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Strategy Session November 7th, 2016

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  • bRobert: $WTW . np . watching double bottom with RSI bullish divergence
  • debeers: $WTW-Considerably thinner today as average daily users continue to fall. Would I EVER be in a stock already down over 20% for the year? Puhleeze! No way.
  • spmeyers: $WTW just when you think it can't lose any more weight....I hope Oprah sold her shares a while back
  • champ: @spmeyers $WTW --- This is starting to look better...but #not now, not today. The markets sellers, for the most part today, are selling and they don't even know why they are selling....they are only #CopyCat-sellers. Everyday is a new day for the markets...maybe tomorrow, the markets will have CopyCat-buyers and many also buy....but only because others are buying. However, you always need to know... what triggers the buyers and the sellers. There is always a reason and that reason effects timing, on buys and sells....and most are always late, on both.
  • KemoSabe: $WTW - Sure is losing a lot of weight.
  • bRobert: @KemoSabe $WTW New Years resolution. Goal nearly achieved. Svelt stock
  • woodman: @bRobert $WTW - The crash diet still in effect.
  • champ: $WTW ...could be breaking out and I added this morning....#HOD...up $3.50 off of LOD.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $WTW #HOD ... boy, the weekly chart looks like a stairway. To the basement. I thought I was looking at ticker WTF.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $WTW #HOD --- You have to be in these type of trades, this is not about the past...and if it was, know-one would be in the markets. It is about making profits, on bounce trades...because others sold, giving traders a chance to make large profits, off of the low risk entry. I don't like the stock and #I-don't-like-many-stocks that I trade and this is not a investment position, for me....this is a trading position....a #trading-position-only. #Honestly, I don't like the markets either...but I make 1,000's of $$$$'s off of these type of trades. I aways take the $$$'s, that others give me, I feel bad, for them...but this is what I do. LOL
  • traderbren: @woodman $PLNT - totally agree with your thesis. I was thinking of you when I checked $PLNT this morning, along with $WTW when it made a new low -- not that you need either of these as we know you are totally buffed! ;-) Wishing you much health, happiness and mega profits in 2019!
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW #HOD #I-don #trading-position-only #Honestly My goal also, to make a few dollars. Keep your post coming, your posts are working.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $WTW #HOD #I-don #trading-position-only #Honestly --- Thanks...but ...just take it slow and easy...and size is important...and if you have the proper size ...you won't get force-out...and then you will have #Fun.
  • woodman: @traderbren $PLNT $WTW - thanks and same to you! (LOL at the buff comment - I'm just trying to keep ahead of old age...)
  • champ: $WTW---OUT...took the $$$'s because it looks like it is a sleep...and I delete it off of my watch-list, moving-on, its over for me.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW #HOD #I-don #trading-position-only #Honestly #Fun My overall goal this year is "HAVE FUN"
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW Why delete from watch list. Just interested
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $WTW --- I have too many others and I didn't like the way it was acting....and I don't want to be tempted...plus my #profit-plan is over-with. I don't want to overstay.. in a trade, that could be over-with..?
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW #profit-plan Another question and will be last today. How many on a watch list is typical?
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $WTW #profit-plan --- Around 40 on my #Daily-List....but I have other lists... that I scan thru real fast.. all the stocks that I have on all my lists, I also have paper journals, back-ups...to look at real #fast.... in case I forget something.
  • champ: $DJI $SSO...nice close....#Re-Capping....swinging positions....took insurance profits, on most all swings....and took full profits on others....and $AMZN was one, near the high....swinging a little more risk today....real nice profits again today...b ...
  • shoredriver: ...$WTW...back under 40.........
  • champ: $WTW...$37.20....this is really looking like this is going to zero....but #entry could be hanging around this level...the diet season will be starting-up soon...I know I'm going to go on a diet on January 1st...or February 1st...maybe by March, for sure.
  • champ: @shoredriver $WTW --- I have a Spec this morning and I'm trailing.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW #entry Is this possible for $WTW to gain weight and us loss weight? Or will it YoYo like me.
  • Robert1965: @champ $WTW Looks like it is holding above 38
  • wijimmy: @champ $WTW #entry $WTW I Don't understand the business model here. They make most of there money from WTW membership. ? You pay $40 bucks a month to go to a WTW office get weighed every week and you are told you gained a pound or lost a pound. Then you have a meeting and talk to other over weight people talking about how much they all over ate for the holidays and how guilty they fell. { I don't get it } I have a scale at home and more importantly a MIRROR... heres a simple TIP,.. don't wear sweat pants or shorts with a elastic waist band too often. Wear a belt and when things get tight its time to get on the treadmill and cut down on the amount of food your eating... or Beer you are drinking.. ( SIMPLE RIGHT ? )
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $WTW #entry --- I hear you...but on this stock,...this will be be a target on Wednesday...but the #hope-trade is today....up a $1.40 off of LOD ...RHRN...could bounce..?.....but I don't really know, if its going to keep working, for now it is moving up off of #LOD.
  • Robert1965: $WTW up 1.50 off low
  • CraigReynolds: @wijimmy $WTW #entry Accountability. To me it is the same as being a member of SMM and not lossing focus.
  • shoredriver: @CraigReynolds $WTW #entry ..Plus they have OPRAH! as a role model...lol.....
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW #entry #hope-trade #LOD Been watching and had a good entry close to today's low. Will see but yes, people will focus on weight Wednesday, not today or tomorrow. What will hope get me?
  • PhilHarmonic: @champ $WTW #entry If you are like my wife you will lose weight.. Then you will gain it back...Then you will lose weight.. Then you will gain it back...Then you will lose weight.. Then you will gain it back...Then you will lose weight.. Then you will gain it back. Till infinity
  • Robert1965: $WTW looks like it is starting to turn
  • champ: @wijimmy $WTW #entry ---- Just waiting for the Hollywood crowd...to add to their positions, the sellers should have already sold, this morning....even the tax-sellers...but if they are still waiting.... after this mornings LOD, that would be really strange... but I have seen stranger things happen. Looks like traders are working the stock. I'm trailing, with profits... for now....waiting to see if any dip buyers step-in....but the only part of this Spec trade, that I know for sure is....they are watching, along with all the traders....just holding around this level $38.60, for now......
  • wijimmy: @CraigReynolds $WTW #entry .. Being a member of SMM...I get different ideas and get educated information from Very smart people. plus so much more...Most importantly we get DAN and the video's.. So that's a ( Bad comparison )... What will i hear at a WTW meeting ?.. I'm over weight, I eat to much, I don't exercise enough and I eat the wrong foods. and it's from different people all the time,,,because my guess is... members come and go... Just my opinion ... if it works for people GREAT.. I just don't get how WTW makes $$$$ over long term.. and why you need to pay be a member. AA and other support groups are free and I believe are the same thing..
  • shoredriver: @wijimmy $WTW #entry ......they have been in business since 1963.....
  • wijimmy: @champ $WTW #entry ... Looks like a DAY trade .. lots of action
  • champ: @PhilHarmonic $WTW #entry --- I'm doing OK, so far....but I have to walk and visit the gym every-other-day...but I'm slowing down, a little. They are going to insert a stent, behind my left knee, on 1/9....85% blocked. I stay on top of all my medical test results....because in this case...I want to be long-term, short term...is not really the way to go. I really like spending $$$'s on my doctors....it makes both of us, extremely happy.
  • CraigReynolds: @wijimmy $WTW #entry People in WTW are battling weight habits just as folks in SMM battle trading habits. You pay for WTW just as SMM for helps. If you have a problem you seek help. Dan focuses on trading habits. When the student is willing to learn, the teacher shows up. If the shoe fits, it works. Yes, SMM works and ideas are found. Appreciate all helps.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW #entry Interesting champ. I'm in a research program and had a stent above knee and 5 "Research Tacks" (you can't have stents below knee and tacks are knew and hopefully will be approved someday by FDA to save leg/foots) in order to keep lower body parts.
  • Artie10: @Robert1965 $WTW IMHO this stock just hit resistance on the daily chart and it is going down.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $WTW #entry --- I have a friend, that had surgery below the knee, to clean out his arteries, about 9-months ago...is that what they call ...tacks. I have stents in both legs ....about the knee, in the groin areas, on each side. However, you can also have stents behind the knee. President Richard Nixon, also had surgery on his legs...just saying.
  • barbjim12: @wijimmy $WTW #entry Became a member just to join wife in the weight off program. It worked. Now have problem of being charged on credit card after quitting wtw. So that's how them make money.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $WTW #entry I had very little flow to foot and was in danger loosing foot. They tried to open but couldn't. Put stent above knee but was told stents could not be inserted below knee. The were able to install the new product "Called Tacks" and opened up so flow could get to foot. Praise God, it worked for me and things are great now. Had this done Nov 2017. I go every 3 months and they measure flow from Stent somewhere around knee to where tacks were inserted. I go this coming Thursday and it takes approx. 3 hours to measure. Amazing for me because I have a right foot.
  • Robert1965: $WTW anyone still in this
  • champ: @Robert1965 $WTW --- I'm holding....
  • CraigReynolds: @Robert1965 $WTW Got good entry early and holding, actually looking to hold into later this week. Looking for up day Wed/Th. Will see, don't know other than hope.
  • Robert1965: @Robert1965 $WTW Thanks
  • DAN: @Robert1965 $WTW Stock price = waist size
  • shoredriver: @DAN $WTW ...Yours?, his?...or OPRAH!'s??
  • CraigReynolds: @DAN $WTW When I think SMM, I think account size in trading. Either bigger or smaller.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $WTW --- On that turn...I took nice profits, only because I'm #guessing traders could take profits, in this stock and the markets, #if and when the markets turn and the $DJI has dropped around 100 points in the last 20 minutes. However, this is a target for me.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $DJI ---- #Remember....it is also about...what could happen going into the close today...and I have been posting....traders could take profits and then that could be a #entry-timing again....but only #if it happens and it might not even happen, at all. Could have entry-timing, on a few new swing trades also today, going into the close. $WTW, was a Day-Trade....but could turn into a new swing position, on the close. A lot of #Ifs-and-guessing... going on. I wish, I knew more but I don't.....I'm guessing and looking for the markets to drop, going into the close...but maybe that was the only drop, that the $DJI, is going to have today....we will find out, real soon.
  • Robert1965: @DAN $WTW if I waited for my size it would have to drop 5.8. Maybe that way I trade
  • champ: $SSO new swing position, just a great close....sure looks like swing buyers to me...$URI $ROKU and I'm back-in this Spec position $WTW, at a lower price than where I took profits.
  • shoredriver: ...$WTW....DA Davidson analyst claims $WTW is undervalued 15-40% (pretty wide...think Oprahs caboose) based on Nutrisystem buyout by $TVTY.....
  • shoredriver: ...$WTW....still going....
  • rachel: ...
    $WTW – short was really on Friday.
    $ALGN – this can fall a LOT farther. It was first to market, but it didn’t slam the door to competition. Almost 50% off its highs. It can fall farther.
    $CHEF – building the right side of ...
  • MtChet: @Gary $AMZN $SPX $DJI $MDY $IWM $NDX $DXCM $OLLI $TNDM $LFVN $ULTA $MCD $ROST $ESRX $UNH $HUM $PFE $NHC $VICI $KMG $HCKT $ROKU $MED $Z $ALRM $WTW #NOTES @Gary- Where is the link to the webinar?
  • captron: $WTW - Taking a small position to keep it on the radar. Anyone else in this one. Holidays are coming and they usually do good after those.
  • petros06: @Dan $WTW, hold over night with a $55 target?
  • DAN: @petros06 $WTW You can do that.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $WTW
    Others will pop up.

  • shoredriver: $WTW...more schvitzing on the treadmill by Oprah.....
  • DAN: @shoredriver $WTW Stock is still on a crash diet. Must be attending meetings again and cutting down on the daily point allowance.
  • etmagic: $WTW bouncing
  • rachel: ...
    COTD: $WTW – excellent DCB trade from Friday.
    $SPX – still chaotic. Nothing to do today except pay commissions (IMHO)
    $NDX – stumbling below the 200-day MA.
    $ULTA – keeping it on watch list.
    $OLLI – important to wait fo ...
  • champ: $DJI... #up 190 points.... For me, the waiting and watching pay off again... with nice profits...because I was ready, waiting and watching. My trades were up and some of my swings were down but my trades today, kept me nicely in the Green. Yes, $WTW, worked and I did not add to $URI or any of my swings. I'm not really adding to any positions and I did take some/part profits on a few and $URI was one, of them and I'm in on the lows, on most all of my positions....this was Day-5 and will the markets move up again on #Day-6, hard to really know....but it could, on more positive news.
  • shoredriver: $WTW Interesting at these levels...maybe.....
  • champ: $WTW...still holding...#HOD going into earnings today.
  • spmeyers: $WTW losing weight a bunch after hours
  • debeers: $WTW-Well one way to get skinny is by owning this one into the print. Very bad numbers IMHO. Top and bottom miss.NP
  • shoredriver: @debeers $WTW Oprah....schvitzing away.......
  • rachel: ...
    4. $WTW – selloff. Maybe capitulation tomorrow at $60?
    5. $XRT – firming up. Still under pressure...but some retail stocks are setting up.
    6. $UAA – heavily shorted. Alert $24.
    7. $M – Alert $36
    8. $KSS – Alert $78.6 ...
  • debeers: @shoredriver $WTW --too funny M r. shoredriver!
  • champ: @woodman ---- What do you think about this one $WTW @ $63.50 ...do you think they will beat their new subscriber numbers..??....if they do, this will really bounce...they report Thursday, 11/1/A....off $40 from the high. You and I have been there many times before...
  • bsnceo: @champ $WTW any explanation anyone can offer about the wide price ranges this year? It was down 40% from the high before this market volatility
  • champ: @bsnceo $WTW --- Know not really, this stock mostly only moves on news, I have been in and out of this since it was around $8.00, very hard stock to hold, even at this level. This is trading stock for many and the low today @ $61.54 could be around the new low...but there is know way to know...all entries are at risk...because of the markets. I'm watching volume, going into earnings, looking for clues..
  • woodman: @champ $WTW - I have no clue about soon to be reported subscriber numbers. I'd be completely guessing, which isn't a good basis for me to buy it before earnings.
  • champ: $XRT ....Names in the Retail-Sector are really holding up really well...$GOOS is outperforming....$WTW is also strong and both are hanging around HOD...
  • champ: $WTW up $2 off of LOD
  • champ: $HA @ $34.61 at a high risk entry this morning...for me. Here is another one $WTW @ $66.66.
  • debeers: $WTW-Bought strictly as a value play going into "dear God, I have to face these people at Thanksgiving and then there's the Christmas photos and I know I'll have to have the chocolate lava cake even though I said I wasn't going to (who am I kidding?) so I have to lose the weight NOW ."season. --Analyst Actions: JP Morgan Adds WW to America's Analyst Focus List; Maintains Overweight Rating, $120 PT 1:51 PM ET, 10/02/2018 - MT Newswires 01:51 PM EDT, 10/02/2018 (MT Newswires) --
  • bRobert: @debeers $WTW As a teen I bought Playboy strictly for the articles. ;) $WTW shifting image to a total body/mind wellness theme away from pure weight reduction . Smart. Besides being a more healthy approach to life it allows cross selling of many new revenue generating products/services .
  • champ: $WTW ...$69....maybe just maybe...this is entry this morning.
  • bRobert: @champ $WTW Bottom of range
  • champ: @bRobert $WTW @ $69 ----- I'm in around todays low....dropped thur the lower b-band...sure looks like entry to me...if you look at the chart...this has to to be around the low....this level should hold...using the words... has and should.....but the bottom line is.... I don't know anything, this is just a traders educated guess....thats all it is...off of $JPM strong upgrade, with a new target at $$120..and honestly they should have a better understanding, on where entry is.....and they have this stock on there....#Focus-List...so the real guess is...all of there customers are also #watching-and-waiting--for-entry-timing...I'm #Guessing.
  • captron: $WTW - I have not started to see any adds yet. A little early. Once they start, we should see some progress in the right direction.
  • TunaHelper: @champ $WTW $JPM #Focus-List #watch-and-waiting--for-entry-timing Very interesting that $JPM added it to their focus list with a price target > 70% from its current position. If I was one of their clients, I would wait for it demonstrate that it's done going down - specifically by breaking out and testing the 200dma a few times from above it (as support) rather than below it (where it currently is resistance). The chart looks pretty painful, suggesting something has changed or the company's prospects going forward look different. However, you could be right in that it is starting its recover / bottom by tightening up sideways, but it's failing at the 200dma resistance a half a dozen times in the past couple of weeks makes me think it could very well be pausing before going lower.
  • debeers: $WTW- I looked for a bounce and it didn't so i didn't. Sometimes I'm wrong---that's the bad news; the good news is its never for long.
  • champ: $OC ....looks like these small retail traders are playing every penny...but this should be a strong hold at this level....because of this upgrade yesterday...$GS came out and #Initiated a buy with a price target of $75...and now all of their customer ...
  • champ: @TunaHelper $WTW $JPM #Focus-List #watch-and-waiting--for-entry-timing --- I agree all lows are and look painful but low are entries, for full time traders/investors. Your right about #entry-timing, you have to be in around the turn and if your lucky ...
  • champ: $WTW @ $71.77....They are also at a Conference today and I think they will be guiding higher, not lower ...could be why $JPM put out that strong upgrade. #Consumer-and-Media-Conference, maybe #ORPA will be there. Also in the last 40 days, this stock has had 3 other really positive upgrades by... $MS, $GS and Oppenheimer and if they talk about new Subscriber growth today, this stock could really bounce and it looks like it is #spring- loaded for a bounce...#Be-Award!
  • captron: $NTRI -Back above VWAP. Saw one of their adds offering 40% off. Between $WTW and $NTRI, we should make some money the next 3 months.
  • champ: $WTW looks strong going into the close....we will see 5-more minutes, swing traders buying a little..
  • champ: $DJI up only 56 points... but many bounce-trade-stocks held on to most of there gains off LOD...like $WTW $LGIH $PVH $LULU $DLTH $GOOS $CXO $PXD $FANG $MAS $OC $BAC $SLCA $TTD $HFC $DK $PBF $NAT $KMI $TRHC $OSB $CPA, $XPO plus others ...on the close ...but after the close.... they spread out.
  • bRobert: $WTW Tightening pattern, Wedge setting up for a big move toward $90+. WEEKLY 50w bounce. Dip a toe. Loose stop Add on bullish confirmation High reward spec
  • champ: $WTW @ $74 ---- Added to the #Focus-list at $JPM ...upgraded to #OverWeight and with a nice price target of $120...everyone goes crazy when this stock starts to move, now you can take a position and just wait for all the crazies. I posted the first entry in forum, on this stock when it was around $12, I think it was...in early 2017. Another #Bounce-Trade...earnings are on 11/5...$JPM will run this stock up to over $100, before earnings, they will have all of their customers in this stock, is my guess. Take a look at this #New-upgrade-today.
  • bRobert: @champ $WTW $JPM #Focus-list #OverWeight #Bounce-Trade #New-upgrade-today $90 target 1 measured move.
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Weight Watchers International, Inc. is a provider of weight management services, operating globally through a network of Company-owned and franchise operations.

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