Sunworks Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW)

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  • orpheusredux: Anyone else notice the two day reversal in $SUNW? Pretty striking. Wish I'd taken a flyer this morning but alas, NP.
  • orpheusredux: $SUNW holding at the 200 day. Seems to have found support for the moment at 2.75. I may dip a toe in here.
  • orpheusredux: Just dipped a toe into $SUNW. A big toe. Stock has not been below 2.60 in at least 10 sessions. I'm in at 2.88.
  • orpheusredux: $SUNW seems to have stabilized at the 200 DMA. May add a small amount and will watch to take a bigger position once it stabilizes with conviction.
  • orpheusredux: Drop in $SUNW after earnings may actually be a gift for this solar spec play. Disappointing in the short term, but I'm in at $2.84 and am essentially flat now but holding with reasonable stop.
  • orpheusredux: $SPWR Spectacular fall from grace. This has been a fave of Guy Adami (Fast Money) in the solar space. It just goes to show you, even the smart guys don't ever really know. The little dip in $SUNW is like a sun spot in comparison.
  • orpheusredux: Buying more $SUNW RHRW.
  • orpheusredux: Cancel that on $SUNW. Earnings on 8-10. Will keep current stake and add on drop or rise if it doesn't surge.
  • orpheusredux: Whoever on this board posted about $SUNW, lunch is on me. Happily holding from $2.85.
  • orpheusredux: @DAN $XON The forum is a fantastic resource. I'm a new member (one month in) and already a handful of tips ($KITE $OPHT $SUNW $TEVA among others) from forum members have made me much more than the monthly cost of SMM. It's impossible to watch everything at all times, so I'm mega-grateful to the forum participants!
  • DAN: @orpheusredux $XON $KITE $OPHT $SUNW $TEVA nice, orpheusredux. I wasn't aware that you've just been around for a month. Glad you're here. I read your posts all the time. Great stuff!
  • orpheusredux: @DAN $XON $KITE $OPHT $SUNW $TEVA Means a lot coming from you, Dan. TY.
  • 1993dean: $sunw taking hold of 200 day line volumn strong eps and revenue growing fast
  • maratom71: @1993dean $sunw Thanks for the Tip.
  • orpheusredux: @maratom71 $sunw As a spec, this looks very interesting! Thank you.
  • maratom71: @orpheusredux $sunw Got it from @1993Dean, great trading to You! So Thanks.
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Stock Price $USD 6.14
Change -2.54%
Volume 4,359,920

Sunworks Inc provides photovoltaic based power systems for the agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential markets in California, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada. It also provides a full range of installation services including design, system engineering, procurement, permitting, construction, grid connection, warranty, system monitoring, and maintenance. Its subsidiaries designs arrange, finance, integrate, install and manage systems ranging in size from 2 kilowatts for residential loads to multi-megawatt systems for larger commercial projects. The firm derives the majority of its revenue from sales to the commercial and agricultural markets.

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  • March 30th, 2021 - 2020 Q4 Earnings
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