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  • bsafriet: $NPTN. Continues the move from yesterday 's China Mobile tinder offer. Has rolled over on the daily chart, waiting for a reversal. No position.
  • woodman: $NPTN - photonics stock. moving up through the 50 day.
  • MM: $OCLR $FNSR $NPTN $INFN $ACIA $AAOI Opto-Comps at the highs...
  • champ: $DY $INFN $LITE $INFN $CIEN $NPTN $ACIA...____ $OCLR up about 9% I'm holding this one also, along with $DY. A bear Rosenblatt turned positive today....on opticals and they are now moving up. -------- Also position News coming out of China on Optical stocks.
  • DrScience: @TCW23 $OCLR and $FNSR up on $NPTN spike.
  • bsafriet: $AAOI $LITE $FNSR $MTSI VIAV $NPTN $ACIA $ANET $FN $IPHI $OCLR Optical group movers today: $AAOI 58.89 +3.87, $LITE 54.10 .60, $FNSR 28.55 0.19, $MTSI 45.28 0.31, $VIAV 10.78 0.06, $NPTN 9.31 0.05, $ACIA 56.71 0.02 Optical group losers today: $ANET 131.32 -0.445, $FN 43.14 -0.30, $IPHI. 46.43 -0.40, $OCLR 9.95 - 0.16
  • bsafriet: $AAOI Set new all time closing high today (55.02 + 3.51, 6.81%). It was the leader in the optical group today. Doesn't report earnings until 5/8/17. $OCLR $NPTN $FN $LITE $IPHI $FNSR all were strong today. Holding positions in $AAOI $OCLR $LITE $ANET $FNSR.
  • Aragorn: $NPTN nice trading today off the lows
  • woodman: @Aragorn $NPTN - Crazy daily candle!
  • Aragorn: @woodman $NPTN making me happy
  • woodman: @Aragorn $NPTN - good for you! Congrats.
  • woodman: $NPTN - mentioned this a few times recently, including yesterday, as looking like it was basing and possibly ready to move up. I went long yesterday. Next hurdle is the 200 day.
  • woodman: $NPTN - for the radar.
  • woodman: $NPTN could be basing here. The 50 day is flattening out and the BBs have gotten narrower all on volume mostly below average. Nothing to do rhrn but it might be worth checking in on it here and there.
  • champ: @janner0814 $LITE #mindsets #Perhaps #samemovies #TOUGHLOVE - $LITE @ $35.80 had a very strong upgrade by Needham and they noted it was their #1 pick in this space ....with a target set at $56. They also upgraded $OCLR to $11, $FNSR and $NPTN were also upgraded in this space. I'm only holding $OCLR but watching $LITE now for entry if the markets calms down and turn up. Just pointing this out ....Take Care!
  • champ: @janner0814 $LITE $OCLR $FNSR $NPTN #READY #WAITING #STALKING #mindsets #Perhaps #samemovies #TOUGHLOVE #1 - Yes, waiting and stocking....lets try and make some $$$$$... if we see any opportunities...lets post some heads-up to look at.
  • janner0814: QUADRUPLE THUMBSUP! #TEAM!!!! @champ $LITE $OCLR $FNSR $NPTN #READY #WAITING #STALKING #mindsets #Perhaps #samemovies #TOUGHLOVE #1
  • champ: @janner0814 $LITE $OCLR $FNSR $NPTN #GOODSTUFF #DANG #READY #WAITING #STALKING #VIX #rocksolid #VIX #VOLATILITY #mindsets #Perhaps #samemovies #TOUGHLOVE #1 - Off to the GYM but I was in this trade all day $VXX and I traded $UVXY a couple of times and out real fast....I though... a couple of times it was going to take off but it turned really can see it on the 5 minute chart. These traders are fast. I did not swing either today....NP now.....will take another look in the PM in the morning.
  • janner0814: Friggin' #VIX!!! We CALLED IT HERE AT #SMM. We friggin' #ROCK!!!! @Champ: #DANG that #VIX spike... Can you spell #BREAKOUT! Now comes the hard part...... we gotta watch whether this #VIX crashes the 4 SD!!! #REALTIME BABY!!! @champ $LITE $OCLR $FNSR $NPTN $VXX $UVXY #GOODSTUFF #DANG #READY #WAITING #STALKING #VIX #rocksolid #VIX #VOLATILITY #mindsets #Perhaps #samemovies #TOUGHLOVE #1
  • janner0814: Please the coming day(s) it's spelled C-A-P-I-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. And look to see if volume spikes LARGE in the coming day(s)..... "From #FAILEDMOVES, come #FASTMOVES." You heard it here on #SMM! @janner0814 $LITE $OCLR $FNSR $NPTN $VXX $UVXY #VIX #SMM #ROCK #DANG #VIX #BREAKOUT #VIX #REALTIME #GOODSTUFF #DANG #READY #WAITING #STALKING #VIX #rocksolid #VIX #VOLATILITY #mindsets #Perhaps #samemovies #TOUGHLOVE #1
  • janner0814: You #rock @champ!!! Yes!!! You took the #BEST trade!!! For some odd reason.... I do NOT have the confidence.... and acumen to trade $UVXY.... However... $XIV & $SVXY are trades that I "call home." Has much to do with my #TURNAROUND #psyche. The #MEANREVERSION #VOLATILITY #trade. 😍 Based in the #THESIS, volatility is mean reverting. $LITE $OCLR $FNSR $NPTN $VXX $UVXY #GOODSTUFF #DANG #READY #WAITING #STALKING #VIX #rocksolid #VIX #VOLATILITY #mindsets #Perhaps #samemovies #TOUGHLOVE #1
  • rookie_status: $NPTN started a position with the bounce off the 50sma.
  • issues: @rookie_status $NPTN Stop? $15.50 or so?
  • rookie_status: @issues $NPTN exactly!
  • Alexandra: @WOODMAN $NPTN Are you in this one ?
  • woodman: @Alexandra $NPTN yes, very small. I bought it back at 16 and change but it looks unhealthy. Not bouncing. Moment of truth here.
  • Alexandra: @woodman $NPTN Seems to be trying to hold 15.50
  • woodman: @Alexandra $NPTN I agree. Could go either way, but not pretty at the moment.
  • Alexandra: @woodman $NPTN I'm rooting for them.
  • Alexandra: @WOODMAN $NPTN Perhaps we've turned the corner !? 🎉
  • woodman: @Alexandra $NPTN Well, if nothing else, it held the 50 day. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  • issues: Appreciate your work Bridget. Just looking at your posts today; $TTD (The Trade Desk) is in IBD category 5 (out of @200 is excellent!). But it's only rated a composite of 54 and accumulation of n/a (not good). Others in this group include $PAYC (we hold as a LTH) $MANH (we own LT) $AMBR & $AZPN (np). The other one $NPTN is in IBD industry group 62 rated 91 A- (accumulation). Also in this group is $AIRG (broken pattern). Since we prefer stocks above $20 we aren't rushing to buy NPTN (although it is a good choice). Many thanks Bridget for your work and suggestions. Please keep them comin'. We value your ideas.
  • Bridget: @issues $TTD $PAYC $MANH $AMBR $AZPN $NPTN $AIRG Thank you so much! I'm glad you found them helpful.
  • woodman: $NPTN - nice bounce today back up thru the 8dEMA.
  • woodman: #Optical - throw a dart: $AAOU $GIG $NPTN $OCLR $LITE $ACIA $FN $FNSR
  • Bridget: Notes: Financials are up today. $JPM $KEY $MET $MS Railroads still marching higher $UNP $CSX $JWN coming out of a squeeze and an inverse head and shoulder on the weekly $NFLX moving higher still Automakers saw a lift today $F $GM Some industrials are working $ROK $BHI IPOs at new highs $MOMO $LITE $CLSD $HZN $CRBP $AAAP (almost) $NPTN at a good buy point $GBX I really like this trend Solar seems to have bottomed $CSIQ $FSLR $TAN High Volume breakouts: $PH $BEAT $HBAN $TEDU $SIVB $SHOO $PAG $EWBC $LNC $FHN Breaking down: $KIM, $PM, $CLX $XLP
  • woodman: $NPTN may be a buy back. Watching.
  • woodman: $OCLR $NPTN - fwiw, I started buying these back today. Not all in but started the process of rebuilding my positions.
  • TunaHelper: Watching $NPTN to see if bounces off the 20dma (where it has bounced in the past). However, it's looking weak.
  • tradeforfamily: @TunaHelper $NPTN I am giving it until end of day to see where it closes
  • tradeforfamily: @tradeforfamily $NPTN I amout. :(
  • tradeforfamily: $nptn is down but $LITE & $OCLR is up. any idea why?
  • BocaRick: @tradeforfamily $nptn $LITE $OCLR ...$FN down also
  • woodman: $NPTN - sold half to protect a large paper profit percentage-wise. May sell more.
  • woodman: $NPTN still works!
  • rookie_status: $FNSR just wants to keep going. Extended on the weekly. $LITE $OCLR $FN $NPTN all look like they want go higher as well...
  • twinvest: @rookie_status $FNSR $LITE $OCLR $FN $NPTN Good trade! I think Dan would be happy if you take profits on a strong opening in $FNSR but don't sell it all....
  • DAN: @twinvest $FNSR $LITE $OCLR $FN $NPTN Just saw this post. YES! Good time to take profits on finisar
  • rookie_status: $FNSR up 12% AH on good numbers. Will be looking at $LITE $OCLR $FN $NPTN tomorrow.
  • twinvest: @rookie_status $FNSR $LITE $OCLR $FN $NPTN I have some of the October $9 $OCLR calls and over the past several days this strike has had some impressive volume - there is over 5,000 contract open interest. As Dan would warn, you really do NOT know if they were "sold to open" or "bought to open" but I like the action of the stock and according to IBD the A+ accumulation and ratio is well over 2.0 so strong fund participation/growth. I had a good run on the stock, and opted to buy these out of money calls as a way to participate at a lower cost for a possible, continued run up in price.
  • rookie_status: @twinvest $FNSR $LITE $OCLR $FN $NPTN I'm not in any options though maybe I should start to look at them and learn ;). I have full positions in all listed except for $NPTN as of today because it hit the top of my range and dropped off. $NPTN as well as the others did perk up after hours from the $FNSR results. I may take some profits on $FNSR tomorrow as it's up 12% and may pullback. I'm long the others until that trend changes which doesn't look to be happening in the foreseeable future...
  • rookie_status: $FNSR reports Sept 8th after market close. If the numbers are good it could push competitors like $LITE $OCLR $FN $NPTN higher.
  • woodman: $NPTN $OCLR - these optical/photonics stocks continue to work quite well.
  • woodman: $NPTN completed cup, continuing up.
  • mopick: Noticed note from Needham about mega-cycle in fiber optics. Good news for optical component suppliers such as $ACIA, $LITE, $FN, $OCLR & $NPTN. Wondering technically which of these look best here? Analyst had $OCLR & $LITE has his faves but $NPTN looks intriguing. What do people think here?
  • janner0814: @mopick $ACIA $LITE $FN $OCLR $NPTN Excepting $FN..... Very nice, uptrending group. Until recently..... #ORDERLY. $ACIA however is currently in "heavy metal rock and roll mode." And looks like it continues that uptrend. #MELIKEY ==>: $ACIA $LITE $OCLR $NPTN #AVOID: $FN least for the short-term.
  • woodman: $OCLR $NPTN - #photonics / #optical running away.
  • debeers: @woodman $OCLR $NPTN #photonics #optical -YAY you. Woodie you were all over these.
  • woodman: @debeers $OCLR $NPTN #photonics #optical :-) Thanks.
  • issues: @woodman $OCLR $NPTN #photonics #optical IBD ratings; composite 80, accumulation B+
  • woodman: #Optical / #Photonics continue to work. $OCLR and $FN on fire. $NPTN maybe forming a handle on the cup, is knocking on resistance. $ACIA - forgeddaboudit.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $OCLR $FN $NPTN $ACIA #Optical #Photonics Sold 1/2 of position of FN today in anticipation of earnings on Monday. Only had a 10% gain but thought it time to CMA on some of it.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $OCLR $FN $NPTN $ACIA #Optical #Photonics Congrats. I hope earnings work out for you. I don't have it. I do have $OCLR and $NPTN. No $ACIA either.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $OCLR $FN $NPTN $ACIA #Optical #Photonics Looks like we both missed ACIA. Congrats to you, also on OCLR and NPTN. And now we wait for $MDVN.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $OCLR $FN $NPTN $ACIA $MDVN #Optical #Photonics Yes, good luck to us both with $MDVN. :-)
  • gwenzee: @woodman $OCLR $FN $NPTN $ACIA $MDVN #Optical #Photonics Do you hold any $SRPT? I have been lightening up the past few weeks and if the FDA gives it a thumbs down and the stock goes to $5/share, I'll still have a profit. If it gets approval....break out the Bubbly!!!
  • woodman: @gwenzee $OCLR $FN $NPTN $ACIA $MDVN $SRPT #Optical #Photonics - SRPT? Oh no. No way. I got out a long time ago. Never again. I can't think of bigger "casino" stock that SRPT. I want no part of it. My heart goes out to the boys and their families, but that stock is a no-fly-zone for me. No one except perhaps for the person who casts the decision over at the FDA has an edge as to whether it will be approved. And the FDA is internally fighting over it. It may well come down to the Director's decision.
  • rj7150: $NPTN - NeoPhottonics I listened to the conference call at 4:30 PM ET yesterday. Their forward outlook could be sumed up as relatively flat for the next quarter, in my opinion. The thing that jumped out at me is that 45% of the income is from Huawei followed by Ciena at 16%. $IDTI just reported that Huawei is suddenly is going to make their own mouse trap previously provided by IDTI (7% of their revenue). There are thousands of stocks to chose from. I think I will just stay away from $NPTN until they diversify they customers. Just my opinion. I hate Wiley Coyote surprises and this one is close to the edge.
  • woodman: $NPTN - wild day. It was down 10% at open, now is up 4% on the day and hitting its head on the high of its recent 2+ week consolidation/range.
  • woodman: @DAN $FN $LITE $VIAV $GIMO $ANET $OCLR #Optical - I've liked and been long $OCLR for some time in the optical space. Also long $NPTN in optical.
  • woodman: @DAN - #Optical - additional stocks - $NPTN $IPHI - earlier today, I mentioned $NPTN as one you might want to include among those you are covering in this space. Also, $IPHI, which rose 17% today on its earnings. But a note of caution for these photonics space companies may be found in $MXL which disappointed on their guidance today and received a 21% haircut. Fraught with danger around earnings, I guess.
  • infocus: $NPTN - Sold the final half of my position @12.34 Over 28% gain on whole position.
  • eliasmavs99: $WFM $NPTN forming green candles for an entry. Monitoring.
  • infocus: $NPTN - @woodman. thanks for your reply last night. Looks like more downward followthrough this a.m. Will likely sell half of position sometime this morning. Had a very nice gain and don't want to lose it all. Then, look for a good reentry.
  • infocus: $NPTN - Sold 1/3 of position (risk management) @12.23 (Bought @10.38) Thanks Woodman!
  • woodman: @infocus $NPTN - Decent come back in this one. Over time, I've developed a discipline of trading around a core position, selling a portion of the holding (40%, 60%, whatever) on big "thank you very much" pops, and buying back after a pullback and bounce on what likes the end of the pullback. It's helped my performance/results.
  • infocus: @woodman $NPTN - This suits me just fine. I don't do it as often as I should. Had I been around the last 3 days, I would have sold some at the higher price. It's a constant learning/discipline process. I like that. On a down day in the Market, I'm still only about .25% below my high for the year. Far better than last year!
  • woodman: @infocus $NPTN Very good. Congratulations. You are doing well.
  • infocus: @woodman $NPTN Thanks. Can't let it go to my head : > )
  • infocus: $NPTN - @woodman - Just back from 3 days up North without computer. I missed the top of the move here, so still holding full position. Would have been advisable to take some off the table. Read your post just now. Any further comments? I'm expecting this to just be a temporary pullback inside the BB with a move higher down the road, but what do I know?! No edge. Looking forward to your reply tomorrow.
  • woodman: @infocus $NPTN Ahh, stuff always happens when one is away. I am sitting on the 40% that I held. No change from what I posted yesterday. Unfortunately, it is getting hit in the after-hours, down 5.5%. I think maybe due to some other companies' earnings, probably $INFN 's earnings. INFN is down 28% in the aftermarket after reporting. NPTN doesn't report until 8/8.
  • woodman: $NPTN - sold 60% to lock in some profit. Big move last two days.
  • AB: $NPTN - up 12% and climbing. what's up wth that?
  • AB: @AB $NPTN Needham Optics Upgrades: $INFN -> Strong Buy, $20 PT $LITE -> Strong Buy, $35 PT $NPTN -> Strong Buy, $18 PT $OCLR -> Strong Buy, $7.50 PT
  • arrow: @AB $NPTN $INFN $LITE $OCLR Target on $LITE was raised from 35 to 40
  • woodman: @AB $NPTN and $OCLR upgraded by Needham. I've mentioned both a number of times, most recently on my #TechStocks list. Long both.
  • AB: @woodman $NPTN $OCLR #TechStocks - thanks for those picks!
  • woodman: @AB $NPTN $OCLR #TechStocks You're welcome.
  • Aragorn: $URI inside day and up $EGL big move today I had triangles on this one form the past a nice mover they liked the earnings I guess $NPTN 15 min momo hammer up for a daytrade
  • AB: @Aragorn $URI $EGL $NPTN - I guess I sold $EGL too soon. :-(
  • Aragorn: @AB $URI $EGL $NPTN I went back to see who might have discussed this and I saw you were one of the first and Woodman. I drew a triangle on this at some point it has broken through it. Let me show it to you guys if interested. NP myslef.
  • woodman: $NPTN flag. Earnings 8/8. Long.
  • infocus: @woodman $NPTN - Same here. Up 9%
  • woodman: @infocus $NPTN - did you notice $AFI moving back up. I have no position at this time.
  • infocus: @woodman $NPTN $AFI - Sadly, I got out of $AFI :> ( $NPTN treating me well. Long.
  • woodman: @infocus $NPTN $AFI My $$ found other opportunities.
  • woodman: My #TechStocks list: a list of tech stocks I either own or keep on a watch list for combined fundamental and chart based reasons. (Fundamental reasons come mainly from a friend of mine who focuses on certain kinds of tech stocks; I've learned over time that he knows his stuff pretty well): $SIMO $OCLR $NPTN $EXTR $MITK $EMKR $MEET $BCOV $MZOR $GIMO $EGHT $XNCR. (I have a position in the first five, fwiw.)
  • woodman: $NPTN continues its comeback. I've been buying this since last Monday when it moved up through the 50 day.
  • infocus: @woodman $NPTN - : > ) Just added some @11.17. 3 month "cup" and waiting for the handle.
  • woodman: $NPTN - climbing above 10.71 (6/2 intraday high) with room to move.
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NeoPhotonics Corporation is a a designer and manufacturer of PIC-based modules and subsystems for bandwidth-intensive, high-speed communications networks. It has a broad portfolio of over 300 products, including high-speed products.

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