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  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $UVXY STO 9/6/19 BeCS 39.0/45.0 @.37
  • champ: $SPY, the markets look positive but we could see a reversal at anytime, could start a few hours before the close, especially going into the close. Watch $UVXY, $SQQQ and $SDS.
  • champ: $UVXY +$0.33, $SQQQ $0.46, $SDS $0.01, these ETF's might work if the markets take a hard turn. Have to be concerned about market direction today, the #guess is the markets could have a flat or negative close. However it is still too early, to know anything about market direction....but we all know what could happen this weekend.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $UVXY $SQQQ $SDS #guess Yes, crazy to guess. Whatever happens, not sure how market will react. Tuesday. Bet if all close in the red, just watching. Never been good at guessing, enter now or not, even with turns green to red. Watching and learning for future short trades dealing with conditions as is now. Good luck and hope you do great whatever. Great reaction time.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $UVXY $SQQQ $SDS #guess --- #Luck, Yes luck might or will be in play today. I have no clue what is going to happen but I'm ready and I move into these ETF's, near the lows. It's hard for me to guess, that the markets are going to have a positive close. However it is easier to guess, that the markets will bounce on Tuesday.
  • twinvest: $UVXY (short term puts) $OLED $VEEV $AAPL $PINS (common stock) $VRTX Added to long leap calls on the above core positions. Expecting volatility to deflate over next two weeks, took initial stock position in $PINS. Been adding short term put spreads to winning positions to stay in my long leap calls
  • champ: @Sluggo #December #trading-market --- I work the markets and there is no real reason to trust the markets. $SDS and $UVXY, I'm still working the markets.
  • ginice: @bigbartabs, @champ $NUGT $BLL Yes he was a big seller of puts. But wasn't it the $UVXY or the $SVXY that collapsed and he was heavily selling puts in those that actually put him under? I'm not sure but I think it was that, that did him in.
  • Sluggo: @ginice $NUGT $BLL $UVXY $SVXY If you want a safety net, just put your stop at the 20d, $35.00. I was fussing around with this thing, too. I know it is going up, but now I just hold it. My stop is a lot lower than this as a result.
  • ginice: @Sluggo $NUGT $BLL $UVXY $SVXY Ha! I won't touch it with a 20ft pole! Thanks but no thanks. Trade safe.
  • bigbartabs: @ginice $NUGT $BLL $UVXY $SVXY ... I think you might be right about that... The VIX short term futures... and within a x3 ETF. That was most certainly a bucking bronc ride.
  • ginice: @bigbartabs $NUGT $BLL $UVXY $SVXY Yes, I believe he was selling calls and puts and buying actual stock. Look at the 3 year daily chart. I don't think anyone could survive that nose-dive. It happened very fast. Those ladders he got were his demise. I hate it for him he was very helpful to me. He put me in $GOOG @ $300 with a DITM put. I hope he has moved on and is doing well.
  • champ: $SPY, call it $288 on the close and the ATH was $302.23 but it sure seems like it should be down even more. I'm not holding very many positions, took profits and downsized other positions. However I'm trading the markets and my trading-profits have b ...
  • champ: @rnrdallas #MARKET---- That is all true but still...#it-all-depends, on what you do. I'm a full-timer, for a long, long-time. Cash, all should always have cash....but it is not really about cash, it is all about timing....and if you have timing, you always have cash. Just let the wind-blow and many can work around the wind but only if an investor can see and recognize opportunities. Plus it is the same old thing,....some can see better than others. But no-One is ever 100%..but, on how you work, its about #timing....and timing is still unknown, for now....because everything is dancing around. $VXX $UVXY $SQQQ $SDS $ERY....
  • rnrdallas: @champ $VXX $UVXY $SQQQ $SDS $ERY #MARKET---- #it-all-depends #timing Dancing !!! stocks were doing the jitterbug all day. LOL Now I have just dated myself. The next few days should be very interesting. Lets make some money.
  • champ: @rnrdallas $VXX $UVXY $SQQQ $SDS $ERY #MARKET---- #it-all-depends #timing ---- Should be very interesting but today was really something. Yes the jitterbug, I your bring back some real nice flash-backs. Lets, I agree, let's give it a shot but remember,'s all about #timing.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $ZS ---- Yes, NP and I'm not swinging very many positions and I normally don't swing tech positions into earnings....and if I do, size is real small, like only 2 hands of black-jack, just for fun. I'm just waiting and watching targets for entries....and maybe a few add-on's....$Z and $ZG. Nothing really going on, for those who are mostly out of the markets. $SSO, has started to turn and I'm holding new ETF's ...and the main move on both of these could be over...$SQQQ and $UVXY, it is for me but I might get back-in.
  • champ: $UVXY @ $36.70....this level got my attention.
  • champ: $SQQQ ---- $UVXY @ $ $35.80 ....LOD was $35.12. Watch the markets now,......could drop?
  • champ: @mopick $SPY $DJI $SPXU ---- With China, is playing games again and IRAN, is raising hell, I'm watching $UVXY, for another trade and sure $SPXU, could work, if one works, the others will also.
  • champ: $UVXY & $SPXU....could work, we will see.
  • champ: ...
    Today...on $UVXY, I had 4 buy trades, with 7 sells. The action was on the open, then Mid-day and then going into the close.
    On $SQQQ, I had 2 buys and 2 sells. The first trade started at around !0:15 and the second trade started going into the close ...
  • champ: $SVXY - $UVXY ---- It sure looks like the markets are in for more of these large zig-zag dance moves and daily volatility, looks like it is going to continue. However, maybe I should say, it looks like the markets are going to continue, to zig-zag #Lower. We will know more about Market-Direction tomorrow. Could be that Friday's, market turn off of LOD, was maybe only a false hope-turn. The swing buyers were only hoping, that the markets would open-up on Monday. No real positive news over the weekend
  • champ: $UVXY, this hedge is also working.....
  • champ: @jlutzkanin $SPX --- I'm just watching but I'm doing well off of these dance moves. ETF's work, for the drop $UVXY and for the turn $SSO. I posted, that in this type of markets, ETF's, work really well. Traders are making huge profits, off of these moves. Either watch or join-up with these traders.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds #Full-Timers #Never #until --- This morning I was expecting a drop, 2 to 4 bars on the 5- min, now it might be too late for $SVXY long, the the opposite of $UVXY short but I will never swing either...#Never. Need to Paper-Trade, until you're ready, with your plan on entry, size and exit.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $SVXY $UVXY #Full-Timers #Never #until #Never Paper trading most ideas from SMM. Learning the mechanics of swinging. My problem is waiting to long when something goes up thinking it will continue even after it goes down, generally faster than up. Need to establish in my mind, say 1 or 2 red bars then get out. Easier said than done.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $SVXY $UVXY #Full-Timers #Never #until #Never On $UVXY was watching, in this trade, when it hit 43, stayed a while, then around noon, in 10 min, 2 red -- 5 min bars dropped to $40 something. After 1 5 min drop watched then bang again. Learning and thyanks for help.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $SVXY $UVXY #Full-Timers #Never #until #Never --- We talked about that before...don't wait too long.. to take profits. #Take- a-look at the 10 day chart, on the 60 min daily bar, over the weekend. These dance moves started on 5/1, off of Trade-News.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $SVXY $UVXY #Full-Timers #Never #until #Never #Take- I know, like I said it is difficult for my greedy bones at times. Developing mechanic that I will do the same thing at all times and forget my thinking and reasoning.
  • champ: $UVXY @ $41.00.....this could have been back-in entry...will find out. No clue on how the markets are going to close....
  • champ: $UVXY, are you ready....
  • champ: $SPY $ sure looks like the markets are guessing, that the new tariffs are on hold, as negotiations continue. We will find out tonight.
  • champ: ...
    ......This is one of many ETF targets, for Day-Trades, I like these also, $UVXY $SVXY $SSO $LABU $LABD $FAS $TQQQ $SQQQ and many others, but only on certain days, but if your not ready, you will always miss #Entry-Timing. You can pick-up an extra $ ...
  • champ: $UVXY....HOD
  • champ: $DJI is down ---330 points @ 26,090...more news on the trade tariffs/...He is back....Vice Premier Liu He, will be back in Washington, leading the Chinese delegation. This news could help to hold-up the markets, a little. But the market really needs to hold this level on the $DJI 26,000. However, the markets sure looks like they are going lower. $UVXY $SQQQ, these are a couple day-trades, hedges that I'm in. .....The #problem is ...even if they come-up with...a short-term agreement, that won't happen until Thursday, that is something to think about, are we going to be able to hold this market level, until the close on Thursday.
  • champ: $UVXY...turned off of the high..and the $DJI, moving off of LOD, turned....that first turn didn't last very long, now we will see if they will try again. Looks like the Machines, could be in play, they turned the markets on Monday, let it happen..again.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $UVXY $DJI Do you always close out positions in $UVXY or like ETF's at close or swing sometime?
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $UVXY $DJI ---- Yes, I always take it off before the close. I'm holding a stock position.
  • champ: $UVXY...HOD
  • champ: @riskmanager $SPY $DJI $AMZN $STNE $VLO $PTEN #repositioning --- Know real way to know, at this point.....but I started taking profits off on Monday and posted ....but I don't have anything left, that I want to take profits on, for now, but that could change at anytime. ......I have a few spec day-trades going on now....$AMZN is one at $1,904...and $UVXY is another. My account are up a little today but watching closely now. $MMM and a few other stocks are effecting the markets. ......The bottom line is.....I waiting to see how it goes with $AMZN. However, I'm also already set-up, for the markets to turn off the high....but that being said...I still make my market decisions #daily....nothing has really changed for me ...#Yet. LOL
  • champ: $UVXY + $2.00 $SPXU $0.80 $SQQQ $0.33 ....had some great moves this morning...but now zig-zagging....I have been trading these ETF's. Still holding....and I will move back in with size, if I get the opportunity.
  • CraigReynolds:
  • Sluggo: $TVIX I use this to counteract some downside while I hold long positions that are still working. It takes some of the pain away. I don't hold it long, but it is down at it's bottom and showing some upside. Same with $UVXY.
  • champ: @Imortalz1 $GOOGL $FB $AAPL $HD --- I understand, I have it right in front of me, all day-long, everyday. ...I have been Day-Trading ..$UVXY, today. I agree, about what you said.....about the yellow light, go slow...but the #Red-Light is on for most.. #Stop, No new entries at all, until a turn. I posted that everyone should be on hold, on any new entries....this is a wait, for market-direction. .....My post was about, watching those stocks for market direction, if they start to turn fast, that could be a #sell-signal, to start to take a little profits off. However, as of now, this is just traders...and a few #CopyCat, profit sellers. Nothing major going on, at this time...IMO...but need to really pay close attentions. If you watch these stocks, you will #know what to do, that was my point....and Thanks, for the reply.
  • champ: $SPY $DJI ----- Not much off anything going on, I'm just a spectator, for now. The Day-Traders, that feel like they know what is going on, are hoping to get lucky, are chopping around...chop/chop. $GOOGL, is outperforming $AMZN, for now...NP's. $UVXY...this could bounce...NP...but I'm loaded.
  • champ: $DJI ---- The News this morning is....this drop was triggered early this morning, in the pre-market ..(PM)... because of the European Markets. All the economic indicators continue to drop.... recession is knocking on their door...and it is real. They haven't been able to correct all of the EU economies. The news is all the EU countries are in or near recession. The first drop always turns ....but now the question this drop going to continue. $UVXY $SPXS $SDS $SQQQ $SCO ...if you watch these ETF's, we might find out.
  • lostsheep: @champ $DJI $UVXY $SPXS $SDS $SQQQ $SCO I heard driving to work that Australia lowered interest rates. Typically not the sign of global strength and demand from a commodity weighted economy.
  • bRobert: @champ $DJI $UVXY $SPXS $SDS $SQQQ $SCO Quantitative easing for every one. Next round is on me. China, Europe . USA...In an interview, Yellin said the discussion is open for lowering rates.
  • lostsheep: @bRobert $DJI $UVXY $SPXS $SDS $SQQQ $SCO Her and Bernanke were renting a helicopter to personally distribute the bills.
  • champ: @lostsheep $DJI $UVXY $SPXS $SDS $SQQQ $SCO ---- They have room to lower rates...but the others don't...they have already lower them....thats the problem.
  • champ: @bRobert $DJI $UVXY $SPXS $SDS $SQQQ $SCO --- She is still hanging around and I guess she agrees with the President, that they shouldn't have raised rates so fast, he was warning for months....but our economy is not effect, for now. But the wind is blowing a little this morning.
  • champ: @bRobert $HIIQ ----- Hard to buy any position today because of #Uncertainty ...but entry for $UVXY, was $49.70 for my Hedge. I will see if I need it.... real soon.
  • bRobert: @champ $HIIQ $UVXY #Uncertainty These are good stocks to watch. You need to have a shopping list. When the market turns, they move faster than the others
  • champ: ...
    .......The #Wall-of-Worry is still standing and it is in play daily...#everyday and investors always need to be aware, that is never going to change. Investors always need to be aware about the zig-zag-traders, that is how they make their profits, o ...
  • Pcdentist: @champ $DJI $UVXY $HIIQ #Market-Direction #progress #yesterday #Wall-of-Worry #everyday #not #Problematic #CopyCat-panic-selling Thanks to your posts , I was ready,,,followed on $UVXY,,,,in our repeat.
  • geothrills: $UVXY #MeaCulpa Ended up bailing on a January $80 and $90 UVXY put trade this morning that I had allowed to grow too large, for a pretty nasty loss. I am having a hard time envisioning the market moving higher from here in the short term, and am jus ...
  • GOOSE: $UVXY From what I see, this is up 8 points??? Not a good sign. $VIX up 3.
  • Sluggo: $UVXY My favorite tune right now is Nowhere to Run, nowhere to Hide by Martha and the Vandellas. $UVXY is extended right now and it's a little late to use this to short the market right now, but cash is still king. I flip down the indexes and am getting tired of sitting on my hands. This is where control takes the upper hand. Tough to do.
  • Sluggo: $UVXY it is also at the exact point of doing a golden cross and broke above the 200d resistance a while ago. Something to watch.
  • champ: @DrScience $DJI $IWM --- Yes... but that is the larger investors....However, for me my plans are only daily...and they changes all thur out the day. The larger investors are the ones that are taking the losses. The smaller investors are #Out of the m ...
  • GOOSE: TRADES: For better or ........ Riskyyyy $UVXY 12/21/18 STO 79/84 BeCS @.36 $UVXY 12/121/18 STO 76/82 BeCS @.45 $AMZN 12/21/18 STO 15.10/15.05 BuPS @1.21
  • geothrills: $UVXY - BTO Jan $80 puts @ $15.75. Very small size.
  • mradams0621: @champ $AMZN Are you watching for a turn? What will be your first confirmation that the low of day is in? I am watching for it but do not see it. Still holding $UVXY day trade. When it reverses, I'll give back most of the daily gains, if past results are any indication of future results. Sure wish someone would invent a "daily turn" indicator.
  • champ: @mradams0621 $AMZN $UVXY ---- I have a new #Spec entry RHRN....I'm just waiting for news....and I might not even get the right news. That would be nice... but the daily turn ..#indicator-is-always-news.
  • mradams0621: $UVXY new high of day with volume
  • mradams0621: $TVIX $UVXY $VIXY $VXX All in the top ten on Schwab's scan "Change from Open" Guess that tells a story.
  • Sluggo: @Dan $MSFT $CRM $TZA $LABD $UVXY $AMT $VZ $MPW This note is mostly about setting stops. When the market is strong or neutral, your stops hit really close to your activation price (within 5 cents or so). In a volatile environment, they really aren't much help. I set a market stop on $MSFT at 107.90 and it didn't hit until $106.04 today. CRM market stop was set at $138.99 and it didn't hit until $133.47 today. $UVXY works, but $LABD and especially $TZA don't reflect the downturn. Avoid those. End story, my short ETFs placed yesterday worked fine and kept me out of trouble. It enabled me to go to cash for now with only a $30 loss today.
  • DAN: @Sluggo $MSFT $CRM $TZA $LABD $UVXY $AMT $VZ $MPW You need to talk to your broker about that, Sluggo. A stock like MSFT is super liquid. You shouldn't get filled at $1.85 below where your trigger was. I don't know about the others. But there's no way your fill should have been that crappy. Sorry about that...but thanks for posting your experience so others can learn from it.
  • bigbartabs: @DAN @Sluggo $MSFT $CRM $TZA $LABD $UVXY $AMT $VZ $MPW ... ditto Dan. You should only have big gaps like that with very low volume tickers. Also a reason to be careful with low volume tickers.
  • mradams0621: $UVXY sharp spike up
  • champ: @woodman $QQQ $QID --- What I'm reading is ...China skepticism, the market doesn't believe that they are going to follow thru there on part of the deal. is spinning around like a top....however, it is all positive...#but-only-if are on the right side of the trade...$VXX and $UVXY.
  • woodman: @champ $QQQ $QID $VXX $UVXY #but-only-if - Comments about yield curve and belief that economy will be weakening are doing damage today too. I think that's at least as big a story. See my other posts.
  • Sluggo: $LABD $UVXY $TZA $VZ $AMT $MPW $MSFT $CRM with the bipolar action of the market, I find myself with 3 short ETFs and 5 long positions. The $VZ and the $AMT seem to go up on down days, and I am sure the 5G upgrades helps them. They barely got touched today. The only longs I have that are losing money are $CRM and $MSFT. I believe in them long term, especially since they had good E reports and guidance. I feel weird going long and short at the same time, but this is the market we are in. Comments?
  • Pcdentist: @Sluggo $LABD $UVXY $TZA $VZ $AMT $MPW $MSFT $CRM My comment is that I love your post,,,reviews what you have and what you plan,,,thanks
  • champ: $DJI ---- Need to be ready for either #Market-Direction and if you don't think that is important, your wrong --- For the most part...the market are not all that hard to figure out, when the market turn, you need to take profits. The bottom line is, w ...
  • champ: $VXX and $UVXY ...easy to see that both of these are working....and are the only positions that I'm holding, for now...will they keep working, flip a coin it is anyone's guess....this is my #guess for now. I'm also still holding a few long term positions.
  • champ: $UVXY and $VXX ...both of these are also working....but will they keep working....still holding my hedge.
  • champ: @mopick $CTL $CopyCat #add-postions --- Yes, I was just going to post, that should happen....I'm also holding $UVXY.
  • geothrills: @Henry $AAPL Indeed, took one round of profits just to feel good, in Jan $200's @ $16.20, out at $19. Rest is riding with a stop just below VWAP. Also closed my Nov $70 $UVXY puts that I purchased in two lots last Friday ($11.26) and Monday ($9), for a tidy 60% average gain. Will likely go into the weekend all cash.
  • shoredriver: $UVXY If it breaks 58 I will likely nibble.....
  • singlemalt:
  • singlemalt:
  • mopick: @singlemalt $UVXY , I've used this one many times successfully. Itching to get back in, as this rally, imho, is very suspect.
  • singlemalt:
  • champ: @singlemalt $UVXY --- This is a great ETF, for full time traders but you must have timing, as you know. For me, this is a hard ETF, to swing, with size...I never swing size with these type of ETF's. It worked a little today going into the close but I would never swing into earnings, when big names like $AAPL...and others are aware. LOL
  • geothrills: @DAN Sage wisdom, the charts are a mess, options premiums are through the roof, although I must admit that the tightening bands on the 4HR S&P futures chart and the li'l bounce at the close yesterday to keep us inside the lower BB, in conjunction with the stable/flat open this morning does provide some encouragement. Of course, yesterday's open was tame but ultimately sold as well (albeit a gap higher to begin with). As of this writing, the $SPY did just move above its opening rotation high (something it failed to do yesterday), which signals a potential 59 minute trade to the long side. I am choosing the comfortably low stress approach of watching, aside from a small position in Nov $UVXY $70 puts that I purchased in two lots (Friday @ $11 and yesterday @ $9).
  • singlemalt: $UVXY The $VIX is obviously elevated, and could easily go higher, like ie next Monday. Or whenever the #BigPuke is. I don't understand options well enough, and it's too expensive to short $UVXY, so I'd like to short via puts. Far dated. I'm looking at the 2020 Jan55, current ask: $25.80 with an IV of 128. This thing WILL be lower in a year, but what would the projected potential gain be given all the various parameters? Thoughts? Anyone?
  • Robert1965: @singlemalt $UVXY $VIX #BigPuke look at $SVXY short ETF
  • Reif99: @singlemalt $UVXY $VIX #BigPuke I'm not saying it's a bad trade, just be aware that volatility options don't act like stock options because they incorporate the next months contract as well as current month. So if next month's volatility is less than this month's, strange things start to happen with the price action.
  • singlemalt: @Robert1965 $UVXY $VIX $SVXY #BigPuke Since (at least the vol) etf''s use rolling futures to price their etf's, there is an inherent decay in price. Shorting the $UVXY at least has you swimming downstream. I believe that's the better vehicle, just don't know the best way to do it. Look at as long term a chart as you can, weekly and monthly.
  • geothrills: @singlemalt $UVXY $VIX I dipped my toe in the water with a very small lot of Nov $70 $UVXY puts this morning at $11.26. As I posted yesterday, I have been eyeing an opportunity to put on a volatility reversion trade, and I think this is an appropriate place to *begin* scaling in. Out of respect for not knowing the future, my trading plan incorporates maintaining capital to create a ladder of higher strike and longer expiration puts, should volatility continue to rise into next week. I don't think you need to go out to January 2020, as historically it has never taken that long for volatility to normalize. The farthest out I intend to go, if things get real sporty, is March 2019, but for the most part I expect to stick with Nov through January 2019 expirys.
  • singlemalt: @audrina0904 oops, $UVXY. Thanks for asking, sorry I missed it. Sorta wrapped up in thinking about this thing
  • audrina0904: @singlemalt $UVXY - Interesting question, i have never traded an option in a security such as this. ANYONE ELSE?
  • singlemalt: @DAN Well, I've watched, and traded (mostly on the short side after being burnt on the long) $UVXY for a couple years. A look at the long term chart shows it's going to go down. This volatile period will subside, may take a few months, plus or minus, that's why I wanted a further out strike. I don't see it as parking money, but putting it in something that will, eventually, make good $, maybe great $. My problem is understanding how IV and the greeks affect potential profits. Maybe it's just not the way to do it. I dunno
  • singlemalt: @singlemalt $UVXY There's time decay too of course. But that shouldn't be a big factor in the next few months. BTW, my previous experience was with the equity, both long and short, not puts as of yet.
  • singlemalt: @singlemalt $UVXY I suppose if you don't see what I'm seeing, I'm looking through rose colored glasses and should move on. Just seems like a, don't say it... "sure thing". Dang. I see it as planting not parking my money, and waiting for the harvest...
  • shoredriver: @singlemalt $UVXY ...Well Johnny Appleseed...As long as you remember your are not guaranteed apples.....
  • singlemalt: @singlemalt $UVXY OK, this is my last post on this, and then I'll shut up. $UVXY has only been above it's declining 50 week ma a few times since it's inception in 2011. Now is the 4th time. Guess I'll just buy one and pay for the education that way.
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Stock Price $USD 15.73
Change 4.04%
Volume 5,895,380

The investment seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to three times the inverse (-3x) of the daily performance of the Dow Jones U.S. FinancialsSM Index. The fund invests in derivatives that ProShare Advisors believes, in combination, should have similar daily return characteristics as three times the inverse (-3x) of the daily return of the index. The index measures the performance of the financial services sector of the U.S. equity market. ProShare Advisors uses a mathematical approach to investing. It is non-diversified.

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