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  • 1winkie: ...
    $NUVA was downgraded to Hold from Buy t Jefferies.

    $RIO was raised to Buy from Neutral at Goldman Sachs. The ADSs were down 0.4% on Monday but were indicated up 0.5% at $56.08 on Tuesday, in a 52-week range of $44.62 to $60.72.

    $TTWO was downgrade ...
  • fwachlin: Hi everyone! $NUVA looking interesting
  • Greendayguy: $NUVA Keeps chugging along.
  • Greendayguy: @bRobert $EHC Similar to $AVAV, even though it rested today. Also $NUVA.
  • bRobert: @Greendayguy $EHC $AVAV $NUVA I'll take all 3. Wrap them up.
  • Greendayguy: @bRobert $HIIQ you might also like $NUVA, extended in Phase 3, but might have 5 more points to run.
  • bRobert: @Greendayguy $HIIQ $NUVA Thanks.
  • numbers: $LULU - at 200day high, in $BTSI, $TUSK, bottom fishing with $NUVA
  • Bridget: $NUVA another medical products company breaking to new highs. Started the breakout yesterday on volume and continuing today to a new all time high. Seeing a nice increase in volume intra day around $70.
  • Kid2old: @Bridget $NUVA Bridget can you look at $MASI, Masimo Corporation Healthcare, Medical Appliances & Equipment and compared it to $NUVA.
  • Bridget: @Kid2old $NUVA $MASI I like $MASI a lot better. Better fundamentals and better looking chart. $MASI has been on my buy and hold list for quite some time this year. Now is not the time to buy this stock though, buy on pullback to the 20 or 50DMA.
  • Kid2old: @Bridget $NUVA $MASI Thank you. Looking to start a 10 percent position between 67 and 68.5 in $MASI.
  • Bridget: ...
    $MASI and $NUVA - both medical supply companies reaching new highs. $MASI is the better choice
    $CCJ - uranium is up on the Trump rally and today a competitor announced it was cutting production causing this stock to skyrocket. These stocks will like ...
  • arrow: $NUVA $MENT - Didn't feel good buying calls on Tuesday, but it was right. Especially with longer-dated options you buy when you can, not when you have to.
  • arrow: $NUVA - Nice day to add to Dec 65 calls with this pullback to the 50 day.
  • arrow: $NUVA - stock has been in a narrow trading range, upward, looking to expand out of that now. Also, reasonable chance this name gets acquired sometime in the not too distant future Bought the Dec 65 calls last week.
  • tsogles: $NUVA In a 6% VS and flirting with a breakout .
  • tsogles: $NUVA new intra day highs.
  • mradams0621: @tsogles $NUVA NuVasive in settlement pact with Medtronic
    On July 13, NuVasive (NUVA) entered into a Settlement and Patent License Agreement with Medtronic (MDT) together with its wholly owned subsidiaries Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Warsaw Orthop ...
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Monday's close AMBC, $ASNA, $AUQ, $BDE, $DXPE, $GWRE, $MBI, $MCP, $MDR, $MR, $NUVA, $PDLI, $SNHY, $URS, VIPS
  • msb: $NUVA - breakout from a high base.
  • msb: $NUVA - pushing up against the upper BB
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Tuesday's close ACMP, $AFG, $AFL, $AJG, $AMP, $AUY, $BGFV, $BIDU, $BWLD, $BXP, $CACI, $CALX, $CAP, $CBG, $CBI, $CBT, $CEMP, $CLD, $CRL, $CRUS, $CVD, $CZR, $DLB, $DLR, $DWA, $EA, $EIX, $ENTR, $FEIC, $FISV, $FLEX, $GILD, $GNW, $GPRE, $HTS, $IACI, $INVN, $KIM, $LNKD, $LOCK, $LOPE, $MOVE, $MWA, $MX, $NANO, $NBIX, $NUVA, $PRXL, $QCOR, $QGEN, $RBCN, $RPXC, $RRC, $RYL, $SFLY, $SIMG, $SKT, $SM, $SONS, $SWI, $TGI, $TRLA, $TTWO, $UHS, $ULTI, $VPRT, $VRTX, $WBMD, $WNC, $WSH, $WU, $XCO, $XXIA, YELP
  • cwright: ...
    $NUVA # nice move today out of flag pattern, but is extended. May drift sideways until 50 day $MA catches up.

    Exercise Discipline. Think Long term.
    I hope this helps.
  • debrup: Todays premarket gaps: Gapping up: FMR +40.8%, $TNAV +16.3%, $MWW +10.4%, $CSTR +10.2%, $PWER +8.9%, $VVUS +8.6%, $OPLK +8.2%, $MXIM +6.1%, $DECK +6.0%, $AXTI +5.5%, $SHOR +4.8%, $BMC +4.6%, ACOM +3.0%, $EXPE +3.0%, $MU +2.4%, $SWI +2.3%, $FII +2.1%, $HLIT +2.0%, VSEA +1.8%, $KLAC +1.5%, $SHPGY +1.2%. Gapping down: $NUVA -25.7%, $AMAG -22.3%, $EXAS -18.3%, CRBC -10.7%, $PIP -8.6%, GPRO -8.3%, $IRE -7.3%, CNXT -7.0%, $FSLR -6.7%, $GNW -5.4%, $NBG -4.3%, APKT -4.1%, $SUN -4.1%, PURE -3.9%, $HAL -3.7%, $MXWL -2.9%, $CRH -2.9%, $SI -2.5%, $MTW -2.5%, $MET -2.2%, $CLF -2.2%, $MT -2.0%, $YGE -1.8%, $ABB -1.8%, $TOT -1.8%, SPWRA -1.7%, IM -1.4%, $JASO -1.3%, SOLF -1.2%, $GOLD -1.1%, $TSL -1.1%, $CSIQ -1.0%. Happy hunting
  • rdxshooter: $NUVA Low volume/high volatility medical equipment maker. Taking a small position here on this break above its #200SMA. I think if it gets above 37 you can see 41. Be careful it reports the 28th
  • rdxshooter: $NUVA This just cleared the 37 mark. I think if we see a close above 37 it can go to 41 before it sees some major selling. Be careful though it posts on the 28th.
  • calliebgirl: @Fastone- I don't have a system per se however it helps to look for gappers before the open. Generally speaking, catalysts like earnings which are reported the night before allow you to look at the charts in advance. Often big gaps can result in nice profits--example look at $NUVA as a nice gap and crap set-up this morning.
  • FastOne: Opening rotation - thanks guys for the replies. regarding $NUVA, how would I have detected this gap up without being on the chart at the opening bell? Was it one of the pre-market movers listed on the nasdaq site (most gainers, most active list?)
  • aliabassi1: Hey guys I sold my $KMX at $13 today, sold $FIG at 4.39 bought $NUVA @ 40.45 Got an upgrade from Needham to BUY with a target of $50 ... it scared the shorts ... volume is above average ... 12 days to cover ( I think there is about 9 days left in it) I put an limit order to sell at $55 if it sells on a #squeeze it will surprise me but I will love it. + it is having a volatility expansion
  • Russ: By the way, $MSF is the @Morgan Stanley Emerging Market Fund, trading in the thousands of shares. By comparison, $EEM is the big ishares EM etf, trading 100 million shares. A few other charts that look potentially constructive (no recommendations, folks) include $CSL, $TLM, $BOLT, $NUVA, $WU, $WG, and TX. Also, I think it was @Ian who noted last week that $MELI is back on the radar again.
  • jjblacksheep: Morning all. In all cash now and more hesitant to trade anything long now than I've been in....years I guess. That must be some kind of signal. Here are some quick scans I did of recent strong stocks that have pulled back to some kind of support level but I haven't dug into each one hard yet. $AZN, $NOV, $WLT, $NCTY, $GDP, $STRA, $NUVA, $RIGL, $UNT, $ILMN, TS. Good luck today, I'll be looking for intraday flips moreso than overnight holdings for now.
  • evanesce: Hi @Craig, I too like a lot of these names. Last week I commented on $BABY CYBX $ILMN SQNM. I also like the overall look of $NUVA and $STR charts.
  • evanesce: ...
    $NUVA - Nuvasive, medical products, persistently creeping along 20DMA, 13 days to cover
    $SQNM - Sequenome, genetic analysis, near all-time high, shorts covered hugely (8 days to 1 days in 2 weeks, must have been painful)
    $STR - Questar, oil pipeli ...
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Stock Price $USD 63.44
Change -2.88%
Volume 452,629

NuVasive, Inc, is a medical device company that designs, develops and markets products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders and general back related pains.

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  • October 29th, 2019 - 2019 Q3 Earnings
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