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  • traderbren: #Keep_an_eye_on: $FCX, $RIO, $GS, $MS, $RF, $WGO, $THO, $XEC
  • bRobert: @cdmdave $CWH $58/$70. Weekly potential. C&h pinch breakout. A money making pattern. Long from below. Rv Bull market. Many others working. $tho $200 weekly c&h potential. $pii $170 $bc $wgo
  • bRobert: $tho $200. $wgo $120+. Bullish. Daily Set up And weekly c&h like $cwh. Pullback bounces. $60 /$70
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 #priceaction $THO another Risk. well defined. Expect. pin action. after. $CWH. $200. longer term
  • bRobert: $CWH. 10%. move. post earnings. NH. $54 - $70. targets 17% short. Rocket. fuel Again. examine the. very bullish WEEKLY. Long from below Pullback bounces. to. add Look for. breakouts. in $THO. $WGO. Strong. weekly. set ups Low. risk. daily. entries
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $THO $CWH #priceaction watching
  • bRobert: $CWH love this little flag pullback Daily WEEKLY Breakout Money making pattern C&H pinch $50+ soon $60 - $70 longer $THO same $200 C&H target WEEKLY Low risk entry Buy the bounce
  • bRobert: $THO WEEKLY C&H for quite a while $200 Speed bump $150+ should provide pullback bounce opportunity Same after break above on a retest $CWH $70 WEEKLY money maker pattern $54 daily high base first Many posts Great spec in the space Shorts 17% rocket fuel Long term hold $WGO $125 Weekly target $LCII $175/$200 $BC $PII WEEKLY big base breakouts going higher Pullback bounces to add for all
  • Wykeman: $THO Close to 150 and NH 👊
  • bRobert: $MLM $VMC nhs Bases ready for high ground $USCR $100+ WEEKLY base Daily 5/13 cross coming $CWH nh $70 POTENT WEEKLY C&H like base breakout Money making pattern $THO $200 WEEKLY C&H $PII $170
  • jfedd13: $CWH,$WGO,$THO,$LCII,$PATK RV industry ripping.
  • bigbartabs: @jfedd13 $CWH $WGO $THO $LCII $PATK ... RV Industry... here in CA, unbelievable. If buying new, huge delays... both RVs and travel trailers. Buddy of mine spent $170k on a Thor 33 foot Class C. Took him 5 months to get it, picked up last weekend. ...
  • bRobert: $THO squeezing close tot eh 50d WEEKLY C&H $200+ $CWH $60 - $70 WEEKLY C&H like target $BC $125 - $150 $PII $160 - $170 WEEKLY target for quite a while Still in motion
  • scottto_2: @bRobert $THO - Long since Jan. #HammerTime
  • bRobert: @scottto_2 $THO #HammerTime Huge move coming $150 SOON $200 longer STRONG WEEKLY
  • DAN: ...
    $THO -- Squeezing. Alert $142


    $OXY -- absolutely not
    $TCS -- Great fundamentals. Growth strong, Revenues expanding bigly. AT Margins also strong.
    Earnings -- NA / 438% / 740%
    Sales - -28 / 5% / 20%
    AT Margin - -10.2 / 8.4% / 7.5%

    $IBB ...
  • bRobert: $PII Look how this long WEEKLY consolidation base was unleashed $160+ $THO $200 WEEKLY C&H like $WGO $100 - $125 $CWH $60
  • bRobert: @chucklk $cwh Not in my. time frame. Large WEEKLY. C&H. breakout , Now. a retest. Daily. a. 50% run to. $44. Flag pullback. Nothing wrong ion daily either Just a healthy consolidation. All the RV stocks are coming in a bit. eg. $THO. $BC. $PII. ALL going higher. Much
  • bRobert: $THO nh I can't have suggested it enough $180 daily/$200 WEEKLY C&H Look for bounces in $BC $120/$140 $PII $170 $CWH $55 - $65 ADD $WGO $100 RV bull market ADDING
  • bRobert: $BIG C&H breakout retest ................ $100 RV breakouts to nhs Pullback retests $BC $THO $CWH $PII HIGH targets noted Buy the bounce
  • bRobert: $THO pb bought Flag C&H daily and WEEKLY $180/200 Look to buy any of these winners on pb bounces $CWH $55/$65+ $WGO $100 $PII $170
  • bRobert: $THO nh. WEEKLY. C&H. $200. ALL. WEEKLY C&H. like. charts. VERY STRONG $WGO. nh $100. $PII. nh $170 $CWH.nh $55/$65+ $BC. nh. $120/$140 RV. bull market. FOR QUITE A WHILE. I can point them out. You have to do the rest. Long $THO $PII $BC. $CWH. For a while.
  • bRobert: $BIG WEEKLY C&H breakout Money making pattern $90/$100 Shorts about Long from below $PLCE $100+ with move > 200 WEEK ceiling $140 POTENTIAL longer term $DDS tight consolidation daily WEEKLY C&H $100/$170 POTENTIAL $GOOS $60 - $70 WEEKLY C&H HIGHER potential $CONN $20/$27 $W $370 - $550 WEEKLY MMP All short squeeze candidates with Strong WEEKLY bases RV bull market $CWH $65 $THO $200 $WGO $100 $PII $170 $BC $120/$140 ALL with very bullish WEEKLY charts Most C&H like with serious upside Look for pb bounces
  • puttz: @bRobert $BIG $PLCE $DDS $GOOS $CONN $W $CWH $THO $WGO $PII $BC You mention the 200 week ave quite often. You must find its very useful on long term investing. I find it interesting you are about the only one to mention it. How reliable of a tool do you feel it is long term? Thanks for all you do
  • bRobert: @puttz $BIG $PLCE $DDS $GOOS $CONN $W $CWH $THO $WGO $PII $BC You. have to. LOOK at the WEEKLY. chart regardless of your timeframe to see speed bumps. 50 WEEK. was resistance for. many. like $HAL. $TLRY. then finally. cleared. HUGE MOVES. Now the 200 WEEK has been a ceiling for many. When. cleared .........take off. as the door to higher prices. opens. $PLCE. $BA many others that ceiling then becomes SUPPORT. and sets up some very nice trades
  • lostsheep: @bRobert $BIG $PLCE $DDS $GOOS $CONN $W $CWH $THO $WGO $PII $BC $HAL $TLRY $BA $FLR though's on this chart. Thanks in advance
  • puttz: @bRobert $BIG $PLCE $DDS $GOOS $CONN $W $CWH $THO $WGO $PII $BC Thank you!
  • bRobert: $PLCE I can only point you there You have to do the rest $100/$140+ potential $BIG Nice bounce off 20d Same deal HIGHER $100 $CONN look for the pb bounce at high now $20 high base $27 longer $BC nh $120/.$140 $PII $170 $THO $200 $WGO $100 $CWH $55/$65 RV bull market Same tune WEEKLY C&H heaven
  • Anh318: @bRobert $PLCE $BIG $CONN $BC $PII $THO $WGO $CWH I appreciate all that you post. It’s very helpful.
  • bRobert: @Anh318 $PLCE $BIG $CONN $BC $PII $THO $WGO $CWH Thanks It's a buffet Sample what you like I give several choices in the sector to watch for the best entry to develop same with road aggregate /concrete $VMC $MLM $USCR Many , most will work well long term but strive to get a great entry on pullback bounces
  • bRobert: $CWH nh WEEKLY MMP making money $$$$ Long from below $55/$65 Gentle recommendations 50% upside from here $THO nh WEEKLY MMP VERY NICELY DRAWN weekly C&H $200
  • bRobert: $PII $145 flag target $170 C&H Long from below RV bull market $BC $120/$140 $CWH $65 $THO $200 $WGO $100
  • debeers: @bRobert $PII $BC $CWH $THO $WGO -$PII-off road snowmobiling is fun and a lot safer than being in a crowd.
  • bRobert: @debeers $PII $BC $CWH $THO $WGO Snowmobiling is fun but potentially very DANGEROUS in the wrong hands and the wrong terrain 750 pound gorilla on you if not careful
  • debeers: @bRobert $PII $BC $CWH $THO $WGO -its always safer to go out with guys that have them while i'm in the lodge making prime rib and a potato souffle' with a Caesar Salad. LOL
  • bRobert: $THO nh breakout Daily /WEEKLY C&H Nicely drawn $180/$200 targets are huge LOOK for a pullback bounce You will get one Long
  • bRobert: $PII $135/$165+ daily high base C&H LOOOOOONG multi year WEEKLY consolidation /breakout $170 Long RV bull market $BC $120/$140 $THO $200 others
  • bRobert: $WGO $100 $THO $200 $PII $170 $BC $120/$140 Nh Ville Huge upside Pb bounces
  • Yuls: $HZO looks great, following other recreationals $PII $WGO $THO
  • bRobert: @Yuls $HZO $PII $WGO $THO $BC $120/$140 $CWH ADD on pb bounces > 20d $65 target SHORTS about
  • bRobert: @scottrades $BC Long from below This stock plays games $120/$140 WEEKLY CUP target $CWH $65 $PII $170 $THO $200 ALL with HUGE upside WEEKLY bases are STRONG RV bull market for a while
  • bRobert: $THO WEEKLY C&H TWO of them A larger one Base $40 Handle $120 $200 target Smaller one $85 base $125 handle $165 target Same as the daily C&H pattern 2 cups are better than one You can do a toast to higher prices Long
  • bRobert: $THO $200 $BC $120/$140 $WGO $100 $PII $170 RV bull market still intact High upside
  • jfedd13: $THO,$PATK,$LCII Best of the RV boom today.$THO earnings 3/9.
  • bRobert: @jfedd13 $THO $PATK $LCII THO WEEKLY C&H $200 $BC $120/$140+ $PII $170 Others
  • bRobert: $PII $170 $THO $200+ $BC $120/$140 others RV bull market Pullback bounces
  • bRobert: $BC $120/$140+ $PII $170 $THO $200 $CWH $65 $WGO $100 $LCII $200 RV bull market HUGE upside Daily/WEEKLY C&H s in motion
  • jfedd13: $PATK- also an RV boomer. with $THO,$WGO,$CWH,$LCII.
  • bRobert: @jfedd13 $PATK $THO $WGO $CWH $LCII PATK WEEKLY C&H breakout $125 WINNER
  • bRobert: $PLNT BREAKLUT pb BOUNCE hammer $100/$135 $BC $120/$140 $PII $170 $THO $200 C&H WEEKLY $CWH ADD rhrn $65 WEEKLY MMP breakout retest ....bounce BULLISH
  • chucklk: @bRobert $PII $THO $BC $WGO $CWH Opinion on $cwh going into earnings and state of market?
  • bRobert: @Orange-Green $PRO $PII WEEKLY is the charm $170 potential RV bull market with $BC $120/$140 $THO $200 $WGO $100 $CWH $65+
  • Orange-Green: @bRobert $PRO $PII $BC $THO $WGO $CWH Yes I remember you saying that - what do you see as the move for $PRO
  • bRobert: @Orange-Green $PRO $PII $BC $THO $WGO $CWH $65 - $70 WEEKLY W target in motion
  • bRobert: $BC nh $120/$140+ $CWH $65 $THO $200 $PII $170 WEEKLY consolidation breakout monster $WGO $100 $LCII nh $200 RV BULL MARKET GREAT WEEKLY CHARTS with high targets
  • bRobert: $PII $170+ C&H $BC setting up $125/$200 $THO $200 WEEKLY C&H $CWH $55/$65 WEEKLY MMP
  • bRobert: RV bull market Most set to run hard from very bullish bases WEEKLY C&H fest $PII $THO $BC $WGO $CWH HIGH TARGETS 50% or more
  • bRobert: $PII. bounce. $170+. potential. WEEKLY. breakout. Daily. C&H. $BC. $125/$145 $THO. $160/$200 $CWH. $65 RV. bull market
  • bRobert: $THO $200 $CWH $65 $BC $125/$140+ $PII $170 Pullback entries HUGE upside
  • bRobert: $CWH yesterday was a breakout pullback Watching for a bounce WEEKLY breakout MMP Daily C&H as well $55/ $65 potential RV bull market $BC C&H breakout $125/$140 $PII $170 $THO $200 others
  • bRobert: $THO. C&H in motion. Daily/WEEKLY $200. $PII. WEEKLY. inv H&S. breakout. Still early. $170 $BC. WEEKLY. C&H. in motion. $125/$150 +. ptential $CWH. WEEKLY. C&H squeeze breakout. $65 RV. bull market.
  • jfedd13: $PATK,$LCII These are suppliers to the RV boom. Demand is really strong all around-.They are in their own bull market move.Demand is really strong.$THO,$CWH,$WGO.
  • bRobert: $CWH. ready. Daily. C&H. WEEKLY. C&H pinch breakout MMP. $55/$65 50%+. $THO. new. closing high. Daily /weekly. C&H. $165/$200
  • wanda1616: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PLTR $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI #Whale great i felt like the only person in the world that owned $FROG
  • bRobert: $BC $125 - $135 $PII $170 C&H $THO $200 WEEKLY C&H RV bull market $CWH nh $50/$65 WEEKLY MMP
  • mugsneil1: @bRobert $BC $PII $THO $CWH sorry I am relatively new. Are your numbers targets at what dates? Thanks for helping!!
  • bRobert: @mugsneil1 $BC $PII $THO $CWH Targets Longer term
  • wineinquirer: Wineinquirer $THO @scottrades............been watching $THO & $WGO as they complete C&H BUT whlle TMO is emerging from its handle and on good price action..............the vol is ~half avg. The stock certainly is capable of mounting 2xavg vol (1/25,26,27 on up days and 1/28 on down days). Also, I'd like to see the 50d snug up closer. Earnings not till 3/9 so there's time. This one might get away from me but it doesn't quite meet my criteria. WGO's action is similar w/earnings 3/25. Your take???
  • scottrades: @wineinquirer $THO $WGO They are both in really nice uptrends. Low Daily volume and WGO is a little extended, but look for a chance to get it off the 8EMA. I think you could start a little THO here.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $THO $WGO $THO. WEEKLY C&H. pinch a. money making pattern. $200. target. Huge. upside. $WGO $120+
  • bRobert: $CWH. $55/$75. (raised ). WEEKLY. C&H. pinch breakout target. Long from. below RV. bull market. $BC $PII $THO $WGO. $LCII. WEEKLY. wonderland of strength. HIGH upside
  • chucklk: @bRobert $CWH $BC $PII $THO Where do u consider support for setting stops on cwh. And what thoughts on holding thru earnings. Thx
  • jfedd13: $PATK,$LCII,$THO,$WGO RV's are booming. Charts are also.
  • Bwhitty: @jfedd13 $PATK $LCII $THO $WGO Last one $WGO forming a little C&H too on weekly.
  • bRobert: @jfedd13 $PATK $LCII $THO $WGO add $CWH MMP $BC $PII
  • scottto_2: ...
    Do I move stops up on profitable positions such that my loss from end of month would max out at $1000? Do I only do that with positions that are down or mildly positive but have shown a new area of support? Trying to figure it out without disturbi ...
  • jr3345: @scottto_2 $AAP $AAT $BCO $CALX $CCL $CGC $CMPS $CONN $DADA $DFEN $DKNG $EQR $EXP $FROG $GBX $GOGO $GTLS $HII $HOME $MANH $MLM $NAIL $PATK $PLCE $PRA $SDC $ST $TA $THO $TLRY $TXT $UBER $UCTT $USCR $WDC $WIX $WKHS $WWE $XPEV $YRCW $YY $ZI $TRIL $ENDP $HAL $EHTH $AMWD #WhaleClub -- I bought some of your shares in $AMWD. To me it was a pull back / bounce. Added at 87ish.
  • bRobert: $CWH WEEKLY MMP C&H like squeeze breakout Close to $42.50 high ADD on pullback bounces > $42.50 $50/$65 50% upside Huge winner $BC $125 $PII $160 - $170 $THO $200 C&H RV bull market
  • bRobert: $PII C&H flag /bounce $160 - $170 $THO $200 $CWH $50/$65 WEEKLY MMP
  • bRobert: $CWH $65 $PII $170 $BC $125 $THO $200 on pullback bounces ADDS $WGO soon
  • bRobert: $THO. look to. add soon. WEEKLY/daily. C&H. breakout /flag $160/$200 $PII. WEEKLY. breakout. retest. Daily. C&H. flag pb to the 20d. BUY THE BOUNCE. $160/$170+
  • bRobert: $THO. $200 $PII. $160+ Green. shoots. Huge upside WEEKLY. breakouts/pullback ..................
  • bRobert: @jfedd13 $LCII $PATK $PATK. a favorite. $125 WEEKLY. target. Long consolidation base breakout. Great entry. $LCII. RV. bull market. Good entry. $200. WEEKLY. reversal Cup. Strong. along with $THO. $200. $WGO $100. $PII $170 $BC $125 $hog too
  • bRobert: $pii. Weekly breakout. Retest. ..........$170. Others $tho $200. $bc. $125. $cwh. 65
  • bRobert: $THO C&H $165/$200 longer $PII C&H $170 Breakout flag pullback $CWH C&H $50/$65 $WGO C&H $100 $BC $125 $HOG potential $65 RV bull market
  • bRobert: $BC. pullback. bought. RV. bull market $THO. $200. $WGO. $100 $PII. $160. Daily. Cup. flag pullback.........bounce Great weekly. base. breakout $CWH daily C&H. flag pullback. $55. WEEKLY MMP. $65+. Shorts 25%
  • kycol: The only green stocks on my Menervini Scan this morning are: $GSX, $MSFT, $AKAM, $KR, $SFM, $OLLI, & $THO
  • bRobert: $CWH. WEEKLY. MMP. Daily. flag. $45/$65 $THO. $200 $PII. $170 $BC. $125 $WGO. $100 $LCII $200. Good entry $HOG. $75 I've been. covering these for a while
  • bRobert: $THO. $WGO NH. $PII. strong $CWH. flag setting up $HOG. bounce $50/$75
  • bRobert: $THO WEEKLY C&H breakout to nh Intraday pullback $200 longer term after pullback bounce $BC flag WEEKLY CUP $125 longer term $PII Daily Cup Flag pullback $170 with flag trigger $WGO Nh pullback Daily Cup $100 $CWH $55/$65 RV bull market $MANH Well behaved WEEKLY breakout Daily high base c&h like/flag Partial profits already Extended Stop < 20d $160 target
  • bRobert: ...
    $THO WEEKLY C&H $200 $120 speed bump then vroom
    $VRM WEEKLY double bottom W $55-$60/$75
    $PENN $160 C&H HOLDING STOCK Sell it early and regret it unless it gives you a very good reason Partials perhaps
    $DKNG $ ...
  • bRobert: $BC breakout C&H daily WEEKLY CUP reversal in motion A little ahead of $PII Recreational bull market $THO $CWH $HOG $LCII others WEEKLY C&H
  • bRobert: $THO NH *** AT $120 speed bump Partial profit zone WEEKLY C&H $200 Don't settle for less Partials and reasonable trailers keep you involved in a monster move $160 DAILY C&H interim /$200 WEEKLY Long term hold RV bull market $PII $BC $CWH $LCII $HOG $LAZY
  • bRobert: $PII Dip bought on breakout pullback..................BOUNCE $170 potential $BC strong $CWH breakout/pullback ....................BOUNCE $65 target $50 interim SHORTS 30% $THO flying $120 hit $200 longer SHORTS 16% 10d
  • bRobert: @scottrades $CWH $LAZY Will be following $CWH Same sector /chart Only 11% short 5d $32+ $THO nice day $200 WEEKLY target $PII nh $170 WEEKLY breakout
  • bRobert: $PII. nh. $160+. WEEKLY. reversal base. breakout Reports. tomorrow $BC. nh. Reports. 1/28. $125. WEEKLY. reversal breakout $CWK. $65. WEEKLY. C&H pinch. breakout MMP $LAZY. breakout. WEEKLY. C&H.breakout $25/$35 $THO. WEEKLY C&H. $200 $WGO. $100 $LCII. $200 $HOG $70 Recreational. bull market
  • bRobert: $THO. doesn't report until March. WEEKLY. C&H breakout. Speed bump. $120 old high then. blue sky to. $200. target. Shorts. 16%. 10d $CWH shorts. 24%. 5d. $$$$$$$
  • bRobert: $THO. nice move. WEEKLY. C&H. breakout. $200. Speed bump. $120.
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Thor Industries, Inc. manufactures and sells a range of recreation vehicles and small and mid-size buses in the United States and Canada. It has three reportable segments: towable recreation vehicles, motorized recreation vehicles and buses.

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  • September 27th, 2021 - 2021 Q4 Earnings
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