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  • Yuls: $MPWR strong close and huge volume acquired after close yesterday, $IPHI another nice semi set up on a break of the neat down trendline, similar to $MRVL $TTD flagging right above 50sma, C&H look, may run into earnings $LMB beautiful monthly IPO base, priced offering at $12 hence the drop. Great fund-s/growth/value. Limbach Holdings, Inc. provides building systems.
  • Docoof: @Yuls $MPWR $IPHI $MRVL $TTD $LMB $MPWR 1st day in S&P500
  • Yuls: $TTD at yesterday's high, watching for break out of the flag
  • Pokersmith: @Yuls $TTD me too !
  • cshanggu: bought $frog $bigc $chwy $TTD
  • scottto_2: $TTD - Earnings 2/18 post.
  • bizmodal: $TTD - just waiting for some life to take this off the 50-day.
  • wanda1616: @bizmodal $TTD me too. will add when shows signs of life. glued on 50 and 3ema which have intersected just above the 8ema
  • dagdog: $TTD moving above the 50 after consolidating for a little while. Might be a good time to buy with a stop just below.
  • dagdog: $TTD Yep, good time to add or buy...
  • Bwhitty: $TTD becoming a nice channel trader. 5 shares from 1/27 to today makes $500 profit. I hope it just does that 20 times.
  • ScottT: @Bwhitty $TTD I have done that several times with $TTD. Has been very profitable
  • scottrades: ...
    $TTD Just under the 5 Day
    $ZI Drama Queen
    $JMIA Still in trend.
    $PLTR High volume sell off, back to the 21 EMA.
    $NVCR Today was a good day to start but the move comes above 180
    $DOYU China Stock, watch 13.75
    $CGC Smokin’
    $TLRY Going Up!
    $MSO ...
  • champ: @scottrades $AVID $SPY $QQQ $AMZN $GOOGL $MSFT $FB $TTD $ZI $JMIA $PLTR $NVCR $DOYU $CGC $TLRY $MSOS $IIPR $GRWG $RIOT $FTCH $LOGI $HALO $TLS $GME $AMC #Bitcoin #Ethereum ~~~~~~~~ Yes-sir and thats a Great real simple Plan, Watch tomorrow and pay attention, to what is working and the #reasons-Why.....OK got-it.....will do..over.
  • Bwhitty: Bought the world at LOD even though had to fight with broker about it. $PENN $BL $CRM $FTCH $NVDA $TTD and more, all tight stops.
  • 1993dean: $TTD on the move
  • Yuls: $TTD nice pop
  • Bert953: @bRobert Good job, my employees, while working, cannot be considered great. However, Im workin' on getting the right employees, in the right sizes, on my bus. Im looking for employees with the best characteristics to rotate into. #Market is still rather extended ($NFLX & $GOOGL - missed opportunities), while climbing the wall of worry, so not many RHRN setups ($TTD $AAPL), but some promising equities are out there.
  • wanda1616: $TTD looking buyable
  • jonwest88: @Yuls $WDAY I sold this one totally out over a few days starting 12/29 and 30. Had this one at the same time I bought $TTD, $TWLO, and $SHOP. I kept those, sold a small partial recently of $SHOP. $WDAY never grew like the others and the fundamentals have been challenging. Just raising cash.
  • DAN: ...
    $TTD -- Request. No thanks. Not time to buy.
  • Auto: $TTD sold first thing short now will add if she breaks $796
  • snowbound: $TTD Taking a marker position at the 50SMA . It hasn't been polite lately but I find it technically predictable . Happy New Year EVERYONE ... what an incredible year , what a world-class group . I'm humbled to be a part of ... sincere thanks to you each and everyone of you . Will
  • DAN: I was responding to one of our members in the forum and decided to just send this out to everyone because it's something that I feel strongly about. I want to give you a vision of where you are heading.

    From @snowbound: "$TTD Taki ...
  • Docoof: @DAN $TTD Thanks, Dan. And you get 2 smiley faces and a thumbs up: 😊😊👍
  • Jazman0013: @DAN $TTD thank you Dan. This was a trying Year in most regards. From a trading perspective it was really pretty good. Most the rest of it... not so much. So many things had come to bear that made the going difficult. Grief was awful. Not just one in ...
  • mradams0621: @DAN $TTD Great post and a special thanks for the great webinar today. You and Scott awesome as always and expected but the added Bridget presentation was an awesome late Christmas gift for those of us who only wish we could get more access to her teaching. What a blessing you all are and the forum contributors also. Happy New Year to all.
  • scottto_2: @wanda1616 $TTD - Yup! Sir @Auto was all over this yesterday....
  • Auto: @scottto_2 $TTD yes next stop as of yesterday $850 long from below
  • wanda1616: $TTD may be bottoming....(after steep sell off i missed while getting shoes put on my horse on monday which turned out to be VERY expensive...)and thus have held through it all, super unprofessional. a hammer yest and a green shoot today providing it holds
  • wanda1616: @scottto_2 $TTD thx for mentioning its been very unpleasant
  • wanda1616: @Auto $TTD its such a huge wide spread-low volume stock once it gets moving in any direction anything can happen
  • scottto_2: @wanda1616 $TTD - Shake it off. We've all gotten shellacked on gaps. Dust off. Get back in the saddle. Always learn.
  • wanda1616: @scottto_2 $TTD thanks ! for the support am back in saddle also had reticence to take gains and sell before imminent end of year and pay MORE taxes...bad idea
  • Auto: $TTD short added
  • traderbren: $TTD - just noticed the $TTD is close to testing the 50 dma. If it doesn't hold, it could move lower to close the gap from 11/5. NP
  • Auto: $TTD covered short at $797 now long $800
  • scottto_2: @Auto $TTD - You seem to have a knack for these. Taking a nibble with you.... Stop just below today's low.
  • Auto: @scottto_2 $TTD Thanks... keep your eye on the bouncing ball... three day rule on the daily and even numbers.. works every time
  • scottto_2: $TTD - Sold this week's $840 calls against my longs. Off to a good start.. Thanks to @Auto
  • Auto: @scottto_2 $TTD Ka-Ching$$$$ Good job!! next stop $850
  • Bwhitty: $TTD looking for a bounce here.
  • Bwhitty: $TTD at bottom of bands, going to watch for 5 and 10 min support.
  • Ruthboone: @Bwhitty $TTD any news?
  • DAN: @Bwhitty $TTD This is not a stock that you should be holding. It is broken.
  • Auto: $ZS $TTD shorts working $ARRY $BCOV $MSTR $SHAK added long
  • Bwhitty: @DAN $TTD I would have thought you would wait to see how it reacts here. If it get bought back up to 8 day and 20 day. Still above 50.
  • DAN: @Bwhitty $TTD Why? The stock has broken down from a high squeeze. It's trading at more than 400% average volume and is down more than 8%. I guess it's a personal thing, but I really couldn't care less whether the 50-day moving average holds up bec ...
  • Bwhitty: @DAN $TTD I was just looking to trade a bounce. Doubt I would held anything over either way. But I have NP because no buyers stepped in and at this point the bounce would be weak IMO. On a 10 min it is pretty ugly.
  • DAN: @Bwhitty $TTD Why would you be looking for a bounce on a broken stock? I don't understand the logic behind looking for a bounce on a stock that is being decimated on massive volume. Personally, I don't see the potential for any monetary reward on that trade. Of course, if you are able to buy the stock right at the low, you might get a thrill. But you'll only make pennies. It just seems like a very difficult trade...for very little reward. I'd suggest that you just take it off your list and forget the stock ever existed. You're pushing on a string, and fixating on the wrong thing. (Just my opinion, of course) Dan
  • stonksgoup: $TTD letting it gooooo
  • Bwhitty: @DAN $TTD In the past you have suggested a quick trade on $TQQQ when it was in the dumps. I don't think you were fixated on the ticker but just looking for a bounce on a oversold stock. Same thing with a 59er after earnings. A stock at the bottom of bands if, if buyers step in I do not think is any different. The trade did not trigger for me so I did not take. I don't think I am fixated on the stock but appreciate you trying to keep money in my account. Thx for the reminders 👍
  • mihaela14: Hi guys what’s up with $ttd today sell off? Any tips how to trade this
  • wanda1616: @mihaela14 $ttd wow we both posted at exactly the same time. may be a profit taking vicious circle...?? tempted to pick up a bit
  • mihaela14: @wanda1616 $ttd I saw @dan posted his take on it It’s not pretty:( I fell I love with the stock , I was knocked out a couple times last 4 months,
  • tjv821: @mihaela14 $ttd sell no support anywhere on this chart
  • DAN: @Bwhitty $TTD $TQQQ Totally different charts. For one thing, $TTD was in a squeeze. Doesn't take much to push a stock down to the lower BBand when it's in a squeeze. So it is a LOT different. When a stock in a squeeze moves to and through a BBand ...
  • wanda1616: @mihaela14 $ttd thx i missed dans take ive had some of this for over a year. i have a strong stomach. : o
  • Bwhitty: @DAN $TTD $TQQQ All 3 are different examples of PB entries is the only thing they have in common. I was looking for $TTD to find support around 871 area same as back on 12/10. Once it broke below there and through bands on high volume I had no interest.
  • Auto: $TTD turned short around now long day trade $CMG turned long around now short again
  • mihaela14: @tjv821 $ttd thanks very much.!you are right. I’m out.
  • Auto: $TTD shorted yesterday added from above today
  • Auto: $WMT $TTD $ZS short from above day trade 8>)
  • dagdog: $TTD this one wants to move higher but keeps hitting its head against $1,000.
  • Auto: $TTD $PENN $DKNG $BBBY $TSLA short from above working
  • jschibal: $TTD - breaking out right now
  • wanda1616: $TTD new high and looks very tight??? along 3 EMA
  • wanda1616: @RiccardoB $FB $TWLO $MGNi $ZM monthly $MGNI very interesting....and $TTD in same space has been a huge winner. thx for posting
  • wanda1616: $TTD usual antics. winner
  • wanda1616: $TTD blast through to new high??? low vol so far
  • wanda1616: $TTD about to break glass ceiling???
  • crank: @wanda1616 $TTD
  • Ruthboone: $TTD. ATH
  • bRobert: @Ruthboone $TTD WEEKLY flag trigger in motion $1000/$1050 target This has been one VERY technically polite stock
  • AS8: Hoping for $TTD to keep going
  • chunlow: @RiccardoB $MGNI $TTD pin action. Note on CTV acceleration-great for $MGNI
  • maffs0: New here and still getting to grips with the site. I bought some $TTD today. It popped on earnings on the 6th and then came right back in before a brief four day consolidation with light volume. Bought today at 766 when it moved above the consolidation high. Stop is at the low since earning at 697. The base is a lot shorter than I like but I have noticed that when you want to buy a gap up you don't always have that luxury. Appreicate any thoughts
  • issues: $TTD got a great profit on this one but it didnt drop that much. This could be called a phase 2. So I bought it again - but just a small position. I think it's got gas in the tank, don't you? Could this baby crowd $1000 someday?
  • funfl: Anyone else have thoughts on shorting $TTD here....for short term trade? Thx
  • Brett: @funfl $TTD i'd like to see it go sideways and consolidate over time, potentially finding support around the 8 ema.
  • bRobert: @RedLeaf1 $TTD $MELI I like $ttd. $900+. But too extended to buy. $meli same $1600. Weekly c&h. Too extended to buy Holds after partial profits and trading around a core Look for pullback bounces closer to support
  • RedLeaf1: @bRobert $TTD $MELI Thanks for your reply last night. Will wait to trade these.
  • bRobert: $MELI. Breakout. retest/pullback. $1600 target $TTD. $1000 flag target with trigger.
  • RedLeaf1: @bRobert $MELI $TTD Thanks!
  • bRobert: @RedLeaf1 $MELI $TTD Trade small if at all. Add with confirmation of thesis.
  • issues: A couple of low ballers include $ICPT (NP) and $RNG (NP) I put in limit orders to get lower prices. I sold $NFLX at a loss. Woe is me. I sold these (partials) with good profits: $SE $SQ $TTD $COST. Still holding half of $FTCH. Took profits in $FVRR!! We have a big tax problem this year.
  • RedLeaf1: @bRobert Welcome back. Any comments you might have on $TTD and/or $MELI would be appreciated. Glad you're doing well.
  • Ruthboone: $TTD. About to hit 800
  • Bwhitty: @Ruthboone $TTD Remember when we kicking ourselves for not buying it at 400! A double! 🤦‍♂️
  • shoredriver: $TTD...@806(up 25%)...and still going.....yesss....
  • AS8: Who can stop $TTD? Best buy in the past 2 months
  • shoredriver: $TTD....830 on deck...850 next.......
  • AS8: @scottrades if $TTD didn't have earnings today, what do you think about the pattern? I like how it touched 50 day and BB and came back
  • scottrades: @AS8 $TTD Hard to buy here but good short term volume. It's a little far away form the 8EMA. Try and get it closer to there if you can.
  • Herb: There goes $TTD, too.
  • shoredriver: $ 700.....yassss......
  • tartan: @scottrades $PYPL $SQ $BABA $CLX $ROKU $W $PTON $QCOM $WING $SWKS $CVS $GOLD $NET $SPCE $GM $HZNP $LL $MPC $AZN $WM $TTD $EL $DBX $AYX $ON $ZNGA $CWH $AMCX $MELI $SEDG $REGN $CPE $LDOS $AMRN $UBER $BMY $KPTI $LITE $HUM $WEN $BHC $MCK $CPLP Always appreciate a heads up on earnings I think $BILL is due to report this week also
  • MtChet: $ADBE $CRM $FVRR $TTD - All at the bottom of the channel. All Low Risk...added to all.
  • jjohn: $TTD Broke above a downward sloping trendline. Volume is low though
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