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  • debeers: $PTI-Posted on this one already on 3/13 when the all systems go came from the FDA for cystic fibrosis. The chartwork followed the homework
  • jlmowry01: @debeers $PTI Yes you did!! Nice job. Wish I would have taken at least a small position. Thanks for your posts.
  • debeers: @jlmowry01 $PTI -You're welcome.Took small now out.
  • debeers: ...
    $PTI-got spike on new FDA designation for Cystic Fibrosis drug development. Should be up about 50% or so. At least that's what the homework says. We'll see if the charts confirm.
    Wishing all of you GL today, 5 days ahead of St. Fitzpatrick's day.
  • NaturalGrandizer: @Dan @Bridget $PTI and anyone else Greetings everyone. has anyone looked at this ticker lately? any thoughts and input is much appreciated :) what do you guys think of this chart at this time ?
  • DAN: @NaturalGrandizer $PTI Hey NaturalGrandizer. As I see the PTI chart, I think the stock has pulled back pretty sharply,which might make it more difficult for the stock to move back to $16. It's just pretty choppy and volatile. But the trend is upward, and buying near $14 is a viable move. It just seems a bit too choppy (i.e., "high maintenance") for me. If you are buying (or are in), start small. With the stock so thinly traded, it can move pretty quickly IF the stock does break out. See May and August of last year. Hope that helps.
  • NaturalGrandizer: @DAN $PTI hi Dan awesome thank you. Your answer is much appreciated and very helpful answer :)
  • DAN: @NaturalGrandizer $PTI 8-) Happy to help.
  • NaturalGrandizer: @DAN $PTI i am not in it now but it is on my watch-list and have been wondering where was i in november ! lol
  • tjv821: $pti our old friend is rebounding off a month long support
  • DAN: $PTI -- take a look at PTI. This is a recent biotech IPO. WAs doing well, but got ahead of itself in what looked a bit like a blowoff top. There is nothing to do here. I'm mentioning it to point out that simply buying at the 200-day moving average ...
  • JJT1: $PTI Bullish engulfing today?
  • tjv821: $pti good thing I panicked the other day and sold :(
  • a4dpilot: $PTI T.R. Starmine downgraded to "very bearish". do we still like it?
  • grcjr: @a4dpilot $PTI - I previously posted that I closed out Tuesday. Just seemed to have run up the upper BB for many days and looked to be pausing (look at the doji on a daily chart for Tuesday). I wanted to protect a good gain. I don't know if I'll get back in. I'll continue to watch and let the action dictate.
  • steve71: @a4dpilot $PTI a4d Skyhawk driver?
  • a4dpilot: @steve71 $PTI Yes..307 landings on the Forrestal. early 60's
  • grcjr: $PTI - a trade. closed yesterday. A nice ride. May reenter on a pullback/consolidation.
  • tjv821: $pti ride over??
  • shoredriver: $PTI new highs..
  • grcjr: $PTI #IPO - this biotech continues to move to new highs.
  • tjv821: $pti party over?
  • grcjr: $PTI large drop at the open.
  • NaturalGrandizer: @grcjr $PTI it hammered back up. I wonder should we short-term short here for possible another pull-back ? @DAN any thoughts ?
  • DAN: @NaturalGrandizer $PTI I wouldn't short it. Very very illiquid -- just 13.3k shares traded today. Stock is going higher. Reconsider shorting into a rally of an illiquid stock.
  • NaturalGrandizer: @DAN $PTI ok thanks Dan this helps I'm just holding with stop-loss @ $15.80 I wonder if I should lower that ?
  • DAN: @NaturalGrandizer $PTI Might put it down at around $15.35. That is slightly below Friday's intraday low. If you kept it below, say, the 5-day EMA (around $15...just a nickle below $15), that would work too. It's just a looser stop. But nothing wr ...
  • sincity45: $PTI Have this in my IRA, bought at a good price what would be good stop limit price?
  • gklee01: @sincity45 $PTI Dan answered that earlier post if you want to check it out, but the short answer is 15.35.
  • NaturalGrandizer: @DAN $PTI thank you so much Dan. It sure helps a lot Sounds great
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $PTI Igate Computer Systems Ltd. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • Bridget: $PTI Up at the all time high. We might see a bit of a pullback here. You will want to see it close above its all time high of $13.99 to confirm that resistance has been broken.
  • DAN: $PTI -- discussed this last night. This recent IPO is breaking out to an all time sky.
  • Bridget: $PTI recent ipo. We are now past earnings and it continues to move up. Very low volume on this one though.
  • Bridget: $PTI another recent IPO coming out of a squeeze. But we are on day three so it might need to take a breather here. I can't find an earnings date for this one.
  • Bridget: @TunaHelper $CPGX Thanks. This one is back on my ipo radar now. ALong with $BETR and $PTI
  • Bridget: Notes: $RDUS - breakout, now pullback, waiting for phase 3 $GLD - breaking down or resting? $WB - working, I've been talking about this one. Check out the pattern on the weekly $KO - new high $TAHO - breaking out on long term consolidation $EBAY & $TWTR - showing weakness, do not be long here $DPZ - still in a squeeze $RGR - bearish engulfing $PAY - working $PNW - working $DG - gap up, don't buy it here but look for a pullback and then a run higher. $MTN - correction but holding support IPOs to look at - $HPE, $PTI, $CPGX, $BETR, $BUFF, $YRD, $SQ, finally starting to look promising. I might do a video on these.
  • Lrd123: @Bridget $RDUS $GLD $WB $KO $TAHO $EBAY $TWTR $DPZ $RGR $PAY $PNW $DG $MTN $HPE $PTI $CPGX $BETR $BUFF $YRD $SQ Looking forward to that. Thanks in advance
  • infocus: @Bridget $RDUS $GLD $WB $KO $TAHO $EBAY $TWTR $DPZ $RGR $PAY $PNW $DG $MTN $HPE $PTI $CPGX $BETR $BUFF $YRD $SQ - Please do a video.
  • inthesticks: @infocus $RDUS $GLD $WB $KO $TAHO $EBAY $TWTR $DPZ $RGR $PAY $PNW $DG $MTN $HPE $PTI $CPGX $BETR $BUFF $YRD $SQ Yes! Video on the IPOs!!!
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Stock Price $USD 2.51
Change -2.71%
Volume 128,047

Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc is a biopharmaceutical company. It is engaged in the discovery and development of novel therapeutics that treat diseases caused by an imbalance in the proteostasis network.

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  • November 14th, 2018 - 2018 Q3 Earnings
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