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  • GOOSE: Option Expiration Friday, all expired worthless 7/17/20, unless otherwise noted. All STO Except as noted. $AAL 11.0 PUTS STO @.24 $AAL 14.5 CALLS STO @.20 $DAL 24.5 PUTS STO @.28 $DAL 27.0 CALLS STO @.38 $DAL 28.0 CALLS STO @.36 $GOOS 23.0 CALLS STO @.27 $PLAY 14.5 CALLS STO @.55 $WFC 22.5 PUTS STO @.34 $WFC 25.0 CALLS STO @.45 $SAVE 17.5 CALLS STO @.50 BTC the calls @.20, credit .30 $STNE 35.5 PUTS STO @.44 $STNE 39.0 CALLS STO @.36 BTC @1.45. STO 41.5 CALLS @.75, but twice as many as I BTC, credit $8.00 ;>), plus 2.5 strikes higher. I'm bullish on this stock. Will probably have to roll this trade next Friday or buy the stock if it gets close to the 31.50 strike. $SDGR 85.0 CALLS STO @2.00 A week ago.
  • GOOSE: TRADES; $OSTK BTO STOCK @43.85 To cover short calls $AAL STO 7/17/20 12.0 PUTS @.24 To own stock a little cheaper $PLAY STO 7/17/20 14.5 CALLS @.55 Up big today.
  • TopCat1000: @Dan looks like money at least for the short time is rotating out of the high flying growth stocks and into the beaten down stocks $RCL, $PLAY, $NCLH $CCL $UAL $AAL all up over 10%
  • DAN: @TopCat1000 $RCL $PLAY $NCLH $CCL $UAL $AAL I agree with you, TopCat. They're all beaten down, and they seem to be rallying on the vaccine thing. No telling whether that will play out or not. But just from a chart perspective, there is a lot of su ...
  • TopCat1000: @DAN $RCL $PLAY $NCLH $CCL $UAL $AAL Yep these aren't my trade either too risky and would only be a day trade if I did participate, but I do keep track of them to see how money is rotating in and out of these sectors. Part of my weekend routing is to keep track of the 11 sectors on a weekly, monthly, 3 month, 6 month and yearly basis. Then I track the top industries on a weekly basis. I still like buying top industries in $XLK, $XLY, and $XLV. for the industries in $XLK I like $DJUSSC, $DJUSSW, and $DJUSCR. For $XLY I like buying top tocks in $DJUSTY, $DJUSRS, $DJUSRB, and DJUSHB. For the $XLY sector I buy top stocks in $DHUSBT and $DJUSAM.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $SDGR Added a little stock @94.0 $PLAY STO 7/10/20 14.0 CALLS @.22 $PLAY STO 7/10/20 11.5.PUTS @.25 Strangle $OSTK STO 7/10/20 41.0 CALLS @1.70 $OSTK STO 710/20 43.0 CALLS @1.20
  • AdrenalineTrade: @GOOSE $SDGR $PLAY $OSTK Naked or do you own the underlying?
  • GOOSE: EXPIRATION FRIDAY, 7/2/20, All options below expired worthless, unless otherwise noted. $APT 21.5 CALLS STO @.90 $NCLH 16.0 PUTS STO @1.35 A roll out from last week $PLAY 12.5 PUTS STO @.25 $PLAY 17.5 CALLS STO @.45 $SWBI 20.0 CALLS STO @.38 Stock will be called $SWBI 17.0 PUTS STO @.40 $WFC 24.5 PUTS STO @.46 $WFC 27.0 CALLS STO @.39 $AAL 13.0 CALLS STO @.60 $AAL 13.5 CALLS STO @.39 Happy Holiday to all.
  • AdrenalineTrade: @GOOSE $APT $NCLH $PLAY $SWBI $WFC $AAL Out of curiosity, were these naked positions or did you own the underlying?
  • GOOSE: @AdrenalineTrade $APT $NCLH $PLAY $SWBI $WFC $AAL The $AAL's, & $SWBI's were Covered, the rest were "naked".
  • debeers: @GOOSE $APT $NCLH $PLAY $SWBI $WFC $AAL -You are smokin'. That's my boy!
  • lostsheep: @jeff_free69 $AAL $CCL $NCLH $LUV $DAL winners get extended sell them and buy beaten downs for a bit then rotate back. TINA no where else for money to go $PLAY off the 50 day
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $PLAY Strangle STO 7/2/20 17.5 CALLS @.35 $PLAY STO 7/2/20 12.5 PUTS @.34
  • lostsheep: @GOOSE $PLAY Thanks for the nudge, Was a great trade from the mid 14 level before. I'll try again. If there's a recovery it's cheap here
  • lostsheep: @scottrades $GOOGL Money has no where to go but the market for yield. Where will it fan out to. Ex $PLAY hod
  • GOOSE: Expiration Friday, all options listed below, have expired worthless today, 6/19/20 $AAL 17.0 CALLS STO @.64 $AAL 17.5 CALLS STO @1.00 $AAL 18.0 CALLS STO @.80 $AAL 19.5 CALLS STO @.51 $AAL 20.0 CALLS STO @.31 $AAL 24.0 CALLS STO @.96 $AAL 25.0 CALLS STO @.1.37 $SDGR 65.0 CALL STO @3.70 Stock will be assigned. $SWBI 20.0 CALLS STO @.70 $SAVE 20.0 CALLS STO @1.10 $DAL 33.0 CALLS STO @.71 $NCLH 21.0 CALLS STO @1.10 $PLAY 19.0 CALLS STO @.55 $PLAY 14.0 PUTS STO @.65
  • phgruver: @GOOSE $AAL $SDGR $SWBI $SAVE $DAL $NCLH $PLAY Looks like you did well. Congrats! My only CC, on $SNAP, closed in the money, so I get to sell my stock for a modest profit. No big thing, it was just a trade.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $PLAY STO 6/19/20 19.0 CALLS @.55 $PLAY STO 6/19/20 14.0 PUTS @.65 $AAL STO 6/19/20 19.5 CALLS @.51 $NCLH STO 6/19/20 21.0 CALLS @1.10 $DAL STO 6/19/20 33.0 CALLS @.71
  • kbrowe: SA Earnings spotlight: REV Group $REVG Coupa Software $COUP and Stitch Fix $SFIX on June 8 Signet Jewelers $SIG AMC Entertainment $AMC Chewy $CHWY Five Below $FIVE and GameStop $GME on June 9 Guess $GES and Red Robin Gourmet Burgers $RRGB on June 10 Adobe $ADBE Dave & Buster's Entertainment $PLAY and Lululemon $LULU on June 11
  • lostsheep: $PLAY shorts continue to cover
  • lostsheep: $PLAY hod
  • stairm01: @AdrenalineTrade Not @Dan, but I can explain one trade of selling puts I put on today. $PLAY has had a good move today on the second day of high volume. I sold the June 12 (Weekly) 20 strike put for $2.74. The implied volatility (IV) on this option ...
  • lostsheep: $PLAY watch it above 14.43 it looks like a buy the throw aways day 26% short and a bRobert weekly macd cross
  • lostsheep: $PLAY 15.3 is the next level of resistance above that target 17.9 market conditions pending
  • lostsheep: #garbage day - a lot of left behind stocks being picked up today. Thank goodness the virus has gone away. IMHO we will shortly see a comeback. Those who forget are doomed to repeat. Then another rotation. Till then lets $PLAY average 10 day volume met by 11am lots of shorts to be squeezed into 6/11 earnings
  • lostsheep: @dancemaui $CAR $PLAY different ticker similar set up hoping for a similar result
  • dancemaui: $CAR $PLAY @lostsheep Own Both. Am a happy camper. Hard not to hit the sell button tho. Need to keep my eyes on the daily chart and keep my emotions out of it. My serious challenge--all the time.
  • lostsheep: @dancemaui $CAR $PLAY yeeeeehawwww ride em cowboy or girl??
  • lostsheep: $PLAY bb's tightening up on the 5 min trading sideways since 1230 while the 50 period ma catches up above 16.55 it may make a run at the high will trim if the resolve is down
  • GOOSE: Trades: $AAL STO 6/5/20 10.5.PUTS @.56 $PLAY STO 6/5/20 12.5 PUTS @.65 First time trading this name, very few contracts. $PLAY STO 6/5/20 14.5 CALLS @.50 $OSTK STO 6/5/20 19.0 CALLS @.60
  • lostsheep: $PLAY hod and above yesterdays high 19% short interest. Reo pening play with headroom Hourly uptrend line has been intact since $8.5 on 5/14. Kissed it today at the low
  • lostsheep: $PLAY picking up steam as shorts cover. 14.5 first then 16.6. Good volume
  • mercury6s: @lostsheep $PLAY ... nice call
  • lostsheep: @mercury6s $PLAY Thanks! blind squirrel theory at its best This set up looks just like $CAR early on. Same short interest too.Hoping for similar results.
  • lostsheep: $PLAY, $CAR, $CNK,, $CCL, $LUV The "its all better" trade is in full swing. For all we know $HTZ and $JCP might be up this morning
  • lostsheep: $$CNK $PLAY both clearing recent resistance with short interest.
  • lostsheep: $PLAY watch this move 20% short interest. Now moving above recent resistance
  • lostsheep: $PLAY quite the battle for the 11.90 level finally givING way to the upside. This is just getting going
  • Bert953: @lostsheep $PLAY be careful, this is a "high traffic" company like $DIS, $SIX, $CCL etc. '
  • lostsheep: @Bert953 $PLAY $DIS $SIX $CCL Just trading the chart and short interest Have never been to one although they are building one in our area. Similar to $CAR which I've never rented from but has worked well.
  • lostsheep: $PLAY coiling here below the 50 . 19 % short interest 11 looks like a floor to shoot against. Tight range. Above 11.8 and it gets interesting. Another potential comeback $PLAY.
  • funkytrader: @Gfaulk09 $PLAY My short candidate
  • Gfaulk09: What are thoughts on $PLAY?
  • shoredriver: @Gfaulk09 $PLAY ...no way.........
  • AW55: $PLAY curious to get thoughts on this one and reasons for the huge drop. np currently
  • just4mo: @AW55 $PLAY They had to sell shares to raise funds. This will increase the number of shares. More shares can often lead to dilution of the price if there are not adequate new buyers.
  • chrismibs: @AW55 $PLAY I would go with dilution - news feed says that they are selling $100mm in stock to Jefferies.
  • AW55: @chrismibs @just4mo $PLAY thanks
  • Ringo: $PLAY - Look like a low risk entry. stop @ 39
  • Ringo: $PLAY - Caught this move.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $PLAY BTO STOCK 39.35 Day trade only. 39.25, I'm out. I'm just bored, but doing well, just no action. ;>)
  • GOOSE: $PLAY Moving today. Long.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: Closed 1/2 of these positions. Will buy them back at some point though. They have a habit of sliding back after making HOD's $GOOS STC STOCK @40.63 $PLAY STC STOCK @40.24
  • GOOSE: #What a strong finish. My $GOOS & $PLAY not giving up a dime, they usually tank at EOD. What I didn't make by selling some, I'll charge to Insurance expense. I'll probably buy back Monday. Glad I only sold half. Have a great weekend and a safe one everybody.
  • GOOSE: $PLAY is in play.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $PLAY BTO STOCK @40.38 Shudda, cudda, wudda, BTO in the upper 39's, just watched it after my post this morning, and didn't pull the trigger. Guess my gunslinger rep is a little tarnished now. ummm, NO IT ISN'T, I'm just getting more prudent , as @Dan my teacher suggests. ;>)
  • GOOSE: TRADES: Some of these trades are AT THE MONEY, & IN THE MONEY. ATM, & ITM RISKY. $PLAY STO 7/5/19 40.0 PUTS @.98 $TLRY BTC 6/28/19 45.0 PUTS @.10 $PLAY BTC 6/28/19 39.5 CALLS @1.15 Took a loss, but rolled it out and up for twice the option quantity. If it works, my loss will be a nickel. $PLAY STO 7/12/19 42.0 CALLS @.55 $TLRY STO 7/5/19 47.0 PUTS @1.83 $PLAY STO 7/5/19 41.5 PUTS @1.15
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $PLAY STO 7/5/19 38.0 PUTS @.35 Its got to wake up one of these days.
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • Matt0311: $PLAY looks as it found a bottom, started very small position with the stop at 38.65
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $PLAY Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=PLAY&clip=112695
  • Cid86: $PLAY appears to be perking up.
  • traderbren: @Cid86 $PLAY - yep, looks like its coming off the bottom here. Firmer footing above the 8ema, $41.71 but worth a shot to the long side.
  • mpegues: $PLAY sold that last of my stock this morning and glad I did.
  • Reif99: Bought $PLAY for the bounce. Looking or 2-3 points
  • mpegues: @Reif99 $PLAY Same here.
  • geothrills: $PLAY - Reviewed during last week's live trading. Didn't give us much then, but showing some signs of life today. Add on a move above $40.60, Stop at $39.
  • debeers: @geothrills $PLAY -GL-earnings were ok but gave a downbeat guide.
  • geothrills: @debeers $PLAY Only short term reversion trade. Seeing potential for $2-$3 of upside to around $1 of downside at current level. Not planning to stick around on this one.
  • bogiedog1: $PLAY maybe starting to give the long awaited bounce off the bottom.
  • grcjr: @bogiedog1 $PLAY - maybe ... it is no longer under the lower BB but still below the 20dma, the 50dma, and the 200dma. I'd like to see a move above $43 for a spec trade.
  • geothrills: @grcjr Waiting until $PLAY is above $43 to go long is waiting out what I expect to be the "easy" reversion move. Put on a short term trading position today, intending to add above $40.60 (yesterday's high) with a stop that I moved up to $39.79 at the close (my breakeven point).
  • rachel: ...
    $PLAY – oversold rebound swing trade...still waiting. Alert S40.85
    $AYX – solid move off 50-day MA. Should have stops locking in profit.
    $FNKO – Alert $22.90
    $ESNT – Alert $50 and $47.45
    $UPLD – Holding at 50-day ...
  • efrain007: $PLAY gap down earnings, watching for a move over opening high for trade.
  • mpegues: $PLAY opened down 17% and below the 3 standard deviation.
  • PJMR11: $PLAY At almost LOD
  • DAN: @drdavidfreitas Oh, I wouldn't be buying anything tonight in anticipation for tomorrow. But some stocks that I will be watching for potential trades tomorrow are $PLAY $LULU $TLRD and $RH. I'll have a bigger list by the morning. Look forward to seeing you there, my friend. Dan
  • rachel: ...
    $PLAY -- $40 floor. Consider 2nd day snapback. (Looking for $GME type trade).
    $LULU – earnings beat
    $RH – Earnings beat
    $BEAT – watching for an upside move. Added this to GSL in Feb. This chart illustrates the merits of having ...
  • BocaRick: @woodman $TRXC $EXEL $ARRY premarket also $PLAY and $SSYS
  • issues: @petros06 $XPO bought small with stop at $39. Thanks! Fraud in the courts takes decades to resolve. Also bought $PLAY yesterday and it's holding up.
  • debeers: @JustJoe $PLAY - Will you be changing your name to TheBestJoe? I ask because you certainly are a cunning linguist.
  • issues: @spmeyers $CQP $NAT $COP $USO I like the chart of CQP, especially this time of year! $NAT is a spec play. Speaking of $PLAY, anyone jumping in on this for a bounce trade? I bought a small position with a stop at $44.45. This was an IBD 50 stock last week. (Not this week). It's got a little juice in it, don't ya thunk?
  • bigbartabs: @issues $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN ... do you (or anyone else) know if the $FFTY ETF is immediately updated when the IBD 50 list changes? Or is that a trailing change some time later?
  • phgruver: @bigbartabs @issues $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN $FFTY From the $FFTY prospectus: "The Fund generally invests in all of the securities comprising the Index in proportion to the weightings of the securities in the Index. The Index is rebalanced and reconstituted on the last day of each trading week after the U.S. stock market closes and is published by IBD on its website, www.investors.com, and at least once weekly in its print edition. This weekly rebalancing and reconstituting of the Index will cause the Fund to have a higher portfolio turnover rate than similar funds." So, you may safely infer that rebalancing occurs weekly, but not necessarily on Monday. It may take a day or two.
  • bigbartabs: @phgruver $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN $FFTY ... If its rebalanced each week, that's pretty good response. Apparently then Monday morning is when the $FFTY is most closely aligned with the IBD 50. Thanks... good luck buddy...
  • debeers: $PLAY-No one is going to Dave & Buster's. Shareholders now at the vomitorium. NP
  • JustJoe: @debeers $PLAY Let's change that name to Dave and Busted.
  • issues: New on IBD 50 for this week include: $HASI $LADR $MPW $MSI $MTCH $REGN $STOR $TMO $TWTR. Off the IBD 50: $ULTA $ALSN $DG $FIVE $HEI $HQY $LULU $PLAY $SUPN. I know it's all computerized but I have no idea why some are deleted while others are added. Maybe it sorcery? Thank you for this Issues!! You bet' ya!
  • Robert1965: @Reif99 $RH $PLAY $CRSP Shorted $RH at 158.00 yesterday hard trade only went above 158.58, once BTC at 153.75, only there for seconds $PLAY remained steady all day.
  • Reif99: $RH and $CRSP didn't give me an entry. Sold $PLAY right after the open, just got stopped out for a small loss.
  • Reif99: $RH and $PLAY may be ripe for shorts tomorrow, after monster days (>3 STD DEV) post earnings. Both finished near the high of the day, though, so it's not automatic. $CRSP may bounce after a 10% drop on news that at least some think is overblown. Hovering right above the 50 DMA.
  • champ: $USG @ $30 --- This is a construction supplier of building material and is a larger distributor of 1,000's of building products. They are also a manufacture of building products....they are in $Play....because of many reasons but one big reason is th ...
  • Bridget: #Notes: $XLF and $XLE saw a nice turn $XLB and $XME continued higher $XLV and $XBI - down on uncertainty Earnings today: $GOOGL - gap down $MCD - breakout higher $CAT - breakout higher $STX - gap down and bounce $LLY - pullback to support $MMM - gap down $UTX - break down Earnings to come: $WYNN $BA $X $KO $CMG $T $AMD $MTSI - working $JD - working $CC - working $SYMC - working $BOFI - breakout $FOSL/$JWN/$GPS/$JCP - rising from the grave $DRI - breaking down from squeeze $PLAY - starting to look toppy $ZTS - break down from squeeze $LITE - slight pullback $VEEV - slight pullback IPOs $IPO - this IPO ETF is at all time highs $BL - breakout $ADSW - new high $JHG - top of the range
  • issues: I listened to Dan's alert on $ANET (buy at a pull back to $145) and noticed a similarity to the charts of $PLAY and $ZBRA. So I am trying to decide which one to add to. We hold starter positions in all three.
  • DAN: @issues $ANET $PLAY $ZBRA I wouldn't add to any of them right now, issues. They are indeed similar patterns. They've all broken the 50-day moving average and have not yet found buyers. I'd play it pretty close to the vest.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $PLAY Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=PLAY&clip=87520
  • BigJack: $PLAY anyone looking at $PLay
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Stock Price $USD 20.48
Change 6.95%
Volume 5,388,320

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