmike: $NBR @champ What are your thoughts why $NBR can't move higher with all the recent upgrades? Thanks
  • champ: @mrmike $NBR --- Hard to know what is going on....but these guys set-up the new wells, one at a time...but all the frackers and the #Sand-suppliers... work the wells 24-7...#for-ever...and the frackers crews also repair the wells....but major repairs ...
  • mrmike: @champ $NBR $BHGE #Sand-suppliers #for-ever Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts.
  • stairm01: $CRZO $CBI $RIG $FANG $NBR All of these stocks started a nice intraday move at 11:15. Not seeing any news on energy or oil. Anyone?
  • champ: @stairm01 $CRZO $CBI $RIG $FANG $NBR ---- Great post because you are watching.....but look at the price of is up $1.67 RHRN....the price of Oil always moves the is really that simple....but the price of Oil zig-zags like crazy....and all names will of the many trades is $ERX.
  • champ: @stairm01 $CRZO $CBI $RIG $FANG $NBR ---- When the economy is climbing....along with payroll numbers, that is positive for the energy sector. The Winter season will be ending soon and many will be driving more...had a really hard Winter in many locations and that has been keeping most all off the roads in those locations.. keeping many at home, over the weekends but that will be ending soon....need to start picking your investment targets out now on the lows....need to have a buy list....because they will all start climbing....better now... than after they climb.
  • stairm01: @champ $CRZO $CBI $RIG $FANG $NBR Thanks for the input. I'm already in a few of these.
  • stairm01: $NBR and $CBI offering a good entry today with well defined stops below the low of the day. These stocks got knocked down to below and to the 200 dma from 23 to 30% higher. Started a stock position.
  • geotheo: $WLL $SWN $STO $QEP $NE $NBR $GPOR $ESV $CHK $APA Some Energy stock that haven't run a bunch (a.k.a. laggards) that I'm watching. Most are hanging out just below the 200ma, 50ma, or have multiple bottoms. Most need a little pull back for safer entries. Energy working. Maybe these boats will be lifted.
  • rachel: ...
    1. $NBR – going higher? No! No reason to buy this stock.
    2. $DLPH – no. This is being sold. Do NOT buy this…and do not hold it.
    3. $DE – bullish? Buy here? No. IT is too extended…would not buy this.
    4. $GBT &nd ...
  • Iceman: $NBR #ShortPuts - Bought to close NBR Jul 21 2017 Puts @ 0.33 to avoid assignment tonight. Originally sold at 0.57.
  • DrScience: $DISH bouncing off the 50 DMA, hitting intra-day high. Also, seeing a similar intra-day bowl pattern in $CAT, $VIAB, $NBR, $DE, $RACE, $MCD, $WEN, $UNFI
  • champ: $BHI up 2.16% $HAL 1.88% $NBR 2.37% $SLB 0.56% - Drillers seem to be working today...I have a position in $BHI because I believe it has a floor under the stock price ....going forward because of the special $17.50 div from $GE and it has been slowly moving up...a lot of info in the forum on this stock.
  • Gary: #NOTES $SPX $DJI $MDY $IWM $DJT $COMPQX $XLV – NO! $XLK – YES. $SMH – yep. $XLF – working….but overbought. $XLP – no. $XLU – no. $XLY – no $XLI – yep. $IYZ – nope. BUT…look at TMUS, VZ, T. $IYT – yep. $FDX $JBHT $CSX $HA $XLV – nope. $XME – YEP. $XLE – Oil stocks are basing with a bullish bias. Getting some buying on dips. Example are: $NBR $MRO $HES $RIG $MUR $MTCH – Working.
  • champ: @issues $USO - I have no idea but I did Post that I took profits in all my energy names last week because of the nice run.....however, I'm still holding $FMSA $NBR $ALJ $KMI and this stock that I'm under water in $NAT but only a small loss at this point.
  • tnt: @champ $USO $FMSA $NBR $ALJ $KMI $NAT I am looking at $KMI here for a long.
  • champ: @tnt $USO $FMSA $NBR $ALJ $KMI $NAT - I'm also thinking about adding....But I'm thinking about waiting until next week....however... I'm watching. They make money on the volume that flow thru their pipelines...the demand...and as you know the price of oil or n-gas does have a small effect on demand....but the lower the price goes down the better for pipeline companies.
  • champ: @Wolf $VXX $SSO $USO $XLF $TNA $UWTI $DB $XOM $CVX $DVN $ERX --- Not bad....I'm long $UWTI and $UCO ...WTI-Oil should climb even more because of this storm. Sold most of my oil names....took profits because they all make good moves and I will get back in...but I'm still holding $WLL $NBR and these long term stocks $KMI $ALJ and new position last week in $NAT. I double up on $WLL this morning because of Pete on Fast Money....said something is going on and it looks like he's right.
  • Tr8dr: $NBR looks like a nice breakout but not sure why?
  • debeers: $NBR-Like it and bought it. Now that the chart is confirming, according to Gwennie, that's sort of nice.
  • tmende: $NBR Watching a cup and handle pattern play out on this one. a move above $11 on some solid volume should do it.
  • DAN: $OIH $PTEN $NBR $HP $NOV $BHI $HAL $SLB -- These stocks are breaking out from recent consolidation. When the sector shows strength ($OIH), it's easier to believe in the individual stocks.
  • traderbren: $LPI and $NBR - big Call volume in these names. NP as yet.
  • champ: $NBR at $10.10 climbing on the upgrades this morning ....I'm Spec long Day trade on the open ....will swing part.
  • geotheo: @champ $NBR I'm a cheerleader today. I liked the bounce off the 50ma so that is where I bought yesterday. Where do you think the swing will take us?
  • tmende: $NBR got beat down after earnings. Glad I sold it yesterday.
  • tmende: $NBR Moving this morning.
  • tmende: $NBR intraday high; we'll see if it keeps going.
  • tmende: $NBR Teeter-Tottering with a higher high.
  • tmende: $NBR bounced off the 20 dma and is trading above the 200. I picked some up earlier. Earnings is next monday i think.
  • Bridget: $NBR phase 3
  • Bridget: $NBR breaking out
  • Bridget: $NBR pushing through the 50DMA today. Weekly is turning up. Added to my position.
  • Forexpro: ...
    "Oil stocks have been about as popular as a bowl of Kryptonite at a Kent family picnic." The magazine nonetheless found a bottom picking fund manager (Ted Harper of Frost Natural Resources, $FNATX) who argues that now is a favorable time t ...
  • Iceman: $NBR #ShortPuts - Bought to close NBR Jun 19 2015 15.0 Puts @ 0.94 to avoid assignment tonight. Sold as part of a yearend tax roll on 12/29/14 @ 3.15
  • Iceman: ...
    $NBR Jun 19 2015 9/10/11/12 Puts
    $NE Jun 19 2015 12/13/14 Puts
    $NFLX Jun 19 2015 525 Puts
    $NRG Jun 19 2015 22/24 Puts
    $PM Jun 19 2015 70 Puts
    $PVH Jun 19 2015 80/85/90 Puts
    $RCL Jun 19 2015 85 Calls
    $RRC Jun 19 2015 45/47.5 Puts
    $SE Jun 19 2015 29/3 ...
  • Wolf: $NBR - Touch and go off the 50DMA. 20DMA and 200DMA are converging. Hopefully keeps going. Long.
  • Iceman: ...
    $NBR May 15 2015 16 Calls (Covered)
    $NBR May 15 2015 19 Calls (Covered)
    $NOV May 15 2015 47.5 Puts
    $NOV May 15 2015 50 Puts
    $OXY (ns) May 15 2015 70 Puts
    $OXY May 15 2015 55 Puts
    $OXY May 15 2015 60 Puts
    $PCLN May 15 2015 1330 Calls

    $PWR May 15 201 ...
  • Doogie: $CJES $CRZO $NBR $CHK Heavy pullbacks on the energy stocks today. Is this a good end of phase 2 entry level from recent breakouts?
  • bobbychuck: @Doogie $CJES $CRZO $NBR $CHK - don't see anything buy able here. at least wait for a bounce.
  • Iceman: ...
    $NBR Apr 17 2015 15 Calls (Covered)
    $NE Apr 17 2015 17 Calls (Covered)
    $NE Apr 17 2015 19 Calls
    $OKE Apr 17 2015 57.5 Calls
    $PCLN Apr 17 2015 1300 Calls
    $PCLN Apr 17 2015 1305 Calls
    $PCLN Apr 17 2015 1310 Calls
    $PCLN Apr 17 2015 750 Puts
    $PCLN Apr 1 ...
  • snakedriver: @GreenGhost $SDRL $COP $NBR all looking pretty this morning; Phase 3 after a one day phase 2? Long
  • snakedriver: @GreenGhost $UPL IV, I saw that, I'll look to a ST earnings run & bail; I'll be selling OOM covered calls against $COP, $NBR & $SDRL in which I'm long stock and they all have dividends unlike $UPL. Thanks for the heads up!
  • snakedriver: $NBR dipped a toe with stock, write a covered call if and when a move
  • SlimChance: $NBR small starter position
  • Auto: $NBR break out.. next stop $15ish.. :>)
  • GreenGhost: @mkridge708 $NBR Thx for post. I mentioned this PM about that sale and possible trade set up if interested in a long side trade.
  • Iceman: ...
    $NBR Feb 20 2015 14 Calls (Covered)
    $NFX Feb 20 2015 35 Calls
    $NUGT Feb 20 2015 29.5 Calls (Covered)
    $PCLN Feb 20 2015 1260 Calls
    $PCLN Feb 20 2015 1270 Calls
    $PVH Feb 20 2015 120 Calls
    $PXD Feb 20 2015 170 Calls
    $RRC Feb 20 2015 80 Calls
    $SCTY Feb ...
  • 1Boston330: $DO. Added at 36.90 small common at close on abv avg vol. (2.1M v. avg 1-mo vol of 1.8M.) Most of its competitors are up as well. Short term resistance at around 39.00. Also long $NBR.
  • DAN: $OIH SDRL $RIG $NE $ESV $MDR $WFT $NBR etc.... The oil service sector is breaking out and I've listed some stocks that are working.
  • 1Boston330: $NBR Up 8 to 9% rhrn in the Oil N Gas Drilling Sector, which is also up. $PGN, $ORIG $PDS, $PTEN of the big cap players > 1B market cap are also up. Long common $NBR and $DO (which I down a little, rhrn)
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Stock Price $150.98
Change 2.43%
Volume 96,156

Nabors Industries, Ltd is a land drilling contractor in the world. It conducts oil, gas and geothermal land drilling operations in the U.S. Lower 48 states, Alaska, Canada, South America, Mexico, Caribbean, Middle East, Far East, Russia and Africa.

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