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  • Forexpro: Re: $SNX HI, Friends, This one was in view in the Forum back in July; it was warm then, as I recall. It has more recently fallen on harder times, but as of Friday and today it shows signs of having found support, and of pulling itself off the mat. A starter could be added to on a further pullback to the 50 percent retracement level at 88.04, or Friday's low at 90.86 could be used as a convenient reference point for a stop if it's an "up or out" trade. It's in today's top-performing group (Computer Hardware) in today's top-performing sector (Technology). No position, but mulling it over. All the best!
  • thehook1: @DAN bought $SNX when u first mentioned it....been holding & request a few of your brain cells on it pls
  • DAN: @thehook1 $SNX Nice job, thehook1. 8-) No reason to sell the entire position now, but I'd definitely be backstopping the position. If the stock falls back below $100, you should get out. But it's still putting in higher intraday lows and volume is pretty good. I wouldn't buy more, though. Just be happy with what you have. Nice trade!
  • mradams0621: $SNX that was easy. Thanks Dan
  • harrylan1: @mradams0621 $SNX Agree. Thanks Dan
  • rverkamp30: $SNX $ELF A couple of DANgood trades today. Thanks Dan! Please keep these coming
  • DAN: @rverkamp30 $SNX $ELF Nice! Glad to see that someone's taking notes during my videos. ;-)
  • Danzguy: @DAN $SNX $ELF LOL, Dan, you know that we do!!
  • DUPPAL: @DAN $SNX $ELF Great trade! I took advantage of it this am as well. Dan do you have a TC2000 screen to find stocks outside 3rd deviation? If so can you share that?
  • rachel: ...
    10. $SNX – Buy above $96.51...and stop below $96. Very low risk trade. But wait for a move ABOVE Friday’s close.
    11. $FC – Fell to 200-day MA on volume. ONLY on a move above $24.55, with a stop below $24.
    12. $ELF – 23% d ...
  • icbusiness: $SNX Convergys $CVG to be Acquired by SYNNEX Corporation for $2.8 Billion in Cash and Stock
  • rachel: ...
    3. $SNX – Buy above $96.51...and stop below $96. Very low risk trade. But wait for a move ABOVE Friday’s close.
    4. $FC – Fell to 200-day MA on volume. ONLY on a move above $24.55, with a stop below $24.
    5. $STZ – Earnings ...
  • dmgrevas: $SNX - Touched 50 dEMA/sma and bouncing on 3 day pullback on diminishing volume. Low risk buy with stop under today's low.
  • woodman: $SNX - this one is extending its bounce off the 200 day. I mentioned yesterday that I found this completely by accident b/c I typed in the wrong ticker and when I saw the chart, it looked like a compelling buy, which I did. Someone here - and I apologize b/c I am not recalling who -- mentioned that he or she is long and remarked that it is a highly thought of small cap stock. I just liked the reliability of its bounces at the 200 day, this being the third time it has done so after big moves down in a very wide channel, and I liked the potential upside based on the chart history. I added this morning.
  • woodman: $SNX - typed this in by accident yesterday, but this "tried and true" method has worked for me before - LOL! Hey, if DAN can find a stock like FANG soley on the cool name, who am I to question this kind of happenstance? Nice set up and low risk. Stop under 7/11's low of $62.01. I bought it this morning.
  • trader123: @woodman $SNX is Citigroup's top small cap pick! Agree! Very nice setup. Long SNX
  • woodman: @trader123 $SNX - even better! Thanks.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Synnex downgraded at Stifel
    $SNX was downgraded from Buy to Hold, Stifel Nicolaus said. Company lacks near-term catalysts.

    $WPX Energy rated new Neutral at JP @Morgan
    $WPX was initiated with a Neutral rating, JP @Morgan said. $19.5 ...
  • bullmoose: ARBA, $SAP, $SNX, $ALLT, $EMC, APKT - ARBA, $SAP and $SNX are all just breaking out of squeezes and had down days on low volume Friday after the breakout (actually ARBA was up a little). They could be offering nice entries #RHRN. $ALLT, APKT and $EMC are testing their highs and should be watched.
  • bullmoose: Trannies - Are continually having difficulty getting back above both the 20 and 50-day averages. If it eclipses the low of 4917.70, looks like the 200-day could be in play. I wouldn't get aggressive to the long side here at all. Anyone know a short side $ETF for the trannies? All the semis I was looking at are showing a lot of weakness here. Even the breakout stocks like $SAP and $SNX are struggling. $SNX is all the way back down to the 20-day today. Perhaps a good buy point if it bounces. Even oil stocks are retreating, including the ultra strong ones like $RES and PBR. I made the mistake of adding to my $OXY shares earlier. The precious metals have come down as well. I can't find much that's continuing higher on the day.
  • imaginedreality: $SNX and $SAP popping out of a VS.
  • jng369: ADCT Had a great earnings yesterday. Breaking out... Many stocks with good earnings recently are making new highs - $TBI, ADCT, $ROVI, $SNX, LZB. I may be a good time to play break outs rather than pullbacks in this market - at least before Sept.
  • jng369: $SNX Also breaking out vol #squeeze on good (not great) volume. Also, it is a company with good fundamentals.
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Stock Price $USD 99.38
Change 8.00%
Volume 1,313,490

Synnex Corporation is a business process services company offering a range of services to resellers, retailers, and original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

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  • June 27th, 2019 - 2019 Q2 Earnings
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