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  • bRobert: $SEDG. 20/200d. speed bumps. close by. $300 - $500+. potential with move >. 50W. ceiling This will travel. hand in hand with $ENPH. Duopoly in a high margin segment of solar
  • bRobert: @snowbound $ENPH #1 $SEDG will follow any move in ENPH
  • snowbound: @bRobert $ENPH $SEDG has a short base with defined support . We'll watch it , thanks .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $ENPH trading it From the teens Many here have Duopoly with $SEDG will outperform the $TAN
  • BillyB: Thanks for your evaluation!@bRobert $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD
  • snowbound: $PLUG Is also under pressure which is non- solar . There's a structural market condition producing weakness in these alternatives across the board . $SEDG $TAN $ENPH
  • bRobert: $SEDG $ENPH I posted H&S targets yesterday for RISK MANAGEMENT I got stopped out early yesterday in $SEDG after a nice run I suggested to give the TAN stocks some room to breathe Reset
  • yammi55: @bRobert $ENPH $SEDG Yes, I did not like the candle yesterday so trailing stop(s) were hit on so many positions that it is not even funny. The tape looks brutal, Ugly engulfing candles every where.
  • woodman: @bRobert $ENPH $SEDG - EnFazed
  • bRobert: @yammi55 $ENPH $SEDG Trailing stops and partial profits in extended stocks/etfs keeps you safe and your account close to the highs Only small losses Big profits retained
  • issues: One day $NVDA (Cramer named his dog after this stock) will be a good day to buy the bounce. I am not sorry that I held on b/c selling a big loss means I can't buy it back for a month without a wash sale. I will continue with these generals: NVDA $AMZN (split 20:1 coming soon) $GOOGL (split 20:1 coming soon) even holding shares of $SEDG $CRWD etc... That for me is called "investing" not simply "trading."
  • bRobert: @issues $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD I appreciate long term commitment BUT you can take steps to further reduce your exposure/risk. $GOOGL. can have a. 20% haircut. to $2000. $NVDA. HAD a great 600%. move If can drop another 40%. from HERE $AMZN. $2800/$2600. potential or. lower $SEDG. There is no reason to just let a stock drop. $100. 30%. You can have a long term view and still mange risk/profits with partial profits, reduced position size with stops Even simple option strategies eg. Collars. Understand the downside potential. of your investments.
  • issues: @bRobert $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD Thank you Dr bRobert. I always value your posts. I remember holding onto AMZN until it dropped to $1600, then added and made more money that year than ever. I would love to get those stocks you mentioned at lower levels. I have the cash and will buy more when they hit a bottom. Thank you for being in the Forum. You are very much appreciated.
  • mgoodw: @bRobert $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD Some great points, THANK YOU!! Ive been chomping at the bit wanting to grab some AMZN and GOOGL pre split but siting on my hands due to comments in the forum, especially yours and Dans and stating at that gap around 2800 on AMZN, may be begging be filled !
  • champ: @issues $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL $SEDG $CRWD ....Yes but might have to hold it into 2023 or just wait for #entry-timings...because it now looks like, the next 2 or 3 interest rate moves, are going to be raise-up, a 1/2 point each. History is in Play now or it will be real soon,...on what has happened in the past, on the last times that they started to raise interest rates, so be Careful.
  • bRobert: @yammi55 $ENPH One word STOPS I posted to give it BREATHING ROOM yesterday STops in similar $SEDG were hit well above and should have kept you SAFE DAN emphasizes Don't lose your $$$ Steps 1 , 2 , and 3 of trading It can't be overemphasized If you take SMALL loses and protect good gains with stops , the rest is easy
  • snowbound: $SEDG Watch for a recovery back above the 50SMAd ... this may provide a clean entry .
  • bRobert: $SEDG. Stopped. out. Small M. top. acquired. $280. target. There is. more. potential. downside with a break of. $280. $240 potential $ENPH. Bear flag to the 20d. trigger H&S. top trigger $150 potential. $TAN $60. potential. Never got. above the 200d. ceiling. Then 20d. ceiling. Now. H&S. top with dip < 50d.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $SEDG $ENPH $TAN WEEKLY. $SEDG. $ENPH. testing. 20/50w floor. on pullback. Still time for a stay of execution. Awaiting. call from the governor.
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG $ENPH $TAN I thought you were the governor , Governor . $PLUG is down as well which is alternative energy but not solar although its not bearish engulfing . Alternatives are technically tied to the fossils and there are too many market forces are at play short term to try and enumerate . $SEDG is testing the chart with lift off the VWAP but its weakened . A recovery to the 200SMAD , however , would bring some color into it .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG $ENPH $TAN $PLUG This was a low risk Trade entry the other day as. posted. Should be a scratch with stop $289.90 as suggested. after a $294. bounce entry Need to give it and $TAN space some breathing room. Watch and react. TAN. dip < 50d. and potential H&S. trigger. CAN test. $60. unless it quickly. reverses course
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG $ENPH $TAN $PLUG Its still intraday , Doc ... we either trade around on these or lose them is my thinking . I'm trying to hold onto mine but thanks for your help .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG $ENPH $TAN $PLUG My major entries were from well below $230 for. SEDG $280. area may hold. Prior neckline of the. inv. H&S. base
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG $ENPH $TAN $PLUG Most of these are still in play but they're in danger zones . I love it when you give me entries , thanks .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG $ENPH $TAN $PLUG With a low risk entry. you will only endure paper cuts The longer term trade from below was very profitable The long term potential is still there. after further consolidation $SEDG moved from $200. to $350 in a few months 75%.
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG $ENPH $TAN $PLUG You can endure paper cuts , simply cut and run .... or trade off the bottoms on days like these , selling into the close . It helps keep you in the game and builds muscle between your ears .
  • snowbound: $SEDG This lost support at the VWAP ... $TAN Is a also a break , somewhat less dramatic $ENPH This case looks different ... with major support and resistance levels to watch tomorrow . Today it tested the 20SMAd to the upside , almost as low as the 50 the downside all straddling the 200 as the 500lb gorilla in the middle . $PLUG Inside day but a big RED nonetheless .
  • bRobert: @woodman $ENPH $280/$350+. With. $SEDG. $500 . Flag Pullbacks to the 20/50w. floor Duopoly. High margins. Huge. upside
  • snowbound: $SEDG ... is in a wedge . S1 = 50SMAd , R1 is 61.8 % for the pivot higher . If this tightens according to thesis it could provide a clean entry .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG WEEKLY flag. pullback to the 20/50w for. low risk entry. $280/$350. targets. Long. $SEDG. same deal. Longer term investments
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG SEDG. HAS been a LOW risk entry $290. SUPPORT. for a while Stop. below 200d. Really. LOW RISK. / HIGH reward Range. daily 290. - 340. $390. range breakout target. Top of daily. LOW risk at bottom of range. Doesn't get better $500+. long term. from that monster base
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG Yes , " for a while " ... ( violins playing in the background ... ) and on decreasing DAILY volume .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG Volume. aside., the. risk is very low so close to that line in the sand. at the bottom of the range and . 200d below The trade doesn't have to work but the risk is. SMALL. $294. low. BOUNCE Stop. $289. 90. <.< 2%. risk with a huge. 25%. short term reward potential. to. $390. 70%+. longer. to $500
  • bRobert: @bRobert $SEDG There have been multiple opportunities to enter a swing trade in March from that $290. low $50. bounces.
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG I see that entire right wing of the V ( oops , no politics ) as a base and I like this setup . We have today's tail - spike recovery from a near retest of the 200SMAd . It sounds like the basic ingredients for a recipe .
  • snowbound: @bRobert $ENPH This is basing on - Q ... we can only watch it hold the pivot . $SEDG this is a set up in imminently constructive probabilities ...
  • bRobert: $SEDG. 50/200d. floor. below. for. low risk. entry
  • woodman: $ENPH $SEDG firming up a their 200d.
  • woodman: @bRobert $SEDG - Just saw yours after posting above. $ENPH too (200d).
  • bRobert: @woodman $ENPH $SEDG Added small yesterday to. $SEDG.
  • bRobert: @woodman $SEDG $ENPH Twins. What goes for one applies to the other Best of breed
  • bRobert: @scottrades $TAN $SPWR I prefer. $SEDG. $ENPH. WEEKLY a giant step ahead. Pullback to the 20/50w. from ABOVE. Reversal base $375/$450. to start for. SEDG. $280/$440.
  • snowbound: $SEDG I did some early adding yesterday . After kissing the 50SMAd $SEDG is testing the underside of R1 8EMA ( also FIB pivot ) . A pivot above the 8EMA could be a Phase #3 higher ... we're in a cautious tape .
  • snowbound: $TAN ditto ( almost) to $SEDG . The 8EMAd is overhead .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG #3 WEEKLY. low risk. TRADE entry with flag pullback to the 20/50W. BOUNCE. OWN a piece and let it. work. Trail up stops. It doesn't HAVE to get more complicated at this stage. You had. a 50/200d. bounce trade entry. a few day s ago risking a. few. dollars in a near $300 stock is. LOW RISK That. trade is. up $20. with raised. stops. Look for the low risk. defined entries with a trailing stop and let them play out. Take partials and raise stops to lock in gains. Keep it simple and take advantage of low risk entries in the best of breed stocks. This and $ENPH are the Alpha dogs. High margin. duopoly.
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG #3 Better to buy this. closer to support below. eg. 50/200d. bounce and. own it as it tests the 20d. with green in your pocket. You can take partial profits and watch how the stock reacts A small initial pullback would be expected. Not a. sell particularly if you took some off Take advantage of. low risk pullback bounce opportunities in quality stocks. They may fail higher and you still can make a profit on the LOW RISK entry
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG #3 I am following you , Doc , gratitude . I think I see what you see but its the broader market tape that's been the hassle . As a result I'm timing and re - timing entries to stay lean and build muscle . These stocks are behaving very well given the volatility . Also $PLUG has a well behaved chart , $TAN and $ENPH .
  • bRobert: @snowbound $SEDG $PLUG $TAN $ENPH #3 SEDG and ENPH. have good. charts in a bad. general market. They are the generals of. $TAN and have stronger charts Caution in a volatile market is understandable It would be perfectly understandable to sit on the sidelines until the general market is back in an uptrend LOW RISK. entries in quality stocks with good charts is cautious risk managed trading if you are not on the sidelines. Several groups are near the highs $XOP $XME. $SLX. Ag. $IPI $MOS $DE. etc. Several with bullish set ups. in cyber $PANW $CRWD. etc. You can own them with trailing stops HMOs. another group. Pb bounces. Nh printers.
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG $PLUG $TAN $ENPH $XOP $XME $SLX $IPI $MOS $DE $PANW $CRWD #3 The alternative energy stocks are actually ones I'd like to hold , if they will cooperate ( I'll still trade them ) . I think the stage is set for the new technologies to gain merit ( meaning , a real working alternative solution , not just a soundbite ) . Trading coal and oil is not my thing but having spent a career in each I'm certainly not opposed when the need is present . Sitting behind a screen is certainly less stressful than gauging tanks and handling explosive ingredients but they need hands at everything that is difficult to do .
  • bRobert: $SEDG WEEKLY retest of the 20/50w Bounce $ENPH same Alpha dogs in solar HIGH targets
  • snowbound: $SEDG This tested the 50SMA DAILY and is now a clean spinner . Hourly M top being tested for base support . ( marker taken to plot re - entry )
  • wineinquirer: $SEDG @snowbound........If you did not see it, IBD had a lengthy piece on $SEDG this weekend. Encouraging but acknowledging the obstacles, as well.
  • snowbound: @wineinquirer $SEDG I did not see it yet so thanks for pointing it out .
  • bRobert: @wineinquirer $SEDG M top completed. daily. n 50/200d. WEEKLY. flag. pb. to the 20/50w $400/$500+. $ENPH. WEEKLY pb to the 20/50w. $300/$450 $TAN. flag under the 50w. $100. with trigger. above. $125/$200. potential long term
  • snowbound: @bRobert $SEDG $ENPH $TAN $ENPH Is into a possible test of the 200SMA DAILY after failing at the 20SMAd . An add - back will wait for a move to clarity . A re -taking of the 20SMAd would also overtake the 50% FIB RET level higher in continuance of the relatively tight uptrend .
  • bRobert: $SEDG Low risk entry soon M top completion into mattress below LONG TERM BULLISH $370/$500+
  • bRobert: $SEDG $370/$500+ $ENPH $280/$400 Pullbacks to the 20/50w BOUNCE would be great $TAN Pb to the 50d from the 200d ceiling sets up a low risk entry soon
  • bRobert: $SEDG $ENPH very well behaved tanning salon stocks Healthy consolidation Best charts in the space
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Bit of a mixed bag this morning. Seeing some slightly higher opens on some Energy stocks. I mentioned yesterday not to lose sight of these stocks. A lot of them are still in nice uptrends. $CVX $IMO $XOM $SU are all still above the ...
  • bRobert: $GTLS Strong hold $200/$250/$300 mile stones Stop < 20d $SEDG Small add Flat top triangle in large reversal base $390/$500+ $TAN Daily breakout Retest/ ADD Stop < 20d 200d/ 50W ceiling $100/$125 when cleared $200 long term
  • Jazman0013: @bRobert $GTLS $SEDG $TAN long $TAN. Missed being here for the last couple weeks.
  • bRobert: @Jazman0013 $GTLS $SEDG $TAN Welcome back Life goes on regardless
  • Jazman0013: @bRobert $GTLS $SEDG $TAN indeed it does. There was so much that required undivided attention.
  • bRobert: @Jazman0013 $GTLS $SEDG $TAN EXACTLY I am overweight 1 major position $XOP I have taken partial profits or more in others that were at the top of range and extended
  • Jazman0013: @bRobert $GTLS $SEDG $TAN $XOP good to read your posts again. Always appreciate your insights
  • bRobert: $TAN 200d pullback and Breakout retest $SEDG $ENPH restrained Tame pullbacks Long $SEDG $TAN $RN 20d test 50d test if M top trigger below
  • woodman: $ENPH $SEDG - popping
  • stairm01: @woodman $ENPH $SEDG Add $SPWR $FLNC $TAN to that list of movers. Solar is hot.
  • traderbren: $SEDG -- setting up nicely here.
  • bRobert: $SEDG top of range Raise trailers $390/$500+ long term Long $CAR Just holding $300 /$450 shorts abound $HD $280 $nail $30/$20 bear flg bounces Shorts $REGN $800/$950 targets WEEKLY C&H like $LABU $22 to start Higher potential
  • bRobert: @bRobert $SEDG $CAR $HD $nail $REGN $LABU $TAN 200d ceiling $100/$125/$200 targets $RUN $40/$60/$80+
  • bRobert: $TAN JUST A PIECE $100 with a move > 200d $125/$200 long term De todo un poco $SEDG and #ENPH are the alpha dogs High margins Duopoly Will outperform $TAN
  • bRobert: @scottrades $TAN $SEDG set up more bullish Sitting above all support Flat top base $390/$540+ Better weekly base closing in on highs ALL will work TAN $80/$125 to start $200 long term
  • woodman: @bRobert $TAN $SEDG - Those are the ones I'm in as well - $ENPH RUN SEDG. Not such a coincidence. :-)
  • bRobert: @woodman $TAN $SEDG ALL will work $ENPH $SEDG the top tier with the best charts and fundamentals
  • stairm01: @woodman $ENPH $SEDG As is SEDG.
  • woodman: @stairm01 $ENPH $SEDG - SEDG is consolidating nicely and is poised to breakout.
  • bRobert: $SEDG Moving to the top of the chart $370/$500+ Holding $HD short H&S top $280 with trigger $XOP nh $170 sooner than you think $300 longer term OVERWEIGHT I can't repeat his enough Long $GUSH trading $200 soon $600 long term in zig zags
  • Docoof: After hours, and following $SEDG’s Analyst Day, $BAC reiterates Buy rating on $SEDG and raises pt to $424.00.
  • snowbound: $SEDG The DAILY FIB Retracements are in tight support - resistance action along the handle at or near the P pivots
  • snowbound: $TAN Same view of the FIB channel as $SEDG in tight support - resistance along the handle .
  • bRobert: $SEDG. ADDED $ENPH. You can take a piece. Reversal. Flag. 20/200d. just below
  • bRobert: @scottrades $TAN $SEDG. pb. bounce from 20d. Flat top
  • bRobert: $SEDG. added. earlier on the pb. bounce. Stalk the best of breed stocks. $370/$500+ $ENPH. Works. Reversal flag. $250. target 1. $400 . longer term
  • bRobert: @snowbound $ENPH Longer term trade /investment. Heading to the top of range. with $SEDG. A. small piece will go far I don't actively trade them
  • BryanT: @bRobert $TAN $ENPH $SEDG $SOL Nice call on $SOL. Nice pull back bounce off the 50 with a higher low.
  • bRobert: $SEDG sale. ending. Nice. gift. Hammer forming $370/$500+
  • bRobert: @woodman $RUN $ENPH Lower risk entry here. 20/200d. just below. $210 speed. bump next with flg trigger Retrace to the top with $SEDG. partner
  • woodman: @bRobert $RUN $ENPH $SEDG - I like SEDG too. Nice consolidation.
  • bRobert: @woodman $RUN $ENPH $SEDG Same WEEKLY chart Just a step ahead in the race Both have the best charts in the space. They should High margins. No competition. Duopoly
  • Motorman: @bRobert Thanks for $SEDG! started at LOD.
  • bRobert: $SEDG. $20. bounce. if you looked for it. Core holding I looked
  • bRobert: @Motorman $SEDG A pleasure my friend. This was a. GOOD sale. and a lower risk entry
  • bRobert: @Motorman $SEDG STOPS below lod. please
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: Time for a little $TAN? $SPY +460 $QQQ Above the 200 SMA $GLD Holding the 50 Day $GDX Upside reversal IGV Breaking out of a shelf $SMH High above the MAs $XLP High above the MAs #Crypto BTC Breaking out of an accumulation zone. Needs a rest. $AAPL 11 Days Up $MSFT Mr. Softee is working $NVDA Watch for the PB $AVGO Working $SQ Watch the 200 Day $JNPR Working great $AMR Close to the highs. Watch 134. $CPE Firming up. $REGN Above resistance $JBHT Holding the 21 EMA $MATX In trend, good volume today $GWW Watch for a handle and 528 $SEDG Flat Base. Wath 341.20 $RUN Moving on volume, look for a PB $SPWR Clear pivot. Watch 22 $COIN Working $SI Working $HUT Sold some today but still in trend. $RIOT Looks like it could consolidate
  • bRobert: @snowbound $ENPH My time frame is long WEEKLY 5/13 ema cross Above the 20W Big base $440+ long term Daily walk up doing nothing wrong $SEDG closer to top of range $550 long term
  • bRobert: @snowbound $ENPH This and $SEDG are longer term holding stocks when in bull mode $SEDG bullish weekly high base Just holding it
  • snowbound: @bRobert $ENPH $SEDG $PLUG I'm ready to hold them in bull mode . Bronco bull mode as well .... !
  • bRobert: $TAN healthy consolidation under the 200d ceiling Nice base HIGH targets when ready to move above $100/$125/$200 Bullish the sector $SEDG $ENPH have an advantage Duopoly and high margins Steps ahead High targets Approaching the top of the weekly range soon BULLISH BASES HIGH TARGETS
  • bRobert: $TAN WEEKLY reversal base Flag just below the 50W $100 with trigger $125/$200 long term $ENPH $SEDG already above the ceiling and walking to the top of the range $450/$500+ potential Pick of the litter $SOL spec WEEKLY base pinching a bit below the 50w Monster upside potential Small can get large $$$ in a great spec That's the point
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Change 3.60%
Volume 771,680

SolarEdge Technologies Inc and its subsidiaries design, develop, and sell an intelligent inverter solution that maximizes power generation at the individual photovoltaic module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system.

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