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  • Wolf: $PEIX up 25% 10/8 on Ethanol restriction ease and then reversal @ the 200DMA yesterday. May be a 59 minute trade here.
  • Wolf: @Gary I don't have. Can you take a look at $PEIX
  • Henry: @Wolf $PEIX
  • Wolf: @Henry $PEIX I don't see the panel on the right. Found it, it is under zoom setting.
  • Aragorn: ...
    $PEIX at support line and the 200 daily looking to see if it bounces

    $NLNK listening to the weekend vid as I make some notes and I requested this Dan and it was before it had dropped one day. I mentioned in the forum this is a BTD stock and any d ...
  • DrScience: ...
    And ... JICYMI, any changes will affect Ethanol producers -- $AMTX $GPP $PEIX -- and, of course, the losers are American farmers who produce mass quantities of corn and sugar beets that are converted into Biofuels.

    Finally, to add insult to injury ...
  • Aragorn: $PEIX @Trixie @Woodman @Champ this one has been really killing it. In the oil and Gas refining category this one is king see attached schedule the last column is the percent move since 11/11
  • champ: @Aragorn $AJL $PBF $DK ------On $PEIX - Yes, it's up 47% in a month... up from $5.75 to $9.85 as you know.....this was not on my radar screen....Thanks - I'm holding these 3 refiners and they are also up big in that same month period...$ALJ is up 66% ..$DK 62% ..$PBF ..35.5%...the news flow is's all about the regulations ...and Carl Icahn was on CNBC talking about that very same issues today on CNBC....and he's helping the Trump team ( he's a good friend of Trump and was behind him the whole way ...from the start...with $$$$ also) the EPA group.....he does not like these regulations ...I posted under $AJL and $PBF on 12/6 about these Regulatory Reform issues just the other day....Take Care!
  • Aragorn: @champ $AJL $PBF $DK $PEIX $ALJ Thanks I saw you had posted on PEIX in the past. When I see a stock I often see who else has info saw you Trixie and Woodman trading it recently. OK be well thanks for the refiners. I believe DK is a major supplier of Asphalt or the were in the past they should do well if there is an infrastructure build out and they still are producing this by product of refining. I sent you an email the other day I am not sure it got to you. If you have a chance shoot me an email at aragorn555_2010 at Thx J
  • woodman: @Aragorn $PEIX - Nice one. I've looked at it from time to time but obviously should have been doing more than just looking. You may recall, I used to follow the #ethanol stocks pretty closely and posted on them frequently. PEIX, $REX $GPRE and may ...
  • champ: $PEIX - Spec long Swing on news this morning.
  • Trixie: @Aragorn $PEIX is working on Up and out.. Daily at least.. Now goo ;)
  • Aragorn: @Trixie $PEIX yep you got yourself a nice trend there draw a support line see that it holds to it. Nice one Trixie
  • Trixie: @Aragorn $PEIX You're talking from the p/b to the 50ish and then the walk higher? These type of trades are a bit outa my comfort zone. So i'll try to use what I can.. Would be happy w a tag up to the 200ma
  • Aragorn: @Trixie $PEIX Keep it simple see the chart
  • Trixie: @Aragorn $PEIX Cool we see the same things.. Me like.
  • Trixie: $PEIX, Dan had mentioned $GPRE wonder if $PEIX wouldn't follow.. I think they are in the same industry.. $PEIX nice bounce from the 50ma.. 200ma might seem doable..
  • DAN: @Trixie $PEIX $GPRE I was looking at PEIX yesterday and almost mentioned it in the SS last night. But it wasn't giving much evidence that it would hold at $4.00. But today, we are seeing buying coming in, so I think PEIX will follow. I think it just got way overdone in early March and this pullback is necessary to build a base.
  • woodman: @Trixie $PEIX $GPRE - I used to refer to the #Ethanol group (including these two) a lot. $REX is another one.
  • Trixie: @DAN $PEIX $GPRE Agreed.. it almost looks like a right shoulder on an inv h'n's on $PEIX..
  • 1winkie: Top Earnings Wed 11/4 After the Bell: $NLY $NOG $PE $PEIX $PHH $PRU $QCOM $RGR $RIG $RJET $SQNM $SUN $SXL $TROX $WFM $WPX $XNPT $XPO
  • woodman: $PEIX - bought some this morning based on $REX earnings and its moonshot yesterday. I don't see a confirmed reporting date for $PEIX earnings but the sites I've looked at have nearby estimated dates.
  • AndStars: #LongCalls Speculative earnings play. (Small position.) BTO $PEIX Oct 16 2015 $7.00 Calls @ $0.95 while $PEIX was trading at $7.28 I'll add if it breaks through resistance. Earnings are today after the bell.
  • woodman: $REX $PEIX - nice moves today. REX reported this morning so I guess the news was good (I haven't read up on it); PEIX reports tomorrow after the bell.
  • janner0814: From @ginny: Early premarket gappers: Gapping up: $CALI 38.8%, $WIN 12%, $SSRI 11.1%, $VALE 3.5%, $GRPN 3.2%, $SDRL 2.6%, $RIO 2.4%, $CBK 2.4%, $SFUN 2%, $MNST 1.7%, $VOD 1.3%, $GSK 1.1%, $NGG 1%, $BP 0.9%, $CSCO 0.9%, $SYT 0.8% Gapping down: $LACO -49.5%, $FXCM -12.6%, $NBG -9.5%, $FTR -7.7%, $GFI -4.9%, $CHK -4.6%, $TNK -4.3%, $CRM -3%, $MGIC -1.9%, $STO -1.8%, $UN -1.6%, $SAN -1.4%, $QGEN -1.4%, $ERIC -1.1%, $TOT -1.1%, $BBRY -1.1% Notable earnings after Monday's close $AMBC, $APEI, $ARCW, $ARNA, $ASEI, $ATHX, $BDE, $CALL, $CHMI, $CLNE, $CYTX, $DEPO, $DRYS, $DTSI, $EAC, $ELON, $FF, $FMC, $FMI, $FTEK, $FXEN, $GBDC, $GTY, $HALO, $HI, $IPAR, $IPXL, $JUNO, $LPSN, $MBI, $MCC, $MDR, $MNTX, $MODN, $MR, $MTZ, $MVNR, $OME, $OMER, $ONTY, $OPK, $ORIG, $PAAS, $PEIX, $PINC, $PVA, $RAX, $REN, $SCLN, $SF, $SFXE, $TCRD, $TEP, $TRQ, $TTEC, $UNXL, $VRTU, $XON, $YY, $ZGNX thanks ginny!
  • pcotton: #scanResults #LowerRightCorner @dunsek @GreenGhost @TunaHelper - my own contribution to this topic based on 1st draft of new scan. Thanks dunsek, some interesting and used those to help develop scan. I missed some of dunsek's because I required a 20% decline. Hey Tuna, I used average of on-balance volume to help validate. Vertical list follows to enable copy to spreadsheet. A lot of energy names, not surprising. $BRGYY $CAM $CIE $CJES $CLB $CLR $CNQ $DDD $EPE $ERF $FET $GPRE $GTLS $HAL $HCLP $IMGN $LPI $MBT $MRC $MRO $NR $OAS $PEIX $PTEN $QIWI $RES $SLCA $SODA $STO $TK $TRGP $TS $UPL $WLK $WPX $YNDX BRGYY CAM CIE CJES CLB CLR CNQ DDD EPE ERF FET GPRE GTLS HAL HCLP IMGN LPI MBT MRC MRO NR OAS PEIX PTEN QIWI RES SLCA SODA STO TK TRGP TS UPL WLK WPX YNDX
  • bullmoose: $CY - Hi all. I've been absent from the forum for the past couple months as my new job has me working 15 hour days. Oh, to be able to retire. I thought I'd pop in quickly today to alert you to a stock I've been accumulating over the past couple weeks - $CY. It's poking out of a very tight squeeze in a high base. $HALO, $BDSI, $BLUE and $JUNO are others that are holding up well. Many other stocks I've trimmed over the past coupler weeks, including $FEYE, $JD, $NFX, $CREE and $LCI. I bought $PEIX this morning near the open. It's bouncing on what could be Phase 3 of a squeeze breakout. It is a Rev Shark pick. I hope every one is trading well.
  • moneyHoHo: @green ghost congrats if you are still in $PEIX.
  • GreenGhost: @moneyHoHo $PEIX I should be so lucky; you? may look at on pullback; le squeeze is on ; big short interest in that one.
  • ginny: @moneyHoHo $PEIX still holding. This makes up for some of my losers.
  • GreenGhost: @hwyflier $SD Good for you ; better than a poke in the eye. $PEIX is an ethanol play same type of price action up/down/up down it's an ethanol play so oil related and is HTB; I've been in an out of it 4X in last 2 weeks 3 Ws ( one big/2 small) and 1 L ( small) It'll keep you occupied; it has me. LOL Take a look at $RUSL ( check out the 1 min on that's HTB
  • GreenGhost: $PEIX Posted on great entry on this ethanol play yesterday on 6% down day as shorties tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Today it's squirting out all over the bathroom sink as they rush to cover. See post for trade thesis. Trade worked instantly stock up over 9% in tight squeeze today and is HTB ; not too late buy on any weakness upside targets are way north of current price. Pretty much any in sector will work here /oil @Woodman pile back in those names you used to trade before they run away from you.
  • GreenGhost: @woodman $GPRE $REX Thanks buddy ; appreciate it; I'll take a peek on the weekend at charts. FWIW think any in sector works here; just throw a dart. I really like $PEIX due to very tight squeeze and big HTB position.
  • GreenGhost: $PEIX long shares at 9.33 new position; obvious theme ; like chart T1 12 T2 16
  • woodman: #Ethanol - $REX, $GPRE, $PEIX - The 3 horsemen are starting to squeeze more narrowly at major moving averages. Keep them on your radar.
  • woodman: $PEIX $GPRE - #Ethanol stocks perking up.
  • woodman: #Ethanol - $GPRE $REX $PEIX - along with energy in general, these have been grinding their way higher.
  • issues: @woodman $REX $PEIX $GPRE I prefer and hold $GPRE. May add here. Like the chart, more stable...
  • woodman: @issues I've been long $REX and got long $PEIX today. Best of luck with $GPRE. I think they all have a decent chance here if energy can stay on the mend.
  • AndStars: #EthanolBounceTrade #Reversal STC $PEIX stock @ $13.60 (BTO for $10.50) I bought these shares at support a few weeks ago and placed a tight stop. Since we're up against resistance on the chart, I decided to take the 30% profit for a nice short term gain: Steve Miller trade.
  • woodman: #Ethanol Stocks - $REX, $GPRE, $PEIX - check them out on the weekly charts. I got in $REX last week and added today.
  • woodman: #Ethanols $GPRE, $REX, $PEIX - coming back? I may dip a toe in these. Lots of insider selling in these, however....
  • DrChucky: $PEIX - @woodman what say you on this one. up 11% today. more upside recovery or ? any insights?
  • woodman: @DrChucky $PEIX - good eyes. I have no insights other than the obvious that energy is up today. The other ehtanols are up as well -- $GPRE, $REX --- but not just ethanols.
  • RON: Hourly charts ticking up, now my rant about $PEIX – Ethanol

    - What a crap industry. 45% of all corn produced in US goes to making ethanol. We just can’t be that stupid. At 31,000 calories per gallon of ethanol. 1 bushel of corn to 2.5 g ...
  • Muecke: @RON $PEIX - Ron, I totally agree with you. What a sin!
  • woodman: @msb $GPRE $REX ($PEIX) - is it time yet?
  • DrChucky: $PEIX - what happened to drive this down so hard? @woodman did you get out of this one before the dive?
  • janner0814: @DrChucky (BTW: Is DAN missing Thursday?.... If so, I'll at the very least add this note before my usual Friday appearance) The reason is purely technical.... ...........#CNBC, #DennisGARTMAN will plug in their #correlationalANALysis. When I saw my profits on $WLL $PEIX $PSX all strinking I closed all; seeing at the time the /DX had gained an uexpected 20c..... Both /DX and $UUP made large unexpected gains late yesterday... something is going on.... (No DON'T turn on CNBC... if you believe whatever reason they give for the commodity hits... you may as well watch this video... it'll probably be just as valid ... )
  • woodman: @DrChucky $PEIX $GPRE $REX #Ethanol - The drop in all ethanol stocks occurred last week on the news that Brazil would be doing what is necessary to prop up its dometic ethanol companies. Tax credits (I believe actually another round of them b/c I th ...
  • woodman: #Ethanol stocks - $GPRE $PEIX $REX - everyone knows I've been Bullish on these stocks, but they are at dangerous levels and if they don't bounce here they are looking like good shorts. $REX is actually worse b/c it has already closed beneath the 50 day. The other two had very weak closes on Friday, barely holding the 50 day. These are falling on concerns over Brazil's efforts to prop up domestic ethanol companies. Trade accordingly.
  • DAN: @woodman $GPRE $PEIX $REX -- woodman, I think you are spot on in spotting the turns here. They don't look good. Nice trading all the way up, buddy.
  • Aragorn: @DAN $GPRE $PEIX I mentioned to Woodman in a PM that these 2 were inside days and to watch for which way it breaks. These signals are very good for direction
  • janner0814: Currently, I'm long $FB $LULU $WLL $EXPE $PEIX (sold bull put spreads on yesterday's drop). Today, took profit & closed positions in $TNA $SBH $TKMR $DYAX $SUNE $SLCA and $XOP... As much as I'd wanted to hold both $TKMR, $TNA and $SLCA... I just had to take profits... this market has been so choppy. The $IBB $CELG $GILD and other biotechs looking very interesting! Wasn't that amazing the T2112 dropping to below 7 on Thursday? Incredible! (I guess I've written more than I should write).... Good luck everyone!
  • woodman: #Ethanol Stocks - looks like an overreaction to me and an opportunity here on this dive down to the 50 day for $GPRE $PEIX. I could absolutely be wrong, but I bought the bounce. GPRE is back up through VWAP. PEIX is battling at VWAP.
  • woodman: $PEIX/$GPRE - since May, only a few pullbacks have even touched, much less breached, the 21 dEMA in either of these.
  • tina: @woodman you mentioned $PEIX & $GPRE earlier. Both great picks. I was not a member in May, but you have mentioned this since. IYO is it too late to start a starter position? Thank you T
  • woodman: @tina $PEIX $GPRE $REX. Hi Tina. As long as the uptrends in these are intact, I'm on board and would say you can climb aboard when they give entries. The windows to get in are small as the pullbacks have been slight. For the most part, they occur around the middle BB/21 dEMA or thereabouts. Move in small and add along the way if the chart stays intact. Btw, I added $REX to this list. They are all in the same sector (ethanol/biofuel). I actually added to my REX today. Like I said, they don't give you much of a chance to get in. Best of luck with these!
  • issues: $REX I took a chance, a roll of the dice, and succeeded. As usual when $REX reported the stock jumped up 12%. Look at the chart it has done so for the past 3-4 times. Thanks for your input Mr Woodman. I think $REX is the best. It's pulling the other two $GPRE $PEIX up slightly. Now do I sell and take the 12% or let her ride?
  • woodman: $REX/$GPRE/$PEIX- congrats to those who held $REX thru earnings. Big pop for you this morning. I sold mine last week and decided not to buy back before the announcement. Instead, I just held the other two in the same sector - $GPRE and $PEIX. I'm going to let $REX settle itself and then reconsider getting back in. They've all been in great uptrends but it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to hold all three, even though I've done exactly that very recently.
  • westshore: @woodman $PEIX - Thanks for always reporting these ethanol names--finally bought some $PEIX a few days ago!
  • woodman: @Tricia $REX/$GPRE/$PEIX - I can't recall if an analyst had something to do with the move down, but my thinking, and why I did sell it, was because it had popped up and out of the top of its channel and I felt it was extended. I explained here in th ...
  • issues: @westshore Why did you choose $PEIX? It has a minor little pe of 155 with declining earnings qt to qt(.77 to .66 .59) It does have a great IBD rating of composite '99' with accum of A-. While $GPRE and my buddy $REX have increasing earning quarter to quarter. (PE for $GPRE is 16)
  • woodman: @issues $PEIX - Hmmm, I will have to consult my account balance on this one. Let's see, looks like I first bought this at $14.24 in June. Do you think my account balance gives a ____ about the PE? Do you think DAN would care about it if trading the chart? Look at the chart, lower left to upper right. That's all I care about. We trade grossly overpriced mo-mo stocks, with success, all the time here.
  • woodman: @issues Sorry, I thought your reply was to "@woodman," but read it incorrectly. You said "@westshore." "W" confusion with the two monikers. I wouldn't have replied to yours had I realized it wasn't directed to me (though I too am very happily in both $PEIX and $GPRE). My advice remains - trade the charts if these are not meant to be long term holds that you are basing on the fundamentals and substantive matters and plan to hold through just about anything. My chart trading almost never (and perhaps actually never) incorporates fundamentals; I think DAN would agree.
  • issues: $GPRE $REX $PEIX Tomorrow is earnings report date for $REX. I am considering taking a chance and buying now. Where's the Woodman....?
  • woodman: @issues $REX - I don't want to influence you, but I'm going to stick with my $GPRE and $PEIX - neither of which is reporting -- and not get back into $REX before its earnings tomorrow morning. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow and I don't need to be in all 3 of them. Price of corn has been down, though, right? So, that could be good??? Best of luck.
  • issues: @woodman Thanks Mr Woodman. I just checked Amtd shows earnings for $REX on 9/1. But Zack's show earnings to be 8/27 tomorrow. I think Zack is right. Ameritrade has an "accumulate" rating for $PEIX
  • woodman: $REX $GPRE $PEIX - ones I mention all the time. If you don't want to play the earnings game with REX, think about GPRE and/or PEIX instead. Long GPRE and PEIX.
  • woodman: @tjv821 $REX - It is one of the uptrending ethanol stocks that I've been mentioning for some time. I have shuffled between or among $REX, $GPRE and $PEIX during their pronounced uptrends. I'm still in them, but $REX may have gotten a little more ex ...
  • issues: @woodman $REX Last quarter I thought this one would pop on earnings but I failed to get in. I have been wishing it would give me a chance to enter. Did you see that pop last time they reported? Do you think it will happen again? Sure would like to get into this one. Which of the three do you prefer? $REX $GPRE $PEIX?
  • woodman: @issues $REX - After further contemplation, I decided to sell mine today rather than give back good profits that I have accumulated in this one, and I will watch it from here for potential reentry hopefully lower in the channel. I still have $PEIX and $GPRE to cover this sector, and they are doing fine, so I can do without REX for now as it may be searching for support/due for a further pullback. Coming earnings entered my thought process, and is a complicating factor, as well. The higher that it is in the channel (or extended above the channel) at the time of earnings, the less I want to hold it over earnings. But now that I am out of the stock, I'll just watch it as we approach earnings and make the decision whether or not to get back in when we are closer to earnings day.
  • Tricia: $GPRE ↑2.04% ,$REX ↑4.25%,$PEIX ↑5% @Woodman - alternate fuels continue ! glad I bought $REX last week on your recommendation ... still long PEIX .. watching $GPRE
  • Tricia: $BIOF- ↑11% - new highs ..great day trade .(only 500k shares so thin for this puppy ).. momo traders arein this now ..just had block of 70k shares ... $PEIX also green
  • woodman: Ethanols Up - $GPRE,$REX,$PEIX all continue to work.
  • woodman: $GPRE, $REX, $PEIX - ethanols still climbing.
  • SierraJW: $PEIX $REX $AMTX @woodman Which of these Ethanol stocks do you recommend, are they at good entry points, in your opinion, or are there others that you would suggest looking at? Jim
  • woodman: @SierraJW - You have the ones I look at, except for $GPRE. I am currently in $GPRE and $REX; I'm still a fan of $PEIX but I got out of it when I went on vacation and have not gotten back in. I don't like to hold more than one or two at a time and it can depend on what I am cycling in and out of among these. I traded $AMTX just once and I wasn't in it for long. Still, I try to watch it. The other 3 are my go-to's, so to speak. I am not adding to any of these currently. On the whole, and despite my postings on other stocks today and earlier this week, I remain mostly in cash in my accounts.
  • woodman: #Ethanol stocks continue to work. $GPRE, $PEIX, $REX, $AMTX....
  • Tricia: $PEIX: a Woodman fav ...↑ 6.6% and still climbing ..
  • moneyHoHo: $PEIX at resistance. Need to watch tomorrow.
  • woodman: #Ethanols continue to work: $PEIX, $GPRE, $REX, $AMTX.
  • woodman: #Ethanols - these are continuing up this morning ($REX, $GPRE, $PEIX), including even the fake/former ethanol player $BIOF which I have no idea what the hell it is now other than probably the only way for oridnary peons to buy a stake in Greenlight Capital/David Einhorn holdings. Long GPRE, PEIX and BIOF (still can trade the chart); no position in REX (missed the boat on it).
  • woodman: #Ethanol stocks - the ones I follow or are in are all up nicely: $GPRE, $PEIX, $REX, $BIOF.
  • Tricia: $PEIX ↑6% thankx Woodman -- your avatar is becoming tolerable
  • woodman: #Ethanols strong today: $BIOF 9.5%; $PEIX 8.2%; $REX 6.9%; $GRPE 3.4%
  • woodman: @ginny $PEIX -- another ethanol stock -- may interest you as well.
  • woodman: Ethanols/biofuels moving up: $BIOF, $GPRE, $PEIX, $REX
  • moneyHoHo: $PEIX - keep an eye on this one.
  • woodman: @moneyHoHo $PEIX - I'm long this one.
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - Continue to hold this one and sell calls against it. Steady 4-6% monthly Looks like I'll get to do it again next week.
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - OMG, I might finally get called out of my shares this month. I've been selling calls against this one all year!
  • woodman: $PEIX - back through the 50 day. Hoping it follows the $GPRE path. I missed buying $GPRE back so bought $PEIX. Also, $BIOF (that is a fence-swinger and not for the weak-kneed :)
  • woodman: @moneyHoHo premature sellaculation. There should be a med for that. Nice job with $PEIX.
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - STOjun$14.calls@.55
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - another good day for this one after falling all the way to the 200dma. Doubled down at he 200dma and will sell calls against the whole position next week. Last months premium I'll get to keep for sure! LOL
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - coming right off the 200dma. Added to my shares.
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - STO May 17.5calls@ .90 12% if called, 5% if not called. Wash rinse, repeat.
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - calls sold last month will nopt be called. nice 5% but down 9% on the stock price. Added another 100 shares and will sell calls again next week for total # of shares fore another 5% for May. If called it will be 12% gain. Willing to wait this out. Good place to buy and sell CC. IMHO
  • DragonFly: $PEIX - $STO Apr 17.50 calls for $1.03 that will give 10% if called and 5.4% if not called
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Pacific Ethanol, Inc., is a marketer and producer of low-carbon renewable fuels in the Western United States. It markets all the ethanol produced by four ethanol production facilities located in California, Idaho and Oregon, or the Pacific Ethanol Plants.

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