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  • Nepenthe: @issues $YETI No worries, I've got a stop in place after taking small profits also. And therein lay my problem with the trade, "bought it at the open." Rather than realizing that it opened above yesterday's close of 16.10, at 16.41, with a low yesterday of 15.95, I should have bought the open also, as the downside from there, assuming stops at either 16.10 or 15.95, was minimal. Instead, I bought after the first 5min green candle, stumbling as I did it--caffeine hadn't kicked in yet--so my entry was less than appealing and tentative. At least, that's how I assess the trade. Oh, and my stop was just hit. Well, that more than paid for the haircut I took on $TLYS this morning. Now my assessment of that. . .
  • Nepenthe: @shoredriver $TIF Still is...wondering about $TLYS for tomorrow as well...
  • woodman: $TLYS - feisty; not quite there but getting close. Weekly bullish engulfing. Reports 11/28 amc.
  • woodman: $TLYS needs some volume and push up through the 50 day. Could go either way here.
  • woodman: $TLYS - weekly chart is interesting. On the daily, it needs to get back up through the 50 day and then through the mid 19s-20.
  • champ: @woodman $TLYS ---- Yes, but I'm only watching ....and the markets are problematic RHRN...#again...zig-zagging....and loss 250 points off of HOD, on the $DJI...up only + 78 points now...needs to hold. Traders and machines are screwing with the markets again. However, this is looking much better on entries.....but only if the markets hold.
  • woodman: @champ $TLYS $DJI #again - I agree, Champ. I'm in capital preservation mode, as @Dan would say. :-)
  • jbart1025: Anyone watching $TLYS. Looks like some institutional interest
  • vfr777: $TLYS coming out of a squeeze to breakout. buy?
  • jltrader1: The following are this week's top 20 percentage gainers and top 20 percentage losers, categorized by sectors (over $300 mln market cap and 100K average daily volume). This week's top 20 % gainers Healthcare: $RTRX (22.34 51.36%), $ESPR (112.33 51%), $CORT (5.6 40%), $PRTA (38.66 34.84%), $INO (9.09 29.12%), $FOLD (11.61 25.51%), $JUNO (61.53 24.33%), $ATRA (38.78 23.42%), $AKRX (49.03 18.77%), $ITCI (27.64 17.72%) Materials: $GFI (4.36 18.16%) Industrials: $VLCCF (4.98 20.29%) Consumer Discretionary: $CTRP (57.58 31.31%), $QUNR (36.71 28.76%), $TLYS (16.7 27.09%), $CNV (6.65 18.54%) Information Technology: $VTSS (5.34 37.28%), $RALY (12.93 17.65%) Energy: $EXXI (3.83 25.57%), $WLB (29.25 19.34%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This week's top 20 % losers Healthcare: $RDNT (7.54 -16.13%), $PGNX (6.06 -14.53%), $EPZM (19.91 -13.51%), $NKTR (12.02 -13.46%), $AMRN (2.52 -13.1%) Materials: $MTL (1.15 -25.32%), $SQM (18.86 -15.88%), $CLF (4.3 -12.96%) Industrials: $CVEO (2.41 -17.47%)$$NMM (9.75 -17.16%) Consumer Discretionary: $VNCE (16.77 -19.14%), $WTW (8.6 -17.86%) Information Technology: $DSKY (7.02 -35.12%), $YOKU (13.5 -15.04%), $MTSN (3.99 -14.38%), $HIMX (6.85 -14.16%) Financials: $ASPS (13.33 -25.15%), $EJ (5.1 -14.72%) Energy: $WG (3.07 -45.18%), $HGT (5.79 -13.71%) Hope this information is helpful. Have a great weekend.
  • janner0814: Got a signal on Thursday $TLYS http://tinyurl.com/tlys20150319. Part of the specialty retail group. I only have one entry in that group because most don't fill my criteria: and the hang up is weekly uptrend The only one that I'll be focused on is $AEO. This stock may have a potential pop however, $TLYS is happening now. As for $AEO, we could be heading for a rise in the next week or so, however, after that we are headed into a historically weaker period... it won't hurt to enter latter 1/2 of the year... I'm putting it on my calendar alerts for August. @janner0814
  • janner0814: Here's a stock that is NOT part of my #WATCHLIST***. Looks ok, no HX thus far in #SMM: $TLYS. Specialty retail Came from a bullish scan; however it lacks some component (which is why it's not on my watchlist).. probably no WKLYS.
  • jmichaelet: $TLYS - here's a possible good ticker to look at for retail. It IPOed midway through last year, and it looks like it's breaking out of its pullback after the initial upswing (in a nice breakout now, as it were!) Today it looks like it's moving above recent resistance. This store is up for a lot of growth, and the other players on the field are begging to have market share stolen: PacSun going out of business, Zumiez is very stagnant, old news. I'm rather a young pup so I can remark on the stores from personal experience, too - in high school I spent entirely too much time/money in Zumiez. Check it out... and let me know what you think!
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Stock Price $USD 6.63
Change -3.35%
Volume 293,392

Tillly's Inc is a specialty retailer of West Coast inspired apparel, footwear and accessories. It offers a wide assortment of brands such as Volcom, RVCA, Billabong, LRG, Hurley, FOX, DC etc.

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  • March 11th, 2020 - 2019 Q4 Earnings
  • March 12th, 2020 - 2019 Q4 Earnings
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