XBiotech Inc. (NASDAQ:XBIT)

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  • Aragorn: I am reviewing list of 300 or so Biotechs under 20 dollars for inside day and week and noting some patterns I like I came across Halo as an inside week and the stock has been moving up $APOP rev strat week $BCLI rev strat week setup $FOLD in w and hammer $KURA Inside week Hammer looks higher $RVNC maybe done down hammer $XBIT Hammer weekly $ABEO 40 week support inside inside week
  • Bridget: $XBIT big up move today. Now above its IPO price. All time high is at $32.50. I don't recommend buying here when its extended but this has potential to make a run for a new high.
  • LTCSteve: #IPOFlippingPolicy I previously had an account with Merrill Lynch. If you were allocated stock on an IPO, you could sell it that day. I'm now with Fidelity. If you get an IPO allocation and you sell it before 15 days, they take your birthday away. Fidelity just took me off a 6 month IPO restriction for an earlier IPO infraction. Next penalty is 12 month. Well, $XBIT is now down 10 points from its high. I putting in a stop loss and Fidelity can go suck eggs.
  • dunsek: @LTCSteve $XBIT wowwww...just looked at the chart. A 25% move down in 4 days? Brutal.
  • LTCSteve: Need an adrenaline high? Look at $XBIT. Still riding it; down $4 yesterday up over $2 today. Need to hold for another week not to violate Fidelity's flipping policy. Also holding $PRTY for the same reason
  • LTCSteve: You may want to look at the biotech $XBIT for a trade. I was allocated $XBIT on the IPO. Since then its had a monster move. Each day I'm expecting a big dip as buyers take profits. However, it's up again today pre-market. Another biotech mover has been $ADRO. I have no position.
  • LTCSteve: $XBIT My IPO positions this week are all up so far today. $VIRT and $PRTY were favorable reviewed during FastMoney last night.
  • LTCSteve: @LTCSteve $XBIT is is HOT today. Up 40% since Wednesday.
  • LTCSteve: Folks, you should consider flipping new IPOs day of open. Day traded 400 shares of $CDTX and $ADRO after open and stopped out with trailing stop for about $2 profit. Allotted 500 shares of $XBIT. Need to hold 15 days IAW Fidelity flipping policy - currently up $4.
  • LTCSteve: @ogas $CDTX and $ADRO bought aftermarket. $XBIT allotted to me by Fidelity; per Fidelity policy I must hold for 15 calendar days not to violate their IPO flipping policy.
  • dunsek: @LTCSteve $XBIT well, to be totally accurate you are free to sell it at any time, even with Fidelity. You don't need to hold it for 15 days and they will never tell you that you have to, they'll just imply that if you sell it before that they might not allocate any future new issues your way. Which, frankly is total BS. They try to impose that guilt restriction on retail clients while their larger corporate and institutional clients are free to do whatever they like and will never get restricted for flipping, because they bring size to the order book.
  • LTCSteve: @dunsek $XBIT I know I'm free to sell. I did that with a solar IPO that tanked. Because of my sale, I was barred from future IPOs for 6 months. If I do it again, I barred for 12 months. Such is life when you're a small investor relatively speaking.
  • LTCSteve: You want an adrenaline rush? I've been day trading IPOs and making $$ on average. I set an alert and watch the trend a few minutes into the opening. If the trend is up, I take a moderate position with a trailing stop. I will watch for awhile and adjust the trailing stop based on volatility. Usually out same day. Upcoming IPOs $ADRO, $XBIT, $VRAY, $ETSY. Good luck
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Volume 104,762

XBiotech Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in discovering and developing biological therapies including True Human monoclonal antibodies for treating diseases. It also develops Xilonix a therapeutic antibody.

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