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  • bRobert: $ALGN $1000 target Long term NOT straight up Look for pullback bounces Admire the strong WEEKLY chart and the run from $150 This one has put a straight grin on my face It can help your smile too It's more expensive than $SDC ( i own a spec partial from below $25 potential ) but you have pay up for quality Often it ends up saving you $$$ over the bargain brand
  • dagdog: $SDC Moving higher off the 50. Low risk time to buy. Earnings 2/23. NP.
  • bRobert: @dagdog $SDC Sometimes things are more expensive because they are worth it $ALGN. $700 with flag trigger. $1000. long term. via that Huge. WEEKLY. C&H. breakout. Long term hold from below. Huge wiinner
  • wanda1616: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PLTR $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI #Whale great i felt like the only person in the world that owned $FROG
  • dagdog: $SDC Bouncing off the 50. No Position.
  • Mnatale: @dagdog $SDC took a dip this week after share offering, holding small position
  • scottto_2: ...
  • bRobert: $BABA $320 reversal trigger > $270 Speed bump $280 Think pullback retest Higher potential longer term $OKTA $300 with daily falg trigger $400+ longer WEEKLY C&H $ALGN Consider partials Selling premium $600 target 1 acquired $650 potential short term $750 - $1000 LONG TERM $SDC $25 $SAM breakout pullback retest bounce $1300/$1700 $VRM $50/$55 Later $75/$100 $CVNA $360/$400 Shorts 30% $GOGO Breakout continuation after pullback retest Bounce $25
  • jr3345: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI $TRIL $ENDP $HAL $EHTH $AMWD #WhaleClub -- I bought some of your shares in $AMWD. To me it was a pull back / bounce. Added at 87ish.
  • traderdl: @wanda1616 $ALGN $PYPL $SDC moving with $ALGN earnings
  • bRobert: @traderdl $ALGN $PYPL $SDC Smiley face bull market Long ALGN from ..........below $SDC spec $25+ potential
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $SDC $ALGN im going to hold ALGN thru earnings and if it craters buy a tad more
  • Rhess580: $SDC on the move
  • champ: $SDC, smiling again today.
  • bRobert: $ALGN $600 Daily high base BIG WEEKLY CUP $750 + potential $SDC $20/$25 I added last week on the pullback retest bounce (posted) Shorts 30% $MED $300 /$350 WEEKLY reversal cup Long from.............below Daily flag High base C&H
  • bRobert: $SDC WEEKLY inv h&s breakout Retest ..............Bounce $25 target shorts 30%+ $ALGN the big dog in smiles, reports 2/3 ATC $600/$750 Potential BIG WEEKLY Cup
  • bRobert: $CONN $20/$27.50/.............. $BIG $100 $PLCE $85/$110/............. $SDC $20/$25 $GOGO retest bounce $25+ $CWH flag C&H daily WEEKLY MMP $50/$65
  • bRobert: $PLCE moving strongly pre. Paltry 14%. to $83. close to 200 w. ceiling. $110 W target above. Potential $200. WEEKLY. big base $GOGO. $17+ target acquired. $25 next $BIG. $65. acquired. $100. next $CONN. $20/$27 $CWH. $55/$65 $SDC. $25
  • bRobert: $SDC. Breakout. pullback retest.............$20/$25. with. bounce
  • champ: $RAD, the high was at $32.48, so I had to take this stock off for a much need rest, wore this stock-out, the same with $SDC at $16.00, game over, I won. $KODK, everything is about timings, for sure...$NOK
  • Rhess580: @champ $SDC I won, too. Back for round two...
  • bRobert: $SDC. ADD on pullback retest bounce intra day. Stop < LOD $20/$25. Not done
  • bRobert: $SDC. Bought the pullback . retest bounce $20/$25 $PLCE Flag $85 with trigger $CONN. $17. target hit. partials. $27.50. longer $CWH. flag. $50/$65
  • Rhess580: $SDC looks like the shorts are starting to run there, too.
  • bRobert: $SDC. $20/$25+. Long calls from below. Spec hold
  • kbrowe: @bRobert $SDC Also in the short sqeeze camp.
  • scottto_2: @bRobert $SDC - Betcha didn’t know Whales could smile!! #WhaleClub
  • bRobert: $SDC. WEEKLY reversal bas breakout. $25. Speed bump. here $16 Then $20. daily high base and finally. WEEKLY Inv H&s. target. $25. Pullback. bounces
  • champ: $RKT $RAD $SDC $DKNG $HOV...all up nicely...HOD, expect zig-zags.
  • champ: $SPY ....#The-Play-of-the-Day, for now is, sure looks like the large players,.. they are hammering and trying to #force the shorts to cover their shorts positions, these are a few...$SDC $NOK $AMC $GME $PLTR $CRSR...but there is a large list in play,...but the end of this game...will also unwind, at some point.....and it is starting...RHRN
  • bRobert: @wijimmy $WKHS $GME $AMC I am in too many. with posts Mostly. holding them. eg $GME $SDC $DDS $PLCE $GOGO. $CONN $CWH $TLRY calls just. enough. from below Sold some into strength I don't have reliable time to actively baby sit them. Some like $PLCE are very easy to. hold. $110 target. $200. Potential. Polite chart. Many here are very polite $SPWR. another np. $JKS. close $WKHS $60. target $
  • issues: @bRobert $WKHS $GME $AMC $SDC $DDS $PLCE $GOGO $CONN $CWH $TLRY $SPWR $JKS Thanks for the list of high shorts! $JWN was also on the list. I bought another on the list of high shorts b/c it's also on the IBD 50 this week. The stock is $LGND!! Great ratings on IBD. It's a holder for me.
  • champ: @Kharrison67 $NOK ---- I have posted this way, more than a few times before, at 12:01 ET tomorrow, everyone buy 100 shares of $SDC...but I received a post right back and that person just didn't understand how they play that game,....however they were all just fun posts.
  • Kharrison67: @champ $NOK $SDC those guys would have a hard time convincing me to hold if I got in early. Lol
  • bRobert: $SDC $20 high base daily target Look for pb bounces WEEKLY $25+ target WEEKLY reversal BREAKOUT Expect a retest Bounce Head $3.5 Neckline $14 $14 (14 - 3,5) = $25 rounded Basic math savant No toes required $ALGN Just some CAUTION Yesterday LOD must hold Extended > 200 Week
  • Mstr_Kief: @bRobert $SDC $ALGN Thanks bRobert.
  • bRobert: @Mstr_Kief $SDC $ALGN Shorts 30%+ 5d An important tid bit
  • champ: @Ilovegolf $AMC --- The News on the 25th was, they received financial commitments, plus there was an upgrade today....this was also on a Day-Trading list this morning, along with 12 other stocks and $SDC was also on that list....high short interest on both of these stocks, also $KOSS and others.....Traders at Work, anything that moves is in play,.....the only position that I was already holding was $SDC and I'm still holding.
  • champ: $SDC, up +23%.... really strong, shorts are covering....
  • scottto_2: $SDC - Was on the demotion list for the #WhaleClub but it has saved itself today. From down a few percent to up 15%. Glad we were slow on the trigger today!
  • champ: @scottto_2 $SDC #WhaleClub...Yes just never know, how things are going to work out....because there are traders running around all over the place and most don't even know where they are even going.......
  • bRobert: @champ $SDC Long spec. Gave it breathing room. I like the WEEKLY. reversal $25+. potential $20. interim target. 1 Shorts 30% . $ALGN is the big. dog. $600/$700 . I had room for a puppy.
  • lostsheep: @champ $SDC #WhaleClub Great description of the current market environment. Traders and algos running wild. Monthly and yearly moves happening in minutes and days. I can only Imagine what it would look like if there was an actual reason to sell or alternative place for money to go.
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Current members: $AAT $AMWD $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EHTH $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY Of the, now 40, members, only 10 have reached their first price targets. None have reached their second price targets. 13 are lower than their cost basis right now (aka losing money). Seven are up 5% or less. This means much of the possible growth has not even started yet and one could even get better entries right now than the Club has on many of these holdings. Cheers,
  • scottto_2: SMMers, feel free to weigh-in. #WhaleClub is evaluating the application submitted by $FROG. Targets 70/80/105/135. Have to find a holding to send to the #PorpoiseLeague for more grooming. Candidates for demotion: $DKNG $PRA $SDC $UBER $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS Thanks for any insight you may have. - The Commish
  • scottto_2: $SDC - "The poor man's $ALGN", has been tapped to be sent down to the Hilo Humpbacks to make room for $FROG, $HII, or $AAP. #WhaleClub will be evaluating these 3 for immediate entry. Tomorrow's price changes may influence which one is at the best entry point. Stay tuned...
  • spmeyers: @scottto_2 $FROG $DKNG $PRA $SDC $UBER $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS #WhaleClub #PorpoiseLeague FROG has got a ways to go before it becomes a prince
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Continues strong. Up 9.8% YTD, 4.0% this week. Compared to SPY/QQQ avg of up 3.2% YTD and 2.9% this week. $TRIL was underperforming and was asked to turn in its locker key. Added $AAT in its place. Current List: $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • geotheo: @scottto_2 $TRIL $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $HOME $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY #WhaleClub Just saying maybe $PODD would be appropriate to add to the whale club. :)
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - All members have open positions now. Had to put $DKNG on the waitlist due to it running past 1st target already. Added $EHTH in its place. Current members: $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $EHTH $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Still doing nicely. Up 8.7% versus SPY/QQQ average of up 0.7%. Funds liquidated to create Whale Club up 3.2%. Current members: (* denotes no position) $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG * $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE* $XPEV $YRCW $YY
  • bRobert: $XRAY Quietly ran up 50% to nh $85+ potential close to 50% Making profits here was easier than pulling teeth $SDC Still setting up on WEEKLY Inv h&s $25 potential Needs more work $ALGN $600/$800 - $900 POTENTIAL $DE An amazing employee Has run straight up after a WEEKLY breakout $175 to $300 No drama Flag trigger $325 target Kudos
  • lostsheep: @bRobert $MED $ALGN $SDC $ABMD $IRTC $BEAT $XLV $MOH $UNH $HUM $UNH good level for a bounce
  • champ: $SPY, everything is dancing around, all Stocks and ETF's are zig-zagging and I'm guessing that all of these dance moves will continue, investors don't really have any control,...other than moving In and Out,....then Chop/Chop happens....... ~~ Stock-Picking is really in play and it is not getting any easier.... ~~ Could look for low risk entries,....the stocks that traders don't like to look for, they like all the high risk, the high flyers,...Day-Traders are working all the fast movers..... $SDC $CRI $PAA $F $$AEO $GE $XRX $CLX .....guessing that a few stocks like these, seem like low risk, for now,....however they might not be an hour from now.
  • Bert953: #IPO's looking thru IPO watchlist and some stood out. ATH: $MCFE, $DASH $OZON $TXG ATH breakout: $GTH $UPST $LEVI Rebounding (potential entry RHRN) $MP $XPEV $LI $IGMS $RSI $STTK $CHWY $ABNB $SDC $CRSR $U $VERX $GDRX $ALAC $YALA $PAYA $DADA In blue sky territory: $EQOS $FTHM $ALGM $LMND $LPRO $ASAN $ASO $ALGS
  • bRobert: $MED. breakout. retest. Early bounce. daily. WEEKLY. C&H. pinch breakout. $300/$350+ $ALGN. $600 high base C&H. breakout. Flag. retest $800 - $900. WEEKLY. C&H. POTENTIAL $SDC. SPEC. $25. potential. WEEKLY. inv. h&s. Pinch EARLY. 50%. upside Short squeeze potential $ABMD. WEEKLY. C&H. breakout. $500 $IRTC. WEEKLY. C&H. Up. over. 8%. this. week. $ 500. target. Replaced. $BEAT in my portfolio and my portfolio hasn't lost a ........ $XLV. breakout to. all time highs. Many segments working Many will join the party HMOs with 50 %. upside. Most. $MOH. $UNH. $HUM. others. Pullback bounces
  • msing3: @bRobert $MED $ALGN $SDC $ABMD $IRTC $BEAT $XLV $MOH $UNH $HUM $MED - LT measured move $450 ??
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Another strong day. Now up 8.6% compared to SPY/QQQ aggregate of up 0.7% and funds liquidated are up 3.5%. Current Members: (* denotes open positions) $BCO $CCL * $CGC * $CONN * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $DKNG $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $HAL * $MANH * $MLM * $MOS * $NAIL * $PATK * $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO * $TLRY * $TRIL * $TXT * $UBER * $UCTT * $USCR * $WDC * $WIX * $WKHS * $WWE $XPEV * $YRCW *
  • bRobert: @msing3 $MED $ALGN $SDC $ABMD $IRTC $BEAT $XLV $MOH $UNH $HUM YES
  • veghead: @scottto_2 $BCO $CCL $CGC $CONN $CVX $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $HAL $MANH $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW #WhaleClub Thanks for keeping us updated!
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - No harm today - Still up 6.7% compared to SPY/QQQ aggregate up 0.81% and Funds sold to invest in Whales up 3.1%. Current Members: (* denotes open positions). Only 11/38 Members now waiting for opening positions (waiting on funds to get these positions started). $BCO $CCL * $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $DKNG $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $NAIL * $PATK * $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $TXT * $UCTT * $USCR * $VMC $WDAY $WDC * $WIX * $WKHS * $WWE $XPEV *
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Continues to outperform. Up 6.2% versus SPY/QQQ aggregate up 1.8%. The holdings I sold to gather funds for the Club are up 3.9%. Current Members: (* denotes open positions) $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $DKNG $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $NAIL * $PATK * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC * $WIX * $WKHS * $WWE $XPEV *
  • Aragorn: @scottto_2 $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $NAIL $PATK $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub Thanks Scotto good stuff I will be tracking this
  • bRobert: $SDC spec $25 potential WEEKLY Inv H&S Small and loose stop works BEST $ALGN bringing in the $$$$ and is the king $SDC for the masses without dental insurance
  • scottto_2: @bRobert $SDC - #WhaleClub fully invested. Masks coming off someday. Gotta show the grill.
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $SDC #WhaleClub $ALGN is the king $SDC is good spec $ALGN $ABMD $MED huge weekly CUP bases
  • scottto_2: @bRobert $SDC - Selected for it's high reward to risk ratio. Seeing 50-200% gains possible in $SDC. $ALGN good but can't match those potential returns.
  • bRobert: $XRAY Posted this one in the past close to nh WEEKLY CUP reversal $90/$100 Keeps company with $ALGN $600/$900 $SDC spec $25 potential
  • bRobert: @Douglas $XRAY Thx I converse with many dentists of all specialties and ages Long $XRAY $ALGN and a SPEC in $SDC
  • bRobert: @champ $JNJ $SDC #TGIF $JNJ $175/$200 (same) $SDC $20/$25 potential WEEKLY and daily inverse head &shoulder
  • champ: $JNJ, they will be at that huge JPM HeathCare Conference, that starts on Monday..1/11.... spreading all of their Positive News, hang-on,...I added a little more because it fell back a little off of HOD....... ~~~~ So will $SDC, they will also be there........#TGIF, its #Friday, so shorts should cover,....they really do need to clean-up their shorts...
  • msing3: @bRobert $DIN $CBRL $DRI $EAT $CROX Reading your previous MMP posts, I have made a 2021 list of $NVDA, $WIX, $REGN and $DKNG as my whales to stalk and $SDC,$ LGVW as top specs. I hope to be more patient this year - bailed on WDC and MU during August drops. Thanks again for your insights, have a great weekend !
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - No transactions today. However, portfolio doing nicely. Now up 9.1% compared to SPY/QQQ aggregate up 0.9%. Current holdings: (* indicates open positions) $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $IIPR - hit stop but position hadn't been entered yet. will monitor. $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $MU $NAIL * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX * $WWE $XPEV *
  • vfr777: @scottto_2 $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $IIPR $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $MU $NAIL $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub Hello to #WHALECLUB can you explain your premise for selecting stocks for this club?
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub - Doing very nicely. Up 5.4% compared to SPY/QQQ average of down 1.03%. Still waiting to enter about 40% of positions. Current List: (* indicates active positions) $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DADA * $DFEN * $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GOGO * $GTLS * $IIPR $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $MU $NAIL * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX * $WWE $XPEV *
  • Docoof: @scottto_2 $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $IIPR $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $MU $NAIL $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub Awesome! And a valuable learning tool to watch (for rooks like me).
  • champ: @Docoof $BCO $CGC $CVX $DADA $DFEN $ENDP $EQR $EXP $GOGO $GTLS $IIPR $MANH $MBUU $MCO $MLM $MOS $MU $NAIL $PCAR $PII $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TRIL $UCTT $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX $WWE $XPEV #WhaleClub ----- These are stock idea's only, that needs work before entries, don't #assume that these stock ideas are posted by full-time stock-professionals...
  • scottto_2: #WhaleClub Fund is off to a competitive start. Up 0.65% versus down 0.7% for SPY/QQQ aggregate. Still waiting on liquidations to come in to get invested in everything. I've liquidated SPY/QQQ assets to fund this portfolio, making that the appropriate Benchmark. Current Members: (* - indicates investments started). $APD $BCO $CGC * $CVX $DFEN * $ENDP * $EQR $EXP * $GTLS * $IIPR $MANH * $MBUU $MCO $MLM * $MOS * $MU $NAIL * $PCAR $PII $PLCE * $PRA * $SDC * $ST * $TA * $THO $TLRY * $TRIL * $UCTT * $USCR $VMC $WCN $WDAY $WDC $WIX * $WWE $XPEV *
  • bRobert: $ALGN High base cup&H squeeze $600 Sooner than later $800+ potential via WEEKLY monster base Longer term hold Trading this since $30 $SDC SPEC $17/$25 WEEKLY inv H&S potential Nice smile on a budget
  • scottto_2: Congrats to $SDC, after receiving letter of recommendation from $ALGN, you've been admitted to the #WhaleClub. Earlier than most due to your strong prospects for future leadership.
  • bRobert: $ALGN If no position, look for pullback bounces > $540 breakout area An A+ confirmation measures to $600 $800 long term Holders, Raise trailing stops up a bit more Consider a partial $ABMD WEEKLY breakout /pullback C&H $400/$450 MUCH HIGHER LONG TERM $IRTC Daily reversal $320 with trigger WEEKLY CUP $400 potential $SDC SPEC 20d bounce This trades in zig zags Zig is due with $14 target Higher highs and lows WEEKLY inv h&s with $25 potential $XRAY WEEKLY reversal/cup $75/$100 long term $JNJ WEEKLY breakout from multi year base Daily reversal $175/$200 Pullback bounces
  • bRobert: $UBER WEEKLY C&H looks FINE $80+ Daily high base consolidation C&H like $LYFT $60/$70 Daily Consolidation now $PLCE Just holding Flag pullback/breakout retest Buy the trigger > $52.50 $80/$100 potential Sped bump $60 $TLRY ADD to a LONG TERM INVESTMENT Bounce off the ascending channel bottom Stop < 50d $SDC bounce off the lower channel
  • bRobert: $MED HAMMER time Long from below $220/$300+ HIGH GROWTH if fundamentals matter to you $ALGN 20d bounce TIGHT $SDC 20d bounce SPEC
  • Rjeletrik: @bRobert $MED $ALGN $SDC $MED Just turned green for the day. Started small position near LOD
  • bRobert: @Rjeletrik $MED $ALGN $SDC Under the radar spec HUGE UPSIDE STILL It is volatile Size does matter Small works best It grows with these gains $ILMN behaving very well $410/$600+ longer $TMO setting up $520 with trigger
  • bRobert: ...
    $SDC $17 with flag trigger /$25 weekly inv h&s
    $TAN nh pre $105 target 1 THERE $115 longer $ENPH $200 $SEDG $400 $RUN $80/$110
    $TMO W pinch $530 with W trigger $ILMN $410/$600 Pick and shovels of biote ...
  • msing3: $SDC was stopped out this not see any negative news. Anyone else ?
  • bengalrichter: Stopped out of $SDC at 12.50 for a profit, stopped out of $RGEN at 188.50 for a roughly-equal loss.
  • bRobert: $SDC breakout/pullback bounce EARLY Stop < 20d Still here $DKNG Doing NOTHING WRONG Just set alert > $55 and hold a piece $PENN high base Cup Consolidation did same at $75 $130 when ready $WYNN WEEKLY shows ceiling 200 WEEK Add with move above Partial profit or tighter stop zone here $150/$180 targets
  • bRobert: $med c&h. $220/$300+ $sdc $17 /$25. Weekly inv h&s $sam Squeeze breakout. Pullback. ...... $1100/$1300
  • bRobert: $SDC. Daily breakout / flag WEEKLY. reversal. breakout. $17/$25. with flag trigger shorts. 33%. $ALGN. High base. C&H. $600. WEEKLY. base $800+. potential. HUGE MULTI YEAR WINNER
  • bRobert: $SDC Flag $17/$25 with trigger Shorts 30%+
  • Mikev200: $SDC NH, shorts covering, as per @Champ long
  • bRobert: $ALGN $600 high base C&H Deathly strong WEEKLY big big base $800+ potential Long for several hundred $$ this year Multi year favorite since $30 Really $SDC Breakout retest BUY THE BOUNCE $17/$25 Inv h&s WEEKLY
  • bRobert: $ABMD. Closed near HOD. quickly heading towards. $315 +. target 1 TOP of. daily range C&H like WEEKLY. with. tightening handle consolidation. Hmmm. Sound familiar? $450 - $500. measured move targets. Even much higher potential. longer term. with a WEEKLY. base breakout $ALGN. nh. High base daily. cup. within a cup $600/$640. targets WEEKLY. monster. C&H like. base. $800. POTENTIAL $SDC. WEEKLY. inv H&S. breakout. /pullback. $17/$24 . Shorts 33%
  • Mikev200: $SDC holding well, mentioned friday
  • champ: $SDC, HOD, up about 5%
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Stock Price $USD 7.96
Change 0.00%
Volume 4,370,390

SmileDirectClub Inc is a United States based company engaged in the orthodontics business. It is mainly involved in the sale of aligners, impression kits, whitening gel, and retainers.

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  • August 12th, 2021 - 2021 Q2 Earnings
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