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  • woodman: $SRPT - Interesting spot here. Looks like it is going to hold the gap (135.73 intraday low of 6/19) after dipping into it a little. Low risk spot to buy it with a stop somewhere under today's intraday low 134.13.
  • woodman: $SRPT - the primary range of new price targets, fwiw, is $163 to $204. One outfit is feeling especially saucy and gave it a $267. I don't put faith in analysts' ratings and price targets, though I admit they often provide a knee-jerk move in a stock in the short term. But all these folks are now playing catch up given yesterday's move. All I know is that the chart now tells me that new support is ~ $136.
  • woodman: For what little it may be worth: GS #Biotech stocks where GS analysts see the highest M&A probability: $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT
  • shoredriver: @woodman $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT #Biotech .....$CLVS.....ugly memory.......
  • woodman: @shoredriver $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT #Biotech - BMRN has been on that list forever. Broken clock. Eventually they will be right about it getting bought.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $BLUE $BMRN $BPMC $CLVS $CRSP $INCY $MDGL $PCRX $PTLA $RVNC $SAGE $SRPT #Biotech I've been waiting for someone to scoop up INCY for quite awhile. At least it has come off of the recent lows. Someone is throwing me a lifeline which I really need on this one.
  • baronp0329: @gwenzee $ONCE Day trading $SRPT and I saw how other gene therapy stocks reacted like $ONCE. From Reuter's yesterday: Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Sarepta is among a clutch of drugmakers trying to develop successful gene therapies that hold promise for people with rare genetic diseases including DMD and spinal muscular atrophy. Sarepta’s stock climbed as much as 67.7 percent to a record high of $176.60, before trimming gains to around 33 percent. Shares of other companies developing gene therapies, including "Solid Biosciences and Spark Therapeutics", also surged on Tuesday.
  • gwenzee: @baronp0329 $ONCE $SRPT Luxturna was approved this year. Don't know how many patients have been treated with this gene therapy. It is pricey at almost $1,000,000. is a cure.
  • baronp0329: @gwenzee $ONCE $SRPT Wow...treatment is very expensive. My daughter just graduated from University of San Diego with a Masters in Bioinformatics. Genentech in San Francisco just hired her and hopefully she'll also be working on some interesting Biotech projects.
  • gwenzee: @baronp0329 $ONCE $SRPT Congrats to your daughter. Biotech is most interesting. Yes, Luxturna is expensive but ONCE is, in essence, giving a money back guarantee. If it doesn't work you don't pay. Unusual for a biotech to say the least. What is a cure worth to someone who is blind? Would you pay the price to see your daughter? your wife? a sunrise? a sunset? your first hole in one (if you're a golfer)? etc. etc.
  • baronp0329: @gwenzee $ONCE $SRPT True, hard to put a price to be able to see again. Glad you brought up golf...I've had 2 hole in one and it was magnificent!
  • woodman: $SRPT - big data day for this one. Still halted, but the data sound good from what I can tell. My fingernails are much shorter this morning than they were last night. I'm sitting on a healthy position. ...
  • woodman: $SRPT - trade resumes at 10:35. This should be interesting.
  • steve71: @woodman $SRPT The science is beautiful and the patients really deserve a breakthrough. Hope it goes well. np
  • Sher: @woodman $SRPT - You have been so right on this one and are going to make gazillions! Good for you!! - Am so kicking myself for not picking up a few call positions, recently, as intended... (sigh)
  • shoredriver: @woodman $SRPT congrats.....
  • greenpatrol: @woodman $SRPT Nice one. Congrats!
  • woodman: @steve71 $SRPT - you are right, they do. Great for the kids and families.
  • Reif99: @woodman $SRPT $SLDB is apparently involved in that too, and is up 15%. I was in SLDB last month, brekout fake out, stopped watching it. Could have gotten in yesterday. Oh well.
  • kt4000: $SRPT - WOW +56% congrats to who owned it
  • woodman: @Reif99 $SRPT $SLDB - yes SLDB in sympathy. I think it's decently behind SRPT in the process,, though.
  • GOOSE: $SRPT @Woodman I hope you had a thousand shares. ;>)
  • woodman: $SRPT - thanks, folks. Very kind of you. I'm out now. I'll watch from the sidelines for a day or maybe rest of week to see what it does and ponder re-entry. Seems like a bright future for the company and the afflicted children.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $SRPT WOW!!! Great trade Woody.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $SRPT - Thanks, Gwen. I like the long term prospects, and view it as a long term hold, but this was too much of a pop for me to just let it ride. I plan to buy it back, but I want it to show me what the new floor is.
  • woodman: @GOOSE $SRPT - Ha. Thanks. Nothing like that, but a nice position by my modest standards.
  • Kristine: @woodman $SRPT - AWESOME!!! Congrats! And on a side note....$ONCE is having a so-so day ;)
  • woodman: $ARRY - Big data/events coming very soon. Having gotten lucky with $SRPT, I don't want to tempt fate too much with $ARRY. I believe (okay, "guess" is the better word) it will do well, but I've lightened up to just a small position in ARRY. For those interested but haven't been following it closely, here is what's on deck: 6/20-23/18 Updated data for Encorafenib & cetuximab BEACON CRC for BRAF-Mutant Colorectal cancer PDUFA 6/30/18 binimetinib COLUMBUS BRAF mutant melanoma cancer (no AdCom).
  • debeers: @woodman $ARRY $SRPT -Respectfully disagree---You put in the work. I bet you were the one in college who aced tests and everyone thought you were lucky and none of them knew that you (on occasion) studied your ass off.
  • woodman: @debeers $ARRY $SRPT - I did study a fair bit. Sunday evening through Thursday afternoon were classes and studying. Thursday evening into Sunday morning was beer-drinking. The remainder of Sunday morning/afternoon was rehab. Classes on a Friday were anathema and universally (at least among my friends) regarded as an unpardonable mistake.
  • debeers: @woodman $ARRY $SRPT -the point was---and is---you put in the work. You discovered somewhere that the more you studied the "luckier" you got.
  • woodman: @debeers $ARRY $SRPT :-)
  • sierramp: @woodman $SRPT That's a winner for your portfolio for sure. I should have gotten in last week.
  • woodman: $SRPT - amazing stock.
  • woodman: $SRPT continues to run both on the daily and the weekly.
  • woodman: $SRPT leaking up.
  • woodman: $SRPT has that wants-to-go higher look.
  • woodman: @DAN $PVH $KIN $INST $EW $CSGP $WYNN $ISRG - $CNC is another. And I think $SRPT has become one. It has a promising future.
  • woodman: $WTW has a familiar look. Stocks that move up through resistance and keep going making higher highs. See, e.g., $ABMD $SRPT $V $MA
  • woodman: $SRPT @gwenzee - did you pick any up? That low $84s area appears to be new support (prior resistance).
  • gwenzee: @woodman $SRPT No, I didn't. Bought $EXEL instead. So far, a disappointment but will give it a little more room.
  • woodman: $SRPT - come to papa. I sold the pop in this on Friday with the intention of buying it back. Np currently.
  • tri2insite: @woodman $SRPT where would you bite?
  • woodman: @tri2insite $SRPT - it needs to tell me where, but, my WAG is prior resistance will serve as new support - i.e. the 84.40 area. But that's just a WAG. I want to see where it finds support and gives a bounce.
  • tri2insite: @woodman $SRPT thx . I had to think about that WAG for a minute:)
  • woodman: @tri2insite $SRPT - a technical term amongst traders. ;-)
  • Ottawagreg: @woodman $SRPT Walgreens? :)
  • woodman: @Ottawagreg $SRPT - try again. (no $ before WAG - it's not a ticker).
  • gwenzee: @Ottawagreg $SRPT WAG means wild-assed guess.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $SRPT - Ding, Ding, Ding - we have a winner!
  • gwenzee: @woodman $SRPT Sold the remainder of my shares at end of 2016. Had a nice gain but never bought it back.
  • PJMR11: $SRPT This may be turning.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $SRPT - It's still coming in. Keep watch.
  • woodman: $SRPT - bouncing ever so little off that resistance/support level I mentioned earlier today.
  • woodman: $SRPT - nice pop on earnings and updates. Falling back a little now, though. I held half through earnings.
  • woodman: $SRPT - rocket today.
  • woodman: $SRPT - I just sold at 90.48. I wanted to hold, I really did, but this move is nuts as it's living above the top BB at 3 standard deviations. Watch it announce a buyout this weekend. All the shorts must need new ones ... shorts, that is.
  • woodman: $SRPT - correction: 90.42.
  • traderbren: @woodman $SRPT - nicely done! I thought I was smart getting out a few weeks ago in the low 80's but congrats on really milking your position.
  • woodman: @traderbren $SRPT - Thanks. The results of my IQ test won't come in until next week, however.
  • traderbren: @woodman $SRPT - hey, its winners like this that hopefully more than make up for the $NVAX of the world. ;-)
  • woodman: @traderbren $SRPT $NVAX - my scar throbbed when I read "$NVAX".
  • woodman: @traderbren $SRPT $NVAX - speaking of throbbing scars, I bought back #Bioturd $TTPH not all that long ago as a "Phoenix Stock."
  • woodman: $SRPT - sold at this resistance area. Will revisit next week.
  • spmeyers: $SRPT testing resistance at recent 52-wk high; wish I had seen it a couple days ago but it could run higher
  • woodman: @spmeyers $SRPT - I bought this back on 4/4, but unwisely didn't add to it afterward.
  • woodman: $SRPT moving up off the 50 day through recent consolidation.
  • DAN: @woodman $SRPT Thanks for posting that, woodman. Really nice rebound off solid support. Me likee.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $SRPT – holding at $70.
    6. $ATHM -- failed breakout. Added...but not a new position. Still profitable…but the stock is a good example of how buying ONLY at the best levels is a good rule.
    7. $SUPV -- squeeze continuing…but s ...
  • woodman: $SRPT - stopped out of much of mine today. I have a lot of gain in this. I will look to buy it back because I like the company and its prospects.
  • woodman: $SRPT price target raises (fwiw): Credit Suisse price target raised to $100 from $81 Leerink raised to $92 from $79 H.C.Wainwright raised to $92 from $75 RBC raised to $91 from $80 Morgan Stanley raised to $64 from $63 Janney raised to $100 from $75 Piper Jaffray raided to $83 JPM to $95 from $75
  • woodman: $SRPT on fire since 2/9.
  • woodman: $SRPT moving through resistance, but extended. Highest high since 2002.
  • woodman: $SRPT - good day. RBC on $SRPT: While no regulatory updates on golodirsen yet, our sense coming out of the call remains accelerated approval is very possible. With strong DMD revenues and pipeline depth, and multiple NT catalysts, we like shares here. PT 80
  • coldevinc: @woodman $SRPT Thank guy, I missed that and am holding some. Put a trailing stop!
  • debeers: @woodman $SRPT --Nice work, Mr. Woodman Yay you!
  • woodman: @debeers $SRPT - Thank you. It's a small lilypad in my holdings as the hungry largemouth bass swim around me.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $SRPT - Alert $69
    6. $CARA - Alert $15
    7. $VAC - stop below $140. Alert $147.10
    8. $HGV - Stop below $42.75. Alert $44.70
    9. $BTU - Alert $42.

    10. $FB - 200-day MA support. Has been trading sideways for months.
    11. $NFLX - New ATH...again. C ...
  • woodman: $SRPT continuing to move back up following its successful test of support last Friday.
  • woodman: $SRPT - working on a move back up.
  • sierramp: @woodman $SRPT Thanks for mentioning this. Their rev growth rate is astounding. Because of their many alliances and licensing agreements do you think they are less likely to be a TO target?
  • woodman: @sierramp $SRPT - I think it's a potential target because of its gene editing. But many are "'potential" targets. Beyond buyout speculation, however, I think it's one to own and hang on to.
  • woodman: Some for the "of interest" list: $ISRG $SQ $SRPT $NOAH $SPR $IPGP $ABMD
  • traderbren: $SRPT - new high.
  • woodman: $SRPT remains on fire. Gene therapy for muscular distrophy.
  • Sher: Continuing to take profits on long call positions: $WBA (62% - 2-day trade); $SRPT (STC @ HOD) – Getting out of the way of phase 2 PB – Stock now down 2.3%. Reigning in my comfort level, position and risk-wise – Excessive number of open call positions - Also took profits on $ESRX, $CENX, $JBLU, $TECK, $TRTN $TWTR & $XLE calls, Friday.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $JUNO $RXDX #Biotech $BLUE up ~7% in the afterhours. Biotech will jump tomorrow. Fwiw, GS sees these as having the highest M&A probability in biopharma (some of these are perennial buyout names): $AVXS $SAGE $SRPT $BMRN $BLUE $BMPC $CLVS $INCY $IPXL $PCRX $PTLA $ACAD $GWPH $BMY $IRWD $AGIO $ALKS $JUNO $SGEN $MNTA $BIVV.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $JUNO $RXDX $BLUE $AVXS $SAGE $SRPT $BMRN $BMPC $CLVS $INCY $IPXL $PCRX $PTLA $ACAD $GWPH $BMY $IRWD $AGIO $ALKS $SGEN $MNTA $BIVV #Biotech Thanks for the info. Previously held JUNO, BLUE, SRPT. Currently hold only INCY.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $ABMD $ONCE #Biotech- my current biotechs are $HALO $ESPR $SRPT $BLUE and, recently on the pullback, $JUNO.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $ABMD $ONCE $HALO $ESPR $SRPT $BLUE $JUNO #Biotech- You are doing well, my friend. Had SRPT and JUNO and BLUE at one time. Sold all and never bought back in. Today I'm holding ABMD, $CYRX, $OMER, $ONCE $INCY and $PBYI. Some of these look like an E-ride at Disneyland. Hope springs eternal.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $ABMD $ONCE $HALO $ESPR $SRPT $BLUE $JUNO $CYRX $OMER $INCY $PBYI #Biotech- PBYI may be coming to life again. I can't figure out INCY, but, fwiw, it's pulled all the way back to the 200 week. Maybe it will start to play nicely again. I'll send you some positive vibes. :-)
  • gwenzee: @woodman $ABMD $ONCE $HALO $ESPR $SRPT $BLUE $JUNO $CYRX $OMER $INCY $PBYI #Biotech- In the past had made some good $$$ on INCY. It is an old friend who has forgotten me. It still has a great pipeline and there has got to be a pony in there some place.
  • Sher: $TWTR – Took advantage of this morning’s 250% pop in Jan. $25 calls and exited with a profit – Position had been severely underwater, so grateful to be out ahead of OP EX… Still long stock. Also took money off the table in $ESRX, $CENX, $JBLU, $TECK, $TRTN & $XLE. $GBX – BTO Mar. $50 calls @ $3.30… $SRPT – BTO April $60 calls @ $6.75, EOD, yesterday…
  • traderbren: $SRPT -- looks constructive based on today's move. NP.
  • woodman: $SRPT - #Biotech is weak today, but this may be an okay spot to take a chance on $SRPT. The 50 day has been a good place for this one, though the past the tests of the 50 day have been at the bottom BB as well. That is lacking here. Still, perhaps for consideration if you've had an interest in it. I do have some that I've just been holding the last couple of months or so.
  • Bridget: $SRPT is at a good buy point. Coming off the 50dMA after a nice pullback and consolidation.
  • woodman: $SRPT $RXDX - collecting themselves at their rising 50 days.
  • woodman: $SRPT good spot.
  • vblegacy: @woodman $SRPT Started a position, but wish it had more vol.
  • woodman: $Biotech is getting smacked around but $SRPT is at a fairly low risk spot holding - for now - the 50 day.
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Sarepta Therapeutics Inc discovers and develops RNA-based therapeutics for the treatment of rare and infectious diseases. Its lead product candidate is eteplirsen.

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  • October 31st, 2018 - 2018 Q3 Earnings
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