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  • champ: @bRobert $GUSH --- $OILU and $UWT... both of these EFF's, have more than double YTD.
  • bRobert: @champ $GUSH $OILU $UWT I hold $UWT . as well. I will trade around a core. gentle zig zag ascent. I will add on pb/bounces higher lows within the uptrend.
  • bRobert: $UGAZ Long from below. Watching for move >50d $70 target $UWT $GUSH Long
  • bRobert: @champ $XOP Long $GUSH . $UWT
  • champ: @bRobert $XOP $GUSH $UWT ---- Yes, everything is moving...$CRZO ...this could also turn. I have around 25 positions in the sector.
  • bRobert: $UWT Beta energy $26 reversal target from nice base . 60%+ upside I suspect it won't take very long as momentum picks up. The space was highly shorted. Seeing short covering and new money flow . Energy is important to the economy. Large amount of bank paper in the space that won't default. Job creation boost with increased oil production. At some point rising oil prices may become a head wind for industry and discretionary spending. Not there yet. Another lagging sector along with banking making a come back . More oars in the water to row the S&P to new highs led of course by FAANG and other high weighted tech.
  • champ: $UWT $OILU----Out....The price of Oil dropped this morning...looking around and I can't find I took profits on my ETF. Energy positions are still working nicely but zig-zagging...... Investors are holding their investment positions.
  • bRobert: $UWT My perky trading tool Up 8% Looking for a lot more. $22+ 50% from here
  • champ: @kt4000 $GUSH --- Keep a eye on both these ETF's also...$OILU and $UWT...both are up over 8%....Currently I'm holding $OILU...LOL.
  • kt4000: @champ $GUSH $OILU $UWT Thx Champ.... I will look at $OILU
  • champ: $UWT....price of Oil is climbing a little....I'm still holding this ETF....and others....and $CVX, is one....and the X-Date was just the other day.
  • champ: $UWT --- The price of Oil moved thru $57 this morning and is @ $57.55...The #guess is, by more than a few analyst...that WTI-Oil, will keep zig-zagging higher. Any type of a working agreement with China, Oil will really keep moving higher as U.S. exports, will for sure pick-up...because they need Oil and N-gas (LNG} and we have both. They need to get their U.S., trade $$$'s up on U.S., imports....and energy is the fastest way to get that done. At the end of December, the price of Oil was @ $43.00. The energy sector is turning and OPEC, Russia and the Saudi's, are really dropping Oil productions, at a fast pace again. It is just a matter of time before Oil moves back above 65-$70. The price of Oil, really does move around, this sector is for investors and not really for traders.
  • bRobert: @champ $UWT #guess Record levels of energy shorts tipping the boat and may need a Coast Guard team to rescue them. Big short covering rally in the conversation. .
  • champ: $JNUG $FND $KMI $LOW $GVA $MLM $EXP $UWT $CVX $XOM $SLCA $RRC $SND $CVIA $FTSI ...a few positions that I'm holding that are HOD....and I added back $GVA and the 1/2 on $JNUG that I took profits on yesterday. I'm also still holding other positions that are not HOD but all are green...but 4 positions are red....and are down a little.
  • champ: $SPXL $FDN $TNA $KWEB $FXI $JNUG $UWT ....going to swing these ETF positions, after taking profits on 1/2.....and all my other swing positions.
  • stairm01: @champ #CNBC $UWT $ERX Yes, and I'm holding these two. They're moving off the bottom.
  • champ: $SPXL $SSO $TNA $FDN $UWT $KWEB ....many are confused by these moves, they really do need to filter the news. What the hell is going on....
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $SPXL $SSO $TNA $FDN $UWT $KWEB Interest question, go ahead and answer. Guess you have.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $SPXL $SSO $TNA $FDN $UWT $KWEB --- Just news and panic #CopyCat sellers...but I have know real clue about market direction today... but my #guess is, traders and investors are just hanging around waiting for positive news. Know real r ...
  • champ: $UWT...the energy sector is moving up a little today. $FANG is having a nice day.
  • champ: ...
    ........However, all my energy positions, are also-up...I'm holding this ETF...$UWT.... but all the ETF's in this sector always zig-zag.....the sector liked the EIA energy report this morning. The larger names that I'm holding positions in are.....$ ...
  • bRobert: $UWT my ride for the last few days.
  • stairm01: @bRobert $UWT Yes, me as well. Didn't see you on board. Must of been a different train. I've also been riding $ERX. Both are stepping slowly higher.
  • bRobert: @stairm01 $UWT $ERX I was at the bar.
  • stairm01: @bRobert $UWT $ERX Your not the guy that had that big cowboy hat on are you?
  • bRobert: @stairm01 $UWT $ERX No I wore the Make America Polite Again hat. MAPA
  • champ: @bRobert $UWT $ERX ---- That would be nice....I thought that was you.
  • stairm01: @bRobert $UWT $ERX Nice. I like it.
  • bRobert: $UWT . added
  • Robert1965: $UWT moving in PM +.55
  • bRobert: @Robert1965 $UWT Long. WEEKLY flag. This can really fly with a little push.
  • stairm01: $UWT Making a nice move today. Break above the short term high of $14.11. Gas pump price here in central Ohio was $2.09 yesterday. Hard to relate this 3X Crude to gas pump prices, but I'm long from lower prices and I like it.
  • bRobert: $UWT 7%
  • bRobert: $UWT up 9% .$14 . Took the elevator down from $50 to $8 . . Reversal pattern has a $20 . target with bullish follow through.
  • stairm01: @khamilton $GUSH I bought GUSH at $7.56 on Dec 27. Also own $UWT, $ERX and $FAS off the bottoms.
  • khamilton: @stairm01 $GUSH $UWT $ERX $FAS Thank you. I am looking at ways to invest in stocks & optons, anticipating an increase in oil for 2019. Not a "hope" strategy but looking for good technical. I welcome any suggestions.
  • champ: $UWT up $1.30 off of LOD...#Outperforming all the Oil-ETF's ...but $ closing in....
  • stairm01: @babas I own the $UWT and $GUSH.
  • indigo1948: @stairm01 $UWT $GUSH - I own $GUSH, $CVX AND $OAS.
  • champ: @spmeyers $XOP $COP $PXD $GUSH #Energy-Sector #Sand-suppliers #have-not #On-line #Sand-Suppliers #new #OPEC #not #new-importing-Oil-customers ---- ETF's are all mostly on hold for now, it is a wait and see.... how the news-flow is...really need posit ...
  • champ: $USO $UWT $OILU ---- WTI-Oil is up today... on even more #Positive-News...but the names in the sector are dropping, for know real reason at all, either... just like the retail names...and this is just a lousy day for the names in this sector also....but Oil ETF's are up because WTI-Oil is up $1.35 @ $52.50 ....and the energy names are don't see that happen very often. Really hard to know what traders and investors are thinking about today in both of these sector...the $XRT and the $XLE....but it is obvious they are taking off risk. I just don't know why, at this point. I'm looking for dip buyers but I'm not seeing any, for now.
  • woodman: @champ $USO $UWT $OILU $XRT $XLE #Positive-News - I'm not sure I understand the fascination with oil. $XOP and $OIH are some of the ugliest charts out there over virtually any time frame in the last year.
  • champ: @woodman $USO $UWT $OILU $XRT $XLE $XOP $OIH #Positive-News --- That is what I'm saying...Oil is up and all the names in $XOP, $OIH and others are down.....I haven't seen that happen before.
  • woodman: @champ $USO $UWT $OILU $XRT $XLE $XOP $OIH #Positive-News - ahh, okay. I misunderstood. It's crazy, isn't it?
  • champ: $UWT $OILU $ERX $CXO --- Could have many trades today in the energy sector......some could turn into small swing trades...look at names in the aware of risk....always need risk-management...the only position that I'm swinging is $CXO...but there are many others...this is my top pick in the sector and I have been posting that for months...back-in yesterday for a spec swing...#positive news this morning on the sector
  • mradams0621: @champ $UWT $OILU $ERX $CXO #positive any thoughts on $FANG? I could use some energy in my grandkids account, and they like the name. Fast Money gave it a pump last night as someones final trade.
  • champ: $UWT $OILU $USO --- #OPEC has delayed a decision on Oil production cuts ...until they hear from Russia...that is the News and that dropped the markets a little more...around 70 points but the $DJI is zig-zagging lower now..... and that also dropped the price of Oil a little more, there will be a trade in the energy sector, at some point... maybe soon...waiting on the Russia #News. Watching and typing doesn't really work.
  • champ: @spmeyers $XRT #Holidays #target-retail-stocks #guess --- On sector ETF,s, it is always better to own targeted names in the sector and not the is a stock pickers market. It would sure be nice, if you could just buy the ETF and forget about ...
  • Ernest: $UWT $WTI, USO could the bottom be near ?, Oil price will eventually move up, All are ugly stick beaten, higher relative highs, MACD and RIS are both showing a possible positive turn, could it be ? Do not want to be the first in. Any thought, anyone ?
  • spmeyers: @Ernest $UWT $WTI you know the answer: wait for a good sign that the bulls are back, like good volume on a up move
  • Ernest: @spmeyers $UWT $WTI , Thank you, and yes I am still waiting, just watching for now.
  • CraigReynolds: @Ernest $UWT $WTI You would hope so at this point but with so many "Ifs" going on, it is becoming like an unsolvable math equation. The World is very small.
  • stairm01: @Ernest $UWT $WTI I Agree that the bottom looks close. I did buy $GUSH and sold calls against some of it. Gasoline here in Ohio where I'm at is $1.95 for regular. That's just crazy when you are out and about in a big city and see all of the cars sitting beside you on the freeway that all run on gas.
  • champ: @Ernest $UWT $WTI ---- I had a post on the sector this morning...under $USO at 4:29 AM on my thoughts on the sector, on a little OPEC news....the lower the price of Oil drops, the better it is ... and this sector could really have a nice move or a huge move on Sunday night...on the price of WTI-Oil and I'm #watching the price of Oil very closely and it is @$51.00 and $UWT is @ $13.60. They are also talking today at the #G-20 meeting...Russia and the Saudi's, is the #News...any new position today...would be a #Spec-Swing-Position....and many are guessing the low is in. I'm also looking at the sector, for new entries. Timing is key...could be today....and the low on $UWT was this morning @ $12.50 @9:50.. .and I have a #Day-Trade working...might swing part...???
  • Ernest: @champ $UWT $WTI $USO #watching #G-20 #News #Spec-Swing-Position #Day-Trade Thank for your posts Champ, I read them all, and really count on them. It's what brought my attention to this sector. Now I am watching, may take a starter today.
  • champ: @Ernest $UWT $WTI $USO ---- Need to be careful...I also added back $XOM this morning also...and I had a post on that also....but that doesn't mean anything all...I could be out within minutes...I'm watching the price of Oil stream in real-time
  • bsnceo: @champ $UWT $WTI $USO $XOM do you follow $OILU at all? It is the WTI price x 3; has been range-bound the past couple of days and the smallest news story will give it a move up or down fairly quickly.
  • Ernest: @champ $UWT $WTI $USO $XOM Thanks Champ, I do have small order for $UWT at VWAP. If filled, I will not set stops, and I will not sell it until it is profitable. The idea is that I buy very low, then just wait it out. I know it sounds like a strange strategy, but it always works for me, it's simply a matter of time. And, the key is that I buy small, so that I do not need the money for other trades. Usually I am profitable within days, or weeks at most. I am not suggesting this method to anyone It could back fire, look at what happened to Oil in 2016...
  • champ: $UWT ---OUT....on the turn...took the $$$$'s
  • Reif99: @champ $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart #only Sigh ... all I said was be careful and that I would stay out. If you take offense to that, I don't know what to tell you.
  • champ: @Reif99 $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart #only --- This is how this #Trade-worked-$UWT...and many others. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, to point out what others posted about, wasn't right... but they thought they were right....however, they just don't ...
  • champ: $UWT up around 12% ...will this turn continue, I have know clue...but it could...I have been posting that we need to watch this Oil is another one to watch $ERX...I have a position in #both....and I'm watching closely the #Oil-chart now, with the 5-minute daily. The sector had positive news this morning....the sector is turning...I want to be in when it is climbing, off the low turn.
  • Reif99: @champ $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart Man I'd be careful here, the old adage is "I'd rather be out wishing I were in, rather than in wishing I were out." Today on UWT is an inside day on low volume . ERX is better but still low volume. Friday will be another low volume day. Not sure I'd want to be one of the bargain hunters that get smashed when the elephants get back to work on Monday.
  • champ: @Reif99 $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart --- As long as my profits are climbing... I'm in... I don't do wish or hope trades. You assume more than you should, you need to read my posts. You are assuming that I'm swinging my position into Monday, I might tak ...
  • DrScience: @Reif99 $UWT This morning's summary of EIA report shows this to be the 9th straight week of inventory build. Of course, that's somewhat to be expected with price falling. The real setup will be when storage capacity is at the full mark, and demand keeps falling. And, in the "It's tough to be a cheerleader dating the quarterback who's throwing the game" category ... ‏ From TICOTUS: Oil prices getting lower. Great! Like a big Tax Cut for America and the World. Enjoy! $54, was just $82. Thank you to Saudi Arabia, but let’s go lower!
  • Reif99: @champ $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart Well, interestingly, I did read your post. When you ask "Will this turn continue?" I did make the assumption you were talking about more than an hour or two, since I don't really consider a one day bar that doesn't even break the previous day's high as a "turn." I'd be surprised if I'm in the minority on that, but maybe I am.
  • champ: @Reif99 $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart --- I have been posting, that I'm in the markets only one day at a time, for weeks now....that is what I'm taking about and I have been posting I'm only day-trading positions #only. I don't really know or care what you are talking about. I have made my market strategy, in this type of market very clear...but good luck to you.
  • Reif99: @champ $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart #only Believe it or not, I haven't read every one of your posts in whatever time frame. You asked a question. I answered it. If you don't like the answer, I have no problem with that. If you aren't really looking for an answer, well, the solution to that ought to be obvious.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $APA $APC---- Know not really but I like both and I have done the work on each...and I'm watching others....but entries were this morning....and everything looks really positive on this turn, for now. I'm not really swinging very many positions, in the energy sector, for now and as you know I follow all the News in this sector very closely....and if I do swing, they will all be small in size....but I'm holding size for now. My problem is I have many targets in the energy sector. This is only Day-1 on $ERX and $UWT, for me. You and I have really did well in the energy sector, in the past. For now, I'm mostly swinging positions in the Retail sector. However, I have been posting about my high risk China positions...$FXI $TCEHY $KWEB and $BABA....and all are working today.
  • champ: @Robert1965 ...$ERX and $UWT these Oil ETF's are both turning the Oil chart....profits should be harvested, on 80% of the remaining positions, after taking profits on the high turn earlier, is how I played these positions. I will have to do more work on my #Buy-List, for any new potential entries.....I will take another look at $APC and $APA, #Thanks, for the tip. However, for now.... traders are working the sector.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $UNG $UGAZ ---- I'm swinging positions in $UWT and $ERX, after taking profits on 80% of my total positions... and I'm thinking or guessing the sector should at least hold these lows until next weeks inventory numbers...#Spec-Swings.....
  • champ: @Reif99 $UWT $ERX #both #Oil-chart #only --- If you read my post at 12:03 under $UWT...I didn't asked a questions or use a question mark..? All I said was.... "will this turn continue, I have know clue"...I was making a statement of fact. However, that is OK with me, you can say anything you like...but your spinning what I said, you need to be accurate on what you are saying. I always try to be accurate and so should you. You should never assume and always at least try to be accurate, when you are blowing smoke at one of my post. I would appreciate, if you try to do better, when you are posting about me. Thanks!
  • champ: $UWT.....Oil is down and is testing LOD for the year....this is positive, for many stocks...and entries in the sector are getting even better.
  • champ: $UWT....could work off of this new low...$15.41.
  • champ: $UWT ...Oil had a real nice we will see if it holds.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $FANG ---- No not today....great turn in the $UWT today off of LOD...around $2.
  • champ: $UWT looks like this Oil... ETF, is starting off positive...I'm still holding my the low and I'm watching the sector...$ERX ....and $ looking positive again this morning....cold weather with snow... in the east.
  • Brian_M: @champ $UWT $ERX $UGAZ How do you like trading the UWT is the liquidity ok. I don't usually mess with the 3X funds because of the tendency to gap either way
  • CraigReynolds: @Brian_M $UWT $ERX $UGAZ Small in both $ERX $UWT. Watching also.
  • champ: @Brian_M $UWT $ERX $UGAZ ---- This is the best one of the group... less risk....remember it is all about entry and I'm in on the low guess is the low on the Price of Oil is in....I will post my reasons later on why I believe and why I'm guessing that low is in around this level....
  • champ: $FXI @ $41.35 ---- I added to this Spec positions....I'm added a new trading position....the volume really bounced at 12:30 ET on that news, you can clearly see that on the 5-minute daily chart...and volume has been climbing alo the last few days. I ...
  • champ: $UWT ...posted a watch alert...up now off the low....but just a little ...$2.00....will this bounce continue ...don't know....but I have a spec-position....the low was around $18.00....watching for all #opportunities....the markets are not giving up easy profits but they are still a few daily... could be positive...wish I knew.....but I have a position....because I was watching.
  • champ: @bigbartabs --- I'm also swinging...these Specs $UWT $SLCA $SND and $SND, I was out and I missed all the positive moves. That was the only time I could get in for that shot.
  • champ: @Brian_M $LULU $BABA $TCEHY $KWEB ----- Yes and as we know all positions start out as #Spec...but I'm holding profits for now, not large but profits could really pick-up, with the right news, will see if this continues, I trying to get a ahead of the G-20 meeting. Plus retail sector...$XRT....could be the next sector, to start a nice move. #Guess-trades.....also I posted, keep a eye on $UWT. Also I have been posting, I don't like this market....but I'm watching for any #opportunities, that might pop-up....let me know if #you see any, or anyone in the forum, team work....#Works.. LOL.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $FANG --- It is on my list but for now I'm only I'm watching the price of Oil and N-gas, along with the news flow....$UGAZ and $UWT.....I'm trying to follow the $$$'s....$SLCA $SND and many others....I'm looking at names on there lows....less risk.
  • champ: $UWT @ $20.45...this is a Oil...ETF..... if oil turns..?, this could or will be a nice trade at some point, thats easy to say....but tell me when..don't know, could be at anytime. The price of WTO Oil $57.10...was around LOD.
  • champ: Wide range breakouts ....on strong volume above resistance ....$CPE $CXO $DISCK $DNR $HIMX $I $MOS $NYT $PRSP $PXD $QEP $SM $SPN $TBT $TRGP $TSRO $UCO $USO $UWT $VLO $VRAY $WRD $XES $XLNX $XOP $ is a little homework.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $CPE $CXO $DISCK $DNR $HIMX $I $MOS $NYT $PRSP $PXD $QEP $SM $SPN $TBT $TRGP $TSRO $UCO $USO $UWT $VLO $VRAY $WRD $XES $XLNX $XOP $ZTS Only 25, why not 50. I know you keep some for yourself. All kidding aside, thank you for posting. On my list of your 25, I have only 4 I'm in. Small positions in $XES; $VLO; $MOS Full in $DNR Refiners are my heavy positions. Been following your posts on refiners. Saw your post on $OSB. Have no idea what is going on with this stock. Had no stop. Probably should have sold back 9/21/18 but did not. My big loser to date.
  • bRobert: @champ $CPE $CXO $DISCK $DNR $HIMX $I $MOS $NYT $PRSP $PXD $QEP $SM $SPN $TBT $TRGP $TSRO $UCO $USO $UWT $VLO $VRAY $WRD $XES $XLNX $XOP $ZTS Good list of interview candidates to browse through and select future employees. Wait for pullback/bounces to add/enter Thanks
  • tigerjohn8: @champ $fang $DVN $FANG $PBF $DK $HFC $XOM $KMI $RRC $SOI $LBRT $GUSH $ERX $UWT $CXO $PXD $CRC $SLCA #Energy-Sector #New #guessing Hi Champ I see your list is missing $VNOM and since IBD has such a high rating for that it off intentionally, or just tooooooooo many to look at them all. Appreciate your posts!
  • champ: @Robert1965 $fang $DVN ---- #Energy-Sector ---- Yes, I did get back in $FANG, I took profits on that last turn. My investment positions are $PBF $DK $HFC $XOM $KMI $RRC $SOI $LBRT trading positions are $GUSH $ERX $UWT $FANG $CXO $PXD $ERX $CRC ...
  • champ: @spmeyers $CRC --- Your right.... nothing comes easy in this sector but profits depends on your entries....and the daily price of Oil. I been adding new positions now on the recent low and I have core and trading positions in $FANG $COX $SLCA $SOI $LBRT and I'm new in September and I got in these in August, CRC $BRY $XOM and I posted on most. I'm trailing all positions, even core positions. I'm also trading for profits in other names in the sector, daily now. But it is mostly the price of Oil, that moves me in and out....and the weekly inventory numbers, I'm trading ETF's, off of those numbers... $GUSH and $UWT. This keeps me busy....
  • champ: $GUSH $UWT $ERX $CXO $FANG $CRC $SLCA $XOM $DK ---- Starting to get rotation into the energy sector. This #refiner $DK turned off the 5 - month low this morning....could have been entry at $45.70....this could be #Day-1, we will see how the sector plays out....the sector has a week before the next Oil inventory number are other words....I don't really know of any other potential negative news that could drop the sector....the price of Oil is climbing and is at $71.15 up $ on.
  • champ: $GUSH $UWT $ERX $CXO $FANG $CRC $SLCA $XOM ----- I posted yesterday that I was swinging these positions, after taking profits on 1/2 , I was swinging risk into the open. I added back the 1/2 that I took profits on, around LOD and took profits again o ...
  • champ: $USO ...Oil futures are up $0.80...for now.... and I'm swinging risk into this sector, I'm trying to get swing core positions, that hold....while I'm #Day-trading my core positions or new position....I'm working the sector and if it bounces, it won't happen with out me. I'm swinging my 4-positions and my $UWT...ETF position and I'm watching $GUSH and $ERX, going into the #EIA, inventory report in the needs to confirm or beat the #API, numbers.
  • Robert1965: $ERX $UWT did the API report the inventory levels ?
  • champ: $UWT ..Oil ETF....New Day-Trade on the number
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $UWT Aug 17 oil draw down 5.8 million B, oil jumps. Good trade and timing it looks like
  • champ: @norcal98 $GUSH --- #Day-trade...I'm watching only...high, I'm watching and I might swing part .....I'm also watching and holding $UWT and $ERX....all are #Spec-Day-Trades....know clue on a price guess was... it would move higher than it is now....and it is @ $35.50 RHRN....Oil was HOD @ $67.72....and this should be higher....but its not.....this is a guess trade....I'm guessing this should bounce but it is #lagging and I don't really know why. The price of Oil is at $67.30 up $ guess is...Oil should move up from here....but know one..... can know that.
  • baronp0329: @champ $GUSH But $UWT is at or near HOD. Day trading UWT, started at 34.15, sold some at 34.68, then added again at 34.28 with high vol at 11:40ET.
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