Cassava Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:SAVA)

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  • Trendrider: $sava looks like it bottomed
  • efrain007: $SAVA Huge bio gap down and bounce, basing at vwap.
  • Craigy: When a stock can pretty much hold the 9 day ma for over a month, it's must be on the list for possible entries. Today is not the day for me but it is in the offing. $SMG How biotech can hurt..$SAVA a small trade last week worked and a half position entry yesterday to get back on board clearly did not. Mitigated by a reduced position but still unfortunate. Many biotech are one trick ponies. Not much one can do with that but move on. It owes me nothing. Just like a bad relationship. I screwed it up and so did they, Enough said! The market appears to be rotating. Metals became clearer to me yesterday and buttressed by Dan's comments last night, which gave me more confidence in what I was seeing. Thanks coach.
  • spmeyers: @Craigy $SMG $SAVA extreme crash even for a biotech
  • Craigy: Looking to see how $SAVA closes today. If it holds above 6.75 (January resistance). I like the charts on that and on $ICAD but my rules tell me they trade too thinly. Maybe it works for you.
  • cb: $SAVA EARNINGS Reports Monday AM Zigging Higher RHRN. They are looking to report Alzheimer's study findings mid 2020. Looking to move higher.
  • cb: $SAVA Big Vol to the upside. Could be a squeeze into the close. Remember, this reports Monday am. Last report was 75% Surprise
  • cb: $SAVA a bit of earnings run I think, also news release today. they report Monday AM
  • cb: $SAVA trying to put in a inside and up on the 1hr chart
  • cb: $HES $SAVA Signaling a reversal in motion
  • cb: $GTLS $SAVA bought these today
  • cb: $SAVA Wow 4 min after i posted $SAVA took off
  • cb: $SAVA Gonna need a G-Force suit for this one....
  • cb: $SAVA Pushing higher into the close $BLUE fell out of the zig channel at 12:45
  • cb: $SAVA Posted yesterday....... about this ticker...... looking at the weekly could be an low risk entry as it has been bought and held near this level the last 8 weeks. Near term expecting test of $8. break above that, much higher
  • cb: $SAVA Been trading this one possible core re-entry here..... Watching
  • cb: $SAVA I have only one ticker out of 25 that is green RHRN
  • cb: $SAVA keep an eye on this one, news out and stock up. Will be interesting 2020 hold...
  • cb: $BLUE $SAVA on the move
  • cb: $SAVA a break above 7.96 would give it room for a moon shot to $12
  • cb: $SAVA $BLUE both have found near term resistance careful with pos size I lightened up here, but both up nice this am
  • cb: $SAVA BOOM ‼️
  • cb: $SAVA up 35% Today Anyone else in this??
  • issues: @cb $SAVA Yes we are still holding. It's not finished going up yet.
  • cb: @issues $SAVA Yes, long term i can see its going to be a multi bagger
  • cb: $SAVA a spec that is back at the 7.40 level. Has been a good buy point previously since it began its run up.
  • cb: $SAVA Spec Long Trade. BTO 1st Target $9 Alzheimer Treatment Check out insider buys and website
  • cb: $SAVA Acting perky
  • cb: $SAVA I'm watching a 8 Minute chart flag currently trigger is at 8.42 seems as if it's squeezing trying to reach upwards towards 9 before the close
  • cb: $SAVA Stock price raised to $12 from $3 at Maxim group
  • woodman: $SAVA - Crazy mover since end of Nov. Insiders are buying this one in bulk.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $SAVA It sure believes in long bases if you look at the monthly chart.
  • Herb: @woodman $SAVA a friend nailed it last week. Why didn't I coattail him?
  • cb: $SAVA
  • woodman: @Herb $SAVA - Your friend made a good call. Frustrating for you. This one has moved so hard so fast, it's very difficult for disciplined folks to blindly jump on. These types can move down just as fast, and often do.
  • Herb: Your Biotech of the Day: $SAVA
  • Obsxllc: $SAVA any info here on this mover?
  • scottrades: @Obsxllc $SAVA Watch for a pullback or a move above 4.20. Use a tight stop!
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Stock Price $USD 12.87
Change 6.54%
Volume 2,987,760

Cassava Sciences Inc is a United States-based company engaged in developing a scientific approach for the treatment and detection of Alzheimer's disease. It is also developing an experimental biomarker diagnostic PTI-125 to detect Alzheimer's disease with the help of a blood test.

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  • March 25th, 2021 - 2020 Q4 Earnings
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