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  • ikkyu000: @scottrades $BBY $DG $CRM $DLTR $INTU $DKS $MDT $PANW $SJM $ICLK $OKTA $MRVL $ADSK $HRL $WDAY $BIG $COTY $ULTA $BOX $SPLK $BNS $TOL $VMW $BMO $TD $VEEV $HPE $DELL $BILI $BURL $PLCE $ANF $OLLI $PLAN $FLWS $VIOT $RY $HPQ $SOL $BITA $ATHM $NTAP #Earnings Thanks, Scott. Always appreciated.
  • woodman: @bRobert $TAN $CSIQ $FSLR - $SOL, big blast up through the 50 day. Np. Very thin.
  • bRobert: @woodman $TAN $CSIQ $FSLR $SOL Atkins diet. And he works out.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $SOL ReneSola Ltd. ADS. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • champ: $TAN is doing well today ...watching a few names this morning that are lagging in the Solar sector $JASO, TSL and $SOL. Watching.. need the market to turn to help out.
  • bullmoose: $SOL - I added some of this stock this morning after a nice reversal yesterday. Good follow-through on the day, unlike $JKS and $TSL.
  • bullmoose: I started a position in $SOL with a stop just under the 20-day, currently at 3.05. $JKS is another at a good buy point with a tight stop under Tuesday's low.
  • RON: @Muecke This would be the Watchlist study it everyday $GPRO $SOL $CSIQ $TSL $AMBA $YHOO $JCP $JDSU $LUV $TSLA $SSYS $JAZZ $GRPN $STLD $EMES $YELP $DECK $JASO $FSLR $GILD $YGE $TAN $FB $MS $SCTY $JBLU $GS $LEA $NFLX $COST $SWKS $NKE $AAPL $UA $URI $DA ...
  • tina: Posted from yesterday $FLSR & $SPWR stand to benefit from U.S. Tariffs imposed on Chinese exporters. Stocks that will be impacted, $TSL, $YGE, $CSIQ, $HSOL, $STP, $SOL, $JKS $Jaso, $CSUN, $LDK
  • tina: $FLSR & $SPWR stand to benefit from U.S. Tariffs imposed on Chinese exporters. Stocks that will be impacted, $TSL, $YGE, $CSIQ, $HSOL, $STP, $SOL, $JKS $Jaso, $CSUN, $LDK
  • :
  • sjdave: $SOL Any opinions on this one for a trade? Looks like coming out of flag, and with little hammer today. Also, above 50 sma.
  • :
  • darce: @DAN from the strategy session: "and opposed to just SOL" LOL It's not good to be $SOL, but it was a good day to be in $SOL, because you're up 14% and closing above the 50. Just another of the umpteenth thousand solar stocks...
  • darce: @woodman - that's my thinking...pick 'em up on earnings hits if possible or take entries as you can after earnings. I let go of $TSL and $SOL yesterday to simplify my trading account and reduce the cardiac arrest factor... BTW, I was out of $DQ on the spike, but good on ya, mate.
  • darce: $JASO @woodman - I have $TSL & $SOL in my trading account. Will sell before earnings next week. Bought $FSLR today. Past earnings and looks strong. Holding $TAN in my long-term account. That $ETF has been better than any of the 3x bull ETFs. Crazy! Then again $FAN has had a good run too. I never trade that one.
  • bigbartabs: JASO... @woodman... I think you could be right here. Others I have been watching this morning are $YGE, $SOL, $STP, $JKS, $DQ, $GTAT, TSL. Some are penny stocks, which I don't like... but all seem pretty liquid. Probably the most stable and less risk are those in TAN. However if you look at what $TAN contains... there are some weird ones for sure. Probably $STP and $JASO are the best picks... if you can get the right entry after this jump up this morning. FWIW
  • ccrown4: $SOL - I mentioned this one on Monday. Moving on 6 times normal volume. $HSOL had some good news as well but can't find it this morning. Long $SOL and CSIQ.
  • ccrown4: $SCTY $SPWR will be getting more competition as $CSIQ entered into agreement to supply financing for resisdential and competing against leasing by SCTY. Long $SOL and CSIQ
  • ccrown4: $SOL got stopped out to protect profit. I will be back in this one and still long HSOL. Sold $FSLR at the open which was the best play of the day for me. Hope everyone is protecting their profits.
  • woodman: $SOL @ccrown4 - funny you posted that. I was in $SOL but am out now; I am in $HSOL too.
  • woodman: SOLAR - still strong. Still long $SOL from last week.
  • ccrown4: $SOL @woodman Good Morning. Same here with entry last week in SOL. It looked strong after the offering and it has room to run up to previous high.
  • woodman: $SOL - man, I saw this earlier sitting right on/above the 8 and 21 dEMAs and 50 dSMA, but below the middle BB, with the 8 about to move above the 21 and 50, then turned away to deal with unrelated things, and when I turned back to it, it had popped. Now moving up thru the middle BB. Still room to go, though. That's hard to find with a solar stock. I'm in now. Edited on Sep 27, 2013 12:04 Edited on Sep 27, 2013 12:04
  • darce: $SOL @woodman. Fell recently because of secondary offering. I got booted, but in $JKS and $JASO trades and holder of TAN.
  • bethany: $SOL - ReneSola Raises 2nd-Quarter View on Increased Shipments - up pre-market 22% - should keep solar stocks in the green!
  • Big D: Solar names trading notably higher: $CSIQ +22.3%, $RSOL +10%, $LDK +9.8%, $STP +9.6%, $TSL +8.7%, $JKS +7.5%, $HSOL +7%, $JASO +6.4%, $DQ +6%, $SOL +5.1%, $YGE +5%, $SCTY +4.5%, WFR +4.2%, $CSUN +4.2%, $TAN +4.1%, $SPWR +3.5%, DSTI +3.4%, $FSLR +3%, $EMKR +1.5%. Way to go had the right one this time at the week's close.
  • Aragorn: these are the top 25 from the hotlists some solar some not ASTI(F) $YGE CSUN(F) $HSOL $STP $JASO DSLV $SOL $NM $LDK $ZSL $SSP $TSL $RSOL $CSIQ $ACRX $MCP $JKS $CLWR WHZ $DRYS $SKS $TRW $DUST DGLD
  • DAN: ...
    I'd suggest being careful of the solar stocks. Most have made a heck of a run, but are looking a bit like blowoff tops. $FSLR, $JASO, $CSUN, $HSOL, $YGE, $RSOL, $LDK, $SOL, $JKS, $CSIQ, $TAN (Solar ETF), $SCTY -- all look quite overdone. Most are ...
  • Big D: Solar - What are your thoughts on a re-entry of $SOL or $SCTY, @Woodman? Also, $LDK is breaking out after three wicky candle days. Solars all went up today after the markets proved they wouldn't go down...there's a correlation there, for now anyway.
  • woodman: Solar @ Big $D - I looked at both $SOL and $LDK, both of which look nice, but I sided with $LDK and bought some. $SCTY - see my post below (posted near the bottom before seeing yours here). I couldn't bring myself to to chase it here. I messed that trade up and missed it. Pass me the Kleenex.
  • bethany: $SOL - Ok SMM family....I need input. Earnings today... ReneSola's 1st-Quarter Loss Narrows on Stronger Revenue. Thought this was a fairly positive report. I am underwater here from waaaaaay back. One of those not worth selling. Why would this be down 15%? Was thinking of adding once the bleeding stops and a bounce happens. I sometimes am dumbfounded by earnings. Would love some explanation. thanks!
  • woodman: $SOL - I haven't seen earnings, so I say this in a vacuum, but it went up 45% since its low of 1.60 last week to yesterday's high of 2.34. It could be that the narrower loss on stronger revenue was baked in. I had been in $SOL, but got out two days ago after much of that move. It was just too hot for me and too much profit in just a few days for me to hold on even though I didn't catch all of it.
  • bglee: $SOL - I think the sell-off is a combination of sell-on-the-news after the big run-up. All the solar stocks have been running up since the biggest solar panel maker, Suntech, declared bankruptcy. @Jim #Cramer and @Dan Dicker said this was a signal fr ...
  • Big D: $SOL - Good point @bglee. The CEO of $SPWR on Fast Money yesterday said that his company is insulated from the over-supply of panels, etc, because they are actually selling the electricity in the sun-ridden southwest. That's why their stock is probably doing better on a consistent basis. Don't know what's going on with $SOL, but most of the solars broke to the downside today earlier than the rest of the market. I think they could lead the rest of the market lower at the open tomorrow. The only ones that look like they still have some kicking power at the open are $SCTY, $GTAT, $JKS and maybe $HSOL (low volume). Nice job on your $SOL sell on Wednesday, @Woodman. Bet that felt good today. dl
  • woodman: $SOL @ Big $D - yeah $SOL worked out real well. And $QCOR the other day - in and out in two days before the big drop. I learned something about $QCOR last time. Don't over stay your welcome. It can be lightning up and down. I wasn't as lucky with $SCTY - I got in, got shaken out for a loss, and then it moved right back up. Not a big loss, though, so I can handle it. $XONE got me today too. Stopped out with a loss there after giving it a whirl in the morning. Oh well.
  • woodman: SOLAR - I took my chips off the table yesterday by selling $SOL with a 20% +/- gain in a short time. This morning, so far, solar looks like it wants to continue up. I've turned to $SCTY this morning using yesterday's low (or one could use the low of the day before that) as my "get out" reference. It's my solar stock trade of the day. I've been trading around various solar names, and I evaluate them pretty much day by day. I'm not wedded to any one name. Over the last few weeks I've been in and out of $SPWR, $GTAT, $SOL and today in SCTY. $CSIQ is another that's been great, but I haven't bought that one yet.
  • woodman: SOLAR - continues to outperform everything. Look at TAN. I've been long $SOL, but just look at $CSIQ (no position). Big $D, did you buy this one?
  • Big D: $SOL - No @Woodman, got momentarily distracted at the open Friday with too much candy to look at. And it never pulled back for an entry. Very few solars did. Now we're on day 2 of a 3-day run? What to do, what to do. Today's Best: $SCTY (wow!), $CSIQ, $LDK, $RSOL, $SOL, $HSOL, $JKS, WFR, $JASO, $SPWR, $GTAT, FSLR.
  • woodman: SOLAR @bigbartabs - these euphoric moves up always scare the ___ out of me. I usually miss them b/c once I see them, it's too late. I got in this one earlier than normal, flipping between a few names based on the charts, and now with $SOL my stop miraculously held by 2 cents (below that 1.60 level). I'm thinking maybe another 15 cents up for $SOL, but today is Day 3 green....
  • woodman: SOLAR @bigbartabs- SOL... LOL (and, it rhymes too)!!! I bought $SOL b/c I thought it was the beer.
  • Big D: $SOL - Yesterday held by the 20 sma, crossed the 200 sma, 34 ema, the 8 ema, and the 50 sma...a very bullish signal. @Woodman are you still holding this? I'm looking to start on positive trading after the open.
  • woodman: $SOL @ Big $D - I am indeed still holding. I've been adding to it in the consolidation and praying that 1.60 (tagged 3 times) held/holds. Looking good right now.
  • woodman: $SOL - moving nicely and testing 1.86/100 day. Good volume.
  • Big D: $SOL - Solar race, Friday (Today's top runners): $CSIQ +13.5%, $STP +12.5%, $TSL +10%, $JASO +9.5, $SOL +9.2%, $SCTY +8.2, $SCTY +7.7%, $STP +7.34.
  • vblegacy: $SOL - just noticed earnings next Thurs.
  • woodman: $FSLR - solar under pressure today. Look at $TAN, the solar etf. I am still holding $SOL above the 200 sma/21 ema / yesterday's low. Under that I'm out.
  • Big D: $FSLR - Good one, @Woodman, $SOL is working good now. Many of the solars did what I thought; came to the 8 ema, or below, then bounced back up. The end of day is bringing back the buyers in $JKS, $TSL and my current fave, CSIQ. Excellent entry points #RHRN. Put up the 15 minute charts. dl
  • woodman: SPWR/solar - you're not kidding, Big D. I still own $SOL, a laggard among those you've mentioned, but still a nice intraday reversal.
  • Big D: $SOL - Ticking higher here; move attributed to headlines that company received a solar module approval. No position. Edit, 2:11. Non-event, price still headed down.
  • woodman: $SOL - my solar stock du jour. Yesterday was a tombstone #doji reversing intraday at the 50/100 dSMAs (high) and closing at 1.74. Today a @dragonfly #doji bouncing off the 200 dSMA/21 dEMA at the low intraday, and closing again at 1.74. The 200 remains support (prior resistance on 4/9 which is now the middle part of a "W").
  • Big D: $SOL, $CSIQ, $TAN - @Woodman, I'm guessing the strong $SOL rise/volume at the end of day was probably that they received a solar module approval. It took too long for the market to figure it out, though. Hard to know whether to buy at the open or not. Do like the resistance at the 21 ema. Other problem is that all the solars we talked about on Friday are all down big today so we might have to wait and see if the sector keeps going down tomorrow. Probably a good key to see it is to watch what $TAN does. Watch $CSIQ, $JASO, $TSL, etc. to see if they go down to the 8 ema and find support tomorrow. That would be a great buy point.
  • woodman: SOL... @ Big $D - thanks and good points (I think you meant "support" at the 21 ema). My stock portfolio was a shambles today, as I'm guessing nearly all were today. And making matters worse, I wasn't available most of the day to babysit or make de ...
  • woodman: Solar - I've been in one or another solar stock (cycling) over the past few weeks. In $SOL right now. It's back up to the 50 day and hitting its head. If it can get through, there's upside.
  • Big D: $GTAT - Good move @Woodman. It did have a bit of a pullback. I have a folder of the solars, and the top five the last few days are: $CSIQ, $JKS nice support at the 50 sma, your $SPWR, $TSL, $YGE, $SOL, JASO. Then the ones that have the better beta and the potential to break are: $RSOL - Nice pullback today; consider a buy on positive trading Monday. $STP and LDK.
  • woodman: $GTAT - Big $D, thanks! Many you listed are on my list too. I did buy a little $SOL after I sold GTAT. Big "W" pattern. But I never really trust the Chinese companies. $SOL has earnings 5/16, I believe, so there's some time for it to run if it stays above the 200 day and can get above the 50 day.
  • ccrown4: Did Obama speak about solar last night. It's on fire. $TSL CSIQ $JKS JASO $SOL FSLR
  • woodman: Solar - add $GTAT and $SOL to the solar list. I bought $GTAT on the shout out by someone here yesterday (sorry, I'm blanking on who it was and who to direct credit to for that call).
  • woodman: $GTAT @boba - interesting, thx for posting. Imagine if it follows the recent direction of $SOL, another small (smaller than GTAT) market cap stock in the space.
  • rck89: Daily Strategy Sess - I get about 1/3 through and the video freezes! Guess I'm $SOL tonight. Thanks.
  • MSL: Squeezes, Taz if youre after the VS also consider $RHT TGT and the entire $TAN sector $STP JASO $TSL JKS $SOL STRI YGE. $HOV also forming a nice nice VS, butttt 2$ from support and not participating with the other XHBs.
  • bullmoose: $SOL - Huge move today. But it's right at the 200-day now. I'd look to buy on a pullback to the 20-day. It should be able to surmount the 200-day soon.
  • bullmoose: $KOG - I also took half off earlier when it started to break down. Trimmed CPNO and $SOL as well. All three are reporting.
  • Tradervic: ...

    If I wasn't trading this using #options to short the stock, I would have stopped out moons ago.
    As it is, I have been buying puts all the way down.
    Short ...
  • bullmoose: $SOL also up nicely. I bought $SOL on the bounce last week and have upped my stop on half my shares under today's low. I may raise that stop if it slips under the mid-day low at 3.02.
  • bullmoose: ...
    Semis aren't necessarily rolling over but they have been weak the past week. $MRVL seems to be flattening out as the last high wasn't along the same trend line as the previous ones. It could consolidate here. APKT may try to gather itself along the ...
  • MSL: $ZAGG, our old friend looks good for a bounce off the 50day and is a low risk. $CSX, $NSC, low risk #RHRN. All the rails are beat down, will have to participate at some point. #Cramer pointed out some nights ago coal was holding rails back not that stuff aint being shipped FWIW. $DE, agree with jojo but I want day three of selling to be certain before re-entering. Might not get it given said 50day analysis. $AMT, at good buy point as uptrend continues. $TAN stocks, all look good after recent power moves up and then pullbacks $SOL TSL $LDK $GPC coming out of a 3% or so VS upwards, good vol. yesterday.
  • taylor: $TAN, Solar stocks - Solar stocks are moving higher permarket following SunPower's better-than-expected Q4 and Suntech's upward guidance for Q4 and FY2011: $SPWR +12.3%, $STP +11.6%, $FSLR +6.5%, $JASO +6.5%, $TSL +6.4%, $SOL +6.2%, $JKS +5.7%, $YGE +5.1%, $LDK +4.9%
  • ohslowone: $SOL Double bottom 5 min P&F chart 2.72
  • MSL: $SOL @ohslowone, id love to get involved with this, but that thing doesnt have a pulse.
  • Aragorn: Earnings, Economic Calendar,Futures Heat Map, and a Tune Hopefully in @Dan's request for self evaluation no one feels this is them because if you do you are $SOL - Born Under a Bad Sign - Cream
  • MSL: $TAN, a lot of these solars seem to be breaking out. @DAN spoke of $SOL yesterday, but $TSL looks like its getting good bids and should increase today as well. Other names $FSLR, $GTAT, LDK.
  • bullmoose: $TSL (shunsick) - What pushed me out the door on $TSL was watching $SOL and $LDK go up when I chose $TSL over the other two at the time I made my buy. Plus I've been trying to figure out which of the 40 stocks I hold I should sell to cur my positions down to a more manageable size. That one was struggling with the 20 so I cut it.
  • bullmoose: Who says there's nothing to buy? Yesterday a few in the forum were questioning buying after this run. I responded by requesting they look for stocks bouncing off support or breaking out and set tight stops below their purchases. Several more stocks presented such an opportunity this morning: $ALTR, $HOS, $RAX, $SBH and @Dan's $ZNGA, to name a few. $TSL is bouncing off support right now. $SOL too. $GWR is breaking out. $OII continues its breakout from yesterday. $SINA continues its breakout from a flag two days ago. $TCAP continues its breakout. Look and listen to the forum and you'll find opportunities. But you have to be quick. Bounces are happening in a matter of minutes, not hours. Then set tight stops under support or breakout levels. The longer you wait to buy, the more risk you have because the lower from your purchase price is support.
  • bullmoose: $TSL - Continues to make higher lows as it heads north. Added to my shares today. $SOL is looking the same. Both are nearing the upper bollinger band on the weekly #squeeze and I will look to trim and/or tighten stops there as it sets up for a breakout run.
  • bullmoose: $SOL, $TSL - Solar stocks continue to bounce. These are my strongest performers so far today, along with GMCR.
  • bullmoose: $TSL, $SOL, $JEF - In today's rush to buy the dips, I failed to pounce on $TSL which gave a great buy signal when it shot above the 200-day on the 1-minute intraday chart at around 12:30. I also missed the buy signal on $JEF when it touched the 200-day on the 1-minute intraday chart for the third time, then moved above the 50 at around noon.
  • bullmoose: $SOL, $TSL - Anyone hop on these two today? I wish I would have because it would have offset the moves in $RES and NBR. I was setting up some new trading software this morning and failed to adjust my stops on those, or look for buys at the open. My bad.
  • shunsick: $SOL, $TSL - My stop kicked me out of $RES and I bought $P in after hours which more than offset $RES (out at break even). Really was close to selling $RES yesterday and locking a small profit. @Dan's comment nothing compelling me to buy this space kept haunting me. Should have listened to that little voice.
  • Aiko: ...
    $ ...
  • moneytaker: Does anyone know why the solar stocks are so strong today. $FSLR, $JKS, $JASO, $YGE, $SOL, $TSL and LDK!!
  • Golf77: SOLARS hate the space but could be worth a trade. $SOL HSOL $CSIQ LDK $GTAT STP $RSOL JKS to name a few. Buy $TAN the etf if you cant decide on one.
  • jververis: ...
    New 52 week lows include: $ACW, $ADM, $ADVS, $AEIS, $AF, $AFAM, $AFL, $AGII, $AGO, $AIG, $AKAM, $AKS, $ALL, $ALNY, $ALR, $AMCC, $AMED, $AMKR, $AMSC, $ANAD, $ANR, $ANW, $AOL, $ARAY, $ARC, $ARI, $ARRY, $ART, $ASEI, $ASIA, $ATHX, ATPG, $AUO, $AUXL, $AV ...
  • Golf77: Here go the solars again. All moving pretty well today. $SOL JKS $QTWW JASO to name a few
  • Golf77: $SOL strong move today. Getting long
  • Golf77: @dfaz $SOL don't marry the name marry the chart. Do what the chart tells you to do. Money leads to news. Stock charts tell you the news before it is printed. You have to stalk charts and determine when to pounce. I have made lots of money in solar stocks despite the negative sediment. Someone always knows someone which leads to stocks moving thats why you have to keep reviewing charts daily even hourly. Good luck make money!!!
  • brwnilocks: $SOL - protective stop hit.
  • Golf77: Gregory No scans just review chart after chart after chart. FINVIS.COM is probable one of the best for reviewing charts. What I look for are pivots with big volume and good amount of shorts in a stock. Finvis gives you all the most active. It is your ...
  • Golf77: $SOL gap filler.... should get to 10.90 free money
  • jmcgee66: $SOL Alert went off. Bought a starter.
  • brwnilocks: $SOL - jmcgee66, thanks for heads up, took a starter myself.
  • Henry: $SOL It's nearly broken out of a W pattern.
  • jmcgee66: $SOL I set an alert 5 cents above the previous high of $9.74. IBD typically uses 10 cents as a buy point, but since this is a low dollar stock, I used 5 cents. If it can get through $10 and hold, could run for a couple bucks. I'm in small. Would add if it can close over $10.
  • brwnilocks: $SOL - Looks to be breaking out of VS on daily chart. There is a gap to fill at 10.89 but also, there's probably alot of I want my money back traders so may have some work to do to chew thru the supply as @Dan would say.
  • Golf77: $SOL trying to break thru some resistance. Would close a gap of 1 point if we can print above 9.95.
  • hwyflier: $SOL : Love pinch pops. This time seems to be headed in the right direction this time.
  • Golf77: $SOL = Beast..... Free money to 10.90 get some fills the gap
  • Golf77: $SOL Starting phase III
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Volume 5,794,400

The Company develops, manufactures and sells solar wafers, which are thin sheets of crystalline silicon material mainly made by slicing monocrystalline or multicrystalline ingots.

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